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  1. I'm up for this pending the usual possible flies in the ointment. Happy to bring some gear as well. Could bring a couple of heads (Tecamp Black Jag and Weber Mywatt 200 all valve). Would quite like to bring my cheapo Harley Benton 51 P Bass copy to show just how much you get for about £85. Could probably bring a cab if needed too.
  2. Comments like 'it does nothing for me' really do nothing for me. Why bother?
  3. Roland Cubes are very good.
  4. In my case, I bought a lot of the PA gear so I also apparently have to cart it around, set it up, break it down take it home and store it. I also have to make any adjustments in settings whilst simultaneously playing a bass guitar In the meantime the singer shrugs his shoulders and looks confused if anything needs doing. Bringing a microphone is apparently his limit. Any repairs are also 100% down to me. P.S. Drummer is actually very helpful in reality.
  5. I've only ever auditioned for 1 band. Since then every gig I've got has been through word of mouth or people approaching me. I've had a couple of dep jobs turn into permanent work. Apart from the music I'd say a few plusses would be Happy to buy a round. Know how the PA works and how to get a decent sound. Happy to put up with Prima Donna flouncyness from the 'stars' in the band. Have a vehicle big enough to cart the majority of the [email protected] around that nobody else can be bothered with. These things will help you to get a position in plenty of bands.
  6. Tecamp is by far the best on your list IMO. Build quality is top notch and the Puma amp is a beaut. It will also take an extension cab where the Rumble won't. I don't know about the VT200 but I'd imagine it would be hard to shift if you wanted to move on.
  7. I go for the grumpy face EQ at live gigs and find that it matches my own grumpy face rather well.
  8. You lasted an hour and a half longer than I would have done.
  9. Jameson always gets all of the plaudits but Babbitt was just as good in my opinion. Absolute monster player.
  10. I've been in the same band now for 10 years. We've recently started doing a few songs that I've suggested. The general consensus is 'Why weren't we doing these years ago?' The answer is quite simple really; 'We could have been if anyone thought for 1 minute that my opinion might be valid. Instead, we've wasted years churning out the same sort of generic pub rock covers that every band from here to Land's End has been doing. It's a proper slog being a bass player who would like to be heard once in a while.
  11. This is an absolutely killer cab for peanuts. Tech stuff seems to go completely under the radar but it's fantastic gear with build quality to match just about anything. Staggered that nobody has snapped this up.
  12. Genzler Magellan with quality cabs (Vanderklay, Berg, Barefaced etc).
  13. What a fabulous interview with the consummate professional bass player. Love his style in both music and life. Thankyou so much.
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