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  1. Think we need to petition Yamaha! I agree @Baceface, although I really like the current BB styling, the colour choice is exceptionally bland and uninspired.
  2. I'd be happy with just dots, but yeah, definitely plain headstocks! A bass version of those pacificas basically.
  3. I'm REALLY wishing that Yamaha would do BB's or an inexpensive attitude style bass in the same colours as the new pacificas! INCLUDING 5 strings with maple fretboards! Love the pink and the grey best 😁👍
  4. I've gone the opposite way; after years of playing active basses I've recently decided I prefer passive! Lovely basses BTW!
  5. Ah okay thanks! Other than that though, there doesn't seem to be much difference?
  6. Don't know if anyone knows the answer to this, but other than the finishes, was there any actual difference between the BBN5 and BB405?
  7. Love this video, great playing!
  8. There's a 435 with a maple board!? How did I miss that coming out! Would've much preferred a maple board! 🤦‍♂️
  9. I'm really hoping that my new Sandberg is going to fosters all over my 435 when it arrives in June, but not feeling overly confident that will be the case (as much as I LOVE Sandberg!).... 😬
  10. The sunburst and black ones both look a bit boring for my tastes, so teal blue was the best option for me, mismatched headstock or not. Personally I think it looks fine! 😊
  11. I'm quite happy with it on my teal blue, but I personally think they should've just left the headstock natural as per the 42x series, makes more sense for different colours.
  12. Wow, what a steal! I bought mine new and still felt like it was a bargain! Enjoy.
  13. I bought one several months ago and have been blown away by it, especially at the price point! It has been my main gigging bass since I got it. Having owned numerous Yamaha basses in the past, this is exactly what you'd expect, and although I never owned a 42x series, this seems like quite a step up from the 41x/61x series. The neck profile is sublime, and the pickups are what really steps it up for me, they're incredible! Well, they're basically the same as on the P35 and 735, so they should be good! Hope you enjoy it as much as I have!
  14. Yeah it was the original quilt top one with the jack socket recessed into the back on an angle. Couldn't actually weigh it as it was in a shop, but felt like it was around 50kg 😂 Played one of the slightly newer style ones too, which wasn't as heavy but still pretty hefty! Lovely instruments in all other ways though.
  15. Same style as my BBN5, which is also very light. Ironically the couple of NE sig models I've tried from this era were super heavy though!
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