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  1. I used to rehearse there too circa 2004 / 2005 😻 Sadly my holidays are less exotic.
  2. See now I just assumed it was and thought he must have eaten all of Axl's puppy fat that he's spent the last 30yrs piling on!
  3. Worse still, as per the original post, I'm not even overweight! I think I need to learn a different instrument.
  4. Does the same apply to the rule that bass players also always wear a shirt and tie but absolutely nothing below the waist?
  5. Better than I was. I have an upright bass in the corner of the living room, along with a couple of bass guitars and there is also a bass guitar in the bedroom. The rest are in cases and I do rotate them a bit. I usually take a bass on breaks with me too. My coffee table even has the Geddy Lee book and most of my bookshelves are full of bass books. I'm sure I'm far from the worst offender / winner of this thread but I am certainly up there.
  6. At a festival that I played at recently I was drinking at the bar and a guy came up and asked if he could chat. Of course. He liked the band and ended the conversation with "I think it's really cool that you hang out with us like you are just normal"... er?!? I've been recognised on holiday (impressed my now wife, no end!) and been asked a number of times if I have a day job too. People are funny.
  7. I still remember Victoria Beckham on TFI Friday back in the 90s, without a hint of irony, describing herself as a singer songwriter. Nobody in the audience laughed.
  8. I love this thread. I went back on Amazon and bought it for £20. It's amazing. It has to be the heaviest book I own and the pictures are beautiful. The book to end all books on bass!
  9. And there are thieves who operate in Poundland! 😂
  10. For anyone interested;
  11. Tonight (Fri) - Beehive, Swindon 9pm, tomorrow (Sat) Winscombe RFC nr Bristol from 7pm and Sunday Camden Rocks at 8pm. Neat little weekend live schedule. :hi:

  12. I have one, but in black. A lot of friends generally regard it as my coolest looking bass. I prefer the weight of my Gibson but the Epiphone has all that chrome hardware, which looks amazing.
  13. Watch your bandmates disappear the second you play a venue with stairs!
  14. Lozz's post is really helpful. I play in 4 acts, 3 originals and one covers. The covers circuit is just easier because everybody knows what they are getting. It's about being professional when you do get in as the personal touch goes a long way, but maybe bending to fit to get that all important foot in the door.
  15. I remember there being a thing about Hofner logos differing on budget models a few years back. £50 is very reasonable as compensation and as said, who would fake a budget model?
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