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  1. We played a 2 hour acoustic set at Sahale Ale Works. It was an outside gig, 6:00-8:00. 80° degrees. My kind of gig. Blue
  2. About 9 years ago I guess my moves on stage at a particular gig didn't come off as planned. I saw a video clip and what I thought was cool actually looked like I was humping an invisible bear.😀 Blue
  3. That's really cool. I wonder how it would work for bass. I wonder what the down side is. Blue
  4. Cool ? I guess you don't know about the invisible bear. Blue
  5. Beautiful venues and working with professionals makes it all worth while for me. There are places we played 2 years ago we wouldn't think of playing now. We turn down more gigs than we accept. Blue
  6. One of our guitarist has switched over and goes direct out into the sound with one of those modeling amps from Kemper ( they're not cheap). It's a floor unit. He walks into our gigs with his guitar in one hand , stand in the other and the Kemper is in his back pack. I'm exploring this type of option for myself. Blue
  7. The only thing I ever wanted out of this , was to be in a good band with consistent gigs that made money. I didn't get that until 10 years ago. I enjoy it and have no plans on stopping. I need the attention and the money. Blue
  8. We all occasionally experience crappy venues with treacherous load ins and outs. You can avoid those. Like you said we also get to see cool venues with great sound / lights, professional engineers and stage management. Blue
  9. We just sit around and silently judge each other.lol 😆
  10. Thanks Stew. I didn't realize how "old school" our little band looks. Four pieces and 4 vocals. We really can't fit keys into the budget yet. You can really get spoiled with these plush gigs. Next weekend, back to reality.lol 😀 Blue
  11. Relationships between band members become tense? That has never happened in my band. We only see each other at gigs and we don't talk to each other. Lol 😀 Blue
  12. Playing far from the bar has always been the kiss of death for my band. Blue
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