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  1. Lovely stuff, and a nice pint of nutty brown ale. Back of the net. Cheers 🍻
  2. ped

    NPD Mu-Tron III

    Its possible, using lower gain settings, to have a pretty much clean sound which does a little dance when you dig in. One of the things I liked about Bootsy’s sound was that the envelope stuff never seemed overdone, and I assumed that was due to his multi amp setup but actually it’s easy to see with this pedal how you can get a super funky sound without losing the character and sound of your bass. You could use it ‘always on’ without it getting annoying!
  3. ped

    NPD Mu-Tron III

    Yeah I’ll do a low mode and down modes too soon. They all sound fantastic whatever you do!
  4. ped

    NPD Mu-Tron III

    I did a little clip, absolute crap but you get the picture. This is high mode, gain on 4, peak on 6, drive up. Playing Stingray. You'll (hopefully) notice that even in this mode, the peaks are really nice sounding and not harsh at all. And the lows never get boomy or indistinct. I tried playing a straight baseline but this thing just makes you want to piss about. Mutron - 20:01:2022, 15.01.mp3 Also here's photo of the pedal just for fun
  5. And any legal ramifications could be shunted onto @Bassassin
  6. Do you think you'd have time to assemble a little group of Rickenwaffen to keep an eye on the ads and weed out anything Faker? We'd be crazy not to take advantage of your expertise and it would certainly help keep things on a level in the eyes of the company.
  7. Let's lift it and if we get a court summons, put the ban back. It won't happen. We aren't and haven't been doing anything wrong - the ban was intended to be damaging to Rickenbacker by virtue of reducing their exposure among our niche community, at least in my eyes - and the chance to get in some salty remarks about their aggressive behaviour. Lawyers I have worked with will always respect the IP rights if its easier to say that than dig deep into the actual infringement and suggest sailing close to the wind.
  8. I personally think we should reconsider now.
  9. The last five years or so have been quite transformative for me in many ways but especially in my bass tastes. For the longest time I was playing my Vigier bass, and found the modern sound perfect for what I was doing. That led to trying similar basses with a slightly more vintage vibe such as a few Smith basses. I also started to become interested in building a collection of the ‘trinity’ (P,J,MM) which has been great fun and opened my eyes to the spectrum I hadn’t been part of for quite a while. A P and J are just great to have in your arsenal and I enjoy having them for playing along with stuff where only a P or J will do. But the really interesting and semi surprising thing was the Musicman. I don’t know why it was such a surprise (or why I didn’t do it earlier) but the MM bass is the perfect coming together of everything rolled into one. It feels familiar as the neck is identical to my G&L, it’s got the classic stingray sound and the simplicity of a single pickup which sits where I am used to, placed similarly to my Vigier. It sounds modern but with a vintage vibe. I could gush on for a while but I think Stingrays are great basses, and this one in particular is perfect for me. Very unusual white pre eb with a dead flat neck that I’ve never had to touch! And you’ve got to love a chunky slab body - and this one doesn’t weigh much.
  10. ped

    NPD Mu-Tron III

    Sweet. Yeah the gain control is interesting. My Stingray gives a consistent level with the pedal on or off but I will try my others! I'm absolutely loving LP, Up, High range, peak on 5 and gain on 5. It's super responsive in a really dynamic way - playing with the envelope 'closed' just gives you a normal bass sound, pretty much - digging in a tiny bit more gives a bit of 'womp' and digging in more gives a greasy squidge over your clean sound. It's like a super well implemented clean blend. Really quite extraordinary
  11. ped

    NPD Mu-Tron III

    Yes I think I saw a post about that. That’s a good workaround. I’ve been using mine on batteries for nearly a week now and they’re still fine on my battery tester. When you used the supply did you leave the on/off switch on the pedal in the on position all the time or is it still advisable to turn it off before disconnecting power? I actually rather like the sound of the bypass. Last night I tried experimenting with cranking the gain which gives a nice pillowy overdrive. Apparently some people use it as an OD pedal more and an envelope! What was your favourite mode? Playing it last night I was amazed again at how nice the high band setting is. It goes from super subtle with a slight choke to a really drippy liquid top end with the slightest change in dynamics. And if you ease back and play accents on the G string it makes then thick and submerged. I don’t have to carry my gear far and mostly play in a studio environment at home or with my band so I’m fortunate that I can love the shape, size and heft of the pedal itself. It’s so 70s.
  12. ped

    NPD Mu-Tron III

    Sure I’ll try and get some on Thursday 👍🏼
  13. I don’t like it when pedals have ‘bass’ in the name like it’s some poor relation to the primary guitar version. Also not a fan of screen printed graphics (like illustrations) and really clicky foot switches
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