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  1. pete.young

    Another for Happy Jack

    https://www.joinmyband.co.uk/classifieds/metalcore-band-looking-for-guitarists-t1124498.html "Need to be between 18-24 as our practise rooms don't allow anyone over that age in" Is that even legal?
  2. pete.young

    Should I upgrade my RCF 712a’s to 735a’s?

    So the most important head is the only one you can't change? Though filling it with oil seems strangely attractive 🙂
  3. pete.young

    Should I upgrade my RCF 712a’s to 735a’s?

    Have you thought about trying a decent compressor on the vocals? Might be cheaper than a speaker upgrade.
  4. I'll take this if it's still available please. I'll send you a PM to sort out the details.
  5. pete.young

    benefits of a preamp?

    I use a Shadow wing pickup with a PJB Briefcase, and I find that a good pre-amp makes a huge difference to both the signal and the sound quality. I have an EDB-1 which is a great bit of kit. The notch filter is especially useful for tuning out the odd growl. I originally bought the EDB-1 because I wanted a 2-channel pre-amp to add a microphone, but I find that I get a good enough sound for my needs with just the Shadow.
  6. pete.young

    Best cheap bass for John East preamp project......

    I was thinking more along the lines of Vintage or OLP, which come up second-hand every now and again.
  7. pete.young

    Which pickup is in this '69 Fender Mustang?

    That was a lucky break. No way is that heap of firewood worth 750 Euros. 75 maybe.
  8. pete.young

    Banjo player wanted for Pogues covers band, Ipswich

    Well, the replacement we found in April has just resigned, so once again we're on the lookout for a banjo player, or a guitarist willing to learn banjo or play 6-string banjo.
  9. pete.young

    Best cheap bass for John East preamp project......

    Does this have to be a J-Retro? A decent pre-amp can seriously improve some of the cheap Stingray copies, although a decent pickup will have a similar effect.
  10. pete.young

    'Lost at sea'

    If copper goes anywhere near sea water, it turns green, non?
  11. pete.young

    Hayman 40 40, complete!

    Good spot, very nice. Think Ash is a member on here.
  12. pete.young

    HPF + LPF

    A Micro Thumpinator would sort that out, they come up used in the For Sale forum from time to time.
  13. I think that's a great idea. Probably the most comfortable bass neck I've owned was the MTD Kingston, which is asymmetric - and that had a huge wide fingerboard but it still felt very effortless to play and just seemed to be right.
  14. There are a couple of things that I think you might need to look at. The first is the bridge. Intonation and string height are matched to the instrument at the construction stage, so once you've made your initial choice of string, that's it? I don't like the idea of not being able to adjust the action or the intonation. Even with the same brand and gauge of string, you sometimes need to make minor adjustments.The other reason for the design, to allow the strings to 'interact' as much as possible through the shared saddle, is something that I don't believe is going to be desirable for bass either. The other thing I'd be looking at is the neck profile. It looks like a box with rounded-off corners. Will that work for bass?
  15. pete.young

    Playing fretless bass?

    Use proper vibrato technique, up and down the string: not sideways, like a string bend.