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  1. .Thanks I don't I'm sorry, there are a few on YouTube i think
  2. Ebs td 650 , lovely flight case and korg rack tuner . great versatile powerful amp ,very reliable amp
  3. 2002 Lakland 55-94 bass . Superb bass , lovely quilted maple top over swamp ash , cherry burst finish . Quarter sawn maple neck , lovely rosewood board . Still has the film on the cavity cover , as new case 9lb 2. Bartolini pickups and pre amp , currently sporting Delano Alnico quad and dual coil pickups , All paperwork and keys . Mint condition for 20 yrs old .
  4. Wish it was a 5 string 🤔.Stunning bass ,after a bolt on to go with my GN 5 through neck .Fair play you do have some awesome basses basspirate 👍
  5. 19mm spacing ? normally 18mm on Smith 5s -19mm on 4s .Stunning bass ,love my 5gn ,wish i had the funds .GLWTS 👍
  6. Stunning . From Tobias's best period/basses imo . Stunning bass , Cocobolo top ? 😳😍I wish 💵🤞GLWTS 👍
  7. Used porter and davies bass board and amp on ebay Really great for iem set ups . Cost new about £900 , currently at £300 ,bargain !!
  8. Nice Porter and davies small bass board and amp on ebay , really good condition , currently at £300 . £ 900 new .!! Brilliant addition to your iem setup , rare to see used .
  9. Stunning quilt and Birdseye board 😍
  10. Stunning bass . Love my Smith 5 gn .Good luck with your sale ,glad it isn't a 25th Anniversary 5 string😍 would have to sell my car 😂
  11. Stunning Bass .Q -- Has the bass got the 9v bt circuit + mid + series/ parallel added or is it the 18v later circuit ? Must be one of the last through necks without the tone block +smaller headstock .😍 stunning bass at a good price .wont be around long .
  12. Bargain .Awesome cabs .👍 .wish you were a bit closer.
  13. Wow .A lot of bass for little money 😮
  14. Basses missing gigging 😩 very bored basses 😛
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