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  1. 200 Euros up. I've bought quite reasonable basses for less than that. I hope for that kind of money you can hear a difference.
  2. Fabulous Greco short-scale Les Paul bass in white. Lovely, unfortunately it's in Australia, we live in an imperfect world. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224517033629?hash=item3446420e9d:g:higAAOSwLqJg3VOz
  3. I had one for a while, but didn't really bond with it. There was no noticeable neck dive with a Comfort Strapp and it played OK, but the pickups were a bit meh and I didn't really like the sound. In the early days of Basschat there was a guy called Paul_C or something like that who had a collection of about 20 of the things.
  4. Thanks for that. Every day is a school day on Basschat.
  5. Hi Mick, Not really I'm afraid. When I originally fitted the Nordstrand I didn't record any clips with it, and I've since replaced the pickups with Delano so any clips I recorded now wouldn't demonstrate the improvement in the preamp. It does have a push-pull active/passive option on the volume control and a passive tone control, although I haven't made a lot of use of that. I had to change it because the blend pot had stopped working altogether. I think there is a bit more boost and cut on the bass and treble controls. I also have an SB320 with the original pre-amp and an SB310 which has had a new blend pot, and both these pre-amps still sound fine. I wouldn't replace them for the sake of it. Despite some of the soldering looking a bit iffy!
  6. The pre-amps are a notorious weak point on these, and replacing them, or re-wiring the bass as passive, are both common options. I have a Nordstrand 4-pot in one of mine which is a vast improvement over the standard, I've also fitted Artec cheapies as a short-term. The pickups are perfectly OK to run passive. This looks like a later model with the preamp all on one PCB, earlier ones had individual PCBs on the pots which were much easier to just replace a pot. It should still be possible to replace a single pot without a complete rewire but the question is really whether it's worth the effort. Not sure a right-angled jack plug is going to make a lot of difference. Because of the recess around the socket, it would only be able to point downwards, you'd have an even bigger loop of cable going down out and back to the strap. I've not seen similar issues with contacts on any of the ones I've owned.
  7. Katriona Gilmore (Gilmore and Roberts) plays violin right-handed and mandolin left-handed, and is exceptionally talented with both instruments.
  8. A modern update is the Roland SPD::ONE series: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Spd-Percussion-Everythingmusic-Extended-Warranty/dp/B071ZL514B?th=1
  9. Thats done the trick. Thank you.
  10. This looks great and really reduces the glare on a big monitor. I'm a fan. One thing I have noticed though is that in the 'Messages' section, the highlighted thread is coloured a very bright orange, several shades more yellow than the colour used else where. Do you agree, and if so is there any possibility to tone it down a bit?
  11. So what do we think of Beatles tribute bands with right-handed bass players?
  12. I play in a band that plays the music of the Pogues. We try and get as close as we possibly can to the music, and we can manage the ill-fitting suits, but the singer draws the line at having his teeth done like Shane's, so we'll never be a tribute band. We could use a banjo player if anyone is available, or a guitarist who can mug it on a guitar-banjo. Please apply within.
  13. Kiwi has a similar one, I played it about 15 years ago and it's still the best fretless I've ever played.
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