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  1. I don't have a case to ship it in, unfortunately. But yeah, I get that I am limiting potential buyers by not offering postage.
  2. Thanks for the transcript but do you have the tab?
  3. I too think Johnny Thunders every time I see TV Yellow.
  4. A lot of us moderators just deal with the day to day runnings of the site, making sure any inappropriate posts are removed etc. I'd advise a PM to @ped or one of the admins rather than risk getting passed around. The list is in this link https://www.basschat.co.uk/staff/
  5. I sold Josh a Couch strap. A nice guy with easy going and friendly comms. Recommended.
  6. I had one of my rare outings for my CCR tribute. The singer's constant tuning has been a bugbear for ages and last night he finally seemed to have it under control. We recently replaced the drummer & this was also the most bedded in he has sounded. A pleasant surprise all round, added by the fact that there were enough punters who were able to brave the weather.
  7. Some shows we have coming up to keep us out of mischief whilst we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of our debut album Retrosexual.
  8. Just the red one with the thin white stripe and the beige one left now 😺
  9. This has long been my favourite looking bass on Basschat, that I don't own. Sadly I too am downsizing due to a (less exciting) move so this will forever be the one that got away. Good luck with the sale.
  10. Society is far too hung up on age. As ridiculous as it now sounds, I stopped playing at 25 because I thought I was too old. I had 4yrs out. We'd grown up with the Rolling Stones being told they were too old as they were 38! Times have changed. 18 months ago I was front row at a Stones concert watching Jagger put on a show that most people 1/3 of his age couldn't manage. I've had two near death experiences which made me realise you are only as young as you feel. It's a mindset. I'm 47 next month, fitter than I ever was in my 20s and I weigh the same as I did 25yrs ago. As Lemmy said, if you think you're too old for rock 'n' roll than you probably are. I'm keeping going now until whatever ailments force me to stop.
  11. Further proof that all the best stories start with a Fiat Panda!
  12. I'm gutted to be selling these but a shoulder injury from work now means I need a wider strap.
  13. There are loads of great compilations of the early recordings that influenced Elvis and they are all fantastic. I think stuff like Rocket 88 and Big Mama Thornton is just incredible. To think there wasn't really a blueprint like there is for modern day artists. It just blows my mind.
  14. Nah, he was in Britpop band Tiny Monroe and then later in UK Americana act The Snakes. Our drummer is more "famous" as he was in 90s indie band Mega City 4.
  15. Having spent two and a half years recording an album with my good friend Rich, we decided to take some songs out for a road test at the local open mic. A rip roaring success. Richard Davies & the Dissidents go live this year. An indie deal is about to be signed for the record and proper live dates to follow. Loving this phone snap.
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