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  1. I play in an originals acoustic pop/folk band but this song has been a permanent fixture in our set since we started. Never fails to get the crowd going and gets the most unlikely audience members dancing.
  2. This x100 Amazing drummer and great vocals, they’d struggle to be as good without him.
  3. Good to know they're on form, got plans to see him on Sunday afternoon at the Love Supreme festival, looking forward to it though I suspect it's not going to help with my pedalboard GAS!
  4. Thanks guys, appreciate the comments. I had a flash of inspiration today and remembered a physic lesson about applying force through levers. I put the end pin back in and with it tightened in an extended position was able to apply a suprisingly little amount of force to wiggle the collar free!! Have ordered a new end pin unit which should hopefully arrive on Wednesday so fingers crossed everything should be sorted in time for next weeks gig. As an aside, the bass is currently flat on its back on the spare bed, much to the consternation of the wife. I've explained about the risk of dropping the soundpost in its current state but she wasn't impressed as her mother is due to stay at the weekend. A few choice words were hear when I suggested there would be enough room for the mother in law to share the bed with it :-)
  5. [quote name='Beer of the Bass' timestamp='1498458499' post='3324671'] When you look inside the bass through the f-holes, is the end block that the end pin slots into split? If it is, it's time to start looking for a loaner bass for your gig. [/quote] Just checked that, there's no evidence of any splitting
  6. Just dropping a quick link here as I'm not sure how much traffic the Double Bass section gets and I need some urgent advice. http://basschat.co.uk/topic/307819-dropped-my-double-bass-what-to-do-now/ Dropped my bass on the way to a gig on Saturday night and now could do with some advice about fixing it. Many thanks!
  7. Had a bit of a nightmare on my way to a gig on Saturday night. One of the shoulder straps on my gig bag snapped and ended up dropping my bass from a height of about thee feet! It landed directly on the end pin which seems to have taken the brunt of the force. No damage to the front/back/ribs, soundpost is still in place, but the end pin collar has been pushed into its hole causing it to split. This has meant that now the end pin is sticking out of the body at a very slight angle. My first thought was to try taking the end pin out and repositioning it, perhaps replacing it if necessary, but it's now firmly wedged in the hole and I can't get it out (though I haven't tried to use that much force yet). So, 10 days till the next gig, doubtful I'm going to have a chance to get it to a luthier before then, what's my next move? Carry on and play with it as it is? Its playable at the moment but I'm thinking this could possibly make things worse and do more damage? Try using more force to get the collar out? Any tips on how to do this? Any advice greatly welcome! [URL=http://s400.photobucket.com/user/malw_2008/media/12074368-50E7-4CD3-9907-9B41E0D18FCB.jpg.html][IMG]http://i400.photobucket.com/albums/pp86/malw_2008/12074368-50E7-4CD3-9907-9B41E0D18FCB.jpg[/IMG][/URL] [URL=http://s400.photobucket.com/user/malw_2008/media/13E64A47-4B00-4287-87A0-D28AF4186A01.jpg.html][IMG]http://i400.photobucket.com/albums/pp86/malw_2008/13E64A47-4B00-4287-87A0-D28AF4186A01.jpg[/IMG][/URL] [URL=http://s400.photobucket.com/user/malw_2008/media/F341AC6E-2AF5-4CF6-BBC6-B4585A9E6E00.jpg.html][IMG]http://i400.photobucket.com/albums/pp86/malw_2008/F341AC6E-2AF5-4CF6-BBC6-B4585A9E6E00.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
  8. If you're going early Juky then try and stay for the 4th July celebrations - great fireworks shows along the river.
  9. [quote name='Simon.' timestamp='1422264953' post='2670346'] It's also known as the Most Expensive Show On Radio, in our house, because pretty much every week I end up a with a shopping list of CDs to go out and buy. [/quote] Very much this!! I have to stop myself listening to it sometimes as it ends up costing me too much
  10. Wow, that really surprised me! Thought it was just going to be a gimmick but that sounds excellent. Not cheap though and I bet it takes some practice to get the hang of it.
  11. Sums up the absurdity of the situation brilliantly :-)
  12. [quote name='lurksalot' timestamp='1411066395' post='2556201'] I have just got my first DB , an Antoni as it happens ............ From Mal While I haven't spent any money on it , I have put a few hours in lowering the action a fair bit , I have small hands you see . I am now in a position to learn how to play it , and it feels great , I might come to the Derby bash just to feel how other guys have them set up , I have only ever held one , and then took my tools to it . I think in my case it was just bite the bullet and find an opportunity to get one, I had been looking for a while and was suitably confused as to what I wanted or needed, I now have something to learn a bit of the craft on and am really looking forward to it . [/quote] Sounds like you've been busy Kev! :-)
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