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  1. Two more outside acoustic gigs this week . Thursday Farmers Market South Milwaukee 5:30-7:30 Saturday The Harley Davidson Motor Milwaukee 5:30-8:30 Blue
  2. The organizers for this outside event did a good job with distancing. When we arrived the staff were drawing circles in the street setting up the distancing parameters and they had masks for everyone. Blue
  3. I have an acoustic gig tomorrow night in Fond Du Lac at The Thelma Performing Arts Center. It's an hour and a half gig . It should be nice if we have decent weather. Blue
  4. All of our Post Covid gigs have been outside, public and private. Social distancing for outside gigs has not been a problem except for that Beach Resort I didn't see much distancing. We have our first inside public post covid gig coming up on 9/26 at The Harley Davidson Motor. I think Harley will have strict distancing policy abd logistics in place. Blue
  5. Maple Road Bilda's Friess Lake Pub Ritchfield WI Sunday 3:00-7:00
  6. Here in the States the rules can vary from county to county, State to State abd City to City. Blue
  7. That's interesting, we've been gigging steadily since March. However all gigs have been outside events , public and private. We have gigs into October that are still outside. We haven't made any decisions about indoor bar gigs yet. Things might slow down by November. Blue
  8. Really nice. This is how a trio should sound. Blue
  9. We played a 6:00- 9:00 private party. A couple were celebrating 15 years of marriage and renewed their vows. There were about 70 people. Good hours and above average pay. Blue
  10. Yeah. Pete we started our first band together in 1966. Blue
  11. I've been off the last 2 weekends. Maple Road is back on stage this Sunday. It's an outside Country Club gig. We start at 5:00. We haven't played inside since the Covid. Side note, my friend and great guitarist/ producer of 60 years went to a an old recording studio that was selling off gear. He found a GK 400RB Ii. He sent it to me. The thing looks brand new. It's nice when you receive a gift you can actually use Blue
  12. Separate room from the bar? We have had really bad luck with that. We will only book bar gigs when we're playing in the same room as the bar abd as close to the bar as possible. People are not going to choose us over alcohol. 😄 Blue
  13. Nice job! 90 people is fantastic. I love when bands nail LZ riffs. Great lead vocals Blue
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