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  1. Through playing the instrument I have made some amazing friends, toured all over the UK & Europe, played on records, done session work & played some iconic venues. All of which has been offset with failed relationships & not being as well off or high up the career ladder as I could be. So on balance I'm proud I have no regrets 😹
  2. When I'm not getting a signal out of the amp, only to realise that I haven't switched the amp on or plugged a cable in! I've been playing over 30yrs!
  3. From my (fairly) limited experiences of staining basses, the two considerations are 1) leave it on for longer before wiping it off and 2) more than one coat both contribute to getting a better finish.
  4. My touring rig. I wish we were big enough to have roadies every night but it sounds monster!
  5. I have the Verythin long scale bass and the action is pretty normal. I had a pro set up and the nut was re-cut but I wouldn't say the action stands out against my other basses. Big fan of the contemporary series - a lot of bass for the money.
  6. As much as I love artists like the Rolling Stones & Elvis Presley, there are some great newer acts out there. If you haven't already, I seriously recommend you all check out some of the newer acts like David Bowie and The Clash. 😹
  7. Dr Neon strings. I have a white set on my Rickenbacker.
  8. I like the custom cab idea. I use my PF50t a lot and it's great in the studio so I would imagine the PF20t would be no different.
  9. Best colour scheme Fender have done in ages! I've been looking at these but sadly funds won't permit (at the moment). I wondered who on here would be first to take the plunge!
  10. New Orange 1x15 cab purchased to go with my existing 4x10 Orange cab. Common sense is out the window but it feels great!

    1. GisserD


      where? .....which window??? ....My missus is always lelling me i dont have any of that stuff...


      Been Gassing for some for ages!!!!

  11. Back in the days when the site was Bassworld and in the early days of the Basschat the MIJ / CIJ Fenders were raved about all the time. They don't get mentioned quite so much now, perhaps because they are less readily available. My first bass & main instrument for 10-15yrs was an 1989 Fender MIJ Precision 57RI and it was stunning. Every MIJ I have owned has been great. The general consensus always used to be that they were a step up from the MIM range and many rivalled the US ones - although I think one has to appreciate that all tastes are purely subjective. I own 3 American basses now but my P-bass is a newer version of my old Fender MIJ 57RI because I always missed that first bass I owned.
  12. As Si said, the newer model has a D.I. that is fixed but the older model's D.I. could be easily fixed with a cheap attenuator. There was a thread on here a few years back on them. As much as I love my Orange rig, I usually just record through a Sansamp VT pedal but having re-read the original post, that's not the vibe you are looking for.
  13. I've read a lot of stuff around the bass playing a massive part in the birth of rock 'n' roll in that once the instrument was amplified it really gave the music something people could dance to. There's plenty of great rock 'n' roll with upright bass but I like the theory.
  14. Folks, just a gentle reminder that if you want to offer gear for sale etc, do it via PM so as to comply with forum rules. Otherwise it isn't fair on those who have paid subscriptions. I've hidden a couple of posts from newer members. No formal warnings on this occasion but I recommend having a few minutes reading the marketplace rules if you are not sure. Cheers.
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