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  1. Thanks Stub I'm glad I decided to use my German Hofner for acoustic gigs. Blue
  2. Our band has 2 divisions " She's Right, I'm Left" is our acoustic offering. Maple Road is the full electric band offering. Heres a clip of our acoustic virtual 2020 New Years Eve show. Our set starts at 36.40. Headphones or speakers recommended. Blue
  3. Maybe not a generation. Definitely how I learned how to be in a band. Blue
  4. This footage shows how a generation of musicians learned about being in a band and how to be in a band. Blue
  5. As far as I know our live New Years Eve gig is still happening. Nice hours. we played The Barley Pop last NYE. Great crowd and great sounding small room. Blue
  6. A few pics from Sunday morning we filmed a 45 minute set at the historic West Bend Theatre for a virtual New Year's Eve Show.. I have complete respect for people who work in TV. We got to the Theatre at 1130 and didn't finish until 4:30. Blue
  7. WOW! An 84 MIJ P Bass. That's a fantastic bass. Blue
  8. Agreed, I'm not kidding my German made Hofner Club will float out of my hand if I'm not careful. Blue
  9. Our 2020 New Years Eve gig has been confirmed.
  10. Our rules can vary from county to county and city to city. Blue
  11. I've been playing with Jenny for over 10 years. We don't use a set list much anymore. She calls the songs, we play them. Everything from "Stand By Me" to Knocking On Heavens Door to Joe Bonamassa's " Mr. Boss Man. We have a few originals as well. We're a small local dance hall band. Blue
  12. We played Friday Night: An Evening with Maple Road Washington County Fair Park & Convention Center West Bend WI December 4th Friday Night 7:00- 10:00 We drew about 150 people. A real nice crowd. We played 3 hours straight, no breaks.We also networked with the director who books all the National Headliner Recording artist for the county. Hopefully this will give us a better slot at the fair this summer. Possibly opening for a headliner in the amphitheater or a better evening time slot in one of the larger tents Next weekend we'll play in Dundee at The Road House Saturday Night. 7-11. Then Sunday morning we will film a 45 minute set at the historic West Bend Theatre for a virtual New Year's Eve Show. Blue
  13. I saw a booking for July 14th, 2021. But who knows, it might get cancelled. Blue
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