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  1. ped

    Strange site view error

    Yep just click the circled bit here
  2. ped

    J&D mini jazz bass, £35 (SOLD)

    You’re at the top of a slippery slope! Welcome to the forum and good luck it looks like a great little bass!
  3. ped

    Anyone been to Prague....

    Loved it when I went, but we only had two days as it was part of a tour from there to Vienna then Budapest. Here are my pictures if you’re interested https://www.flickr.com/photos/chiscocks/albums/72157674444771521 I really enjoyed it as I’m interested in the history. We did a great (but very long!) waking tour. Learned a lot.
  4. ped

    Feedback for Antonio (fiatcoupe432)

    Sold Antonio a fretless Vigier. He came all the way to York and we had a nice natter about all things bass, travel, work and everything else. Couldn’t have sold to a nicer chap. Hope you enjoy the bass and I’m glad you listened to @Hellzero (thanks for giving him a nudge haha) Hope to see you again at the bass show!
  5. ped

    Travel Bass

    People loved it at the LBGS!
  6. ped

    Easy way to delete lots of attachments?

    Hopefully the people who make the software will listen and improve this in the next update
  7. ped

    Fender Musicmaster bass 1978

    That was 32 minutes
  8. ped

    Best postage company in uk to uk

    I’d tell him to post personally. Much easier for the seller to deal with any issues should they arise. Perhaps you could use it an excuse to visit Manchester?
  9. ped

    Best postage company in uk to uk

    Royal mail stuff goes Parcelfarce over a certain size I think.
  10. ped

    Best postage company in uk to uk

    Yeah good call. The websites can be impossible to use so call them and prepare for a long wait.
  11. ped

    Best postage company in uk to uk

    It's impossible to say because it all depends on the particular driver working for the company - often through an agency. The safest and best way is to hire a man with a van for the job in hand but that's not always feasible. The only thing you can do is make sure you pay for insurance.
  12. Can’t wait to see yours. Any idea when it’ll be ready?
  13. No worries should work with yours too, try it in a shop first. As mine is a single cutaway the foam block on the top of the stand fits perfectly into the carving between the neck and body
  14. ped

    Ash Instruments

    They do some very nice looking instruments. I really like their single cutaway basses but haven’t ever seen one. Perhaps they’ll attend LBGS next year.