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  1. On your cabs, I'd make sure that the 4x10 is also 4 Ohm. Wouldn't want to mix a 4 Ohm and an 8 Ohm cab personally since the power would be very unbalanced.
  2. Much the same as Dave above. Got mine off Ebay.
  3. I bought one of those cable tester gizmos and it's been a God send. Can test any type of cable, intrument leads, Speakon, mini jacks etc.. It lives in the gig bag and on the couple of occasions it was called into action it was perfect.
  4. At the end of the Live 8 gig, Waters looked elated and Gilmour looked like he'd had a bucket of fish guts tipped over his head. Waters made his own bed in all this and won't ever be accepted back. He seems deeply wounded by this but didn't have the same sensibilities when he was treating Rick Wright dreadfully for years and generally being a complete tool.
  5. I was depping once in a band with a notoriously outrageous front man and a woman came up and demanded Sex on Fire over the microphone. Tom, th frontman immediately responded with 'You get your knickers off and I'll see if I can find some matches'.
  6. Yes, the old 'of course you know it ............it goes la la la la la la la.........'. I think they think we can just play whatever we hear in our heads (although some obviously can).
  7. For my money, Waters was the creative force and the edge that made Floyd. I completely lost interest once he'd left and found just about everything they did turgid and bland. On the other hand, Waters comes across as a control freak with some fairly unpleasant character traits. Rick Wright was treated as a hired hand for decades. It's a shame that it all fell apart but not in the least surprising given the egos and natures of some of the characters involved.
  8. GP 12SMX was my favorite, and unlike many, I actually like the pre shape options too. As said previously, setting the preamp to just before it clips is good advice. Wish I still had mine in many ways. One thing they were prone to was a dodgy internal earth that could take out the whole amp. I'd advise getting that checked and improved if you find one.
  9. Isn't the idea to be able to stay in the room yourself? I'd be first out the door with most of this stuff.
  10. At a functions gig Irish Woman; Play Brown Eyed Girl. Singer; Sorry, it's not on our set list. 2 minutes later Irish Woman; Play Brown Eyed Girl!! Singer; Sorry, we'd need to learn it. 2 minutes later; Irish Woman yelling; Play Brown Eyed Girl fof f**ks sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Singer; F**k off you headcase!
  11. I think if you get into all that TonePrint malarky you can dig yourself into a deeper hole than another pedal with all sorts of knobs and stuff on it. I used a Nova Dynamics pedal for years which was fantastic and had everything on it, but it needed a 12v power supply which was a bit of a pain, and it also took up a fair bit of space.
  12. I've been through a fair few compressors, some with all the whistles and bells and have now ended up with the ultra simple TC Spectracomp, and am very happy with it. To fatten or shape the tone I use a Valeton FET preamp pedal which I just love. Have never heard of anyone else using one but it's a cracking pedal for peanuts. I got mine off Ebay for £25 and it's a keeper. There's a simple and cheap solution for ya!
  13. Slapping has gone a bit too far in recent years in my opinion. All the Victor Wooten type machine gun fills don't do it for me, but, a small amount in the right context is fine. Playing wise, I've always used the addage that you're better off leaving the audience wishing they'd heard a bit more rather than wishing they'd heard a bit less. I doubt I ever played more than 10 seconds of slap in any gig but it always seemed to get a good response.
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