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  1. ped

    The Ken Smith Thread

    Yes possibly, I had a 1991 BT5 before this one but I can't remember the serial... @Mastodon2 has it now
  2. ped

    The Ken Smith Thread

    I haven't added my '84 BT4 here yet so here we go! Serial number 151
  3. ped

    The Ken Smith Thread

    Looks amazing - I can hear it just by looking at it!
  4. ped

    BOSS sy-1000

    That and other reasons
  5. ped

    BOSS sy-1000

    I’m not sure what it offers over the VB99 though really - and I know I’m in the huge minority here but I much prefer the ‘desktop’ format of the VB99 for playing at home in my pants
  6. Then I’ll require a hefty bribe
  7. ped

    BOSS sy-1000

    Oh ok. I think I read there are 11 bass models in this so presume that’ll cover the VB99 types plus more but unclear whether it’ll let you move virtual pickups about like you can in the VB99. Probably have to wait for a manual I think.
  8. ped

    BOSS sy-1000

    If that was the question lol let me know if I can help further 😎
  9. ped

    BOSS sy-1000

    The VB99 can be used with a GK pickup for full access to polyphonic stuff or with a regular pickup for use as a multi fx. I think the GR55 only works with a GK
  10. Just let me know what you’d prefer and I can make it so!
  11. There are several comparisons online but with all streaming quality settings on max, there’s very little to choose - some reviewers said some songs sounded better on Spotify and others sounded better on iTunes. I tried Tidal for a while and it sounded great but twice the price and as my Hifi amp has Spotify connect that just makes more sense - I also find Spotify’s algorithm recommends me music more accurately than the others. Apparently Spotify are bringing out a ‘lossless’ type service to compete with Tidal soon, too.
  12. Roland GK pickup can also process each string separately and you can connect the output to a fan-out box to separate the signal if you don't want to use a VB99 or GR55 unit.
  13. It's an advert which presumably you've blocked so it shows the text 'leaderboard' instead, unless you configure your blocker to hide it completely.
  14. ped


    I count 26 knobs in total
  15. My bass wanted to say hello and offer support if your bass ever feels like it’s being slapped around
  16. Awesome!! I know you’ve been a big fan of Vigier for a while so I’m really pleased you’re now in possession of this one. Nice to have the proper case too - those are even harder to find than the basses!! I’d love to see some more pictures of it 🥰 Guessing this has the Preamp with sweepable parametric EQ, I have the original manual for it somewhere so will attach here when I find time. Cheers ped
  17. I have to say I didn’t know much about G&L for a long time until tried an SB1 ages ago and fell in love. I’ve always liked P basses but find them a bit agricultural feel-wise, compared to say a more boutique version like the Celinder I tried. I like the slimmed down body, custom bridge and anodised pickguard - it just feels like a really well considered evolution of the P bass, which I suppose was the point. The quartersawn neck with bi-cut truss rod is lovely.
  18. I’d be more concerned with the weight 👍🏼
  19. Looks like one of these https://abm-guitarpartsshop.com/ABM-GUITAR-PARTS/Single-Bridges/Bass/ABM-3710/ABM-3710b-Black::238.html
  20. Very well thanks, hope you’re well too! At least the cab arrived safely.
  21. Another reason why I’d never buy something from someone who asks the buyer to sort their own courier! Sounds ridiculous. Fingers crossed for you!
  22. I feel that BC is better today than it’s ever been. 👍🏼
  23. I learned slap by jamming along with the baselines by rap pioneers like Grandmaster Flash and Funky 4+1. Although often sampled by similar artists, many of the best tunes had live baselines played over a groove and were amazing for practicing fills and space.
  24. Indeed, and you'd better have a red carpet handy. Let me know when and where and I'll let my driver know. Ideally the venue will have helicopter landing if possible.
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