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  1. Yeah i know, even took me by surprise. The bass in question is currently on it's way to it's new owner 😊
  2. Hi, I have decided to move on my Fender Player Precision, as i currently own another Precision & a Jazz bass, making this one surplus to requirements. I bought the bass new around April 2019 ( serial number indicates that it was manufactured in 2018 ). The bass is in a good condition, although it has been gigged in the past, so has suffered a couple of small dings which i've tried to show in the photos. One small ding to the upper half of the body, a slight indentation on the headstock, plus there's a slight scuff mark on the neck plate. None of these affect the playability of the bass in any way. The bass comes with a padded Fender gig bag, & the tools it came with. It is currently fitted with Dunlop strap locks which i'll keep on, & i'll supply the locking mechanism to go onto the strap, so you're ready to go. The original Fender strap pins that came with the bass will also be included in case you want to swap back. Happy to courier in the UK only at buyers expense / risk, although cash on collection is always king. Thanks for looking
  3. Seeing that there appears to be an aversion to tort pickguards, here's my lefty Fender Pro Precision with it's original mint pickguard.....before i changed it 😂😂
  4. No lefty's in the thread yet, so here's my US Fender Professional Precision. I've changed the original mint pickguard for an original Fender tort one. Love it, it's my main gigging bass 👍
  5. Sold my black Stingray with maple neck a year ago......& regretted it ever since. I prefer a rosewood fingerboard over a maple one as well. Very tempted by this one!! 😍
  6. It's criminal that this bass is sat in box in the corner of my music room unplayed. Now open to sensible offers before it get's posted on a well known auction site.
  7. I may hold you to that Alan 😂😂 To be honest i'm a bit surprised it's still here, It's a little beauty, just not for me. There's a lefty one on Ebay where the seller's asking for £675, although it does have a case, so the one i'm selling must be a absolute bargain!! 😉
  8. You haven't been able to order a left handed SWB from Chowny since last summer, so to be honest i'm a bit surprised this is still up for sale. If you're looking for a short scale bass, look no further.
  9. I know that Andy's only recently joined the world of Basschat, & i'm more than happy to kick off his feedback. I've just purchased a Barefaced Super Compact cab off Andy. It was a smooth transaction with the cab arriving a day earlier than expected which was an added bonus 😃 I have no hesitation in recommending Andy 👍
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