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  1. I've not come across anyone using EADG on a Tenor Banjo. I think they call DGBE 'Chicago tuning' and you can probably get string sets from Eagle music for it. GDAE is used by most Irish players. The Trad Jazz tuning is CGDA, they tend to use it for chords rather than single-line stuff.
  2. Hope that she has got big hands. I don't think this is one of your better ideas Owen, better to just get her an octave pedal and a pickup for the Cello.
  3. I think that if he is converting a garage into something that becomes part of his house, the work will need to meet current building regulations. Coud be wrong but worth getting this checked out.
  4. +1 to this, I find the notch filter on my EDB-1 is an absolute godsend. I usually run it into a microthumpinator to take the low frequencies out too. I also have a Peavey feedback ferret in a rack somewhere, but havent got around to trying it on DB.
  5. You don't need to install Schaller strap locks on the strap. Just put the strap on the button , then click the lock in place on top of it.
  6. @BenHallBassin the Wanted section, you're going to struggle to beat this.
  7. My mind is currently being boggled by this. Especially the bit at 2.15 when he picks up the bow, and the C7 (?) chord at 5.50.
  8. Oops. Please make that AER, not sure what I was thinking there. Acoustic Image indeed.
  9. Acoustic Image gear seems to be very popular amongst the 'nice' set. I have an aging Tecamp Puma which works well with upright and bass guitar, so I think something more recent from Eich would be worth a look. No issues with support here, I've had one or two problems which were swiftly resolved by Thomas Eich himself.
  10. In this particular instance, if the OP is looking at a second-hand 410TVX, his budget is probably less than £100. Despite the theory, the 410TVX is a decent sounding cheap cab and would be a decent upgrade on a single BB115T.
  11. Buy the 410 and ditch the single 15!
  12. 8. Venue sound engineer has had a huge argument with the promoter, locked up the control room, taken half the PA equipment and disappeared.
  13. If this venue is run by Harrow Council, I can absolutely see why they are trying to think of every way possible to raise some more revenue, caught as they are between the rock of increasing costs for everything and the hard place of central government reductions in budgets and demands for savings. Would probably have been simpler to just put their charges up by 10% but hey.
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