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  1. Thanks! No, the original knobs were gold. I ordered a cream pickguard and cream knobs, thinking it would all match beautifully, but clearly they're nowhere near! 😂 It'll do for now, I might think about getting some white knobs instead though, would be closer to the pickguard colour than these.
  2. Finally got around to putting my BBN5 back together last night, the pickguard still needs finishing and fitting properly, headstock decal needs doing, soldering electronics and a general setup and clean, but I think it's looking pretty bloody good! Quite chuffed tbh. 😊
  3. If anyone's interested, bit more progress over the past couple of days. Rushed to get the last coat of laquer on before it got dark, and I don't know if I've buggered it up a bit though.... 😬 We'll see in the morning! 🤞
  4. Started trying to design the pickguard for my apocalypse project last night... Its surprising how hard it is to do! I ended up looking at pictures of BB1500's and loosely used that for design inspiration.
  5. Well, I've received all the supplies, and finally pulled my thumb out and made the first steps towards my apocalypse /quarantine project last night. It will be having a respray (experimenting a bit, but fingers crossed it'll work out okay!), I'm going to attempt to make a pickguard, and fitting new knobs. Did toy with changing the pickups and pots, but in all honestly there's nothing wrong with it at all! Will keep you updated with my progress. 👍 N. B. Excuse the nappy bags, they were just handy to put the hardware in!
  6. I've seen other BB435's under 10lb too... Can't remember exactly what mine weighs, but I think it's about the same as Dave's was. My BBN5 is noticeably lighter.
  7. I get that it's more difficult with self employed people, because they might have had a much better /worse year this year, so it's hard to make a sobering decision about how much to give them. However, I would've thought that giving them minimum wage at least, if not national living wage based on a full time job would have been a better starting point, especially as they're now paying 80% of employed people's wages.....
  8. I think all they've offered for the self employed is SSP, and any tax payments deferred until January.....
  9. It's definitely going to affect the industry, but it'll bounce back, it's more a question of how quickly. Once it's all blown over, there'll still be people investing in pubs, clubs and venues; if anything there could be a huge surge as people embrace their newfound freedom! Also the state of the economy will likely mean that investors will be looking for closed down places as a going concern, knowing that there will be a big boom in the industry once everyone's free. A lot of people are going to lose out in the meantime though, although hopefully the additional measures Sunak has announced will help to make this possible to survive, even if its not entirely comfortable.... People need to keep this in perspective though, these measures are to save lives. Businesses can be reopened, rebuilt, new jobs can be found, new bookings taken, but loss of life can't be reversed. There's likely going to be thousands of deaths in the UK. I'd gladly gig for less if it meant saving one life.
  10. That's the problem though, they'll likely be fine, but who knows how many people they'll pass it on to, some of whom may be vulnerable and will need critical care - or die.
  11. It is a horrible situation for a lot of people to be in, but like you said it's moral vs financial, and moral should be the winner ultimately... No body should want to choose increasing fatalities over money. Businesses can be rebuilt, we just need to try and get through this with as little loss of life as possible.
  12. That's exactly the problem, and exactly how things got so out of control in Italy; they advised people to only go out if necessary, etc, etc, but didn't force the issue, and as a result people were going to cafes, bars, clubs, hairdressers, etc..... The govt there didn't lock it down until cases really started snowballing, and I think by then it was too late.
  13. Yeah although a number of our local pubs have announced their closure today, there's a band still playing at one of the pubs Saturday night, and a local nightclub has an event on Saturday from 22:00-03:00 called 'keep calm and party on' or something..... 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  14. I think we'll see more stringent and mandatory measures in place by the weekend. I also think we can assume all gigs will be off for at least 3-4 months, if not longer. China have had it since December, and they're only just starting to think about lifting restrictions now.
  15. We were supposed to have one Friday, the pub were still up for it, but we ultimately didn't feel it was socially responsible to do it. Plus it would likely be dead....
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