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  1. When it's a folk song sung unaccompanied, you don't really have a lot else to listen to. How about this for poetry as music, by Sy Kahn: My hands are as cracked as an August field that's burned in the sun for a hundred years With furrows so deep you could hide yourself, but I ain't chopping cotton no more this year I'll sit on the porch with my eagle eye, watch for a change of wind The rows are as straight as a shotgun barrel, long as a bullet can spin.
  2. Or 'Every Breath You Take'. Or 'It should have been me'. Or 'Ho Hey'. Or any number of other weird choices. Probably a thread in its own right.
  3. I'm not a fan of flats either. I have a set of TIs which have been on and off about 4 times, but I've always gone back to Nickel rounds, usually DR Sunbeams or D'Addario. I much prefer the sound of rounds. Back in the '80s I had a set of Rotosound 'Piano-wound' on my Yamaha (with only the central core passing over the saddle, and the winding starting later. I liked that sound too. Much more 'live'.
  4. I had one of these once (the entire rig) and I'm pretty sure the head only goes down to 8 Ohms. I seem to recall asking someone called Guy at Ashdown about it, although I don't have the email any longer. Have to wonder why you would want one of these. Even with the matching cabs it wasn't loud enough to gig with, even without a drummer. OK for home practice but there are better options.
  5. That website must be at least 10 years out of date. I didn't realise Brandoni were still in business.
  6. Check out Kiwi's thread from a few weeks ago about synths and arpeggiators.
  7. Sylvia the H2N is an audio-only device, it doesn't do video. Did you mean the Q2N?
  8. I think there was some discussion about these back in the summer. Conclusion seemed to be that it was a great amp, but you could be paying over the odds for features that some people wouldn't find useful. Can't find the thread though, think it might have had something to do with Mark King and Markbass.
  9. A Zoom would do very well for that. I have a H4N which has a microphone angle of 120 degrees so you might need to experiment a bit with placement. It doesn't seem to matter so much where the bass and drums are, they seem to get picked up whichever way the unit is pointing. THe H2 has a 'surround' mode which will work even better for a circle.
  10. If you can find someone with an external laptop battery that would at least confirm or deny your theory about the PSU. If you're anywhere near Ipswich you're welcome to come round and give it a try on my PSU, which is still working fine touch wood.
  11. Z-Syn is probably the best synth effect for this kind of thing. I found that putting an EQ in front of it and removing most of the bass and mids helped the tracking. Putting a compressor upstream also helped. Putting a chorus downstream can help to fatten the sound up a bit, but I think you're limited to 3 effects in the chain with a B3n?
  12. I'm pretty sure that the Charlie Jones basses were made by Crimson Guitars. When they used to publish a workshop diary there was a series of pictures showing its construction. The web site has since been revamped but the content might still on the Wayback machine.
  13. My son has a Fender Princeton , which is about 12 watts and does that clean fender-y sound very nicely.
  14. Perfect for noodling!
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