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  1. Critique an ad. What would be the pros and cons for you. It sounds decent for a guy looking for work. 1.Six-piece Modern Rock/Modern Country/Pop cover band is looking for bassists. We're a dance/party band and play modern favorites that light up the dance floor. 2.We're open to adding new material so bring your set lists, let's see what we can do together! 3.We have connections to several booking agencies to keep us busy. Our agencies land us bookings in both Milwaukee and The Fox Valley areas. Our goal is to gig 2-3 times a month, we'd like to practice once a week at our drummer's home in Grafton (night is flexible, but usually during the week so as to not interfere with our weekends). 4.We have played some of the Wisconsin's most sought after venues including Summerfest and Lambeau Field. We are looking to get someone up to speed as soon as possible in order to continue rocking Wisconsin! Email us if you’rec interested - send us your video and/or audio. Blue
  2. You only have control over learning the proper bass lines. Your only responsible for the bass parts. Your not responsible for the other band members parts or how much effort they put into learning songs. Blue
  3. The owner was "lit up" and the BL decided it wasn't the time to confront him . It's not a lot of money, however we're still going to try and recoup it. Very rare for this to happen. Blue
  4. Cool, our percussion guy for our acoustic act uses one of those. I never knew what it was. Easy to pack up and and out 😀 Blue
  5. Off topic, always love The Shank Hall Milwaukee WI reference in Spinal Tap. Blue Milwaukee WI
  6. Very nice, looks like fun gig. What is that percussion instrument? Blue
  7. I played another acoustic gig with my BL today at The Redmonds today 4:00-7:00. I like doing these acoustic gigs so far. I'm merely an invited guest at this point. This was my first outside gig for this season, beautiful weather. Fantastic Court Yard. Small crowd but they were all into our performance. Here's the bad thing. We got a check for $400.00 instead of the agreed $500.00. Not cool. Blue
  8. Yeah, I understand how most would think that. However, culturally there's a huge divide between South Jersey ( the shore) and my neck of the woods. All the stuff my guys were into was happening in Manhattan. And while there was a lot happening in Manhattan nobody really emerged from Manhatten , maybe Billy Joel, Blondie, The Dolls there could be others. I plan on watching this documentary regardless. Blue
  9. You guys know HD is headquatered here in Milwaukee. They provide a lot of work for bands with all their events. Very professional the way they treat bands. We have 2 Harley Festival gigs coming up that we played last year. They provide a top notch stage with wireless sound and lights, Green room( actually a VIP tent) with beverages and sandwiches. I night start a new thread addressing how bands should behave and how owners and organizers should treat bands. Blue
  10. I grew up 30 minutes north of Asbury Park. To be honest the whole South Jersey scene was kind of weird for next. I didn't get it Blue
  11. I played another acoustic gig with our BL at the Harley Motor Bar & Restaurant Saturday night 5:30- 8:30. Great load in, great looking place. The staff is always organized and professional. They know how to treat the help. Upscale clientele. I was happy with my playing and the overall sound of the band. At least from what I heard on stage. I have no idea how the sound was in the house. Blue
  12. I thought Mick was indestructible until he had that bad heart valve. Blue
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