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  1. ped

    NBD (incoming)

    I’ve been after a nice SB1 for a while but couldn’t find any UK ones in my price range and I prefer the older models which narrowed down the search somewhat. Anyway I’ve just bought what looks like a nice one but it’s coming from the states so who knows when/if it’ll arrive... OK it’s a bit knackered but should clean up nicely. It’s all original (1991) and supposedly nicely set up but we’ll see. Strung with flats it should be the perfect opposite to my Smith. I used to use TI flats as I liked the low tension. Is there anything else worth trying? I’ll let you know when it’s here anyway! ped
  2. ped

    NBD (incoming)

    Cheers just ordered some .040s. I use the same gauge in rounds so hopefully they should feel familiar.
  3. ped

    NBD (incoming)

    Cool, might give ‘em a go, thanks. Do they fall off a cliff sound wise after a while or are they the sort of flats that get better with age? Always feel like hex cores are the former but no direct experience of them
  4. ped

    NBD (incoming)

    Thanks yes I’ve heard good things about those. I like lower tension and apparently the Dunlop flats are quite low but it seems like TIs are still the lowest?
  5. ped

    Fun little 30 bass comparison

    Funny that - another Vigier player who enjoys the sound of a Smith. Those two were my faves too but I also really liked the Zon and the first MTD
  6. ped

    Ural bass - now we're talking!

    Yes... and the Urals are in Russia aren’t they.. @spectoremg explain yourself! Or is that @putin
  7. Done. Looks cool, too. I’d love a gaming PC but fear my wife would not
  8. ped

    Short Scale 'Thing' (23" scale Headless 4 string)

    Looking fantastic. Really amazing. RE the magnetic covers, I can’t remember where I saw it but I remember a bass with one where to remove the cover you pressed down on one section and the cover popped up. Neat!
  9. ped

    Rant. YouTube reviews

    I quite like Scott’s vids, I don’t watch them for anything other than entertainment to pass the time - it’s better than what’s on TV! Here’s my kind of ‘review’ - great audio quality, sweet groove playing and little to no talking (I can read up on the instrument myself)
  10. ped

    Michael Jackson covers- Yes or No?

    Fine. The music is separate from the media circus surrounding the man.
  11. ped

    Rant. YouTube reviews

    It was an extreme example but you do hear people saying ‘if I play a J or a P it doesn’t matter, I always sound like me’ I can very often identify the bass used on recordings, or have a good idea about the type of bass at least.
  12. ped

    Rant. YouTube reviews

    Here come the 'all in the fingers' brigade who'd have you believe you can get a Stingray sound from an upright
  13. ped

    Rant. YouTube reviews

    And record it with a decent audio interface, not a phone mic near a 10w combo in the corner of a kitchen. Personally, I like to hear what a bass sounds like when spanked, but also finger style so I appreciate when they do both.
  14. Is that technically ‘free’ though lol
  15. ped

    BassChat Podcast Feedback & Discussion

    Episode 3 is out now!! You can listen via your normal Podcast app or on the site here!
  16. ped

    Barneyg42, RIP

    How sad. Thanks for letting us know. I will raise a glass to a great basschatter this evening.
  17. ped


    Well there’s no use posting that here! Over to GC with you!
  18. Looks great, I love the old Zon logo!
  19. ped


    I'm afraid you have to play Stairway through FaceTime to be allowed posting rights. And please don't take that as a euphemism because I had a frankly shocking call last week
  20. ped


    Yes, we thought as many Basschatters play guitar too, some would jump across and help 'populate' it. We made that easier with the ability to sin in with the same account etc. In terms of costs, it really wasn't too bad as it's all hosted on the same server and uses the same tech as BC; in fact it also can be a useful testing ground for updates here, for example the location field was developed in GC.
  21. ped


    It'll take time. I'm happy for it to grow naturally, rather than push it. When Basschat first started we had about one post a day and I used to check it with my WAP phone. Obviously today things are different but I still think it'll get there - but I do need to pull my finger out and do some promotion/advertising. If you play guitar, feel free to post on the forum and get some topics going, and invite others to do so. We're very close to finding out what guitar is best for metal.
  22. Welcome! I've updated your username so it doesn't;t include your email address, hope that's OK - enjoy the site!
  23. ped

    Relic-ing: is it still a thing?

    Such a stupid thing to do isn’t it - surely anyone who knows what //M represents will know a fake one when they see it - and those who don’t know won’t know what it means, so it’s pointless!