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  1. I'm sorry to hear that. It does sound like there were issues in the band anyway so you probably dodged a bullet longer term. I don't think anyone would criticise you for not playing that show. They fired you = a problem for them. Presumably they did that having considered every possible outcome so it's not an issue for you to not do it!?! 😼 If you stuck it out for 4 1/2yrs, you must have been doing something right.
  2. My wife bought me one for Christmas a few years back. I always wear it and like it. Obviously if people can cut costs by doing it themselves, great.
  3. 1. Most memorable (for good reasons) gig played: Odal Rock Festival in Norway because we got treated like rock stars. 2. Most memorable (for bad reasons) gig played: First gig in my local pub after coming off a big European support tour. It was life telling me "Know your place!" It didn't help that the landlord was in a bad mood either. 3. Most memorable (for good reasons) gig attended: Michael Monroe in Bristol because I got to meet my hero, bassist Sami Yaffa. 4. Most memorable (for bad reasons) gig attended: Quireboys in Swindon but not for the band... my missus was drinking early & I wound up having to take her home just as the band hit the stage!
  4. Oh & this early environmental song is great too. Harrison was in Chairmen of the Board (of Gimme Just a Little More Time fame). He had the weakest voice but made up for it by having the best hair!
  5. I always liked Barry McGuire's Eve of Destruction
  6. I'll go with the mighty Fender Precision because it belongs to most of us! 😺
  7. Absolutely. I practice more now after 31yrs of playing... just wish it hadn't taken so long to work this out! 😺
  8. I play in a few different bands and use different basses for different projects. If I practice then it's no issue (& ditto the above re switching between upright and bass guitar in one band) but if I haven't practiced, I'll pay for it! I do find it harder if I throw a short scale bass into the mix but generally across Fender, Gibson, long scaled Hofner and Rickenbacker, it's no issue.
  9. Do some research on the seller before you buy - just to make sure you know what you are getting into.
  10. Swindon folk! CCRR (a few mates & I playing Creedence songs) hit The Castle in Old Town THIS Saturday. Come down if you're at a loose end. 

    1. roger


      Do it you swindon fella’s, top band👍

    2. JapanAxe


      Dang! I would have cone to see you again but I am out gigging too.

  11. I always prefer biting sarcasm as opposed to physical violence. On many occasions the provoked musician comes off looking like an egotistical fool, if not handled well.
  12. I've currently got both the PF500 and the PF50t heads, the later being especially great. I prefer Orange these days as a personal choice but I had a lot of fun for years with them. The 4x10 cab was especially great but I also used to own a 2x10 and 1x15 Portaflex cabs. Not quite SVT but certainly 100% Ampeg and I usually got favourable comments on my tone. I moved to Orange as it suited the bands I was in better but the Ampeg stuff was perfect for my old bands. Always reliable too.
  13. Mates. Unless I'm earning as much as Mick Jagger, I don't want to waste time on negativity.
  14. I think Rikki Styxx *may* be a stage name 😼
  15. I've been playing for 31 years and didn't use effects until about 3 years ago. I bought a small board and was mostly using a bit of chorus on a few slower songs. I also had the Tech21 Ampeg simulator pedal that I'd leave on all the time through my Ampeg rig. I then changed to Orange and my rig sounds better without those effects so I have wound up going full circle.
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