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  1. Seems to be a growing number of people offering trades in Status Updates. Is this usage within site guidelines?
  2. I'm not sure this is right. Anecdotally, I have 3 different Piezo systems (2 by KK Sound, one by Shadow) which do not require power and which generate enough signal to be heard when plugged into a random amp. They do all sound better with a high impedance it is true, so I would guess the battery is there to power the preamp and isn't required for the piezo. The problem sounds like a short to me, either the socket is broken or the wiring has a fault.
  3. The Tech Soundsystems NDS412, that I had for too brief a time.
  4. The one on the BBNE2 is fine, and the Smoothhound transmitter fits into the recess.
  5. @intime-nick 3D-printed some holders. Pictures here: I've been using a mobile phone pouch on the bottom end of my strap to hold the transmitter for years, it works well for basses such as Bass Collection where the transmitter doesn't fit very well in the jack socket.
  6. It's what you need if you are an acoustic guitarist and you want to add some bottom octave on the lower notes. Particularly if you are playing a bass note then a chord on the offbeat (think 'Dum-chuck'). I think the OC-3 is the only pedal that does this, so that virtually guarantees the pedal is going to be a success whatever bassplayers think of it.
  7. I spoke to a gent in a music shop in August, who told me that Fender weren't taking any orders from him until 2021.
  8. Does the OC-5 have the 'range' setting, that allows you to set a threshold above which the octaver doesn't apply?
  9. Think about not putting them into the effects loop. That'll save one cable.
  10. With the honourable exception of @agedhorse excellent contributions, everything in this thread, and probably everything on the entire forum has been covered earlier, where do you stop?
  11. Who are you, and what have you done with the real @Beedster ?
  12. WEM stood for 'Watkins Electric Music'. It looks like 'WML' to me too. Watkins did make guitars, first under the name of 'Watkins' and then 'Wilson'. I don't think the neck plates looked like that, though.
  13. Sell? Sorry, not clear on the concept.
  14. You might find that these need medium scale strings because of the extra distance between the bridge and tailpiece. I've never owned one so I dont' know for sure.
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