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  1. London bass guitar show 2018

    https://the-snow-owl.com/ He was demoing on a stand last year. Bit of a legend actually.
  2. Peavey B Quad

    The one in PMT was £800 but that was in about 2004!
  3. Site Bugs - List them here

    Up until 6:00am and STILL solving problems. What a legend.
  4. Dod FX25 clone plus

    Looks cool. Woud have had it if it was battery powered... do you think it's possible or is the draw too high? Cheers
  5. Site downtime 14/12

    Better than ever!
  6. Site Bugs - List them here

    Cookies I reckon
  7. Site downtime 14/12

    PLANNED DOWNTIME: Tomorrow (14th Dec) at 10:00 PM or just after we will be moving to a brand new super fast server. We expect it'll take a few hours but will keep you updated. Whilst the site is offline we will show our status updates. We know we said we'd never have to go offline again but our old server let us down and we've gone all out this time. Thanks and spread the word!
  8. Threads i started

  9. Threads i started

  10. Peavey B Quad

    Always been interested in these. They were in fact the first graphite necked basses I tried, PMT in Oxford had some in second hand. I really liked the feel and sound but want such a fan of the shape. However they spared my curiosity and sought out graphite basses from then on.
  11. Bass Cab Multi-tasking

    Really handy for particularly sweaty bed work
  12. Bass Cab Multi-tasking

    Bet the burglar was well and truly Peaved off!
  13. Oscillator/Synth/VCO pedals (analogue)

    Hi, I haven't tried the SY300 I'm afraid.
  14. Bass Cab Multi-tasking

    Excellent! I found a Hartke 210XL was a perfect bedside table at university. The sprung handle even kept my phone cable and lamp in place.