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  1. I'm another "embrace the space" fan. It amplifies mistakes so you need to be as rehearsed as you can be (there are less places to hide). I used to fear it but now I welcome it. Pedals are nice but the fix doesn't have to have a financial answer. Look at building confidence in your playing and just have fun with it.
  2. My 80s alternative / Goth duo played the local open mic. Set 1 is us doing Cure / Sisters of Mercy etc on folk instruments (mandolin, bouzouki, mandocello) and then onto the electric set with our drum machine / keyboard programming. We wound up doing a third set completely acoustically in the bar afterwards. Busy day at work and when the night ends with the landlord wavering drink charges, I am reminded that I am not 22 these days!
  3. The voice of experience speaks? Yes, it is indeed. @Paul S, just a very cool night called What's Cookin'. I have played it a few times over the years and it is always great fun. @KK Jale, I saw a Laney combo on the side but I'd brought my smaller Orange rig. If whoever speaks with Steve queries it, I am sure if it works he'd be cool for you to use it. Everyone else will need their own backline. The band can move the cones and park right outside for free.
  4. Just to confirm, @Reggaebass is correct about sales threads needing approval when initially being posted. We usually approve them almost straight away, just so long as there is a mod online or spots it.
  5. Could have been deleted. I saw you commented on a thread that we pulled recently for rule breaches. No issue with your post but the thread was reported and quite rightly pulled. That'll almost certainly be the issue, rather than your iPad.
  6. I once walked onstage to a room full of work colleagues. They weren't regular gig goers and it was complete silence. It was horrible. I said down the mic, you can clap and it was almost like they were relived that they now knew how to behave at a gig. So I am going to respectfully disagree with you on this one. Nice theory but the reality was not good.
  7. I like variety in my bass guitars but I am surprisingly loyal with amps, effects and strap manufacturers. Orange, EHX and Couch being my personal faves. The second I play my Thunderbird for a few shows, I start missing my Precision etc.
  8. Personally I'd play one that lasted for about 40 minutes. That way I'd increase the chances of not being asked again.
  9. Agree 100% @Chris2112. Too many roles, like schools officer, get derailed by lazy hiders BUT used appropriately can absolutely cause a massive positive impact. But such chat derails this thread… as you were!
  10. Most of those are civilianised now. I just want to pick you up on Safeguarding though. There's nothing snooze-fest about protecting societies most vulnerable, especially kids getting mixed up in gangs or with sex offenders. The role is what you make it and Safeguarding in a police way can be way more gritty than some of the more self styled macho roles. Other than that, I thought your post was bang on the money.
  11. True, although CID are so stretched these days that the hours are through the roof. You're right, in that some do specialise early. However, a lot of the departments people go into are long hours and last minute shift changes. I can't think of any examples of people landing into 8-4 Mon-Fri roles without a few years in. I'm sure a few do but it is the exception, not the norm. There's a real issue with new recruits leaving because it isn't quite like the coppers on the TV!
  12. I find if you play with musicians who are noticeably below your standard, you wind up not being friends because you moan at their lack of practice. Always best to play with people who are better than you because you push yourself. Personally, from my experience, I'd pass. Being in a rehearsal studio with a lumpy drummer and an out of tune guitarist is one thing but being seen live with them is another. Good luck finding something more suitable.
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