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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gibson-Ripper-L9-s-1976-1-Owner-from-being-sold-new-In-1980-Jan-2020/264601062573?hash=item3d9b73ccad:g:e9cAAOSwk8JeIMsL
  2. Bluetooth definitely isn't a windows 8.1 thing, I've used bluetooth with Windows 7, so it's fine if you have the hardware support.
  3. Could be a toasted voice coil. I had problems with my TecAmp Puma 110 not long after I got it, and the original fitment driver turned out to be a mid-quality Sica unit. It was badged Tecamp but had a code number on it which looked like a letter Z followed by about 7 or 8 digits. That allowed me to identify a potential SIca replacement from the specs published on line. Mine got sorted out by Tecamp in the end and has been fine ever since (touch wood!) . If it happened again I wouldn't attempt to see out a Sica replacement, I'd go with Phil's suggestion of Beyma or Faital.
  4. Having listened to the original, I think the video that @missis sumner linked is what Bill Wyman is playing, with the verse starting on the B (5th) note of the scale, and the one that Douglas provided starts on the 'E' and is dodgy. Personally, I prefer Vanessa Carlton's version, but then I'm weird.
  5. I think you're right, it doesn't matter how much money you throw at production if it's not being promoted properly. You'd be far better off to spend a much smaller sum on targeted Facebook advertising IMHO.
  6. THanks guys, it fooled me anyway! Nice looking bass.
  7. Hard to make out from the pictures and I could be wrong but it looks more like a top-end SGC Nanyo Bass Collection to me. What does it say on the truss rod cover, and what is written on the cover plate on the control cavity?
  8. Would that be Michael Williams? I don't know him personally. Mark Stuart taught my son electric guitar from beginner level and he passed RGT Grade 8 when we realised it was worth UCAS points. It sounds as though @Stippy is already making good progress and enjoying himself.
  9. @GisserD is the basschat guru of 3D printing.
  10. Nice video. I think I could have safely skipped the first 8 minutes of chat. There's a lot of guidance here that is applicable to being a better musician whatever style you're playing in. I'd tend to agree with Duckyincarnate . It would be a shame if lack of fluency on upright got you fired from the gig before you got started. Bilbo has played some Brazilian music and would be a good person to talk to.
  11. That's cool, I'm going to start now and I should have just about cracked it by the time I'm 90 🙂
  12. They said don't talk, dont move your jaw and sit still, but didn't give me a bite block. Even if they're not a perfect fit, they're going to be a lot better and more comfortable than the reusable foam ones.
  13. Me three - I bought a set of the small ones for my ZS10s and they are really good, much better than the stock ones. I'm awaiting some motorbiking ear plugs from Mercury Audio - they were doing a deal at the bike show and took an impression while I waited. They also make in-ears with varying numbers of drivers. I'll let you know what the motorbiking plugs are like.
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