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  1. Japhet

    Perfecting the gig setup process

    I've eventually got through to our drummer that I need some space. Previously, I'd arrive to find a postage stamp sized space for me, and an area the guitarist could do cartwheels in on the other side of the kit. The turning point seemed to be when he accepted that the kick drum wasn't in the middle of the kit and needed to be moved across. Other than that, we all set up and then wait for the singer to look blankly at us whilst holding various cables to be plugged into the PA. He's only been doing it for 8 years.
  2. Japhet

    'Offensive' And 'Sexist' Guitar Pedal Effect

    I suppose it's largely dependent on whether you know that Steel Panther are a spoof/comedy act. I have no idea who they are so, to me, the name for the pedal initially seemed a bit dumb. On finding out who Steel Panther are, it still seems dumb (although I'm not offended).
  3. Japhet


    Zoom MS60B has some decent sounding compressor options on it if you just want to try some different sorts out. You won't get anywhere near a decent compressor for the price you can pick one of these up for. Even the B3N is cheap compared to a half decent compressor.
  4. Japhet

    If you could only choose one overdrive pedal?

    I'm currently putting together a (cheap) smaller pedal board and have just picked up a Mojomojo for it. Sounds very nice at low volume. Will see what it's like with the gas turned up soon I hope.
  5. Japhet

    I fancy a mandolin...

    I only wanted to learn Copperhead Road so my mandolin journey wasn't a long one. 🙂
  6. Japhet

    I fancy a mandolin...

    They're tuned upside down (G D A E) so a bit wierd to play but you can work stuff out. I just learned the stuff I wanted to play off Youtube where there are some good tutorials. Tiny fretboard is a bit challenging with bass player hands though.
  7. Japhet

    Favrite bass solo?

    Solo starts around 4.00 in.
  8. Japhet

    ... And we all fall down again

    In my experience it's incredibly difficult to tick all the boxes required to get a band off the ground. The members have to get on with each other, have the similar musical tastes and levels of commitment, be as competent as required, have enough spare time, sympathetic partners or family, be able to supply decent levels of equipment, be able to travel around with their gear etc. etc. etc. The list goes on and on. You then get into the realms of what compromises each is prepared to make and how fairly that can be resolved. It is a complete nightmare. I've even been in the situation where all of the boxes were perfectly ticked apart from the singer, who was a brilliant front man, being a serial substance and alcohol abuser with a gambling addiction too,who quickly sank the entire project.
  9. Japhet

    your favorite fretless bass albums!

    Heavy Weather - Weather Report.
  10. Japhet

    Albums you've really tried to love...

    Ruby Baby is one of my all time favorite tracks to play along to. No chance of ever getting to play it with a band though since it hasn't got a guitar solo!
  11. Japhet

    ZOOM MS-60B Sold

  12. Japhet

    Pedals - fun but functional?

    To address your 'What are they for?' question, Personally I like to run my amp with a clean sound. That means not driving the preamp into breakup or distortion. I then use pedals to create the sound I like which is a bit of distortion when I'm playing rock. The reason for this is that I can keep that same core sound at any volume near enough. I have more than one drive pedal - one to give the core tone and then another one later in the chain to give more grit and a bit more volume for specific songs. I also use a bit of compression (always on) and an octaver and a chorus pedal for a couple of bits in the set. I never really used pedals until I was in a 3 piece blues/rock setup where I found that when the guitarist dropped out of the rythme stuff to play solos, the sound suddenly became too thin and I needed to add something to fatten it up a bit.
  13. Japhet

    Albums you've really tried to love...

    Saw the thread title and immediately thought 'Grace - Jeff Buckley' only to find it's the first album mentioned. Another one I bought decades ago and immediately hated was Graceland - Paul Simon. Huge hype but utter bilge to my ears. Might be worth a few bob though since it's on vinyl and only been played twice - once to register my disapproval and once again many years after to confirm it was just as bad as I first thought.
  14. Japhet

    Real summer music

  15. Japhet

    Anyone play the harmonica?

    It's all about playing in 2nd position so that you can bend notes by drawing through the harmonica instead of blowing. I think a C harmonica gives you a G blues type sound when you mostly draw through the instrument (but could be wrong about that). Give it a try over a blues in G.