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  1. Pretty sure yours is a TRB 5. TRB 5P is something else altogether.
  2. The Duesenberg Star or Starplayer was available in a single pickup version. Not sure if it still is.
  3. https://www.ft.com/content/2bd5d78c-7520-4c3e-a77b-bc477d1f18dd 75% of the UK parcel delivery business and a minority stake in the German business were acquired by US private equity firm Advent International in 2020. Definitely nothing to do with Amazon.
  4. It's there, but you can't start new threads - only reply to old ones.
  5. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/718812/payment-surcharges-guidance-update.pdf
  6. It's against the law to charge a fee for a card or a different method of payment.
  7. Sadly the Big Guy didn't make it. It doesn't make economic sense to repair. Once we got it apart, it became obvious that the neck had come unglued once before and been repaired by someone using PVA and the wrong clamps. This was probably either my old man or his bass-playing mate, neither of whom are around to ask any more. This failure caused a lot of damage to both the neck and the socket, with bits of one ripped off and stuck to the other. The cost of what I would call a bodge repair, to clean off the worst of the glue and shove it back together with a couple of large screws, was more than the value of the bass. And there would still be the question of the dodgy peg box repair. An almost identical bass with a similar ghastly repair and a non-dodgy pegbox sold on Ebay a couple of weeks ago for £125 quid. So I've obtained a second-hand Stentor student bass as a replacement, which is being set up instead. The strings, tailpiece and endpin are being transferred across, Peter is going to use the fingerboard to make violin bits out of and I have the body which I am contemplating turning into a bookshelf or cocktail cabinet.
  8. Truly jaw-dropping? Only this really - the first time I heard what could be done other than root-fifth on a bass guitar.
  9. Rally instruments, the high-end range such as this one, were made through a combination of Dae Won Instruments from Korea and Dalian Da Yuan in China. The same factory in China also made high end instruments for Ozark, Ashbury, Kentucky, Morgan Monroe and Pilgrim amongst others. Dae Won has now closed down and their website, www.straus.co.kr has disappaeared, since some time in 2017 according to the wayback machine. It seems that no-one else has taken over from Dae Won so most of the brands have lost their high-end signature product lines. I have a Rally DFM90 which is similar to this but with F-holes and an ebony fingerboard. It's a really great instrument. I'm sure this one is too.
  10. Crazy idea, never catch on. What is this, a vinyl wrap?
  11. Yes, it's called the SY-1 and was mentioned above. I have one and I think its certainly worth £50 more than the Electro Harmonix.
  12. Yamaha BB435 might be worth a look, or a BB735 if you can find a used one.
  13. Epiphone Valve Junior would be an excellent choice if you can find a used one within range.
  14. It's a Brian May Signature. Or a load of baubles. Or both.
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