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  1. I love this one. Currently up for sale if you want to buy the ultimate P in classic black/maple combo!
  2. Can I trade my skills for yours please + cash your way 🤣
  3. ped

    Your Go To Bass

    Let’s see some more ‘go to’ basses! It’s interesting to see that for several people, your ‘go to’ is a relatively cheap instrument. It just goes to show that a great bass is the one you feel most comfortable with, or the one you normally have to hand. I must admit I feel more ‘loose and relaxed’ playing a bass which owes me less than a super high end bass. I guess it’s a bit like driving an old banger which you’re comfortable to park anywhere. There’s something inherently fun about that.
  4. Good game. Shows how flexible the Lakland is.
  5. Some will. Many won't. I wouldn't.
  6. Business is increasingly about morals and ethics, and hopefully those that ignore them will find out the hard way.
  7. I don't have S on my tuner - I always wondered what I was missing!
  8. Whether the supplier does that or not doesn't matter - any retailer with a moral code will tell them do get lost rather than peddle their inflated wares to the public. If enough retailers did the same (and I don't think they're telling the truth anyway) then the suppliers wouldn't be able to take the customer for a ride like that.
  9. Bolox - very easy to blame the next person but if that actually happened they should take down the product and tell their supplier to sod off rather than increasing their price too. But they don't because they want to profiteer from it too.
  10. It only makes sense if people think a Sadowsky with the preamp off doesn’t sound like a Sadowsky, which of course it does. We’re back to the whole ‘EQ can do anything’ myth; someone will be along shortly to say it’s all in the fingers!
  11. ped

    Your Go To Bass

    We’re hoping it goes viral 😂
  12. EQ can only do so much with what you put in - and it can't change what you don't put in. Therefore you can't get a 70's snap from a 60's position whatever you do, except modelling.
  13. ped

    Your Go To Bass

    He's got the bear on the D tuner too
  14. ped

    Your Go To Bass

    Ah just found a vid on FB. He's making the bass sound better than I ever did!
  15. ped

    Your Go To Bass

    Any links? Or do I have to be a member? He said he’d leave the puppets on the tuners 🤣
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