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  1. I THINK it’s because the new update lets you post as a guest but the content only appears if the guest responds to the next prompt to join as a member. It looks like it’s sending out a notification before the post is approved, which is a bit silly. Reckon that’s right, but will check. There’s another update due and I think I remember reading something about this issue being changed.
  2. You might have more luck messaging the person in question directly, just a thought
  3. You should find that as you get smoother you can lower your action right down. The slap should have very little force behind it, you merely bounce off the string. Try sitting in front of the TV slapping a fretted note until it feels smooth and fluid. Another thing is timing - and the use of dead notes in between slaps and pops for the percussive rhythm.
  4. Don’t worry about always popping after slapping. Develop the slap first if you like. I too found it misleading when all the books seem to suggest every slap should be followed by a pop. Personally I find them two completely different techniques which can be blended but not always together.
  5. There should be a ‘Bump’ button on the topic near the top. We recently enabled it in that forum. It may not have affected posts over a certain age though so feel free to post the ad again this time. Cheers
  6. I think it was a joke, just incase China were sending a John Hall faker to fool us all
  7. I think conductive paint is best for the body then use foil on the back of the scratch plate
  8. No, it’s always on - ‘lean on it’ means play hard so the limiter kicks in, giving a nice clank. The threshold is quite high so it cuts in just where I want it to. Even then, you can’t ‘hear’ it as such, you just don’t hear a woolly distorted mess.
  9. Congrats that looks lovely enjoy it 👍🏼
  10. It can’t - but if you know where it kicks in you can ‘lean’ on it if you so choose.
  11. Yeah I used to, but now I use a model of it (well, I think it's the LMB3, It's on my Roland VB99 and they call it 'Limiter' so probably is). Yes i set the threshold quite high then have the ration 1:infinity. You get a lot more besides that on the unit too, so I adjust the ratio, attack etc for each instrument I have. All the different comps in it sound different but if I set them up the same as the LMB they do the same job because they all have an adjustable ratio up to infinity. On some basses I set the ratio a bit lower, because the bass in question sounds quite even and compressed anyway so there's no need for such a hard 'shelf' however on for example a P with flats I like the limiter keeping me in lane so to speak and giving me that solid fundamental cutoff before you enter muddy 'woof' territory
  12. I don’t use one either, but I do use a limiter, very sparingly, to give me a clear ‘bass line’ which I can lean on when digging in.
  13. Something I love about Smiths which you don’t really notice until you pick one up is how thin the bodies are. And with such a smooth neck transition the whole bass just feels so refined.
  14. Bargain. Best value one I’ve ever seen. The quality of these stacks up against everything else I’ve ever tried and the necks are the best!
  15. Super cool 😎 how does it sound?
  16. Who decided Ukulele + whistling = every advert in 2019
  17. ped


    Here's yours To post on other peoples, search the forum to see if they have one already (I searched the 'feedback' forum only for topics with bubinga5 in the title) and reply to the thread. If they don't have one, make one. HTH
  18. Your human skin is like an Elixir exterior string wrap keeping the middle (relatively) fresh... oh and your hair is like the fraying end silk of a flat wound string lol (all meant in the nicest way possible of course)
  19. I just can’t wear T shirts with stuff written in them any more. Suddenly just don’t like it! I’d rather people saw me as a blank canvas of mystery and intrigue. Which brings me to another point, why on earth would someone pay well over the odds for a shirt with SUPERDRY JAPAN 🇯🇵 on it?! The mind boggles
  20. I’ve shared this video loads but THIS is what a Smith sounds like. It’s quite hard to find good videos like this for some reason, nearly all the vids are really badly recorded or filmed on a potato
  21. Yes, in fact I’ve played/recorded a fair bit of library music over the years (dad worked in TV). Fun to play but I accept probably not that fun to listen to! Again I do really like some Vulf and I’ve only heard some of the instrumental pieces so I’m not talking about them specifically. I’ll try and find that link. Among the bands there was one really modern and hifi sounding band who were great, I haven’t fully delved into them yet so will need to dig it out again anyway.
  22. I find a lot of modern 'Funk' like that. I recently found a list of the top 20 funk albums of 2018 and nearly all of them have low-fi recording technique to make it sound 'funky' - which of course does the opposite.
  23. I must admit the music leaves me a bit cold, too. I love funky playing but it’s like Vulf try and be SO retro/hipster that it puts me off. That and he’s better than me and that’s not fair.
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