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  1. Gentle reminder - please don't offer things for sale unless they are listed on Basschat and you have a link to prove it is on Basschat. I've hidden a post. No warnings but please have a look at the rules if you are not clear.
  2. Can I remind people that Basschat rules clearly state you are not to offer items for sale if they are not advertised on here and if they are, you need to include a link to your Basschat thread. I've hidden a couple of posts.
  3. It depends how big the band is and how loud the players are. We bought a PA for my 3 piece knockabout band and I think we asked some online retailers for advice before buying. From memory go for the highest wattage you can because it's better to have it and not need it, rather than need it and not have it. Most PAs have come down in size so it shouldn't be an issue in small venue.
  4. I came here in my capacity as moderator and this thread is more than a little confusing. At first I thought you meant; but then I wondered if you meant; but in actual fact, Google now reveals that you probably meant; Just so as we're clear.
  5. Just as an aside, we did a gig for the same promoter who famously stopped a Finlay Quale gig and offered the audience a full refund. This went viral about 5 years ago. My own personal disappointment that stands out was in April 1988, Def Leppard on the Hysteria tour (the curtain didn't open until about 3/4s of the way through the first song and the sound was shocking - apparently the next night was much better). I was 14 and had liked them since Pyromania. I sort of forgot about them after that.
  6. I've owned both. There won't be a bad decision here. If you can, try them to see what you prefer.
  7. I was interested in this but was going to wait until the restrictions ease and we can gig more https://www.gear4music.com/PA-DJ-and-Lighting/ADJ-ACA-Case-Cart-Equipment-Trolley/1LSA *no experience though
  8. Signed by Patricia Morrison, who of course mimed the bass parts to that 2nd album. The light caught the picture to the right which is Craig Adams autograph and since that was taken I have added Tony James signed poster to the right of that one. A trilogy of Sisters bass players!
  9. As per @Al Krow's post. This is a very friendly and inclusive forum, and reading this thread doesn't show Basschat at it's finest. People are struggling with lockdown but just prior to that we had the whole #BeKind movement which doesn't seem to have fully extended to this thread. If you don't like a thread, opinion or video, go find something else on Basschat that you do like. @greghagger, please do get involved in the rest of the site too. Your videos obviously show you to have a certain level of experience and something to offer so please help by supporting the rest of the site too. It's a great community. It'd be a shame to lock the thread which has developed some interesting discussion because of a few silly comments that drag it down for everybody else.
  10. Loosely related but I had a new neighbour move in last weekend. I did my usual "if bass frequencies are coming through the wall, let me know" type spiel to which she replied "It's okay, my ex is a drummer - if anything I will be asking you to turn up!"
  11. My previous rig before I returned to Orange. The head didn't wear that hat during the performance!
  12. I've got two cats so who's laughing now... er?!
  13. I thought I'd breathe some life into this long running thread with this Good Friday phone snap.
  14. It's the thought that counts, right? 😸
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