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  1. Credit card payment surcharges are illegal in the UK, since January 2018.
  2. Well, it makes a change from "Is this still available?" which is all I seem to get in response to Gumtree ads.
  3. You have 2 two tops, each 8 Ohm, and 2 subs, each also 8 Ohm? My understanding is that if you plug one 8 Ohm sub and one 8 Ohm top into one of these Skytec passive crossovers you end up with an overall load for that system of approx. 8 Ohms. Which you can plug into one channel of your Behringer, you'll get about 165W RMS according to the spec less a bit in the crossover. http://www.caraudiohelp.com/newsletter/speaker_impedance.html
  4. That tool wall deserves a thread of its own!
  5. This one looks a bit nicer than the standard offerings, with ash body and what appears to be an ebony fingerboard to me. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/The-Bass-Collection-SGC-Nanyo-MIJ-Precision-Bass/184605775058?hash=item2afb5c94d2:g:LmEAAOSwO-Jf8H2z
  6. Best check with Bilbo, but he wasn't asking for an unbroken existance with an original band member, just bands performing today who still had one.
  7. But at the moment, Simon Nichol is in the band, so they do have an original member. Likewise Steeleye Span, Maddy Prior has been in and out but is currently in.
  8. I don't suppose I can interest you in buying a bridge, one careful owner, no VAT?
  9. Hey Jude, instrumental version. Starts slow but gets going after a minute or so. RIP Alec.
  10. Royal Ordnance Factory, either side of Green Lane - part of it was the old 'Naismith's Engineering Works'. One side took up the space between Green Lane and the canal.
  11. I think the original comment was about Swinton in Rotherham. I was an engineering apprentice in Patricroft, that can't be far from you. The factory is all gone now, a housing estate and industrial units.
  12. I was thinking of the video that @jrixn1 posted but I couldn't find the link. You might also find that with your car, you can put the front seat and back seats flat, load the bass in through the back door and push it forward, and then put the back seat up, so you would be able to load the bass without driving onto the road to get the passenger door open. Does the rear seat split?
  13. Put it in the front seat, the second person sits behind you in the back, amp, cab, baritone horn in the boot. Simples.
  14. If they send out a replacement under warranty, will that also be subject to customs charges, handling and VAT?
  15. Why oh why did I not buy it?
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