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  1. I had one during a brief phase of playing guitar about 10yrs back and with 2 telecasters I thought it weighed a tonne. It proved far easier to have two guitar bags and spread the weight. I can only imagine how heavy it would be with basses.
  2. The deal's off - it has a broken E string! Read the small print, potential buyers!
  3. As the video isn't embedded in your link, here it is! 😻 I just stumbled upon this on YouTube so was scrolling through Basschat to see if anyone had beaten me to it. You had! The Precision one was excellent so looking forward to this.
  4. I've decided to take legal advice... but if anyone cares to trawl through years of Basschat (2004-2009 was a particularly low point), a number of my sins are all too well documented.
  5. My list would probably look something like this; Elvis Presley – Elvis Presley Sticky Fingers – The Rolling Stones Schools Out – Alice Cooper Young Americans – David Bowie New York Dolls – New York Dolls Give ‘em Enough Rope – The Clash Self-Destruction Blues – Hanoi Rocks In the Dynamite Jet Saloon – The Dogs D’Amour The Fine Art of Self Destruction – Jesse Malin American IV: The Man Comes Around – Johnny Cash
  6. I'm only reading this thread to make myself feel better. Quite frankly I wouldn't know where to start with myself and I certainly couldn't narrow it down to just 3!
  7. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned football songs. I struggle with those at the best of times. I swear I was the only one in the UK who didn't like Three Lions on a Shirt. Gazza's version of Fog on the Tyne was also pretty hard work and as for that Glenn Hoddle track....
  8. As an aside I met Jonathan Ross walking along Oxford Street back in the 90s. I gave him my bands demo tape which he politely took whilst obviously not being at all interested!
  9. I've followed him since '94 so met him a few times (agreed, nice guy). The new record is another peak in his career. He's had the same band for a while. Cat Popper (bass) was with Ryan in the Cardinals. I had a cool chat with her at the Oxford show a couple of months back.
  10. Jesse Malin "Sunset Kids" on LP record (vinyl, if you are a hipster). Superb Lucinda Williams production 😼
  11. I'm afraid as my playing came from the generation before i.e. Guns N Roses / Quireboys etc, this was the death of my era so I took an unnatural aversion to all of this. With hindsight I probably closed my mind and ears to a lot of new music but I wasn't ready to see the back of the current crop.... even though I'd be first to admit that the record industry had seriously diluted the talent pool with the likes of Warrant / Winger and those awful newer bands (at the time).
  12. One careful owner. May benefit from new strings and a setup
  13. I went through an Epiphone phase about 15yrs ago and wound up owning most of the range. The Jack Cassady bass stood out as my personal favourite, followed closely by the Thunderbird... in fact I might flip that order. The EB-3 had neck dive (which didn't bother me) and mine was actually really light. The reason it didn't go the distance was that the pickups were so weak and feeble. I toyed with the idea of doing it up but the decent pickups were the same value as the bass so I cut my losses. I'm assuming the pickups have been upgraded since then. The Flying V also had the same problems (despite being short scale), in case anyone wondered.
  14. I had a practice bass amp by them and it was great. I preferred the tone to some of the name brands I have used! Equally my 3 piece have used their PA and no worries at all. I know there is better kit out there but it is all perfectly serviceable.
  15. I like a light bass and heavy fingers
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