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  1. P (or P/J) Bass 5 string & neck through?

    I still have it, but I don't take it out to many gigs - it's too nice, and I'm not doing a lot at the moment anyway. My go-to is an old Bass Collection 465 with Delanos and a Nordstrand pre-amp, that has a vast range of tones too and weights a little less than the BBNE2. Bolt-on neck though, so it wouldn't meet your requirements.
  2. P (or P/J) Bass 5 string & neck through?

    Having owned both, I'd say it makes an even better P sound than the TRB5P . The combination of the stacked humbuckers and the pre-amp gives you any tone you want. Just because it looks like a Jazz, doesn't mean it is one.
  3. P (or P/J) Bass 5 string & neck through?

    As I said in my post on 2nd January in this very thread ... More like 20 years, I'm sure the one I had was early '90 s Yamaha haven't entirely stopped making neck throughs. You want to check out the BBNE2.
  4. Excellent stuff, thanks for sharing the story. Isn't it fantastic to get a glimpse into another life. You did a great job, I think you might get the call again.
  5. Bass Synth Wah

    It's a great octaver, even if the synth bits don't do anything for you.
  6. How do you pronounce Epiphone?

    Probably best to avoid those people in future.
  7. Please could you post some more pictures of the strap button? The reason I ask is that in order to fit a KK Sound mandolin twin pickup, it needs to be possible to drill out the strap pin without interfering with the bridge.
  8. Cab configuration

    Barefaced are not the only game in town. I have an EBS 2x12. I can't imagine ever needing two.
  9. Who are you seeing live next?

    An unexpected birthday present from my son - tickets to see Chic in the RAH for the Teenage Cancer Trust. What an awesome present!
  10. High Pass Filters

    Yes, you might expect that. The manual is one area where Zoom have kept the costs down. In general I've found that if you can identify what the pedal is supposed to be a clone of, you get more information from the original manual. The fishman is a good example of this - there's some info about adjusting Depth in conjunction with the Bass EQ on the pedal, but I wasn't paying enough attention to it to remember the detail!
  11. A clip on tuner that works?

    I thought the Snark was barely acceptable for bass, and it is utterly blown into the weeds by the TC Electronic Polytune.
  12. High Pass Filters

    Apologies once more to Bigwan. I'd also say that, if people seriously want to understand what the Fishman clone in the MS-60B does, the right way to go about it is to go read the documentation for the Fishman preamp, which someone was considerate enough to post earlier in the thread. And which also explains how to get the best out of the low cut (or depth) control.
  13. High Pass Filters

    Yes it does, and so does the B1On and the B1XOn. Edit: Apologies Bigwan, I'm not sure what happened there, but it was meant to be a reply to an earlier posting of Al Krow's.
  14. High Pass Filters

    On the Zoom bass pedals, the AC BS Pre is a clone of the Fishman Platinum Pro. The 'Depth' control is a HPF at 12dB/oct - not as steep as the Thumpinator but might achieve some of the desired effect. Thanks Bigwan, great minds think alike :-)