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  1. pete.young

    I fancy a mandolin...

    You can learn the chord shapes, and it's fun to attempt the odd tune. There is a load of useful stuff in the Mandolin Cafe forums although it's US-centric and mostly aimed at Bluegrass and Country music https://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/
  2. Because you can't undo a flat head screw with a Phillips.
  3. pete.young

    Favrite bass solo?

    No thread would be complete without a gratuitous mention of Colin Hodgkinson. I've been listening to this man for 45 yeqrs and I still have no real clue how he does it!
  4. pete.young

    Vocalist offered an audition for 'The Voice'?

    It's worked out for Kelly. But this was just to attend the audition. Even if you didn't pass the audition, didn't get near the show, you were still committed to paying Simon his cut. 10% of all those $250 pub gigs adds up.
  5. It's part of the lyrics for the song Angel Delight. Played by Dave Pegg, as with virtually every Fairport recording, on his trusty Fender Precision. The Ibanez is a recent acquisition.
  6. He played his 6-tring Yamaha when we saw him in GAK a couple of years ago. He didn't bring a BBNE2: he thought that GAK would have loads of them hanging on the wall.
  7. Or Messi. Or Ronaldo. Or Neymar. Remind me again, what happened to their teams?
  8. Unfortunately Yes. Back Home, 1970, is still the best.
  9. pete.young

    Vocalist offered an audition for 'The Voice'?

    Check the small print - our singer was considering doing an audition for X-Factor, until it came out that a condition of signing up for the audition was to provide a percentage of all your earnings from music to Simon Cowell.
  10. pete.young

    Compact amp that puts out good power at 8 Ohms

    Louder still would be one of the Tecamp designs that has 2 output channel into 4 Ohms and a bridged mode into 8 ohms. Can't remember what it's called but they pop up second-hand in the forums occasionally. A PA-style power amp will do this too, but these are usually in a 19" rack format which might not meet your requirements for it to be compact.
  11. pete.young

    How to do promo videos?

    Also a good move to put the least photogenic member of the band out of camera shot. Give Andy my regards when you see him, we go way back.
  12. pete.young

    Ridiculous requests

    Another favourite, which happened again at Ipswich Music Day. We play our first song. Drunk comes up to the stage and shouts 'Play Sally MacLenane'. Singer says 'it's in the set we do it later on'. After the next song 'Play Sally MacLenane' . And after the next. And the next. When we do finally play it, he's nowhere to be seen. And then he comes back at the end. 'Play Sally Maclenane'. Sorry mate, you missed it!
  13. pete.young

    Unexpected NCD. Marshall experts opinion please.

    Fair play to Marshall, that's terrific customer support.
  14. pete.young

    Reading Drummers*

    Every single one, in the Brass band, Military/Wind band and orchestral world.
  15. What a fabulous colour. Have a free bump. I will be passing through South Yorkshire next Saturday if you still have it and are at home to visitors.