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  1. I've used the app with my old iPad which has a headphone jack - but what if you have a newer phone without one?
  2. Sounds like the seller is only ruling out shipping to the US, which is fair enough
  3. Hi folks I just got a Backbeat (personal subwoofer/headphone amp) https://getbackbeat.com I should say that I converted to ‘feel’ the bass by having a TecAmp Bass Board (vibrating platform) at home and find it hard to describe how great it feels to have the feel of a huge bass rig shaking you to the core whilst you play. As such I’m surprised that it’s taken me so long to get around to trying the backbeat but I finally got one last week and have been putting it through it’s paces playing at home through my studio setup. First of all it’s smaller than I thought. It clips to all my straps but works best on the Comfort Strapp type as the clips are tucked between the material and the foam padding. Getting the position just right takes some practice and adjustment but I’ve got it placed so it vibrates right down my spine! Its very powerful. Half power is more than enough and gives a brilliant tactile feedback. Unlike super early Kickstarter versions the current versions have a stereo aux which also vibrates the back so you can feed a signal into there to feel the bass drum etc. Downsides - it takes practice to remove the strap without knocking yourself out - I find it easier to i clip the strap at the bottom of the bass then the top and let the strap stay in your shoulder. It would be nice to see an updated one with Bluetooth connectivity Using as a headphone amp is fine but you don’t get any frills, just raw signal. I’m used to quite a delicious headphone setup but with the tactile feedback you actually can use less ‘volume’ anyway. However turn the volume down too much and you can hear the pack vibrating. Obviously only in solo playing situations. I’m really pleased with it. I think that playing without it (in places where I can’t take my Bass Board especially) will feel really strange once I’m used to it. I’m looking forward to using it at my friends studio especially where I tend to play straight to desk with no amp feel. If we ever have a Basschat bundle again in person I’ll bring it for people to try - I’m surprised they aren’t more popular but I appreciate they are a bit of a gamble if you haven’t bought vibrating aids before I did briefly try it with the bass board at the same time and even I thought that was ridiculous and had to stop in case I fractured my skeleton. Cheers ped
  4. Ah bloody hell I really went to town on the photo, too! Are you eating off the floor again?
  5. I really liked the second album, but found the third really hard to listen to!
  6. ped

    Barefaced Machinist

    Once we’re all vaccinated let’s have a huge bundle
  7. Love the thread title. Sounds like the OP is literally out of breath - er - excited. “That sound... I... hmmmnnngh”
  8. Back when this thread started a ‘66 p bass was just called a P bass
  9. Hi there, tags work the same in all forums, they bring up threads with the same tag in the right hand side and when clicked they show those threads in a search. Cheers
  10. ped

    Barefaced Machinist

    Agreed - in some ways the better digital gets, the more entrenched and fanatic the analogue brigade get!
  11. I'm half tempted to put some super heavy flats on my P just to try them. I think in the past I have associated heavy strings with high action but if I get them set up nice and low it might be good to try, even just to remind me why I like lighter strings... then again it's quite nice having a bass that you have to fight with; it makes going to your other basses feel more of a change.
  12. I’ve been playing .040 strings for so long that I feel like my hands have gone numb if I play anything heavier!!
  13. I find them similar in tension to the TIs but a little smoother feeling. They have a rich sound with a lovely ‘plastic’ click/fret noise which cuts through the mix. Hard to describe but I would sum it up as ‘chocolatey’ 😂
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