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  1. Open to sensible offers guys, and willing to drive to meet if helpful. Great rig here
  2. Well, I played my first gig with the LMT on Friday night, and it performed admirably! Sounded really good, and it was easy to dial in something that worked well with the room we were playing in. I ended up with the SS/Tube preamp blend set at about 3 o'clock; the valve side does seem to have a bit more grittiness and presence, but the solid state side has a fuller, tighter low end response as far as I can tell (could be complete nonsense though!). I still continue to be impressed with this GR cab, I've had some great gear over the years but this just WORKS (especially well with a Markbass head it would seem!). Although I enjoyed the LMT, I'm still not sure if the LMII is my favourite out of the few I've tried recently! 😂
  3. I think next gig I need to do one set with the LMT and one with the LMII. Out of the 3 the Markbass heads I've tried recently, I kinda feel like the LMII is my favourite! 😂 Although tbf it's the only one I've gigged so far. May do some comparing in the cellar today.....
  4. Seems great so far! Do you notice a real 'boost' when you have the preamp blend set to 12 o'clock? Is that a P5 too..... 😃 I keep ogling the 5 string version!
  5. I won't do a seperate post, but my replacement for the LM800 has arrived today; a lovely Little Mark Tube! I've only given it a quick try, but it sounds great so far. Inherently brighter than the LM2 possibly? We will see. No gig this weekend though sadly!i will report back after next Friday's gig. 😊👍
  6. I think some people are asking too much if I'm honest, but you're right the prices vary wildly! There are bargains to be had out there though, you just have to keep looking. 😊
  7. Not that anyone's particularly interested 😂 but I had the speaker out tonight. Not many clues, but a quick Google of the number on the magnet suggests to me that it's an Eden speaker. I think 300w RMS, 8 ohm impedence. I was only curious because it sounds SO good. Mystery solved, I think. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. As an old boss of mine used to say, one man's Coq au Vin is another man's chicken in a basket! 😂
  9. That's a big part of the problem here isn't it, there's so many variables at play that make up the 'sound' we all hear, including the fact that we likely all hear things slightly differently! I can't find anything scientific that says a class A/B power amp should sound any different to a Class D poweramp, assuming all other things are equal. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. I am no electrical expert, but I don't believe there is from everything I've read so far. Watts are Watts are Watts, regardless of amp class. Harmonic content may be noticeable between say solid state and tube, but then you can have an A/B class power stage of either of those 🤷🏻‍♂️ I just read an interesting point that most PA/FOH/Live sound installs have been class D powered for quite some time now, and no one complains that they are lacking vs heavy transistor amps. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. Yeah I know what you mean, and I do just try to use my ears as much as I can. I tried all sorts with the shuttle, watched Ed Friedland's review and settings, etc. I ended up boosting the lowest mid range frequency as he did, because actually it did sound best. The versatility of the preamp wasn't the problem, and you could easily dial in a nice tone. The problem for me was that there didn't seem to be enough breadth or 'guts' to the sound. In the band mix it just got a bit lost and felt a bit 2 dimensional. As an aside, I have to say that coming back to Markbass after nearly 10 years is a beautiful thing! It's the happiest I've been with my sound for a very long time! And that GR cab just slays! 😎😜
  12. Ah okay, I've no experience of that one myself. From the Class D heads I have had, I've certainly found that they're not all created equal. The GB Shuttle 9.2 I had was powerful, and had a good eq section, but I always somehow found it lacking. It just wasn't 'present' and seemed to be lacking body. In contrast, the Aguilar AG700 I had was excellent, warm, powerful, full sounding, and just generally awesome.... Yeah I regret selling it! 😂 I found the fender rumble much the same. Both sounded great in a loud rock band, whereas the Shuttle always seemed to get a little lost. So in essence, I don't think the power amp classification creates an absolute rule on whether the amp will be good or bad in a band context, like with any class of amp it's just down to the overall design and execution, and whether it is the right amp to deliver your expectations.
  13. That's what I figured, thanks 😊👍
  14. Hey folks! I'm buying a cracking little Ashdown cab from local BCer @vmaxblues, and he bought it from someone on BC. The speaker was replaced at some point, and I'm really curious what it is (it sounds fantastic! 😍). I realise I could drop the speaker out, but I thought it was easier to ask in the first instance. So, was this your cab? Do you know anything about it? Thanks for any help. 😊🙏
  15. That's hopefully what I have coming end of the week to replace the LM800 😊👍
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