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  1. You are in my prayers for positive news Martthebass Blue
  2. Thanks Silvia. I will. Blue
  3. I'm hanging in there guys. I'm scheduled to go under the knife in October. I'll be in the hospital for 5 days. I'm goi g to finish our summer gig schedule and O have .y son's wedding in August. Yes, it's scary. I've been busy 5 gigs in for days last week.week. I'll be in touch , sooner than later. Blue aka Daryl
  4. Thanks Lozz, I'll be back soon. Blue
  5. Hi Pete, I hope all is well with you and family.
  6. Thanks Len, Much appreciated. Blue
  7. Thanks Jack, I heard Glastonbury has been cancelled for 2021 . Is that true ? Blue
  8. Thanks Skidder, It's going to be a long process. I'm waiting on a second opinion regarding surgery. Blue
  9. I'm still here guys; The busiest gigging summer of my life and I get hit with health issues. I haven't had to cancel any shows yet The acoustic division of Maple Road is keeping us a float. We had to outdoor gigs on June 4th and June 5th. Nice weather and really cool crowds. This Thursday we have a Festival Gig in the afternoon and a Theatre gig Thursday night. We have moved away from the traditional 4 hour US bar gigs. To be honest I think it's a thing of the past. I hope the UK will open up a little more when it's save. I've lost 3 close friends to Covid. Stay in touch. Blue
  10. Yeah, big stage/ venue gigs are more about the PA than your rig. As long as your using any type of pro level rig your ok. I play big gigs with 2 10 GK cab and a GK head Blue
  11. *Bass Guitar is basically a service instrument. Nothing to have an ego about. *Stanley Clarke Blue
  12. Dave, it's why I always say bands are better with fantastic people as opposed to fantastic singers and players. I know a very talented female bass player / lead vocalist however she never fits in with any band she joins. She doesn't understand a band is about compromise and team effort. Daryl
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