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  1. Japhet

    Valve Amp Virgin

    I have a Weber Mywatt 200 which is a copy of the Hiwatt DR201 200 Watter. Fantastic sounding amp that doesn't break the bank or result in trips to the chiropractor. Highly recommended.
  2. Japhet

    Who did you see live last?

    Almost a week gone by since we went to see Nearly Dan at the Stables, Milton Keynes. Great gig (as always) tinged with sadness at the recent loss of Pete Bacanin. I'm really not a 'tribute' band person, but knowing that the very slight chance of seeing the real thing would undoubtedly mean some atrocious massive venue, I'm more than happy to watch superb musicianship in the fabulous comfort and acoustics and viewing experience offered at The Stables. Highly recommended if you get the chance.
  3. Japhet

    Humble instruments that 'make the song'

    How's this for an iconic intro?
  4. I've had the privilege of playing with some seriously talented musicians (a catagory I would not put myself in) with varying results. Some have been extremely helpful, patient, supportive etc. and some have been a pain in the as5e, as in impatient, demanding, tempramental etc.. The experience I cherish most of all is playing with a really good drummer who can keep time on the button and feel the groove. It's so liberating to just be able to play your stuff without the hassle of trying to keep stuff in time. Wish I got the chance more often.
  5. Japhet

    1x12 and 2x12 Options

    There's a bunch of stuff in the F/S section for you to browse. Some really nice stuff in there too.
  6. Japhet

    The GAS is always greener

    The way I see it, the only way to properly try an amp out is to play a gig with it. It's highly unlikely that I'd get a chance to try out all the stuff I'd like to so the only way is to buy them, try them out and then keep or sell. I've got lovely stuff but still peruse the F/S section for stuff I have absolutely no need for. It's my only real vice though since I don't drink much or smoke or go on holidays.
  7. Ha ha!! For a moment there I thought you were saying you got people dancing to Goodbye Pork Pie Hat. Now that would have been quite an achievement. As it happens, I'm a big Jeff Beck fan and as with everyone who pushes the envelope, some of it misses the spot, but he's a totally unique artist and innovator who never followed the crowd.
  8. Japhet

    Pedal power leads

    Anybody know where I can get decent quality PSU to pedal power leads with right angle connectors on both ends? Ta muchly.
  9. Japhet

    If you could only choose one overdrive pedal?

    Would be nice to know what sort of music people are using these pedals for. On my board I have 3 drive pedals. I like to run the amp clean and use the pedals to get the sounds I'm after so that it can sound the same at any volume for different venues.. I have a Tritonlab FET to provide an initial bit of drive and then an Ampeg Scrambler for a fuller grittier tone when I need it. I then have a One Control Hookers Green for when I need a pretty gnarly sound. I play in a covers band doing a wide range of mainly rock/blues music and some of the songs need a much dirtier sound than others. I also find that the overdriven sound stops the bottom dropping out of the mix when the guitarist goes into his solos since there's only me, him and the drummer doing the music.
  10. Japhet

    Fender CS - No magic?

    The whole CS thing has become a huge cash cow for Fender and I'm sure a huge number of them never get played. I've played a couple of CS Precisions and found both very disappointing with woolly sound and flat spots on the neck. The best sounding 'Precision' I've owned is my 84 Tokai which knocks both of the afore-mentioned CS's for 6.
  11. Pedant alert! The word isn't 'worst' - it's 'worser', and if there really isn't anything 'worser' it then becomes the 'worstest'.
  12. Japhet

    New Tecamp combo day..

    Can't go wrong with Tecamp IMHO.
  13. Japhet

    Your Favorite Bass Prevalent CD?

    Probably something by Meshell N'DegeOcello. Plantation Lullabies maybe;
  14. Japhet

    Which multi FX?

    If you use effects as sparingly as you say I'd go for an older Zoom B3. Plenty of stuff on there to keep you happy and not out of pocket either. A lot of the other stuff seems like overkill to me.
  15. I'm putting together a pedal board using cheap components as a bit of an experiment. Some have been very good and others haven't. In the 'good' catagory I'd put the Valeton OC 10 and FR 10 which are an octaver and a preamp (both sourced for peanuts on ebay). I'm also quite liking the TC Mojomojo and the Mooer Hustle. I also got hold of a Zoom MS60B off the forum which does all sorts of stuff. I had a few noise issues and so picked up a new Vitoos ISO4 Plus power supply for under £30 which seems to do a good job - for how long is anybody's guess though. I think brand loyalty will keep a lot of people buying boutique stuff but I'm not sure a whole load of people would do too well in a blind comparison test with stuff that costs a fraction of the price. I think that the way TC have slashed prices probably indicates that they were charging what the market would bear but have noticed the quality of some of the cheap competition and have moved to protect their bit of the market before they lose it altogether.