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  1. ped

    NBD.. Suhr.

    Great looking bass mate. I know you like a 70s jazz and this sounds like a great one. Enjoy!
  2. Hm I’d still class that as more of a ukulele than a mini bass
  3. Looks great - tell me more about the spec! I guess it’ll ‘sit’ further to your left than the wing? What electronics have you chosen?
  4. Threads like that are the lifeblood of forums. Advice changes, members who used to be new become the person who answers, and those who have been around for ages should just ignore and let them be repeated. Pointing people to old threads isn’t very welcoming and rarely that useful. Let people whet their appetite by discussing ‘the classics’ and before long they become more involved which benefits everyone. Otherwise Basschat would be a Wiki.
  5. Tbh I’ve seen better looking home made ones!
  6. Can you tell us more about the coating process? Having been an elixir user for many years I was led to believe they had patented the process of coating AFTER the string has been wound, which keeps dirt out of the windings. Other coated strings I’ve tried coat the winding before wrapping which always seemed counter intuitive to me and the strings felt dead as a result. Technology aside I look forward to trying these as the proof is in the pudding!
  7. Yeah thanks, interesting little basses but I’m looking for steel string half scale ‘mini basses’ rather than ukulele rubber string derivatives - which are also fun but not quite the same as they don’t sound like a normal bass.
  8. It says: This setting affects the number of new lines the user can create in a signature. A long line of text will automatically break (the point at which the text breaks depends on the width of the user's browser that is viewing the signature), and this is not affected by this setting.
  9. OK I have set a limit of one image, 468x60. Two links and three lines of text. I'm not sure if it applies retrospectively but let me know - otherwise it'll be new members only...
  10. I believe there’s a setting to limit signatures now so I’ll take a look. Any suggestions as to the maximum image size and number of lines? Images resize to fit the width I think so height is the most critical
  11. They don’t do steels in the 40-95 size so I’ve never used them but been using the nickels for years. The set on my Vigier are probably more than two years old and still sound fresh
  12. Ha there you go, shows you how much I know! Thanks!!
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