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  1. I can't see me getting anything any time soon (if at all) but; 1) Orange AD200 Bass Head 2) Fender 51RI Precision Bass 3) Musicvox Spaceranger Bass
  2. Back when I started, I always thought the bass player was the coolest one. It's what attracted me to the instrument.
  3. I've spent 30yrs plus of playing with that exact approach. I just figured some folk on here know a lot more about pedals than me so I was looking for options to try. So far my original order (narrowly) sounds best to my ears but it's fun to gauge views of others.
  4. I came here to post about Adam Ant but reading through the comments got me to thinking of Curtis Mayfield who had the congas going with the full kit. Throw Joseph lucky Scott in on bass and you have a killer rhythm section right there.
  5. I'm afraid I am something of a Luddite when it comes to effects but I have dusted down and am revamping my effects pedal. Before I commit to casting my decision in heavy duty Velcro I just wanted to gauge opinions on if I have the best order. This sounded pretty good to me (I didn't fully realise just how much difference order can make) but open to thoughts from any of you who are more experienced. So I have bass guitar > tuner > pure boost > distortion > compression > chorus > flanger > amp.
  6. I bought a massive bodied no brand acoustic bass last year. The bigger body means it keeps up with jamming in small groups. Anything more and you need to plug it in. They do sound better with flats but the volume is less audible without rounds. I used mine live at the HRH festival but to be fair I think I am better off with my Hofner or upright really. A desirable bass for a larger collection rather than essential.
  7. Sold thanks to my fine advertising campaign!!! 😺
  8. I placed a small order with Strings Direct this week. It arrived either next day or day after which surprised me. Great service.
  9. Awesome chorus pedal, just clearing out my pedal board and decided to sell this one on. Don't be put off by the name, it's a great pedal. You can download tones for it and beam them into the pedal from a smart phone - instant Duff McKagan or Tom Hamilton etc. This is pretty much immaculate. I thought I had the box but haven't found it yet (I'll have a hunt prior to posting) but it can be well packaged and sent 1st class royal mail to a UK address. The last one sold on here went for £55 but I'll take £45 with delivery included. Paypal is fine or bank transfer. The photo is just me being silly!
  10. I'm the opposite, I'm a size 12 so normal socks tend to get tunnelled through by me! And yes, I appear to have turned this into a foot thread! Sorry about that.
  11. I nearly went with that very same example. My cousin is from Texas and she came over here in 1983 with Pyromania and introduced a 10yr old me to rock music. It sold something like 6 million copies which is huge but yet eclipsed by the later sales of Hysteria. None of my friends at school had heard of them but by the time Animal came out in the summer of '87 they were a household name. A very different story back in the US.
  12. @LukeFRC, I can only apologise for the bizarre turn your thread has taken! Something's afoot!
  13. Good write up. I was looking at these this week and liked what I heard. I love the Orange brand and was tempted but as a very occasional effects user went with a Big Muff bass pedal. I'm still curious on one of these further down the line though.
  14. My feet have slightly more specialist requirements than the current range at Tescos!
  15. I get a lot of clothes online. I had no idea I was quite so decadent!?!
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