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  1. Noted! Will definitely back up first
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone. I like the sound of DaVinici Resolve (especially if its free!) - will give that one a go.
  3. As per the title really, looking for recommendations of which video editing software to use to create a lockdown video for the band?
  4. I don’t think that’s a shot of him playing. The hand is there to provide scale against the mini model of the Thunderbird bass?
  5. I’ve got the same bass but am a bit nervous about adjusting the action as I’ve never done it at the body end before. Did you have to take the neck off or loosen the neck screws?
  6. Yep, having listened a bit closer, you’re right 🙂. Works well with that banjo though!
  7. Wouldn’t that mean the conversion would be to a guitar and not a bass? Sounds like a bass in the video above?
  8. I play in an originals acoustic pop/folk band but this song has been a permanent fixture in our set since we started. Never fails to get the crowd going and gets the most unlikely audience members dancing.
  9. This x100 Amazing drummer and great vocals, they’d struggle to be as good without him.
  10. Good to know they're on form, got plans to see him on Sunday afternoon at the Love Supreme festival, looking forward to it though I suspect it's not going to help with my pedalboard GAS!
  11. Thanks guys, appreciate the comments. I had a flash of inspiration today and remembered a physic lesson about applying force through levers. I put the end pin back in and with it tightened in an extended position was able to apply a suprisingly little amount of force to wiggle the collar free!! Have ordered a new end pin unit which should hopefully arrive on Wednesday so fingers crossed everything should be sorted in time for next weeks gig. As an aside, the bass is currently flat on its back on the spare bed, much to the consternation of the wife. I've explained about the risk of dropping the soundpost in its current state but she wasn't impressed as her mother is due to stay at the weekend. A few choice words were hear when I suggested there would be enough room for the mother in law to share the bed with it :-)
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