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  1. Yep..... Although the caveat to this is that I've found 'the one' on numerous occasions previously! 🤣 Unfortunately, the requirements for qualifying as 'the one' change periodically..... 🤔
  2. We do have a lot of fun! Here's tonight's set lists. I was sooooo pleased with my sound tonight, and I'm incredibly fussy! My band mates noted the time and date at the end of the first set when I joyfully announced that my sound was perfect! 😂 I've been chasing something for a long time, but didn't know what it was until recently. A bit of trial and error and a few gambles have paid off. I was playing the BB435 all night, through my pedal board and into my fairly newly aquired Rumble 500 combo, which I've had for a month or so, and 1x15 ext cab which I only got last weekend and hadn't gigged yet. This setup tonight was by far the best fit sound I've ever had for my band, seriously awesome! The BB435 itself performed admirably, I was very impressed! My prior research and careful consideration was worth the faff I feel, and I've ended up with the right bass for me. It was hard for me to put my own prejudices and preconceptions aside, and accept the fact that the mid range model was likely going to give me exactly what I wanted, and resist the urge to go for one of the higher range models. The traditional solid alder body, passive electronics, etc gives me just what I need. The neck profile is lovely, I'm not completely sold on the finish right now, but I can imagine it'll be just perfect once it's played in a bit. I was a bit clumsy to start with, due mainly to the unfamiliar string gauge, but actually even that was alright in the end. Very, very playable bass! Once it's set up with my usual strings it'll be even better. The pickups are just incredible, I have absolutely no desire to change them. Gives me enough of the Fender style tone, but actually a lot more too. From my brief affair with the Fender Player Jaguar recently I realised two things: firstly, that a passive PJ setup have me exactly the sound I was after, and secondly that a no frills but well made 'traditional' style bass would give me what I wanted. I need that organic, full, traditional tone to sit in the band mix right. Even though my previous setup was excellent, it perhaps didn't work quite as well in the band context. It's kinda where my comment about my 'perfect imperfection' epiphany comes in. I've never considered myself a gear snob, but equally it's very liberating for me to realise that I don't NEED expensive gear to give me what I need! Anyway, I'm rambling on, I'd better try and calm down and get to bed..... .....can't wait to gig it again next weekend though! 😁👍
  3. Will do, just about to start. Rock covers really, everything from stones and beatles through to foo fighters etc, via a bit of ska and footloose!
  4. First gig for the new bass and extension cab, just soundchecked and out sounds flipping astonishing! Looking forward to this! 😎🤘
  5. Once I have chance to restring it with the usuals, it'll be incredible! Just had a quick go with my little practice amp, and it seems great! Yamaha have always been good value, but for me this new range really steps it up. For me the only compromise is the bridge on this model, but I may get some brass saddles for it. There's actually nothing wrong with it though, works fine! Setup is fine out the box, and the neck is finished superbly. Impressed. True test at tonight's gig though!
  6. Hi folks! May well live to regret this decision, as this is by far and away the best rig I've ever had! But I'm moving in a slightly different direction at the moment, and looking to move this on to a new home. Ideally I'd like to sell them together, for ease and because they pair so well, but if split in looking for £675 the AG700, and & £650 for the Vanderkley. Aguilar AG700 - 700w class D head, really sounds incredible, by far the most 'full' sounding Class D amp I've used. Clearly very versatile, but has a slightly warmer character to it than most class D amps I've owned, and more presence across the frequency spectrum. Wide variety of sounds on offer, but it's virtually impossible to dial in a bad tone! It's in great condition, and will come in a Gator mixer bag I use to transport/protect it. Vanderkley 212MNT - 600w 4ohm cab (although will comfortably handle more power), made by the fantastic Marc Vanderkley in the Netherlands, Lightweight and astonishingly loud for its size! I spent a long time trying all the top cabs when I bought this, and it beat all the competition for me. Its a very neutral cab, and you will get out exactly what you put in, at the highest possible quality. Not that I've had to test it, but the speaker cones are waterproof too! In fantastic condition, comes with fitted Roqsolid cover, plus an isolation board I made to fit it perfectly. This really is a killer rig, tone and volume in abundance. I have played outdoor festivals without DI on a couple of occasions! If you're in the market for a compact, huge sounding rig, this is well worth checking out. Thanks for looking
  7. Hi folks! Anyone know if tickets are transferable? I'm going to struggle to make it now, so have a Saturday ticket going spare.
  8. Thanks! Yeah I would imagine they come with D'addario nickel as standard, that's what Yamaha usually use. There'll be nothing wrong with them, other than I'm very used to my usual strings! I use Dunlop super brights stainless 40-120,and because of the gauge and lower tension they're so easy to play, and I get on with them really well. May try and change them quickly before the gig, but if not I'll cope. 😊👍
  9. Okay cool, thanks, so standard long scale I assume? Don't think I'm going to have time to restring it before the gig tmrw night, but I'm sure I'll cope fine with the stock strings. Really hope it's every bit as good as I think it's gonna be! 😁
  10. Might be a stupid question, but do you need extra long scale strings for the through - body stringing on the newer BB's?
  11. Finally made a decision, BB435 ordered and should be here tomorrow in time for the gig! 😁👍👌
  12. I had been thinking about some matt valspar varnish I'd seen in B&Q tbh, I jest not! 😉
  13. Unpopular opinion maybe, but I had a BB605 with NE preamp, and I didn't care for the preamp at all! 😬 It was the main reason I sold it. Curious about your sandberg experience now also!
  14. BTW, I was planning to refin the N5 with a stain rather than paint, as it will be a LOT less hassle! 😉👍 I agree though, white would look killer, kind of a poor man's Nathan East sig.
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