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  1. Cat Burrito

    My European Tour Feb / March 2019

    We finished six dates across the UK. I particularly enjoyed Nuneaton & Stoke but all six were fun. I used my Hofner verythin until the last date. I have a 6am flight to Italy in the morning to start the European leg.
  2. Cat Burrito

    Ampeg. Are they the Marmite of amps?

    I've yo-yo'd between Ampeg and Orange over the last 10 years. I wouldn't say it's a radical change as they are subtle variations of the same kind of vibes. My two favourite brands, personally.
  3. In 1 week, be it rehearsal, studio or gig, I've done *something* with each one of my five bands! I think I need an early night now! 

  4. Cat Burrito

    Rickenbackers - Overrated?

    For any Ric hating going on, all I can say is that I took my 4003s out last night for a Creedence Tribute show and it totally delivered. I just need to get a bezel so I can get shot of that annoying pickup cover!
  5. Cat Burrito

    What Bass Guitar is this?

    I thought it had been discontinued but some shops still advertise it. It's here https://www.thomann.de/gb/hoefner_verythin_bass_hct_500_8_dc.htm?sid=229eb2e131eb9e87d589e9bcbc651e34 I don't notice any issue with neck dive but I have a wider strap that tends to grip my shoulder nicely. It really is a wonderful bass. Check out Dan's review here;
  6. I appreciate this is always personal but having recorded extensively I've tried everything from my cab to studio cabs to D.I. My personal favourite now is the Sansamp VT bass pedal into a D.I. Hands down this was my favourite bass sound. They often crop up here or on EBay second hand around £100. Worth checking out.
  7. Cat Burrito

    What Bass Guitar is this?

    Definitely. I had the Hofner Verythin bass and always regretted selling it on. I re-bought the long scale version almost 3years ago and it's a keeper. In fact of all my basses it's the one I am taking on tour this month.
  8. Cat Burrito

    My European Tour Feb / March 2019

    Good idea... Possibly this thread 😺
  9. I nearly put this in the Gigs section but as it is a bit more of an event figured it was better housed in General Discussion. Just before Christmas I went up to Camden in the rain and did an audition for what was initially a dep gig. It's kind of grown and I am now doing 2 tours of the UK and going over to Italy, Denmark and Sweden. I appreciate we've all got different tastes but if Glam tinged Power Pop is your thing come and see me at one of the shows. Last Great Dreamers are the band and I have known them through mutual friends since '94 (small world but I gigged with the new drummer back then too). I'll be firing up my new Orange rig and I'm just deciding on which basses to take. It's going to be a lot of fun. Wed 13th February - EDINBURGH Bannermans (w/Enuff Znuff) Thu 14th February - LONDON Lounge666 (w/Enuff Znuff) Fri 15th February - NUNEATON Queens Hall (w/Enuff Znuff) Sat 16th February - BRADFORD Trash (w/Enuff Znuff) Sun 17th February - BUCKLEY Tivoli (w/Enuff Znuff) Mon 18th February - STOKE ON TRENT Eleven (w/Enuff Znuff) Thu 21 February - (TBC) (ITALY) (w/Enuff Znuff) Fri 22nd February - VERCELLI Sonore (ITALY) (w/Enuff Znuff) Sat 23rd February - SAN DONA DI PIAVE Revolver (ITALY) (w/Enuff Znuff) Sun 24th February - BERGAMO UFO (TALY) (w/Enuff Znuff) Wed 27th February - VARBURG Backstage (SWEDEN) (w/Enuff Znuff) Thu 28th February - GOTHENBURG Tregaarden (SWEDEN) (w/Enuff Znuff) Fri 1st March - OSLO Olsen (NORWAY) (w/Enuff Znuff) - TICKETS Fri 15th March - BRADFORD The Underground (w/Electric Boys) Sat 16th March - HRHAOR Festival (Prestatyn, Wales) Sun 17th March - BLACKPOOL Waterloo (w/Electric Boys) Mon 18th March - EDINBURGH Bannermans (w/Electric Boys) Tue 19th March - NEWCASTLE Think Tank (w/Electric Boys) Wed 20th March - LONDON Underworld (w/Electric Boys) Thu 21st March - MILTON KEYNES Crauford Arms (w/Electric Boys) Fri 22nd March - BUCKLEY Tivoli (w/Electric Boys) Thu 18th April - LONDON – Hope & Anchor (Rockaway Beach Club)
  10. Cat Burrito

    Bass players who take their hand off the neck

    As the mighty Derek Smalls said, playing open strings leaves your left hand free to punch the air. Game over!
  11. Cat Burrito

    Band relations by numbers

    Collectively they make for one busy band. Individually nothing is that busy (at the moment).
  12. Cat Burrito

    Band relations by numbers

    I'm in (to varying degrees) about 5 bands at present and they are all friends. I won't work with people I can't get on with. I don't earn enough for that! I've done it in the past and life is too short.
  13. Cat Burrito

    Using amp head without speaker

    I'd contact the manufacturer or have a look on their website. Sometimes you can download the brochure that comes with the amp. My Ampeg PF50t is all valve and you can plug it in for recording direct to the desk - it sounds really good like that too.
  14. Cat Burrito

    Bob Dylan's Best Album?

    Blonde on Blonde was my University days album - I used to play it when I had assignments to do, so I associate it with last minute panics and pro-plus... Me not him! I also rate Planet Waves, Street Legal and really like the religious trilogy albums he did, despite being an atheist myself, they are just really great passionate records.
  15. Cat Burrito

    Things you've left behind at a gig

    Sadly not! 😼