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  1. ped

    ‘In Stock’

    ‘In Stock’ basically means ‘we know someone we can get one from for you’ now
  2. ped

    Ken Smith and the 6 String Basses

    Excellent read! I wonder if that have those blue plaques up on these buildings in the USA ‘Ken Smith carved his first bass here’ 😂 its a shame they’re so rate in the UK. I still don’t think many people know what a Smith sounds like. I discovered them by hearing the sweetest bass sound I’d ever heard, didn’t think anything of it (pre internet, what could I do!?). I recognised the sound on other things and eventually saw the video for Chic Corea’s ‘Electric City’ and heard that sweet plink of the G string (0:30)
  3. ped

    Line 6 Variax Bass -strings

    I might ban flats from BC
  4. ped

    Requests for sound clips

    Normally people say how the clip is recorded, so you get an idea. Personally I think the bass itself is a massive part of the sound, so a clip is useful.
  5. ped

    Line 6 Variax Bass -strings

    Just a caveat to say I am not in any way being rude about the Variax. I think they’re cool. Just don’t like flats!!
  6. Exactly It's like some people think we should all be issued with a sunburst P bass at birth and be done with it. Remember - any new products for us bass players are good for the industry.
  7. Haha yeah my friend owns an Italian food import business in Banbury, we had two panettone for xmas, one was a white chocolate one that was amazing, I think he said it was about £40?! Yeah the box was 'tasteful'
  8. Although adding it to the thread is also helpful. Cheers
  9. To be honest I quite like the 'scattergun' approach of Markbass. Yeah most of the products are discontinued quickly, and yeah some are terrible - but I like a brand that tries hard and makes mistakes, because it's often those brands that occasionally come up with something brilliant. Far better and more interesting as a customer to see this rather than 'me too' designs and safe options. That's why I was disappointed they did a P/J bass. Then again I always like the perky underdog. To me, their approach, marketing and design is very 'Italian'. A bit like a Panettone with a lurid design on the box showing a chocolate filled cake but inside it's dry as a bone and barren like the gobi desert
  10. ped

    Line 6 Variax Bass -strings

    In theory it should have a similar effect to how flats change the sound of a bass with magnetic pickups. So I should think more thump, less sustain, it'll sound like you're playing elastic bands over a bog roll core.
  11. ped

    Noguera Custom 6

    Yeah nice basses these
  12. ped

    Noguera Custom 6

    On mobile they are for some reason - turn your phone sideways and they appear normal. Something up with the image host I think
  13. ped

    Where's My Thread?

    I think it got moved from 'General Discussion' to 'Bass Guitars'
  14. That's got to be the most hideous mismatched colour body/scratchplate combo I've ever seen
  15. Quite like the look of the new amp. Don't mind the black/yellow colour scheme on the amps but really dislike the yellow speakers from an aesthetic point of view. Never actually tried one, though. At least I don't think I have.