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  1. If he was a young guy, I can see that and I get it. Blue
  2. I just got this text message 5 minutes ago; "Music & Media, N135 W15425 Rockfield Rd, Germantown 53022. Hey guys, new gig on Sat March 7th will be an 8:30pm start time, waiting to hear what time we should arrive to load in." I responded immediately with ; "Nice booking! I'm good for March 7th. Thanks" Seems simple to me, but some guys are not good with email or text messages. I can check our website as a reminder. I always check on Thursday to see what we have coming up for the weekend. Blue
  3. Good luck. If they won't read e- mail will they actually use the app. When I get a text message regarding a booking I respond with a " yes I'm available" because I always am. and a "thank you" within seconds of receipt. Blue
  4. Got it, so it a personal preference. I have 3 Gibson basses and haven't gigged any of them in a while. Blue
  5. That's money that could probably be better spent elsewhere. What's the big selling point or distinguishing attributes of an Epi Ripper? Blue
  6. Yeah, compared to a lot of gigs, the BlondiePop is pretty posh. I'm not sure why I've been wearing long sleeve dress shirts . Blue
  7. We did the BlondiPop gi:g in our hometown last night. 8-11 Cool local place that does a good job with local music. Very nice local " well to do" crowd. Mix of youngsters and oldsters. I didn't think we were as " on" as we were at the previous 3 gigs. I thought we were kind of sloppy. I certainly made my share of mistakes. Blue
  8. I love this stuff. Joe graduated from Montclair HS in 1965. I graduated in 71. Blue
  9. I'm horrible at booking. I booked a gig for the band once. It was a disaster. We were lucky we got paid. Blue
  10. It's really hard building up relationships that will generate consistent business. We've been at it for 15 years and it's still a battle. Most of our gigs come from "call ins". Our relationship with The BlondiePop came from our BL hosting open mics there. Blue Maple Road Come out and see us. January 18th Saturday Night @ The BLONDIEPOP 225 S 5th Ave West Bend WI 8:00-12:00
  11. I'd be on board with all that. To be honest, besides me, I'm not sure anyone in the band knows specifically what a producer does. Blue
  12. They're on tour with Michael. Blue
  13. In the States you can fill out festival applications until your blue in the face. If you don't know anyone you'll never get a slot. Not even a 10:30 AM slot. Blue
  14. Depends on where your located. In my neck of the woods open jams are vehicles for guitarist, blues harp guys , singers to network and play but not bass players. Blue
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