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  1. I’ll do it for you now! 🍻
  2. I think the statistics show that it’s actually bigger than last year, bass wise.
  3. I’ve hidden the other topics - I don’t think we need three threads on this?!
  4. Lovely playing in the video too 👍🏼
  5. Oh my. This bass is the reason I’m called ped (used to be pedullaman) - quite a special instrument indeed! Mine was identical.
  6. Sorry just seen this glad you’re sorted let me know if I can help with any further problems.
  7. Yeah.. enough. Welcome to the forum @Frezza interesting way to start!
  8. It sort of depends what you use the pedals for and when you use them along with what you use them with (I.e together or not) I’d put the tuner first so it gets a clean signal. Then the pre, assuming it’s kind of on all the time, then the chorus then compressor, again assuming you use it to govern your sound most of the time. Then have the amp flat to the active input, or if you really depend on the sadowsky pre then go into the power amp directly to bypass the front end of your rig. Alterations are maybe having the chorus post compression depending on settings as the comp might limit the effect I’d the chorus. That’s what I’d do but as I say it depends on what settings you use and your sound etc, there are no rules!
  9. I wish there was a function on eBay to hide items forever - there must be about 50 basses that always get re-listed that always come up on my ‘new items’ search. Same for the books I collect. There’s only one left that I need and every week it says new items and it’s the same four or five copies of editions I already own, otherwise I’d set up an alert!
  10. Yes the search engine went down but we fixed it last night so should be fine now. Cheers
  11. Only one way to find out...
  12. Guess that’s why they have scratch plates!
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