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  1. He’s gone North, East, South then West but has yet to go up or down. Here’s hoping, although the author is dead so you could argue that technically he’s gone up (or down depending on said author’s wider interests and behaviour) Stunning books, well worth a read!
  2. Thinking about expanding to another shelf! (not shown - future impact and Chunk Octavius Squeezer)
  3. I think sometimes people view Stingrays as a modern hifi bass and tend to treat them like it - but in my opinion they sound best with the bass and treble backed off (I. have treble at 30% and bass at 50%). Some of my fave stingray players have a mellow sound which cuts through the mix as effectively and surgically as a slapped bass. It took me a while to come to that realisation after growing up listening to RHCP and so forth. For me, the beauty of the Stingray sound is in the finer details, not it's out and out slapping sound it's usually pigeon holed for. I tend to prefer a 70s jazz for out and out slap. The Stingray sounds amazing with a smooth baseline with the occasional 'pop' thrown in. Perfect example at 2:35 onwards:
  4. Whilst the pre-eb basses are often more expensive, they hold their value (and seem to be rising quite a bit) - and I think they have the best necks. Sound wise I thing stingrays are massively consistent over the years but the pre eb necks are quite thin front to back, around a P bass but width and really rounded at the edges. Some later rays I’ve tried have been different all over but I’m not sure if the specifics. The built in mutes are great too, though the G string deadens too much; maybe I need less dense foam but I tend to leave the G open anyway for accents.
  5. Stingray - focused plasticy click 70s spacing jazz - 3D shelfy burp P bass - woody bark You need them all 😂
  6. Dunlop dual design. Best if both. Have a washer on there and job done
  7. I love them! Slab bodied especially I find reall comfortable. I’m used to playing a Vigier with pickups quite far back so it’s natural to me and playing over the pickup the strings feel nice and taught. When I go back to a jazz the strings feel really floppy up there. I like a ‘classic’ bass like that to make me play differently and I try to adjust myself to the bass. I really like them with flats where you get a beautifully even and ‘plasticy’ sound, and with rounds too for a great live sound that brings out the best in my pedals too. Stingray + Mutron is orgasmic! I go though phases where I swing between a P/MM/J for a month or so at a time. It’s good because every time it feels like getting a new bass!
  8. 83 Ray with flats and Celinder J-Update with rounds
  9. Nice! How does the neck design alter the sound?
  10. Yep. Gave up on them after having 3 rusty sets out of the packet!
  11. Hang your heads in shame people
  12. ped


    Yes it's a really useful little thing. It's useful for adding some lower mid hump to rear pickup burp too. I ended up buying one from the USA because I couldn't find one here anywhere. Now I've said that someone will point one out to me at half the price.
  13. Yes, sort of radiuses with a strong falloff towards the treble side. My G is always super low anyway so it took some trial and error, and doesn't look very tidy but it works well!
  14. I agree - when using foam under the strings (my fave is a piece of quite open textured foam that came with an extractor fan!) I cut it to taper down so that the G is barely muted at all, as I like to do accents on there. However with a light push it slides down further and mutes it more.
  15. ped


    Sorry for all the acronyms! EWS Japan make some great pedals. Their tiny enclosures even contain a 9v battery which is internally doubled to 18v which only draws a small mA so they last ages. I’ve had the Stormy Bass Drive for a while now and love everything about it. I first heard it on the BassTheWorld YouTube channel and thought it sounded perfect. so then I saw their other pedals and came across the BMC2 (Bass mid control). It’s quite a simple pedal, offering 12db boost between 160-2.5khz with an additional 10db input stage gain with the toggle switch. The reason I got it was because most of my instruments don’t have a mid control and those that do aren’t adjustable in terms of where they boost or cut. With a jazz bass neck pickup for example the BMC brings out that clank of a P bass really well with a bit of breakup when pushed. I haven’t used it live yet but with a wide sweep and easy controls I think it’ll be a great little box and more useful than a full band pre.
  16. ped


    Fantastic! Great to hear it’s still in the Bc family. It’s the best 5 string bass I’ve ever tried. Enjoy it
  17. If it's one to cover as much as possible then I'd say my Celinder J-Update. Perfect 70s jazz bass slap sound, 3D finger sound and because the pickups are stacked I can get a great P bass sound from the front and a tight back pickup sound without any noise.
  18. I'd pay asking then sell it for loads more to a 'fan'
  19. ped

    Compressor pedal

    I had both of those and preferred the M87. It's quieter and does limiting better IMO. I'd recommend the M87 generally as a good starting point to learn about the sort of things the controls do and how they interact, especially useful are the LEDs... Then you can think about the kind of limiter you might want to look at next. Until you end up with a Cali76 or Optician's-fet lol
  20. Thanks for trying for me. I think it’ll be alright for me actually so might get a set once I’ve got a backup set of elixirs ready
  21. 60s jazz basses I just don’t like, I’ve tried so many but feel the top end sounds a bit honky and I can never hear them very well live (my experience anyway, probably down to other factors maybe) 70s jazz spacing though totally changes things for me. I love that 3D sound, the growl and bite. Sounds so much more articulate to me than the former.
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