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  1. You have to decide if you want to be in a band. What would be the best fit for you. Then what type of band, originals, covers, gigging band or a "for fun only" no gigging band. 42 is young from my perspective. Blue
  2. Yes, that's definitely similar to ours.☝
  3. We played an acoustic gig last night, 5:30 - 8:30 at The Harley Davidson Motor Restaurant. To me this is a great gig, professional staff, great hours, great pay and tips, very high caliber clientele. And the place is beautiful sitting on the Milwaukee River. We go back on January 25th. Blue
  4. Last Saturday night I was ready to rip into House A Rocking and the bands starts at half the tempo. Absolutely nothing we or I could do. I've mentioned to the BL. Trying to correct the tempo after your already out of the gate can be challenging. Blue
  5. Samantha Fish , I'm not sure why I'm going. I've seen her twice already and $35.00 is a little pricey. Sam has played a lot of " big time" gigs but this is a very small Milwaukee bar. Blue
  6. Strive to make it to the 65 plus group. Blue
  7. I wish I could slowly ween myself away from my pedals. I really like my bass octave pedal.
  8. Sounds like you played a full gig Dave.😀 I have a G&L ASAT bass that I want to start gigging with again, with that active pre-amp. I haven't figured out how to get the most out of that feature. and I've had the bass for years. I don't think the active pre-amp likes my pedal board very much. The connection plug for the 9 volt battery is awful. Blue
  9. 5-6 hours of travel, sounds like a $300.00 per man gig. Blue
  10. Our band leader pays us in cash before each and every gig. Tips are divided equally after the gig. Blue
  11. For new venues we usually check the place out before the gig. If there's not enough room for the band we won't take the gig. Blue
  12. Wouldn't that be "How To Avoid Bad Drumners" Blue
  13. Which brings to mind some of us that play bars with established questionable clientele. Over half the crowd were recently released from prison and wearing GPS ankle bracelets. True story for us. Blue
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