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  1. Hi folks! Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but let me know if not. I have recently acquired a very tidy Yamaha BBN5 as a project bass that I want to refinish, and was hoping for a bit of advice from those moor experienced in these sort of things..... 1) should I strip the old finish off completely, back to the wood, and then coat with sanding sealer before painting, or just abrade the existing finish and paying over the top? Existing finish is a kind of brown stain, doesn't look too thick. 2) I want a matte or satin finish over the colour (which is a metallic car paint): should I be looking at polyurethane, nitrocellulose or something else? 3) not sure if I need a base coat under the main colour, but I guess it would be better. Thanks for your help! 😊👍
  2. Thanks for the info, they look good, but I'll see if they have a split shaft version. Do you have some Delano JJ pickups for sale?
  3. AxesRus only seem to have budget blend pots unfortunately, no CTS or Bourns....
  4. Thank you! Just realised that's where I bought pots and stuff from years ago!
  5. Thanks man, will try to find them!
  6. Thanks, an interesting idea! However, I bought this bass after both of my (active) basses went tits-up at Friday's gig, so I'm keen to keep the wiring as simple and uncomplicated as possible! 😂
  7. Very interesting, and I hadn't realised that centred, both pickups are only at 50%, but it makes sense of each extreme is 100% for that pickup. With VVT though, does the dip in output with both pickups at 100% equate to the same thing? Would be easier to go VVT as I can just buy a jazz bass wiring kit!
  8. Hi guys, just bought an old Yamaha BB5N as a backup bass (and for a bit of a project 😁). It's a JJ config. I want to rewire it using better pots, etc (e.g. CTS), and I want a blend pot rather than two volumes. I assumed I want 250k pots for the vol and tone, but I noticed some people use 500k.... which should I be looking at? Also struggling to find a suitable dual blend pot in the UK, can anyone point me in the right direction? Finally, is a 0.47u orange drop cap the best choice? Many thanks! 😁👍 PS: If anyone has any 5 string hum cancelling jazz pickups for sale let me know!
  9. Hey man! Yeah I A/B'd both for a good while before deciding (I'm terribly indecisive anyway), and although they were both good, the Shuttle hit the spot better for me. It's got more clean POWER for me, without getting as mushy (not that streamliner could be described as a mushy amp!), but equally you can bump the input gain, lows/ low mids, dial back the treble, and get a nice old school grind going on. Very versatile amp imho, the better of the two if getting a rock solid clean/neutral sound is important to you IMHO. Let me know if you're interested! 🙂👌
  10. Hi Steve, do you know what the weight is please mate?
  11. Plus the cost of the ultra lights. Besides which, who is gonna be looking at the back of the headstock? I believe the OP said he could supply the original tuners too, resolving the 'hole' issue. Secretly a bit gutted this is under offer, it looks sweeeeeet! 🙂👌
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