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  1. Could try giving the pot a squirt of Servisol?
  2. Not always. The VT1 Pro Bass Drive works off a centre neg. I have a 2-way 13A extension socket on my pedal board, I'm not a fan of training wall wart cables across stages either.
  3. And fans of the Sound of Music will recall the song which helps you remember: Do, a beer, a mexican beer Ray, a bloke who buys me beer Me, a blike I buy beer for Fa, a long way to the bar So, I'll have another beer La, la la la la la la Ti, no thanks I'll have a beer Which will bring me back to do do do do ...
  4. Tim bought a Markbass LM2 from me. A perfect transaction, Tim is an absolute pleasure to deal with. Recommended.
  5. That'll keep you busy for a couple of hours.
  6. Now here's something a little different: Kawai teardrop, some kind of Vox copy. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1960s-Kawai-Teardrop-Bass-Guitar-Rare-Japan-Teisco/264385929740?hash=item3d8ea1220c:g:w4QAAOSwC4FdHJpY
  7. MXR will fix pedals under warranty for £75 quid? Some warranty! If MXR have specced the wrong chip it's their fault, so they should fix it free of charge.
  8. New Moon, and don't forget that there is a discount for Basschatters
  9. Sold. Thanks to everyone who expressed an interest.
  10. I have a copy of Magic Touch. The first time I saw him was on 'The Tube'. Jools said 'here's Stanley Jordan, who is going to play a tune on his guitar'. Geniune jaw-drop moment for me. I think he got his break when someone spotted him busking on the NY Metro - image that!
  11. Replied. Sorry for being slow, late gig!
  12. For Sale; Mark Bass Little Mark LM II amplifier. 500W into 4 Ohm, Class A/B. Includes Mark Bass carry bag and a pair of 19" rack adaptors without the case screws, original manual and the original shipping box if you want that too. It's in very good condition despite being extensively gigged for several years, everything works and no issues. £210 including free shipping to mainland UK, or you're very welcome to collect it from Ipswich. Sorry but I'm not looking for any trades.
  13. For Sale Tritonlab FET Overdrive, in excellent condition with original shipping box and velcro. This is a high-quality distortion pedal, hand made in Estonia with a nice polished alloy housing. It has two gain stages which can be combined to give a wide range of drive sounds and a useable 3-band EQ + presence. The pedal runs off 9V and has an internal step-up which allows an operating voltage of 33V, giving a lot more headroom. It sounds a lot like a tube pre-amp. More info can be found here: https://www.triton-lab.com/overdrive £80 including free postage to UK mainland, and you're very welcome to collect it from Ipswich. Not really looking for trades, unless you have a Boss OC-3.
  14. For Sale: Red Witch Zeus Bass Octave and Gated Fuzz, with original box, manual and protective bag. This pedal is really 2 pedals in one: an excellent octave down which tracks as well as any other octaver I've used, and better than most, and a gated fuzz. If you're looking for synth tones the gated aspect is really important, and together with a decent envelope filter this pedal will give you everything you need. Being Red Witch, the construction is of a very high standard and top quality components appear to be used throughout. Plus, it's really shiny. £100 posted to mainland UK. I'd also be interested in a trade for a Boss OC-3, or any other octave pedal with a 'range' cutoff.
  15. For Sale, not really looking for trades unless you have a Boss OC-3 Dave Hall Amps VT1 Pro Bass Drive, in excellent condition with 12V power supply and velcro on the bottom. 1/4" jacks in and out with true by-pass Balanced XLR out with 3 position ground lift - Ground, Float and Ploat Stereo headphone out with mixed Stereo Aux in 2 stage 12AX7 valve design for valve warmth and drive - user can swap valve types for different tones Bright switch Colour switch and pot - adds negative feedback which adds compression and distortion Boost switch and pot - clean amplification of the signal. +- 15dB cut/boost EQ with Treble, Mid and Bass controls Q pot - adjusts the centre frequency of the Mid control Input Pad Gain and Level controls 9-12VDC @ 300mA centre negative power connector. 12VDC international power supply supplied Blue back-light power on indicator Blue LED effect on indicator via Foot switch Small foot-print – 145x130x60mm This pedal was designed by Dave Hall (RIP) with input and suggestions, some helpful 🙂, from basschat and has it's own thread https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/305328-new-dha-pedal-help-please You can control both gain stages of the 12AX7 valve to get a wide range of warmth and drive tones, and the Colour switch can give additional distortion and compression. There's also a clean boost, a DI output and headphone output both with level controls, a bright boost and a 3 band parametric EQ. Although this was designed as a bass pedal, it works equally well with guitar and some people prefer it to the DHA Spitfire, which was the guitar-voiced version. I'm not sure that parting with this is a wise move, but I'm not using it and I have all the warmth I need from my Walkabout. £145 posted to mainland UK.
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