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  1. Nice. I’ve always wanted a Jazz Bass The Precision 1978
  2. Hi folks, I've put this on eBay too with a BIN of £3200 but I will do a discount for my BC family - will entertain offers around £2850 including case, accessories and partial/full delivery.
  3. Yes and there is software support for that however I’m not sure it would be able to recognise current ‘£20 subbers’ or not. Will investigate.
  4. Thanks folks. My original thinking was that I wanted to have a community where everyone felt welcome, without a 'rank' structure like you find on Talkbass with tiered membership. The concept being that more members = a better marketplace, which is fee paying to use. The more members use the forum (for free) = bigger audience + more people paying to list. I say all this but in actual fact the whole model has been incredibly stable and fruitful since it began so I don't necessarily see any need to change things hugely, but always interested in opinions. I still feel, hand on heart, that the marketplace here has unique benefits worthy of a tightly knit community for a reasonable fee which increases the quality of listings and members posting to a degree making it 'safer' than other, free sites.
  5. Thanks yes we do have some ads but definitely don't want to add any more. I'm even toying with removing them completely. But for that to happen we might have to introduce a banner about paying to support which disappears when you have paid, or something. But then I see a squirrel.
  6. Just to be clear i'm not trying to call anyone out - just wondering if there's a better way to 'frame' the fee so that it is seen also as a payment to help the site, not just to gain access to the Marketplatz. Without spamming people with needy emails.
  7. Don't you think the £20 fee is reasonable if you think of how it supports the site too? I try to communicate that to members but it doesn't always make a difference.
  8. How so? Claiming your money back for an item not arriving (backed up by tracking) or damaged (photos) PayPal always side with the buyer.
  9. Unless it’s because you’d rather collect or play it beforehand, it doesn’t make any difference if the bass is from the UK or not, ime/imo. The seller takes all the risk - if it never arrives simply get your money back with PayPal. As long as proper insured shipping is used there’s zero risk to you as a buyer.
  10. No, don't know where that ended up, or if they even came with one back then.
  11. It just sounded like a generalisation, that's all.
  12. A few people have asked if it’s the same bass that The Bass Gallery had up for sale - yes it is! The reason I’ve put the price a little higher is because it comes with a brand new case, brand new Elixir strings an the Smith accessories (wax, polish, fingerboard conditioner). I’m not in a rush to sell and would definitely not ship (sorry, please stop asking!) but will entertain offers if you promise to look after it!
  13. Use PayPal and nothing can go wrong
  14. Yes it’s difficult to have a feedback system with any value when it comes down to it - these transactions happen separately from the site and we get no detail about them and can only go on what we’re told. I feel a star rating would end up meaning the mods would constantly be roped into disputes and it’s also difficult to implement on a software level. The text based system is ok and can provide context when things didn’t go well but I agree it could be better integrated. Unfortunately I don’t think our software allows for that at this stage and coding it in ourselves would be very tricky! Loving the new job, thanks for asking. I’ll make an update on the thread. Two weeks in and I haven’t been sacked yet!! Cheers ped
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