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  1. ped

    For sale adverts

    We’ve got a ‘location’ box ready, we’ve been testing it on Guitarchat and will add it here.
  2. Good to know. Elixir recently redesigned their packaging making it harder to counterfeit but there are still lots of old boxes about. Looks like a bargain then. So do they have different gauges?
  3. Wherever you came from (I think the planet bass), you are BC royalty now 👑
  4. Crikey. Right I better go to work.
  5. ped

    Selling on BC query

    Thanks for the support
  6. ped

    Selling on BC query

    Hi Dave See FAQ 5 and 6 here https://www.basschat.co.uk/faq/ Any probs let me know. Cheers!
  7. ped

    Ampeg CL Micro stack

    Apparently the VR is great with two cabs. Looks cool, too. I gather same early units malfunctioned at 4ohms but think it was fixed quickly but the legend remains. The only thing putting me off (apart from not actually needing an amp) is that the fan noise is quite noticeable at low levels.
  8. ped

    NBD! Smith BT5

    Hi folks This arrived today finally after a Paypal delay (didn't realise the payment would go as an e-cheque which took ages to clear!) Anyway after lots of emails forward and back with BCer @bassvid75 I finally decided to take the plunge and purchase this bass. I have always loved the 'Smith sound' which I would describe as very 'hifi' with very plummy mids and compressed treble. It's a beautiful sound that cuts right through any mix. Unfortunately Smith basses are quite hard to get hold of in the UK - I don't know if there's a UK distributor now but I know there wasn't for some time, making second hand the only option. Most of my basses have been bought 'unseen' and have been a bit of a gamble, this one is no exception. It came from Portugal and although I was excited I was also nervous having not played it. All the time Bassvid was saying how great the bass is, that the neck is totally flat and the truss rod hasn't been adjusted for seven years. As a graphite neck enthusiast this was an important factor. Well, what can I say - right out of the (huge and well packed) box, the teardrop case was thrown open and the bass was finally exposed to the UK sunshine. Right out of the case it played fantastically. Bassvid said it had the original Smith strings and needed a battery, so I put one in and slapped a new set of Elixirs on it, the strings I use on all my basses. I don't have the correct allen key for the bridge saddles so I thought I'd give it a play and adjust it all later, but it's set up almost exactly as I'd like already, as bassvid said it would be! Super low. If you don't know these basses, it's hard to describe what they feel like; the body is really thin and rounded. They feel amazing. The pickups are great, they have always reminded me of a chesterfield sofa for some reason. It's got a 2 band EQ which is, according to enthusiasts, clearer and more sparkly than the 5 knob version. I can't say i've been able to compare but the previous owner had several. The top is Koa and it has all the Smith in house hardware, including aluminium cover plate and truss rod cover. Recessed Dunlop strap locks and that fantastic hand shaped brass nut. It was made in 1991 before Smith left the New York workshop and moved to Pennsylvania where they are made now. Here's what a Smith sounds like (not me playing lol) This guy demonstrates one here, which sounds bang on - skip ahead if you want to hear some nice really simple fat grooves and a bit of B string. Here are my piccies, light not very good today but hopefully you can see it OK! Also there's a bonus pic of Sybil.
  9. ped

    NBD soon.. after paypal delay!

    It's here!! DPD have restored my faith and have secured their 'top spot' on my list. One hour time slot was given and bass was delivered bang on time. Full NDB post coming soon!
  10. You can start one! I try to avoid pinning threads unless they're important rules and so forth. They're useful for reference but pinning a discussion topic is normally the best way to get the topic ignored. People just glance past them and see what's current instead. So yes all in favour of a 'show us yer builds' type thread.
  11. ped

    Short Scale 'Thing' (23" scale Headless 4 string)

    Very nice. I'm in York so maybe a future bash will work out!
  12. ped

    Short Scale 'Thing' (23" scale Headless 4 string)

    Whereabouts do you live?
  13. ped

    Short Scale 'Thing' (23" scale Headless 4 string)

    Yours looks every bit as good! Unfortunately I can't make the bash this year so you'll have to 'rep the 'sub 25" scale' club!
  14. ped

    Short Scale 'Thing' (23" scale Headless 4 string)

    If it's any use, I use a EADGC set on my 5er but tuned BEADG. Then again mine is 16" scale but this works really well.