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  1. ped

    Notification Sound In Silent Mode

    We can also see all your pics!! Not really - thanks for raiding it I'll pass it up the chain. Has this always happened or is it since the last update (a week or so ago)?
  2. ped

    Courier Con

    But I’m severely malnourished and I live in a tent ⛺️
  3. ped

    Amp purchase from Musiker in Slovakia

    I don’t know but put him back before he presses charges
  4. ped

    Great band opportunity in Leeds...

    Excellent, I'm a rythem guitar bass drummer!
  5. ped

    Amp purchase from Musiker in Slovakia

    Glad to hear he hasn't besmirched the good ped name
  6. ped

    Courier Con

    Similar problems over on a watch forum I use - basically nobody covers a watch above £1000 - the only way around it is to have a business to business 'ParcelPro' account. Personally, when shifting gear, I prefer to meet halfway or pick up item if I can. Good excuse for a weekend away. Whilst I've not had any really bad experiences with couriers they normally call when I'm out walking Sybil or when I'm firmly glued to the lavatory
  7. ped

    'Commercial Sales' forum test

    Have a look now, I’ve put it above ‘other’
  8. ped

    Vigier Porn!

    I can’t compare it to another fretless but it does sound excellent. I guess it was a bit of an experimental stage, and no doubt it had an influence on the later Delta Metal fingerboard fretless basses.
  9. ped

    Vigier Porn!

    I have a series 1 which has a wooden neck with a brass laminate under the fretboard - really cool idea, mega idiosyncratic - and it has a truss rod, which I haven't had to touch. It's my fretless bass too so the action is super important, but no worries with it at all...
  10. ped

    'Commercial Sales' forum test

    Difficult/impossible to have that on this software, and this way the companies can easily update and reply to threads, too. It has to be as easy as possible for them, and the from format works well from both a software and user POV.
  11. ped

    Vigier Porn!

    Great, but you need to check you like the amount of relief because obviously you can’t change it. My series II basses are almost exactly flat which I love. The series Iii and IV have a tad more but it’s still only about a credit card thickness. It’s rare to see one where the neck has moved even a fraction in its lifetime.
  12. Look like a whisker above 2mm at the 12th fret
  13. ped

    'Commercial Sales' forum test

    It has to be in the 'marketplace' section but yes it'll be moved probably to above 'other items for sale'