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  1. Probably not the issue in your case but I always make sure the string is wound progressively down the tuning peg to pull it down over the nut. I've known that to be an issue causing fret buzz.
  2. Fat Man in the Bathtub - Little Feat
  3. The Night they rode Old Dixie Down - The Band
  4. If I were a carpenter - Tim Hardin
  5. We gotta get outa this place - The Animals
  6. I'd just like to play the gear I've already got at a gig (assuming I can remember how to play and how it all works).
  7. Obligatory mention for the Fender Rumble. Sounds like a 200 combo would be good for you or a 500 if you need the extra oomph.
  8. You mean the 'Why sing 1 note when you can sing 276?' approach, as also favoured by Mariah Carey.
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