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  1. Westone Thunder 11A - £350

    What changed? I'd have said it's value was a lot closer to £100 then £350.
  2. Cabs for 2 ohm amp - a dilemma....

    Sell your existing cabs and buy 4 8Ohm 8x10s. Job done.
  3. Site Bugs - List them here

    Go to google, do the search and include site:www.basschat.co.uk in the search string.
  4. Lack of location under usernames

    Mines no longer showing and I dont recall having a yellow postit telling me how to turn it on. Where is it set please, I can't find it in settings.
  5. Oscillator/Synth/VCO pedals (analogue)

    I had a B2M but the tracking wasn't great and the latency was massive. OK if you want ambient type slowly changing sounds, utterly useless if you're trying to replicate Aint Nobody or Papa Dont Preach. The i2M is supposed to be better but not a lot better.
  6. Best compressor pedal?

    I was told that the compression sims are the same on B3n, MS-60B and B1ON so it will be very interesting if there is any difference. I've been using an MXR M87. If I was looking now, I'd be looking at the Keeley Compressor Pro (not the Bassist) which has the controls for attack, release, threshold, compression and make-up gain that you need, and decent monitoring. A cheaper way to achieve the same thing might be a used 19" rack studio compressor - I have Phonic that came off the ads here which does everything you could want and cost a lot less than a new pedal - just depends if you want to cart a 19" rack case around. If you're already using a rack case and have a spare slot, and you're looking for always-on compression it's a good solution. Somewhere on this site are some awesome postings by 51m0n on the subject. They used to be in the Wiki when there was a Wiki (will that ever come back I wonder?) , maybe a good test to see if the new search engine is any better than using google.
  7. I hear that the Medium was cancelled due to unforseen circumstances. Unfortunately, or not depending on your perspective, this is what puts paying bums on seats in Felixstowe, and similar sized venues in similar places such as Clacton West Cliff Theatre. The Spa Pavilion tried the alternative, went bust and on balance I'd rather have the venue survive on a diet of mostly tribute bands, panto and the occasional more interesting event than see it going back to being closed altogether. This is an 800 seat venue. To sell that out for a jazz gig you'd need to be offering something very spectacular, especially in Felixstowe which is not exactly the easiest place on the planet to get to.. What we really need in this region is a venue like the awesome Apex Theatre in Bury St Edmunds, which is exactly the right size and vibe to attract all kinds of brilliant events, but we're struggling with the local alternatives.
  8. Cassette to digital - best method?

    Plugging a decent quality cassette deck into a Zoom H4 worked for me.
  9. Mid-gig gear disasters

    Yes, saw the snapped tailgut thing happen to some Rockabilly types a few weeks ago. All 4 strings gone, bits of adjustable bridge all over the floor, game over. I went through a spell of using lamp flex instead, so you could afford to lose a few strands and replace it before a total failure. My best one was with the tuba. I took all the valves out to clean them before a concert, was distracted, and the kids swapped them round. I didn't realise until about 2 minutes before the curtain went up that there was no sound coming out. Learning point!
  10. Thomann have them, apparently.
  11. Bad shoulder - > light bass option

    If it's your right shoulder and the bass hangs on the left, it shouldn't be due to the bass. An alternative suggestion might be to go and get some physio and sort out the rotator cuff issue and then go from there, if you haven't already done so.
  12. Amps for acoustic guitar

    Maybe the Roland has a chance after all at a mere 10Kgs. It just feels heavier if you carry it on a shoulder strap! I've A-B'd one against an AER Compact 60 (we had one of each in the band) and the AC-60 seems to have more power and more usable features for half the price.
  13. Amps for acoustic guitar

    I have a Roland AC-60. Really good quality amp, lots of useful functions but I think it might fail the 'fairly light' test.
  14. SIte security- https

    Excellent work, many thanks, and sorry for being a bit rude!
  15. SIte security- https

    The site appears to be http only, with no consideration given to https. I get the padlock icon with a red line through it on Firefox telling me that passwords could be compromised, and similar warnings from Chrome and Vivaldi. I don't recall seeing this on the old site. Bearing in mind that you are asking for not only passwords, but credit card details and paypal details in the shop section, https needs to be implemented immediately. I'd also recommend that you implement hsts and turn off http altogether, this is 2017 and there's really no reason to do it any other way.