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  1. I had a bolt on Thumb. It had a very refined and focussed growl, lots of mids but tricky to mix in a typical rock and pop function/pub band line up. It has a tone of its own. A one trick pony perhaps, but a damn good trick if you like that sound. A stingray has a less refined growl IMHO but is a more versatile tone that fits better and easier into mixes without much effort. Wal. I have no idea FWIW, depending on one’s definition of growl, my Yamaha Attitude LTD2 is the growliest, gnarliest bass I’ve ever played. But P bass growl is quite a different thing to what you’re looking at.
  2. Feature wise, the closest current boss unit appears to be the GT1b. However, I have no idea how close it sounds. I’ve had a quick skim through pdfs for the other units and none of them offer much in the way of bass amp modelling. It would be great if Boss added some bass specific algorithms to the GT1000 series and even the Pocket GT.
  3. But you don't know if everybody else in the pub has done the same. I've had covid, my wife had it quite bad. We've been jabbed but it doesn't stop us catching it again if somebody else hasn't taken the correct precautions.
  4. Yes. I'm double jabbed and will be testing everyday before and after the gig. Got booster on Monday. Playing live music is important to me as well, and I don't want to let anyone down. However, we can't trust that other people will be following the official advice and do the right thing, no matter how vague or clear it is. Trouble is, the wife and I are supposed to be going to stay at my sister-in-laws for a week over Christmas. I'm now getting grief from her about doing this gig. All I can do is keep testing and isolate between the gig and when we go away. The two singers are of the mind that they want to do it and they'll wear a mask in-between performances. I'm not sure if the realise the mask is to protect other people - it's not a suit of armour!
  5. That's what I'm afraid of. It's a sweeping generalisation, but the people that are likely to be there are likely the sort the people who don't give a toss about covid. aka superspreaders.
  6. I'm half hoping this weekends (18th Dec) gig will be cancelled. But it's a pub and doesn't fall under the same rules as larger venues, so the bar manager (friend of one of our singers) says it's still going ahead. I hate cancelling gigs, even if we have a valid reason - like one of us has fallen ill. But there really ought to be clearer guidance for this sort of thing from the government, such as pubs can stay open, but no entertainment, or table service only again. As it is, once more, the advice is vague and puts the onus on the public to do what they think best. If you get sick, it's your fault and the government can't be blamed. We've had a discussion and it looks like we are going to do this gig, but in what appears to be an act of self sabotage, we are actively not promoting it. We've also said we'll take whatever precautions we can to keep ourselves safe and out of harms way. After this weekend, we don't have anything until February. Oh, and keep testing!
  7. Even QSC themselves recommend the smaller K10.2 for bass in live bands. Although this is with PA support. You might be better served with two of them or the K12.2 without PA support. https://www.qsc.com/resource-files/productresources/spk/k.2/q_spk_k.2_appguide_livebands.pdf PS, I'm seriously considering downsizing from my headrush frfr-112 to the K10.2. It would also replace the smaller headrush frfr-108 I sometimes use for rehearsals.
  8. I used one of those too, with my old 121H cab. It made a huge difference in being able to hear the details in the bass tone. Sitting it on a Gramma Pad seemed to help a little as well, especially on hollow risers. These days I use an frfr speaker that can sit vertically or as as a wedge. I don't use the gramma pad anymore either as my Helix has an hpf. I really ought to stick that thing on ebay!
  9. I remember many, many years ago in my first band, we acquired a couple of Wem 4x10 column cabs for our PA. I wish I'd kept them. They were a bugger to move around, but I bet they would have made an epic bass rig.
  10. LIkewise. Rocked up versions of disco era songs seem to work well for us too. Mama Mia, September, Le Freak, Disco Inferno, Love Train etc. All guitar driven covers that guarantee people on the dancefloor. It's picking the right ones that is the challenge. I can remember clearing the dancefloor with Boogie Oogie Oogie, Let's Groove and Everybody Dance.
  11. Both! Female and male lead singers. He and I can both do pretty decent falsetto.
  12. Tragedy! Or pretty much any funky Bee Gees song. Cheesy as hell, but absolute bangers. Oh, and... "December 63" - Frankie Vallie "My Girl" - Temptations "Parklife" - Blur "Common People" - mash up of Pulp's original and William Shatners epic cover.
  13. We play these two with one or two guitarists without issue. For Enter Sandman I have a little grit in my tone, play hard with a pick and play the bassline as normal (aside from a little wah sweep to simulate the guitar on the intro). The guitarists plays more of the rhythm part on the intro. On Alive, I use judicious drive and chorus to really fatten the bass up. I also improve a little on the outro underneath the solos around simple pentatonic shapes. The bassline on this song is busier than you might think. Make use of those glissandos, harmonics and vibrato.
  14. All of the above advice is great. Get your tone in order first. Plenty of mids and maybe a little overdrive to accentuate the harmonics - really bring the bass to life. The drummer can help too. It's amazing how a ride cymbal can replace a rhythm guitarists On the odd occasion my band goes out with a single guitarists this covers pretty much everything. But I do have a specially dialled in Helix patch for a couple of songs that really need a little extra help. I based it on this guy's preset. Does a similar thing to the Fishman Fission mentioned above, but sound more convincing.
  15. It is a bit of a risky buy for me tbh. I usually prefer chunky necks, and I really don’t get on that well with thin necks at all. But from my research, I understand the jb2 has a fairly chunky neck for a jazz, which should work for me okay. The biggest challenge will be the narrower nut. I’ve been spoiled by wider P style necks for years. My hand used to cramp up on my old 5 string Warwick thumb that had similar nut end string spacing, but I think a lot of that was the poor ergonomics that meant the nut was about a mile away from my body!
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