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  1. Incredibly lucky. I wouldn't fancy your chances of claiming on insurance for a musical instrument with Parcelforce,.
  2. Another day, another brilliant transaction with Chris. I bought his Walkabout head, it took a little while to sort the details out and everything worked out beautifully. Thanks Chris.
  3. Probably not a good idea to cut off the moulded plug. This might invalidate any warranty. It is illegal for a UK retailer to sell you an electrical item with a Euro plug and a travel adaptor, but I'm not sure whether Thomann constitutes a UK retailer in this respect. Any adaptor needs to be a permanent fitment to the plug that cannot be removed without a tool. Like this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Euro-Pin-Converter-Plug-Adapter/dp/B000KMGTKS/ref=asc_df_B000KMGTKS/
  4. That mixer has two Aux Sends which can be set to pre-fade, giving you two useable monitor feeds. The third (FX) is fixed to post-fade, which isn't ideal for monitors, same for the sub-group busses. Unbalanced is normal for all these, you don't usually have long cable runs.
  5. Drink the vodka and rub the sticker grot with the bottle!
  6. For a more homespun remedy, mayonnaise will sometimes work. You need to brush it on and leave it for a few hours, then wash off. I've had success with this removing sticker gunge from hard cases, and some beer bottle label residue.
  7. I haven't seen the program but if it was a pre-CBS Jaguar, it was a 6-string guitar. The bass didn't come along until much later, early 2000s? and originated in Japan.
  8. Except that it doesn't mention the Taste control, which is one of the most useful features of this amp. Rather than mess about with the EQ, turn it to the left gives a lower-mid boost and an upper mid cut, for a more vintage sound, and turn it to the right seems to cut lower mids a bit, boost the upper mid and add a bit of treble. I have the 110 and I usually just leave the EQ flat and use the Taste control. It's definitely a class A/B. Great sounding amp. I do have a manual somewhere but it doesn't contain much information.
  9. These are great cabs. I stupidly sold mine and missed it so much I had to buy another one. Have a free bump on me.
  10. Yes, my father bought it from somewhere in southern England, in 1970. Don't think they're worth a great deal though. That tailpiece doesn't look right, it's nothing like the one on mine which I know is original. Think the fingerboard is probably ebony.
  11. It looks identical to my Musima, which was from East Germany I think.
  12. I have a Morley Little Alligator which fits the bill. Has a minimum level knob and is industrial grade sturdy. Doesn't have any noticeable effect on the tone.
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