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  1. pete.young

    Is it worth me trying to sell to you guys in UK?

    And, if it has a rosewood board you're going to have issues with CITES.
  2. pete.young

    Line 6 Variax Bass -strings

    Exactly like a Vox Wyman then!
  3. pete.young

    Case/bag for s-s headless?

    The Ritter one is pretty good.
  4. pete.young

    Best value strings?

    Using this theory - TI Flats. They never need to be changed.
  5. pete.young

    I have an artist endorsement deal

    Excellent, congratulations on the endorsement. I have a Vintage V300, gotta be the best value acoustic ever even at the full list price.
  6. pete.young

    Ukulele albums

    I'll play. Check out Jake Shimabukuro
  7. pete.young

    Damn, that’s some overhang!

  8. pete.young

    Onboard preamp question

    Might be worth an email to Nordstrand to see what they can do for you. One option is to buy a 3b and wire it up yourself.
  9. pete.young

    Coronado Futurama 6-string bass

    I had one of the 4-string ones back in the 1970s, and I'm pretty sure it was just a push fit into the two sockets on the top of the bass. You're talking about the steel bar, about 300mm long with two 'spikes' that point down into holes in the bass, yes? Maybe try a drop of penetrating oil around the spike ? Be interested to see some pictures. Wish I'd kept mine now.
  10. pete.young

    Hell Is Other People (who know you play in a band)

    I just tell people I play Accordion and Banjo and for some reason the conversation goes off in a different direction. I was thinking about taking up the bagpipes.
  11. pete.young

    Gotta love the approach

    The police have just charged him with conducting himself improperly, and have asked him to accompany them to the station.
  12. pete.young

    Anyone know Reeve ?

    Tempted to offer £400 quid for it.
  13. pete.young

    Amplifier input impedance question

    I have a Phil Jones Bass Briefcase which is listed as > 4MOhm for the passive input, and it still sounds a hell of a lot better with my EDB-1 in front of it. Not sure if this is due to the EDB-1 impedance or other factors.
  14. pete.young

    Velcro! Which Way Round?

    If you have a Diego board, it comes with carpet on the board. So the hook goes on the pedals.
  15. pete.young

    The Yamaha BB thread (from X34/5 launch)

    Thanks Andy, that ties in with what I know about the history of the bass before I got it, in 1979.