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  1. I feel that BC is better today than it’s ever been. 👍🏼
  2. I learned slap by jamming along with the baselines by rap pioneers like Grandmaster Flash and Funky 4+1. Although often sampled by similar artists, many of the best tunes had live baselines played over a groove and were amazing for practicing fills and space.
  3. Indeed, and you'd better have a red carpet handy. Let me know when and where and I'll let my driver know. Ideally the venue will have helicopter landing if possible.
  4. That’s brilliant - Ashdown have a superb reputation here for supporting their customers. 👏
  5. Trade offers by PM only thanks @Gianlu Beautuful bass, love it!
  6. One of my all time faves. I absolutely love the laid back groove on ‘make me wanna holler’ some of the bass fills towards the end of the track are just perfect. Also love the bit at the end of ‘faggot’ where it sounds like she starts to play over the rear pickup.
  7. Sorry I don’t understand - I’m just saying you should send him a PM instead of asking him to send you one. Might be easier.
  8. Sounds like a Warwick. No distortion/drive necessary.
  9. That sort of growl comes from the bass, if we're referring to the same thing. Got samples? (referring to OP post)
  10. Thanks, deleted and banned yesterday after several reports.
  11. I think the OP is talking about bass guitars 😂 How about a wardrobe guitar hanger? Instant ‘closet classic’ and pretty hidden away - also if they’re found they aren’t in cases so much harder to nick. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Closet-Guitar-hanger-CGH01-Hanger/dp/B00A3L4L6U
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