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  1. Are Flatwounds Addictive

    Not to me, I only use flatwounds on my Hofner Club Bass. Blue
  2. Private Events

    Did I miss something here? What does a Pro level ELO tribute band have to do with the context of this discussion on Private Events. Blue
  3. What It Takes To Make It

    You have to meet the right people and you have to be the right person. A lot of great singer/ song writers don't have the personality or charisma to make it. Even at the local bar level I don't have the rigjt charisma or personality. A while Back I started to realize that punters gravitate toward all of the other members of my band, but not me. Blue
  4. What It Takes To Make It

    I'd have to disagree. There are unique and supremely talented artists out there right now that we will never hear or see. Unless you have all those rules in place it's impossible to make it. Blue
  5. What It Takes To Make It

    The age issue is interesting. Overall chances of *making it" happen for most when they're in their 20s or younger. However once you've made it fans will not hold age against you once your brand is solid. Paul McCartney and The Stone are on that very short list of artists that can still sell 40,000 seat packages. Blue
  6. What It Takes To Make It

    And he didn't really look like a rock or Pop star. Blue
  7. What It Takes To Make It

    Mark is an exception I'm sure Mark is not the only one. Blue
  8. What It Takes To Make It

    For me , at 64 making it means keeping a 3 gig per week schedule. Blue
  9. What It Takes To Make It

    Yeah , Ritchie is ok and now he's ok and older. I like "Without Your Love* Blue
  10. Noel Redding

    Now that I know more about the money side of the business, I really doubt that Noel Redding walked away from The Experience with a ton of money. But neither did Jimi or Mitch.. Blue
  11. What It Takes To Make It

    Agreed, Me, at 64, all I want is to have 2 gigs a week. That means decent bar gigs and my share of the local Festival & Fair business. Blue
  12. What It Takes To Make It

    2 Ritchie Clips I get why Ritchie never made it big, but I still love old NYC guys like him He's full of himself,a throwback from the past, you gotta love it. Blue
  13. What It Takes To Make It

    I think only Ace or Kiss fans have ever heard of Ritchie Scarlet. Blue
  14. What It Takes To Make It

    I think you have to have the same attributes going for you even with the X Factor. Blue