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  1. I was going to say these two but now that feels a bit inadequate now!!
  2. Here are some options https://getbackbeat.com/pages/configuration
  3. If you want a nano size check out the EWS Stormy Bass Drive. Very clever little thing 👍🏼
  4. Yeah I'm sure these players aren't immune to GAS like any of us but if I idolised a player and wanted to sound like them I'd probably want to buy the bass they used to record the music that influenced me, rather than a new one they might use a bit from now on. Probably a simplistic view but I know what I mean in my own head anyway! Maybe that's why people like Tony Levin don't have one - they wouldn't change anything.
  5. I’ve never really understood signature basses. The player goes and makes a reputation with a ‘standard’ bass, gets ‘legendary’(!) then designs one that’s similar but different to the one they used 🤔
  6. Hm probably not, think you’ll need a specific shaped gig bag or case for that.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. A Small Stone has joined the team. Only got it yesterday but first impressions are good - I have had a few phasers (grape, phase 100/90 most recently) and they’ve all had their good points. Sadly all of them distort with the super high output of my SB1 but this one doesn’t. What it does do is go from chorus kind of swelling to crazy lazer sounds at fairly random points around the dial, and the ‘colour’ switch doesn’t add anything good for bass - but I think at a slow setting it sounds fab. Now I need a big muff to complete the set.
  9. You could also re- order your images so the first image is the one you want as the thumbnail as I think the default is auto retrieve first image.
  10. I’ll do a recording for you 👍🏼
  11. Welcome, thanks for stopping by
  12. Three recent acquisitions! I really like the sound of a BassBalls pedal with a P bass w/flats - with the sensitivity set low so that it burps and breaks up when you dig in. Live, it just sounds so chewy and fat, like a phaser into a distorted filter. Weirdly, I really don't like it so much on any other bass. I've come to realise that I'm quite into collecting pedals and as such I really wanted one of the super hard to find green sovtek versions, which I believe were made in very small numbers before they went into the black housing. Some say there were fewer than 10 but I have no idea. It sounds great, basically the same as my USA version on first listen (though the trim pots are set differently) so I'll do a proper A/B comparison in the coming weeks. This thing is huge... especially in height and weight. It's nearly as heavy as my Mutron. I love the switch on the front and the foot switch feels so satisfying - anyone who has a green Big Muff or Small Stone will recognise! It kind of clacks into place and stays down then pops up again when disengaged. Next is the Choralflange by Fulltone. I really like chorus pedals and bought this to compare to my Danelectro Cool Cat which sounds beautiful live but perhaps a bit strong when recorded, something I attributed to a lack of a clean blend, which the Fulltone has. Actually this pedal excels in the subtle chorus sound; paired with my Stingray it gives a really nice enhancement which gives slapped lines a little 'something' - set wide with a slow sweep it sounds a bit like an aural exciter. The wise sweep gives a range of about 2 octaves. Quite nice is that the LED pulses in time to the sweep. I've found that on less subtle settings it doesn't give that metallic sound when you decrease the delay time. Finally I got my hands on an EHX nano Hot Tubes. I really like a slightly growly 70s jazz bass sound and thought I'd give this a try as it was local and cheap. Still have yet to play with it properly but so far I think it does the light breakup really well and the tone doesn't rob any bass unless you turn it right up. It seems very responsive to playing style and doesn't give you the fizzy D and G strings which I prefer to sound relatively clean compared to a more growly E and A (though I always play in D)
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