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  1. The neck pickup on that one is a newer type. The early Arpege and Passion basses have the 'tabletop' shape pickup with exposed poles. You should swap the bridge pickups on these two so they both have matching sets!
  2. Nice bass indeed - the fingerboard has a brass laminate which ensures a very stable and flat neck. Good price too.
  3. That was an FX25 - great pedal! I tend to prefer a band pass filter for their squelchy response when driven hard.
  4. I wondered where that one ended up! Glad it found a good home. You’ve inspired me to dig out my SB1 today 👍🏼
  5. But then it’s normally best not to know - ‘never meet your heroes’ they say! I was actually quite nervous meeting Patrice Vigier. Even so, it’s impossible to know what these directors are like to work with completely. Ignorance is bliss... and personally I think Ken Smith is funny
  6. It’s nice to think a company you are personally invested in is aligned with your own values but I think any big manufacturer at this level has to be fairly ‘aggressive’ to keep a foothold. Personally I see the advantage of ‘liking’ the company or being oblivious to it. However I’ve owned basses by Ken Smith who everyone seems to hate and I’ve said before I don’t care if he’s an axe murderer if I like his basses. Mind you I met Mr. Maruszczyk and let’s say that’s out me off ever getting one!
  7. Yes, just PM a moderator
  8. I’ve met HPW too and thought he was a thoroughly nice bloke and an astute businessman
  9. Great, I was wondering about this the other day. Looking forward to seeing it!
  10. Now available here - please share your pics in this thread! https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/446174-basschat-straplocks-available-now/?tab=comments#comment-4385968
  11. I shipped out the 16-24th Feb batch on Friday so they should be arriving next week! If you haven't bought your set yet, get to it!! The more I send at once the cheaper the shipping is, and the more quickly I can send a batch! Cheers ped P.S Don't forget to show your strap locks in place when you get them!
  12. ped

    Loop switch

    Does look very cool. A bit too much functionality for me though. I just want to switch some pedals out of my path when I’m not synthing with my Wingbass
  13. ped

    Loop switch

    It’s good that it doesn’t need powering as I am a noise freak and want option A to be a 100% clean and silent path
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