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  1. It’s really a quick measure to stop one particular type of spam we always used to see if the forum was visible to anyone - an account with the name ‘gear’ in the username would message people saying they have what the advertiser is looking for and ask for payment etc. I must have banned tons of them, all different IPs and locations. As soon as I made it one post to view, it stopped. I tentatively turned it back off again a year or so ago and within weeks it happened again.
  2. There is, but you have to have at least one post for it to become visible. This was to stop spamming. @Woodinblack it might make sense to make the forum visible but with a message to say you need a post to gain access?
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. I just tried a Proton IV but didn’t like it as much as my Wonderlove. I missed the ‘resonance’ control which makes the Wonderlove sound so wet, and although nobody talks about it, the band pass mode with some clean blend is amazing. The Proton sounded great, but it just doesn’t warble like the Wonderlove. Still interested in trying the Aguilar, their phaser is very good at least!
  5. Hi folks Some lovely pedals here for sale, prices include postage. All in excellent condition with original boxes. MXR M81 - SOLD Source Audio C4 - as new, boxed with PSU and USB cable. £180 Cali 76 Big Box compressor/limiter. Perfect condition, I have added some foam feet on the back and bottom (I used it standing on my desk) - removable without leaving any marks. - £575 3Leaf Audio Proton V4 brand new condition, boxed (forgot to include in pics) - SOLD EHX Big Muff Green Russian (with custom moulded mini Sovtek knobs) - £70 Any questions let me know!
  6. I lost 1.5 stone pounding my Wii Fit over the summer! Great piece of kit and great old-skool fun! I might draw the line at Wii Grease though 😝
  7. All the cool people have them
  8. Here's where I got to, it's a 6 position switch offering Roland GK mode blended or in isolation on any/all strings individually, as well as a built in wireless
  9. Let me guess, it doesn’t take batteries.. nope!
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. A P with flats into a simple old Assballs pedal is currently my vibe
  12. He’s a total arse isn’t he! He’s got something about northerners too. Lots of complex issues to unpack. Sad really.
  13. Sounds nice, quite like a Bassballs but with more controls.
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