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  1. TRBboy

    Zoom B3 top tips?

    Hey folks, I've had a zoom B3 on my pedal board for yonks now. It's a great pedal, but I usually only use it for rarely-used effects and such. Although I've used it for lots of different things, and it's been great, I've always felt like I haven't really been scratching the surface or getting the most out of it. I usually only have it stuck on one bank with 3 seperate stomp boxes set up. I have no need of amp sims really. Just wondered if anyone has any good tips or advice for getting the most out of it? Effects I'm especially interested in at the moment are envelope filter, phaser, octaver, fuzz, and a natural, gritty slight overdrive. Do most of you guys combine effects on one bank to get 'a sound' and then change up and down the banks for different effects? Any advice welcome! Thanks all. 😊
  2. I keep looking at these a lot over the past few months... I've had a strong lust for shorter scale basses, but I'm 100% a 5 string player, and these look like a great option without too much outlay. I'd probably rip the preamp out and install a passive loom tbh though. I don't need one, but..... Very tempted!
  3. Lovely collection man, I've been lusting after one of those Gibson LP Junior tribute basses (or whatever they're called) for ages! 😍
  4. Yeah true, could well be the case. Although my little Roland micro cube practice amp usually seems to make any hum sound 10 times worse, and it's quiet as a mouse!
  5. Just thinking about these alnico pickups in my new TT Passive; sandberg told me that they're not hum cancelling pickups, but I'm really struggling to detect any noise whatsoever with either pickup soloed! Not a bad thing at all, just saying. 🤔
  6. I remember these basses well @ead, gorgeous! Interesting that we've both ended up at the TT Passive.
  7. That will be very cool! Sandberg will make you a neck to go with the body.... But it won't be cheap! All the sandberg hardware can be bought online or throb a dealer I think.
  8. Ooooh exciting! What are you getting?
  9. 😂😂😂 Okay, feel embarrassed now! It is a very similar colour though!
  10. I've been lusting after short scale basses for the past few months, but I know deep down I wouldn't like it as much live, and I'm a 5 string guy anyway.... So then I was looking at the 5 string Ibanez Mezzo...., 😬
  11. That's very similar to the colour I spayed my Yamaha BBN5 a couple of months ago! 😎
  12. Wow @Cuzzie, some nice Sandbergs there! Does the DK have the bridge pickup fractionally closer to the bridge than a normal TT then? And what about that Ken Taylor body? Did you get it like that or have you got the rest of it somewhere?! 😂 What are you going to do with it?
  13. I've enjoyed owning all of them, but yes, the last one is my favourite. 😊 The white Ken Taylor was really nice, the ebony fretboard was probably the nicest I've ever played, and it had a really even tone. The classic booster was very special, lightweight (swamp ash) and super resonant. The neck was glorious! The Basics are soooo good, but in the end I missed the girth of a neck pickup too much (although they sounded huge and mega punchy). They've all played their part in the story, and I've enjoyed the ride! 😊
  14. Boring for everyone I'm sure, but was just thinking back through all the Sandbergs I've had over the past 10 or so years, since I fell in love with them. It's been a voyage of discovery to figure out exactly what makes my perfect sandberg. Disclaimer: first few pics are off the Internet, mine are probably on an old laptop somewhere! Used Sandberg Basic 4 Natural Used Sandberg California PM4 Used Sandberg Basic 4 Greenburst (which I later made a trans pickguard for) Used Sandberg Basic Ken Taylor 5 Custom order Sandberg Basic Ken Taylor 5 Custom order Sandberg Classic Booster 5 Custom order Sandberg California VM5 Custom order Sandberg california TT5 passive
  15. Definitely think that's a better use of resources, and kinda what I'm thinking at the moment! Happy with gear, now I need to focus on trying to improve myself!
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