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  1. By the way, the Audio Technica System 10 stompbox is similarly marked down to the G75, I wonder if anyone’s used this at all by way of comparison?.
  2. Thanks for that, la bam: I'm very tempted to make the plunge - it just seemed odd that it was being described as unreliable, given Line 6's pedigree in wireless, plus the fact that its list price should put it in a different performance bracket to most other systems mentioned....
  3. Seeing a lot of love for the G75, but also some frustrations: given, as noted in the thread G75 seems on a very good offer from the likes of Andertons I'm just trying to gauge the overall reliability. It sounds like problems arise if you don't set it to scan for best signal when firing it up, or if there are multiple unmanaged wireless inputs in use?
  4. On a wider topic, are you all happy with the G75 as a wireless system for bass? I see it’s on offer at Andertons which is really tempting.... cheers
  5. So, I bought a set of Newtones and started to fit them to the Revelation: bizarrely it’s been a fight to fit any of them! The holes in the tailpiece are not quite big enough to get the whole length of the string through. I managed to replace the bottom E, which was the key one for me as the factory fitted string is so floppy. But I actually couldn’t fit the A string through the hole, I’ve had to refit the old string! Weird! And I guess an indicator of the issues with cheap guitars! I’ll keep the guitar a few months (tonally it sounds fine), and if I find enough use for it will probably upgrade to something more expensive. I still feel 200 quid is a good way to test the usefulness of a bass vi, though I’m planning on using it for 2 numbers in a gig on Saturday so it’ll be good to see how it works in action...
  6. These are great guitars! The colour is actually less an issue (I have a sonic blue one as well) than the pick guard: I changed mine to a pearlood one, it’s really changed the look of the guitar. This is mine: I actually think a more contrasty guard, eg black, would look even better!
  7. Revelation arrived today; pix herewith as promised. 3 pups with sliding selector, single tone and vol, plus the 5 way chicken head tone switch. Initial Impressions are good build quality for the price, decent finish, no sharp fret ends, intonation seems ok. All in all a good low cost way to see if a bass vi is for you!
  8. Will do, if poss with some vid for sound impressions
  9. Thanks, this one is a 3 pup guitar, single coils, hoping for a reasonable sound. Will post some video once I get a chance to try it out
  10. Quick update, I saw a Revelation used in Reverb for 195 so I’ve ordered it: if it proves really useful, I may splash out on a more up market model later!
  11. Good call, I couldn’t see the point of the trem other than to pull the strings out of tune!
  12. Thanks for the reply, really good info and I checked out your thread on finding the right vi: I hadn’t thought of the Burns, and it’s a gorgeous looking thing. Like you, I’m looking for something that suits post punk etc, rather than 60s surf, so that’s a good contender. I have a suspicion that my original plan to go super budget on this could well be blown! In your thread about nut width you talked about ‘true’ width between strings vs ‘nominal’ full neck width, did you ever get to a definitive measurement comparison? I have small hands, but even so, it’d be good to learn from others’ experience on the ease of playing cheers
  13. Ha, good question! It’s that classic dilemma between very little as I’m not sure yet how much use I’ll get from it, vs pointless buying something that’s cheap and nasty and therefore discourages you from playing! Having tried US Fender Jazz and Ric 4003 I’ve gone the short scale route fro ease of play and weight in a gig, hence my current go to is an American Performer Mustang, which I find really comfortable and light to play. So I’m thinking something a similar size/weight, while accommodating the extra strings. So the Squier may well be out. I think I’d go up to maybe 500-600 quid, although I keep thinking what’s the risk on a sub 200 HB, as one of the posters on this thread has said as a brand they seem to get pretty good feedback for the money, which also seem s to be the case in other online reviews
  14. Thanks for that, I tried out the Revelation so I’m au fait with the string spacing on bass 6s, plus I used to play classic guitar and regular electric back in the day, so i’m prepared for both pick and finger style on narrow string spacing 😀
  15. Thanks for the feedback: based on Cosmo Valdemar and White Cloud input on this again, the Ibanez SRC6 and the Squier look front runners, for around the 350 mark, or the HB as a super cheap trial for the concept
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