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  1. ped

    TC BH800

    Bargain. These are excellent amps and with a spectracomp tone print loaded it has a superb compressor built in!
  2. ped

    Zoom B1 Four

    Wow I didn't notice! I'll get working on my speech! It would be right of you to commemorate this occasion with a new bass.
  3. ped

    Zoom B1 Four

    Well, I have a B1on but I rarely use it - VB99 is my unit The Zoom is fun for travel though.
  4. Will the answer shock me? 😂
  5. Thanks. I think I’ve tracked it down now and have started the process of sorting it. I have disabled it for now so it should be ok for the time being
  6. ped

    Got wood?

    I’m pretty sure he made them!
  7. Nothing has the same ‘ping’ as a popped G string on a Smith get one!
  8. Rather than look for a good sounding reverb I’d be looking for some with specific features, namely the ability to bypass certain frequency bands (so for example you can add some reverb to the high mids but bypass the bass end). That sounds great on bass.
  9. I’ve just eaten a whole bag of Minstrels and I still fancy some toast but surely it’s too late now
  10. You should be out scouring the streets for interesting foreign strings
  11. 11:30 on a Friday night and we’re all online talking about strings. Awesome 🤘☺️
  12. I only use Cobalts on my P; my other basses have Elixirs of the same gauge (though I think the E string is 0.100). I can record something if you like, but think nice warm nickel rounds with a great ‘zing’ and top end. A set lasts me over a year.
  13. ped

    Got wood?

    Here are my natural beauties
  14. Think my tone control was on 75% ish but normally on that bass I have it at about 50%. I like the sound of bright flats with the tone down as opposed to dull flats with the tone on full, if that makes sense!
  15. I liked the TI flats I had before but prefer the cobalts. The 40-95 set I have are more flexible and nicer to play than the TIs which I believe had a .043 G string. Whereabouts are you, anywhere near York you can have a try.
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