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  1. Very cool, I've always been facinated by that chord. Blue
  2. Great night for us at The Blondiepop. It was one of those gigs where I knew from the first few bars into our first song it was going to be a good night. Only a 5 minute commute for me. Wonderful crowd and most stayed for all three sets. I walked away with $200.00 1. Put on a good show 2. Get the money 3. Get home safely Blue
  3. We played an acoustic gig last night It was a church event, some kind of chicken roast. We played 7-10. $450.00 Mostly elderly people. In a word the gig was pathetic. This was a gig we did as a favor, we knew it wasn't a good match. At 9:30 we were playing to 3 members of the staff who were cleaning up. I wish I had a pic to share. Full Maple Road gig at the Blondipop tonight, 8:00-12:00. Blue
  4. When your young and starting out it's probably not that bad. It's a young mans game anyway you look at it. Blue
  5. We never use a tip bucket at festivals , fairs or private events. We only use it at bars. Is it a cultural thing. I pay $20.00 for a haircut and I tip an extra $5.00. I doubt she sees much of that $20.00. She keeps the $5.00. Blue
  6. I think the tip thing is only big here in the States. We have to tip everyone over here. Blue
  7. That's pretty good cash. Pub gigs are 2 hours , right? Right now $500.00 for a 4 hour bar gig in my neck of the woods is the top of the scale. Weve pulled as much as an extra $200.00 in tips. Blue
  8. We got $500.00 this past Sunday. You really can't get anymore $ for a 4 hour bar gig in my area. Blue
  9. Cool article, In the States if your were making $18,000.00 annually in 1969 you were doing pretty good. Blue
  10. Even in my area, we still have bars that book bands. However, the majority have clientle that have no interest in live bands. You get paid but there's no good side to this story. Four hours of drudgery. You can't win. And to make matters worse, your usually in a room separate from the bar. Even my " cheer leader " gig mind set fails in these bars. A real drag.
  11. None of those bands were famous at that time. Maybe to musicians only. I heard Sly & The Famy Stone got $2,500.00 for Woodstock. I wluld have thought Santana would have been paid the same rate. Blue
  12. I'm approached by punters during breaks at gigs. Most of the time they really don't have much to say. I always thank them for coming out and I tell them about upcoming gigs. Blue
  13. When a band is directly responsible for bringing in a crowd adding significantly to the alchhol sales, you can raise your fee accordingly. This should be an obvious win to any astute pub or bar owner. Blue
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