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  1. Stereo is a complete waste of time in live gigs like this. No-one in the audience will notice, especially not when it's the first dance and people will be paying the band even less attention than usual. Maybe if you were the Foo Fighters and had a 12 gazillion pound touring rig, but for most of the gigs most of us are ever likely to play it's like tits on a bull. If you were going to do it, you'd need both channels from the pedal going into a separate input on the desk and panning one full left, one full right. Having stereo split between FOH and your bass rig is not going to achieve anything other than a horrible mush on stage.
  2. A piezo typically requires a very high impedance pre-amp. An absolute minimum of 1 MOhm, more if possible.
  3. Or "Hello, is it me you're looking for, A$$HOLE?"
  4. Similarly, there was a band in the Suffolk/Norfolk area called 'Topless Barmaids'. Very unpopular with the bar staff.
  5. I always do anyway. The concept of cleaning mikes seems entirely alien to most rehearsal studios round here. Behringer XM8500, not exactly going to break the bank is it.
  6. I think he has several copies, including at least two made by his tech Andrew Guyton.
  7. Looking good Les. I've been making beer today - Rye IPA.
  8. Paypal won't be interested in signed receipts, pictures of the two of you during the handover, or anything else. If he wants to pay with Paypal, the only secure way is for you to ship the bass to him and then you have the shipping receipts.
  9. B string on a 6-string guitar set is purple too.
  10. Genius. Now both pickups will sound like sh1te.
  11. Probably best to have a chat with Chris. Smoothhound customer service is excellent.
  12. The 40 Instrumentals thread has pretty much nailed that!
  13. From what I am reading and hearing, I think 4th July could be mayhem and I am glad that I don' t have anything in the diary. I'll be avoiding pubs even more than normal on that day. Some of the local pubs are talking about not opening until 6th. There is a lot of use of 'should' in the guidelines : pubs 'should' obtain details of customers in case they need to be traced and tested, etc. To me, should means must: it's the same as shall. But to many people (including some international standards committees who go out of their way to redefine the word) it means, 'well maybe this would be a nice idea but don't stress if it doesn't happen'.
  14. That should empty the dance floor more quickly than you can say 'Jessica'.
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