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  1. Audience lack of respect for bands

    Some bars have live bands and fail to realize their clientele has no interest in live bands. Blue
  2. Is this normal

    Exactly, that tone comes from his fingers. Blue
  3. Gig Disasters

    Hope it wasn't a real Gibson SG. Blue
  4. How was your gig last night?

    Well, the first set at Pillars was very hot. We started playing at 8:00. The crowd was sparce but by 8:30 the place was packed including the balcony. Interesting, it was still not our crowd, yeah lots of people having a good time but I don't think they really understand live 70s hard rock or what we do. Our first set was almost 2 hours long. The crowd stayed a respectable size, 2nd and 3rd sets we're ok, a C+ if you will. Overall it's a good venue. We've been playing there for over 4 years. Last night we were told the place is being sold. The new owners don't know if they're going to continue having bands. "Don't Know" sounds like no to me. Blue
  5. How was your gig last night?

    Ralaxing at Starbucks and on my way to a grueling 8-12 gig at Pillars Pub. Should be packed, first nice Saturday nigh of the year. Nice venue,with a stage. Upscale crowd, however not our crowd so this place has always been a challenge. It's a converted Church so, high cathedral ceilings and a ton of stained glass.Low stage volume will be key. I'll let you know what happens. Last weeks gig was not so great. By the way, you guys know my position on gigging, I love it, right? At 65, my position is beginning to change. If I was doing 1.5 hours as a headliner it would be cool. 4 hour gigs are slowly but surely starting to drain me. Blue
  6. Auditions in Hell

    Gigs are money in my pocket, the more gigs the better. I know how hard it is to successfully book gigs. I send out a sincere "thank you" for every new date announced. Blue
  7. Gig Disasters

    Nice medley. Didn't look like the main was damaged. .Blue
  8. Auditions in Hell

    You really should have a realistic plan for booking gigs. Booking gigs and managing a band takes specific business skills. Gigs don't fall out of the air and into your hands. Blue
  9. Auditions in Hell

    Not unusual, 99% of all "start up* bands never see their first gig. It's why I advise anyone looking to gig and make a little cash to avoid start ups. Blue
  10. Auditions in Hell

    Depends on what a band is doing.Were a gigging bar band and we found that in most cases without experience having to be out there 2- 3 nights a week was too much of a commitment and too much work. So experience was important and a requirement for us. Being the best drummer was not. We always go with the best person for the job not the best musician. Blue
  11. Auditions in Hell

    It's not a huge community of bar bands that are out there gigging every weekend. Very easy to verify with the name of the band or bands someone has played in. Blue
  12. Auditions in Hell

    Big take away here for newbies looking for a band. When you ask them to provide you with 3 to 4 songs to audition and they can't. Blue
  13. Auditions in Hell

    Frustrating to say the least. I'm curious, how old were you guys in the early 90s? Blue
  14. Auditions in Hell

    Fantastic job asking questions. This is something I've always stressed. Asking questions before committing to an audition. Your questions revealed a laundry list of Red Flags. For anyone that's looking for a gigging band, Friday and/or Saturday rehearsals should be a huge Red Flag. Blue
  15. Does anyone just use a bass & amp?

    You don't want to know. 😁 Blue