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  1. Still available. Think the lack of gigs is keeping the market slow at the moment 🙁
  2. Up for sale is this CIJ 62 P bass. I think it’s a 2004 model from what I can figure out from the serial number. I’m also guessing this is a non-export model, based on the Japanese manual that came with it. I’ve owned it for around 10 years and it’s served me well, moved on to playing a jazz bass though so it’s not getting played much. It does have a couple of dings around the side of the body - check the pictures. Currently strung with Chromes. I’ve managed to get hold of a hard case so postage is now an option - let me know if you want a quote, guessing it’s around the £20-30 mark for insured post nowadays? Would also be open to discussing trades for a Mustang or other shortscale if you have one?
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone. I like the sound of DaVinici Resolve (especially if its free!) - will give that one a go.
  4. As per the title really, looking for recommendations of which video editing software to use to create a lockdown video for the band?
  5. I don’t think that’s a shot of him playing. The hand is there to provide scale against the mini model of the Thunderbird bass?
  6. I’ve got the same bass but am a bit nervous about adjusting the action as I’ve never done it at the body end before. Did you have to take the neck off or loosen the neck screws?
  7. Yep, having listened a bit closer, you’re right 🙂. Works well with that banjo though!
  8. Wouldn’t that mean the conversion would be to a guitar and not a bass? Sounds like a bass in the video above?
  9. I play in an originals acoustic pop/folk band but this song has been a permanent fixture in our set since we started. Never fails to get the crowd going and gets the most unlikely audience members dancing.
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