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  1. Not great, our band leader and her husband are doing live shows on Facebook every Friday Night. I'm staying positive and following all the guidelines.. How about you? Blue
  2. No gigging here in Milwaukee WI. And there's no end in sight. And we had the whole summer booked. Blue
  3. I'm isolated, however because. I'm retired, under normal circumstances all I do with my time is practice. I really miss gigging ,being around people and the energy we get from gigging. Blue
  4. Last Saturdays gig, this Saturday and Sundays gigs all cancelled. Blue
  5. I'm deathly afraid of Badgers Blue
  6. I had two gigs this weekend. Both have been cancelled. It's my second weekend of no money. Blue
  7. Maple Road. Live at Hops & Props EAA Oshkosh WI Saturday March 14th 7:00-10:00 This was a high profile sold out gig. Cancelled do to the virus. Blue
  8. Ouch! Thanks for the information Dave. I'm lucky I live in the MidWest, specifically in the Milwaukee WI region. The fair and festival market here is unbelievable, if a band wants to gig there's more than enough opportunities over here. Daryl
  9. Thanks for the update Pete. Gigging in the UK might have to be removed from my " Bucket List'. Daryl
  10. Pete, Is the fair and festival market that different than it is here in the States? We play more than our fair share of festivals in the summer including Summerfest the World's largest music fest and we don't have that much of a known name. Blue
  11. We only have a name in a very small region of Wisconsin. Blue
  12. What would it take to promote a 6 week Maple Road UK Pub/ festival tour? Blue
  13. I heard about a local Milwaukee WI band traveling out of State to Minnesota for a $35.00 a man gig. Like you say " madness" I do one boat gig a year. It's an hour and a half gig with a great crowd and the $$$ is to good to turn down. Blue
  14. I know, bur when I smile I look goofy as hell. Blue
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