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  1. The bar is definitely lowering. I played a local socially distanced garden party on Saturday (paid) and I was as excited to do it as I was exactly one year previously being flown out with my bass to play a festival in Norway. Upon reflection Norway was definitely better but I was grateful just to be playing again.
  2. I had a 2013 50s butterscotch one that was stunning and I gigged heavily for 2 years. Sold it on and recently bought the white blonde version as I missed it. It's got heavier (not a brick but not as light as before) but generally the tone / build quality etc is as before.
  3. Amp wise I'd have an Orange AD200B head which I would run into an 8x10 Orange cab. Bass wise I'd have a range of retro styled brand new basses ranging Fenders (51, P & J), Gibson Thunderbird, Rickenbacker 4000s, Hofner, Danelectro and a decent wireless system. I'm actually not too far away from all of that now but I substitute a lottery win for a series of financially poor decisions!
  4. I did one on Saturday. Some very rich well to do people on farm at a socially distanced festival. It was very surreal. I don't think they were used to live bands but we got paid, got to play again and had a great stage / sound system.
  5. I suppose it changes but regular favourites over the years include an eclectic mix of; Come Together - The Beatles Move On Up - Curtis Mayfield Sure Know Something - Kiss London Calling - The Clash and at the moment "Get Off My Cloud" (not the root note version that is all over YouTube but the way Bill Wyman ACTUALLY played it).
  6. For me @Lozz196 nails the problem. I'd be happy to look at reduced fees, free drink / meal but usually from my experience no fee all to often just means the promoter / venue is really badly organised.
  7. Mine would probably change completely every six months, thus is my fickle nature! This week it's like a 51 Precision with an upside down headstock but it'll look remarkably like a Thunderbird come September!
  8. I still play LP records and actively consume music as much as ever. I've worked with some great musicians who don't really listen to stuff (maybe owning only a small handful of CDs that rarely get played) and can't ever see myself being like that. I drive with it, cook with it, have it on the background and relax by listening to it.
  9. Back in the 90s my guitarist was a dyed in the wool punk rocker but he surprised us all when his kids got into The Spice Girls as his (surprisingly mature) take on this was "I'm really happy - they like music and are developing a passion". I applied a similar view with my step daughter. I got her into Elvis and a few of my likes but didn't stress when she got into Little Mix. She was at primary age at the time and it's her journey. I would play along with her Little Mix songs which impressed her enough in terms of wanting to play an instrument. My long term goal is for her to appreciate Patti Smith but I'm confident she'll find her own way there with my role being a gentle steer, rather than to drag her kicking and screaming. I say this as my father was an ex-pro jazz drummer and he pushed a little hard with me too early on. I still struggle with a lot of jazz.
  10. I guess everybody has been impacted by this, even the amateurs and semi-pros who's livelihood can also be at risk. I went out for a meal on Saturday and we were the only ones in the restaurant. I think a lot of venues are going to go under, from pubs to clubs. Personally I hadn't taken any holiday since last September (for a UK tour) and was gearing up for a European tour in April and a UK tour later in the month. I felt pretty burnt out from my main job and of course both tours were pulled. I am a key worker so have worked throughout and currently haven't had a break for 10 months now. My outlet (i.e. music) has taken a beating and I don't see the end in sight. I have a UK tour booked for October that I can't see happening and my only gig is a socially distanced private event in a farmer's field next month. I far cry from jetting around Norway, Sweeden, Italy, Spain etc. I worry that as things resume, venues won't be able to pay acts and then the ones that do will be duos or solo singers.
  11. My favourite site colour matches with my amp.... what's not to love? I have signed up!
  12. I said this on the Orange thread you started but this rig ALWAYS gets positive comments, usually from puzzled bass players who can't understand why it sounds so good. If you turn it on the cat moves!
  13. I remember when Q magazine first came out and they ran an article about how the Rolling Stones were now all in their early 40s, so it asked the question how much longer can they realistically have playing rock n roll?! Times change.
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