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  1. Stunning bass !!!! Q---.Why the hipshot bridge over the Fodera bridge ? Good luck with your sale, .to some lucky person 🍻😍🙏
  2. Sold a Lakland 55-02 to Alan .Top guy to deal with ,great comms .smooth transaction .deal with confidence bass chatters. Morning of stress with a bad delivery by UPS 😡 ,but the bass got there in the end .
  3. Just sold my Ultimate ears sound tap to Martin ,great coms ,easy transaction . Top basschater 🙏🏼🍺
  4. How’s it working Russ ? Size is perfect . Looks like a carpet tile on top , is it going to have the rubber top like in your earlier photos ? How’s the amp coming on , don’t see that in the photo Russ ? Regards Andy 🙏
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. Lakland 55-02 5 string . Immaculate condition . Black with maple neck . New strings fitted . With case . Courier now included within the EU .. price drop to £750 inc courier Sorry , Not looking for trades , Thanks . SOLD SOLD .
  7. EBS microbass 2 sold / UE soundtap SOLD EBS Stanley Clarke Wah now £100 Alien Audio Bass preamp with drive , as used in the brilliant alien audio basses seen being played by Garry Lunn below £130.--- now £100
  8. You do have some amazing basses bassplayerpt😍 . stunning 🙏
  9. Not sold again so put the price up another £400 !!! Interesting sales policy 😂😂. Now £2199. I will wait till it gets to 3k then I will buy it .
  10. Big Thanks to EBS freak / Russ for his advice again . Ordered the behringer p16m mixer . Stereo in ears here we come 👍. Just need your board now Russ . Hurry up please 🙏🏼😂
  11. Or you could leave it at my house to road-test for a year or two!!! looking the bizz . Any idea on pricing yet Russ ?
  12. Bought a Lakland 55-02 bass from Mark .Great transaction ,very trustworthy ,bass as described ,well packed ,shipped .Even couriered before payment .!!! Deal with confidence . Top man/basschat member .Thanks again Mark .🙏🥂
  13. Digital amps tend to be smaller and lighter , but will go with what you recommend Russ . An optional bag for the base unit with a sleeve for the amp would be good , one lift . What’s the timeframe for these being on the market Russ ? Cheers Andy🍻
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