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  1. Thanks that’s great - I’ll give it a try
  2. Yes it certainly seems like it - the texture would make removing the paint difficult so perhaps painting over again would be a good call. I'll look into that, thanks.
  3. Hi folks I have an old hard case here with some blue paint on the exterior. The case is the typical fender type rectangular sort which I think is wrapped in tolex(?) with the ends wrapped in what fees like vinyl/pleather It seems the general consensus is to spray the case with black paint rather than to try and remove the offending paint. Anyone have any tips, and if paint is the answer, what sort?
  4. That's an original configuration SB2, those pickups are single coils.
  5. Yes I think so. So maybe not so great then. But I don’t think that would be too bad for a set of original spec and material copies. Anything Wal is definitely a sellers market at the moment!
  6. Tbh that doesn’t seem like a bad price for a set (assuming four?) if they’re decent.
  7. I’ve never found a PJ that does a perfect J sound. Mind you not all Js do it either 😆
  8. Always - more notes = more fun + more mistakes
  9. Very difficult to tell given the difference in player and so on but that sounds quite different to my bass I think. Certainly the front pickup P bass impression sounds like it loses something of the way a P bass blooms each note, for want of a better expression. I used mine yesterday at a band practice and was super happy with how it sounded in the mix - the P sounded exactly like the SB1 with rounds, I think - and fully open in parallel the slap sound was full, punchy and clear - the keyboard player said it sounded like my Vigier, totally unprompted... I found myself playing over the back pickup into my old FX25 quite a lot which was bang on. Before our practice we had a few hours to check out the Emergency Services Museum in Sheffield. I had my bass on my back so I reckon I have the only G&L that's ever been in a fire engine, although I might be wrong
  10. For me the straps are usually the weak point. Sometimes the straps ‘meet’ at the place where they’re stitched to the bag which, when worn, feels like you’re being throttled. These look nicely spaced.
  11. Try now - I had the 'force sidebar to show' ticked
  12. Congrats, that’s a beauty. Recent L2000 convert here!! You’ve summed up the sound very well, I’d add more snap than a jazz. I’ve never seen a new one in the flesh. It looks like they’ve slimmed the waist a bit. The grain on this one is lovely 😊
  13. It happens very rarely on BC but occasionally we do get untrustworthy sellers. They’re quickly identified but unfortunately sometimes people get caught out along the way. Make sure you stick to PayPal and never F&F. Cheers ped
  14. Hi folks I’ve turned this feature off for the time being as it wasn’t behaving properly. Watch this space as I’m going to be fiddling with it in due course. Thanks
  15. Hi mate was it this one? I came across it recently as a recent new owner of an L2000
  16. They look like stomach lining
  17. That’s good to hear!! Yes the ore really does require careful consideration and it behaves very differently to what people are generally used to. I’d really like to try one of the new models and see how it differs. You’ve got a great matching pair there.
  18. Yes I’ve turned off that ‘no adverts for supporting members’ thing today for a little while as it wasn’t working as I expected. More info as it happens!
  19. By the way, you're more than welcome to pop over any time to have a go!
  20. I'll have to try a newer one to see what it sounds like, but I'm absolutely over the moon with the sound and feel of this bass. It's my 27th bass and although I'm in the honeymoon period arguably, it really feels both hugely flexible and a perfect mixture of everything I've loved about my favourite basses up until now.
  21. Here you go - point 5 and 6 https://www.basschat.co.uk/faq/
  22. I think any of the mods are fairly easy to be honest (not for me to do personally, you understand) but I don't know if it would sound any good like that. The nice thing about the OMG mode is that you get the frontal bass from the side of the pickup which you can cut and adjust to taste, a bit like adding too much chip spice to your chips and shaking the chips over a sink to remove the granules to taste, or something
  23. AH yes the bit about the slot angle changing the tone? I think I can detect a difference depending on the angle of the hex hole too 🤣
  24. I've even read that some people alter the height of the individual poles, or even remove them entirely, to get even more sounds!!
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