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  1. Penn Elcom removeable bass cab trolley? https://www.pennelcomonline.com/en/gb/Penn-Elcom-3-Stage-Removable-Case-Trolley-H4515/m-8943.aspx
  2. Never had this with band members, but we did one gig at a Hockey club where someone in the audience got naked. We were half way through a song when I became aware of this dude walking straight down the middle of the hall, wearing nothing but a gold posing pouch. He got to the stage, took it off and threw it at the band, where it wrapped itself round one of the cymbals. Lady vocalist suitably scandalised. Oddly enough, the song we were playing was "What's that coming over the hill, it's a monster!". Although sadly, it turned out not to be.
  3. Yes, the double Hercules is ideal for odd-shaped basses because there are no arms underneath the body, it's supported from the headstock and a strut that goes up against the guitar back. I use mine with a BBNE2 which is a similar body shape to Spector, and various Bass Collections.Not great for headless though.
  4. I just bought a PJB amp from Lorenzo, and collected it yesterday. Great communication throughout, and very friendly when I arrived to collect. Amp in as-new condition, I'd definitely deal with Lorenzo again. Especially if he puts the BB434 up for sale 🙂
  5. Stu, is this still for sale?
  6. You could try some Status half rounds. I have a set on my Duesenberg, which is a 30" scale bass that takes medium strings because of the tailpiece adding to the speaking length. I really like them, but I'm not using them acoustically. Really, if you want to be audible , you need a double bass, or something with a huge body. The only acoustic bass guitar Ive tried which was louder than polite conversation was a Breedlove, and I could barely reach my arm round it to get to the top string.
  7. You're not alone. I've just kicked a band into touch for precisely this reason.
  8. @jonunders it wasn't just you, I think the last two pages of this thread have been missing for weeks and only just re-appeared. There was someone else in the Introductions thread who expressed an interest. I'm still interested if it's going to happen.
  9. I need to acquire a stompbox (one of those things you er, stomp on which make a noise a bit like a bass drum if fed to a PA). What Seasick Steve calls a Mississippi Drum Machine. My plan was to build something using a cigar box, half a precision pickup I happen to have lying around, a bit of steel plate or a tin lid or something to replace the strings, and some double sided tape. Has anyone done this before, and have any suggestions or tips?
  10. A Hofner Senator bass, £15 quid from Bell Music in Surbiton, and a Watkins Westminster 10W guitar amp from the late '50s that my old man had lying around from his failed attempt at electric mandolin.
  11. And if all else goes wrong, play a bottom 'E' (or better still a bottom 'B') because 90% of the audience won't be able to hear it properly anyway!
  12. If you are anywhere near Offton, @jonunders has proposed a Bass Bass (a kind of informal gathering where people get together to try out each others gear and shoot-the-stinky poo ) at the Limeburners on 2nd November. I'm assuming this is still on, although the thread has been tidied up a bit.
  13. Very nice. The P/J configuration on the 5 string is pretty rare. Have a free bump on me.
  14. Mine runs quite happily off a standard 9v centre-neg daisy chain and wall wart with no isolation, so I think you need to have a look at your BDI21.
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