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  1. I do have a Yamaha BBNE2, but I didn't buy it because it was Nathan East's signature bass.
  2. I find the notch filter in my EDB-1 takes out most of the feedback without needing the plugs. There's one for sale on the forum now, and it also has a phase switch.
  3. That would be because it IS Aoife O'Donovan. Great spot.
  4. Think it's about time we had some more banjo action.
  5. You might find an Aria ZZB - they crop up second-hand on Ebay and here occasionally. Here's one on Gumtree which apparently needs a bit of work. https://www.gumtree.com/p/guitar-instrument/aria-pro-ii-zzb-deluxe-bass-guitar-red/1415441193
  6. Yeah I was wondering about the colour, as far as I know they were available in black and turdburst, never seen a white one. Serial number and the Broad Bass decal puts it towards the end of the run I think, so 80 - 81 ? Could be wrong about that. BB1000 and BB1200 would also have had that bridge. Tuners look right - what I can see of them is identical to my BB800. Hard to tell but it looks like the nut might have been replaced with a thinner one and a shim.
  7. If you want clean, it might be worth looking at the iAmp classic by Euphonic Audio .
  8. Give the Sonic Maximiser and/or the Xotic Bass BB clones a go, they're both quite good for beefing up the sound.
  9. I think what I did was to stick overlapping bits of masking tape over the F-holes, shade over the top with a pencil to get an outline of the hole, then carefully peel off the tape and cut out the outline. Then stick it onto a sheet of foam and then cut round the outline with a stanley knife. I used half-inch thick foam and there's still plenty of it sticking out for when you want to remove it.
  10. Another vote for the polytone clip. I also have a Snark which is next to useless, and has recently gone sticky.
  11. It's not hard to make a set of foam plugs to fit into the holes. I think there's a thread on it somewhere but I couldn't find it.
  12. Hi Pete, yes, I've put a bow across my Presto lights. I followed their instructions to sand and resin, and it worked well enough. I had a one-off dep in a military band and it coped with that fine without needing a string change. I also have an email from Jonas at Lando Music telling me that it's OK to use alcohol to clean off the rosin afterwards, but warning me not to get it on the instrument because it dissolves spirit varnish. I didn't have the heart to tell him it's only a plywood factory bass which was probably sprayed with celllulose!
  13. Great find. Greco are top quality instruments. Well done.
  14. Most skips will hold quite a lot of Trace Elliott gear. I'll leave it to you to decide whether that's the best place for it .
  15. I have one similar to that which is OK for thin combos, but some bass gear is of sufficient depth (dimension wise) that it moves the centre of gravity over the front leg and the whole thing becomes very unstable. My Puma combo fell over , so I stopped using it. Another option is to consider a folding workman's platform from Toolstation or Screwfix, comes in handy at set-up time for putting up lights and PA stacks as well as being an amp stand.
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