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  1. I don’t follow! 💁‍♂️
  2. ped


    I use Elixir rounds (which I love) but think the problem is actually that they’re too ‘slippery’ so I can’t get a grip as easily as I can on a flat with my pinkie finger, so that any ‘waggle’ gets pronounced. Thanks BTw that a waggly slide at the end!
  3. ped


    Exactly - I love those aspects of his playing. it inspired me to do this recording. For some reason I don't think there's anything quite as funky as a P bass gliss. I'm only recently getting used to them, as for some reason I find them much harder on round wound strings and have only been using flats for a few years in comparison
  4. Hi folks I'm putting together a webinar for the University of York about freelancing. This 'episode' is all about music, and will be attended by lots of students from the music dept. as well as some of the freelancers and startup founders I normally work with. I have a few guests lined up already. The event is to inspire people and also to provide them with some practical advice about freelancing (accounting, tax etc) So far I have a composer for film/TV who will be fantastic, and a couple of other people in mind too, but I wondered if there are any freelance/session players on BC (I know there are quite a few). If that's you, would you be interested in talking about an aspect of freelancing which you think would be interesting? Ideally you'll have played on some well known circuits/productions but mostly I'm looking for a good communicator with some good stories and tips for these young musicians just starting out. Let me know if you're interested; it would be nice to get Basschat mentioned in there somewhere. Cheers ped
  5. haha thanks, but it took me AGES to get it lined up, and think there MUST be an easier way! I imported the video into Garageband actually (by accident) so maybe it's easier doing it all in one place. Not sure. How do other people do it?
  6. Here's a little audio/video of the SB1 with Labella 760fx stringz
  7. Hi folks I've recorded this little video just to see if I am able to do it properly. I wonder if anyone can help make it easier, because here's what I did: - Press record on phone - Press record in Garageband, with the backing track already imported - Play along with backing track - (and here's where it got hard) - Export the audio file - Open iMovie - Open video and audio file - Try to match them (still don't think it's perfect!) - Export My question - is there a better method for matching it all up? I know I should use a clapper board or similar but totally forgot... that would have helped me line things up I guess? Anyway here you go - see what you think!!
  8. ped


    Nice, I love Between The Buried and Me, will give it a listen!
  9. Yea that’s the blues driver. My VB99 has that built in and it does sound really nice on bass. I went down some real rabbit holes with various amp and cab sim variations but eventually ended up with the clean amp and cab setting for everything, with slightly different mic and EQ settings, some with another amp or direct mix blended in. Then the Roland limiter adjusted for each bass to taste, and some reverb. Aural heaven through my cans! It’s great fun though isn’t it - I really enjoy the fiddling and trying different things. And of course once you’re done, it’s a simple plug ‘n’ play job. Glad the pedal’s working out!
  10. ped


    As some of you know I’m deeply into the P/flats sound at the moment not least because a lot of the new music I’m discovering features some tasty P action. Latest discovery is below. Phenomenal bass playing; tasteful, groovy, busy, sparse, it’s all there - and the rest of the band are fantastic. I normally avoid any albums/artists with ‘funk’ in the name as they tend to be anything but, but this is awesome. Go on, give it a spin 🎧
  11. Added a slight background glow on the notifications (dark theme). This colour is tied to the background blur which you see when composing a PM on desktop. I thought orange looked nice as a glow on the notifications but it was a bit much behind the PM screen, so think this grey works OK.
  12. ped


    I like the MXR M81. It's dead clean (if I want drive I'll use a separate pedal) and sounds great - with shiftable mids. Nice colour too, and takes batts, so a pretty ideal thing to have in your bag.
  13. Pics? @Woodinblack I think the V1 was the origional Kickstarter unit. I don't think there are any in shops - and you can upgrade them to the new version I think. I believe a way to tell is that it doesn't rumble anything you put into the AUX, whereas V2 does?
  14. That should look a little clearer now; trouble is for some daft reason it's tied to other random text colours which need to be on the darker side. It might be possible to adjust them separately if I dive in a bit deeper by bypassing the admin CP and going to the code, but I'm likely to break it.
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