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  1. Thanks - actually the fan noise doesn't bother me that much as when playing I have my headphones on but I do sometimes listen to music and pump the bass through the board as it sits under my office chair and feels amazing. So it could be annoying in that way. I have bought the GK 200 thing and will see if it has enough power to drive the board at the levels I tend to use (fairly low)
  2. Yes all I need are your bank details, and if you give me your login information for said account I can make the transfer happen really quickly. Looking forward to your correspondence.
  3. Ok take your pick https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/143553561582
  4. Thanks, no not really, in fact in a weird way it doesn't actually matter what the amp sounds like as I'll never hear it!!
  5. Glitch in the matrix I think. @Dad3353 please bring @warwickhunt in for questioning. I'm sure it's just a misunderstanding that can all be ironed out with a good beating.
  6. Hi folks I'm looking for a class D amplifier to drive my Bass Board. I'm currently using a TC BH800 which is great but the annoying thing is that the power switch is on the back of the amp and because it's part of a studio setup I have to reach behind a monitor to turn it on which is a bit awkward. I also don't need 800w to drive the board at home levels. So I'm looking for any ideas for a small amp with power switch on the front. The Bass board acts the same as an 8ohm cab for reference, but I don't think I'd need more than 200w. It would be nice if there's not much fan noise (It only kicks in on the BH800 after some time) So far I have seen the Gallien Krueger MB200 which looks pretty neat. I haven't kept up to date with things so may have missed something. Budget - well, I can sell the BH800 to replace it with something or have maybe £250 for a second hand amp and keep the TC as a spare. Cheers ped
  7. No probs folks, all sorted now so if you still see the message just clear your cache and cookies. Cheers ped
  8. I’ve disabled them for now until monumetric get their stuff together.
  9. Same 😂 nearly sold mine but played it again and have fallen in love all over again
  10. Can you guys dismiss the warnings or doesn’t it let you? If it doesn’t I’ll just turn off the ads until Monumetric sort themselves out (this used to happen with Google Adsense too)
  11. No but it could be an advert triggering the system, I think that’s happened before. Edit- just seem the screenshot. Yes that’s it. Monumetric host our external ads and that’s what’s triggering it (one of the ads they are serving). It’s nothing dangerous so can be dismissed. In the meantime I’ll pass it on to them. Thanks
  12. ped

    My first Limiter.

    Any compressor can be a limiter if it has an infinity ratio.
  13. ped

    Rate us on Trustpilot

    Thanks everyone it means a lot.
  14. Me too Davo, put a bass in my hands with 45's and I can barely play it. Give me a bass with 40s and I can't play it either, but at least I can go through the motions
  15. I like to rub raw chicken on mine
  16. That’s what I use, and I love ‘em! The tension is just right for me (I.e low). I’d be interested to hear how you like them compared to the LTFs
  17. Well, as long as it had a nice time and took plenty of pics!
  18. It looks like a satellite image of a coral atoll from above
  19. Glad you sorted. In my experience it can take three of four days to get the payment letter so I normally wait until it’s in the local depot then call the tracking line (and pretend I didn’t realise you have to wait) and they let you pay over the phone with the tracking ref. Normally once I collect or have it delivered the payment letter arrives a few days later!
  20. ped

    Rate us on Trustpilot

    Thanks very much
  21. ped

    Rate us on Trustpilot

    Ah good someone has left a one star review saying they had an issue with racism 🤦🏻‍♂️ Any more positive reviews from anyone? Hopefully from people who have actually used customer support?!
  22. All we talked about were cars and paint for some reason. Not sure how he does business but tend to think of that as separate from everything else as a lot of what’s said is hearsay anyway. Although there was a room I wasn’t allowed in with a lot of screaming coming from it.
  23. Met him a while ago and thought he was a legend.
  24. Bargain and a great bass (iPad autocorrected that to great. Ass)
  25. 😂 in between your original post and that last one you were probably bang on, maybe around 2018
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