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  1. Even though I'm in a known gigging band (13 years ), I'm never going to get a chance to play with the more advanced local players There are different levels and groups of musicians here. If your not networked with the really good players chances are there's not many circumstances if any where you'd have the opportunity to play with them. It's the way it works around here, probably other places too. I know there is probably a good debate for the other side of my position. Blue
  2. Bluewine

    Bass Face

    For those of us that are gigging bass face and all aspects of stage presence are really important. It's something I'm constantly working on. I'm usually shocked and disappointed when I watch myself on video clips. Blue
  3. I've always felt bass solos are great in jazz arrangements on the double bass. Never been a fan of rock electric bass guitar solos. Blue
  4. I was gigging my Gibson ES-335 Bass for most of the summer. Now I'm playing my Gibson Gold Top ( block neck) which has been really nice, cool looking and fun to play. Amp, 750 watt GK 1001 head through 2 10s. The Gold Top actually seems to like my pedals, especially my MRX M-80 Bass Distortion which is tricky to use. Hmmmmm, I guess I had already commented on this thread and there's a contradiction. I am enjoying the Gold Top. Blue
  5. I'm "old school" love my Gibson , 1991 Thunderbird, Gold Top Les Paul Bass, Custom Shop ES-335. Blue
  6. I wish I could find a pic my brother took of me standing in front of the diner where they filmed the closing end of the show scene. I was home on holiday in Bloomfield NJ. Blue
  7. Do you know I'm from Montclair New Jersey where many of the Soprano scenes were shot. All the scenes of Tony dropping his kids off for school were shot at my old high school, Montclair High School. By the way, from growing up in Montclair when I first started watching The Sopranos my first reaction was: " This seems normal" Blue
  8. Maybe it's me, we can walk off stage after a great set and everyone in the band is approached by punters except me. The only thing I can come up with is they think I'm famous or I'm some sort of Star and they know better than to try to engage me in conversation.😂 Blue
  9. Punters probably think those are guitar parts.😂 Blue
  10. I would think a bassist in a jazz trio would be noticed and understood more than a bass guitarist in a rock band. Blue
  11. Bluewine

    How was your gig last night?

    Corporate contract festivals are more than lucrative. Big stage, sound and lights and backline. Plus tents for dressing rooms and beverages/ sandwiches. A grand for an hour and a half. Bars and clubs are generally cheap when it comes to paying bands. We feel providing a 4 piece band with sound and lights for 4 hours is a bargain at $500.00. Blue
  12. Bluewine

    Been here before...going on a hiatus?

    Who knows when I'll have to drop out of the gigging band scene. When it happens it won't be my decision or choice. My enthusiasm for gigging and being in a band is the same as it was when I was 12 years old. Couldn't be higher. I'm not married, no family, and I don't work anymore. So no responsibilities. I'll be tossed out due to the lack of gigging bands in my area and my age. I fully realize I'm part of a very small minority. Blue
  13. Bluewine

    Been here before...going on a hiatus?

    That doesn't have to happen. Blue
  14. Bluewine

    Been here before...going on a hiatus?

    Sounds like starting a new journey away from the " band thing" isn't a bad idea. Plus it's something you can come back to even after a long absence, lots of the older guys here have. Blue
  15. Bluewine

    Reasons For Getting Fired From A Band

    For me it's always understanding my role in a band. For example, I was hired to play bass guitar and help with backing vocals not for booking, resolving song issues or volunteering ideas. Blue