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  1. I just bought some camera stuff from Sweden. It was cheaper to buy two separate orders with premium DHL postage than do it as one and pay duty. Ordered Sunday, here on Tuesday (bearing in mind the bank holiday!) Does anyone know if the import duties on used goods will be reviewed? I heard an MP hinting at it online somewhere but anyone know for sure?
  2. It seems that people assume a comp should be doing something all the time, and noticeably so. I always like a comp to be on all the time but with a threshold that compresses only notes above a certain peak, giving a more consistent ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ to the overall sound which helps it sit in the mix and produce a tasty clank when you dig in, instead of distorting something. Controlled and nuanced playing still has all the dynamics. There’s no ‘breathy’ compressed artificial sustain volume swelling seasickness which I guess is what some people start. Trouble is every player, every bass, and every signal chain is different so the uses and possibilities are endless!
  3. It's back!! Franco has fixed it and it's working perfectly. What a legend. I've been playing with it for the last hour or so and it sounds fantastic. The octave side is especially thick and with the synth added it feels warm and funky. I don't usually like octavers much but I haven't had one for so long it's great fun. The synth frequency is switchable giving two very different flavours, and with balancing the dry, -1 and synth there are many cool sounds in that. The wah side took some fiddling; I'm pretty sure the attack control acts a bit like a resonance control too, and the way 'volume' actually changes the peak a little too I think. Either way, it's a band pass which I really like for cutting through a mix and now the dry blend works! It sounds especially nice when driven by the octave side, which you can use to push the envelope even more using the level control on side 1. It's got a lovely 'quack' to it and although a totally different flavour to my 3leaf something about the combination of both sides of the pedal in one sounds really greasy and phat.
  4. ped

    Helix Stomp & IEM

    A good budget option are these - and look down the page a little, you can bundle them with some foam tips https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07XXQ9MVR/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I think they sound a little harsh at volume but pretty neutral at lower vol. Amazing for the price and a good way to test the concept.
  5. ped

    Helix Stomp & IEM

    Just a quick note to say that using IEMs with foam tips helps attenuate the sound of the band at large and allows you then to change your level to match, giving an all round comfortable 'mix'
  6. You’re going to need to keep the jazz and get a MM to compliment it. As soon as you have the MM you’ll miss the J. 😊
  7. Should be pretty good until I stomp it off
  8. I’ve been playing my P bass a lot recently. A good description of the tone I think is ‘chewy’. Super low action, light gauge flats, tone backed off a little and playing over the pickup with the occasional ‘pop’ on the G. Chewy.
  9. I reckon they roasted it for too long
  10. I can dig that. Well I look forward to the day when we can compare and I’ll end up wanting another!
  11. Nice. I should imagine with the wider spacing than the HH that the coil split sound gets a decent jazz bass sound?
  12. It's 2021, every bass should be made to feel special
  13. OK the legend that is Franco at Meridian has fixed it, I've asked what the details are so will report back. Hopefully fixed for good this time!
  14. Oy oy oy what's going on with the middle one!
  15. Weird that TC got it wrong in their manual but maybe the online one is out of date
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