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  1. I play in a Creedence Clearwater Revival tribute (more a bunch of mates having a laugh) called Creedence Clearwater Revival Revival. Bring it on!
  2. Threads have been merged, in case anyone is coming to this wondering what's going on. I'll hide the merge request comments.
  3. When you consider the small resale value of the original 80s ones, I am amazed at how much they cost.
  4. Once again Fender have really ripped up the rulebook with these models!
  5. Not really. The Hofner Verythin has done a lot of shows across Europe and the UK but the Rickenbacker has done a lot of recording. So between those two and the Thunderbird, the black precision and the Gretsch, which all get played at home a lot. Potentially all of those and the Jazz get rotated live when we're not in the middle of a pandemic. I don't think there is anything that I am unsure about. The Burns is for recording so not a main player and the V is short scale which is a slight put off but I don't plan on getting rid of any of those any time soon.
  6. I'd personally be within the 30 days but it's the wider picture of crew and people outside of my band that are impacted upon too. This does knock on to smaller bands. We've now lost a touring deal with a Norwegian promoter and because of the pandemic we've got rescheduled tours of Spain, Norway and other parts of Europe that are now looking more problematic. It just pushes it closer towards the "too hard to do" box. Nothing is certain yet and I am trying to remain optimistic. It isn't a great move though, on top of everything else.
  7. My dodgy sixth Form goth band used to do a cover of this in the late 80s. Obviously Sisters style. With the twist of not as well!!!! 😂
  8. if you ever listen to a band recording minus the bass line, even with the quietest most mundane bass part, the song sounds sort of, wrong. We make music not sound wrong.
  9. I got recognised on holiday a few years ago when I was first with my missus. I played it cool but was secretly delighted. I think a lot of bass players like to shun the spotlight which is why they play bass but there are a few posers covering the low end and with absolutely no pride I can confirm I am one of them!
  10. If it bothers you, Ped or one of the admins can change your username so it isn't as shouty. No dramas if you are fine with it. Just don't review us on Trustpilot if we do! 😉
  11. It was nearly Motorhead. I remember when Lemmy died and they had a show to play Swindon; the promoter said "no, the show is still going ahead, they've only lost the bass player!" (**true story! It was front page of the Swindon Advertiser at the time)
  12. When Leo Fender invented the bass, it was designed as such so replacements necks could be fitted easily. It's amazing how little this actually happens. I've done it a few times and it really does just feel like getting a new instrument, albeit one that is familiar and you are settled into playing. So I would also add that the neck is the smart option here.
  13. I vary my technique a lot but seem to be doing a lot of pic playing at the moment. 1mm custom design ones.
  14. Paul bought a pickguard from me & reading 4 glowing pages of fine reviews, I can only echo the comments already made. A pleasure. Trade with confidence.
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