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Cat Burrito

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  1. What are your bass care tips?

    I'm assuming you just did a small surface area initially rather than the whole pickup? Duct tape and patience would should get you back on track.
  2. What are your bass care tips?

    A tip for the OP - Very light surface rust can be removed by gently rubbing the screw head (or other chrome part) with a dry brillo pad.
  3. Singing bass players

    Gene Simmons too. Sid Vicious released "Sid Sings" but I think that was debateable on many levels!
  4. Music shop fails

    Ironically I only got poor service and condescension when I did look like I'd fallen out of Guns 'N' Roses.
  5. Music shop fails

    The worst for me is the snidey, disinterested and condescending attitude often offset with someone slapping the bass that I've asked to try for ages before handing it to me. Thankfully what was a constant in my teens and early 20s never happens now I am middle aged.
  6. Very cool. Sounds like a decent gig to land
  7. Quitting A Gigging Band?

    I've done it. I was still sort of enjoying it, just not as much as I used to. I had nothing new to go to but was involved in other bands. That one was earning a fair bit through the band I left but I haven't regretted it and I still look back fondly on the time I was in that band. So for me it was the right decision and we all stayed friends.
  8. Bass players still poor relations in a band...?

    If they are going to be like that I'd have flipped to Bb for the solo, just to make him look bad!
  9. Who are you seeing live next?

    I'm another one seeing The Damned on tour, but for me it's Bristol. As much as I love Elvis and the Stones I try and keep up with some of these younger groups!
  10. Fender 51 Precision bass MIJ Resissue

    I've had two and I regret selling both (the only basses I do miss!). The Squier version is also really good (the reason why I sold no. 2) and was actually my main player for years. I can't imagine me not owning a 3rd Fender one before the end of time.
  11. Who are you seeing live next?

    At the risk of lowering the tone, I'm seeing the Dead Boys in Birmingham on Friday
  12. What bass body shapes & aesthetics do you dislike?

    Headless basses or anything pretty much 80s to modern that doesn't have retro stylings. I'm a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to instruments.
  13. Punk/Post-Punk Bassists.

    I think if Andy McCoy was in my band, I probably wouldn't be looking to invite my parents to see a show Absolutely
  14. Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    My humble board is now starting to become outgrown. I think I'm a fair way from catching up with some of you guys though.
  15. Punk/Post-Punk Bassists.

    I'll also add Ivan Krahl (Patti Smith Group), Fred Smith (Television), Richard Hell & Tina Weymouth (Talking Heads). Great thread btw.