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  1. Gave the Talman a run out at a full volume practice yesterday. Holy Moly! It pumps out the sound and has a very hot output. Super comfortable to play and sounds huge. This is going to see plenty of action when the gigs pick up again.
  2. I'm Only Happy when it Rains - Garbage
  3. I use an old(ish) Line 6 LD15. I have it in my home office. If I'm trying to learn stuff my PC plugs straight in via a mini jack and off you go. It has plenty of different sounds and usual Line 6 type effects bundle so can make all sorts of noises. I'd imagine you could pick one of these up for peanuts.
  4. Mrs Japhet has been brilliant. We have a reciprocal arrangement where she indulges her expensive and time consuming passion for horses, and I do music. I help her whenever I can and she's very supportive of me. She used to come to loads of gigs but doesn't much any more. Too many pi55ed up dickheads for her liking and I can't say I blame her. I buy whatever gear I want and can afford and she pays for all of her horsey stuff. Works absolutely fine.
  5. Talman turned up today (a day after buying it). Looks like brand new even though it's 2nd hand. First impressions are excellent. I'm new to short scale but immediately felt very comfortable and fun to play. Sounds pretty huge too which is a nice surprise. It's quite weighty but certainly not a back breaker. Can't wait to crank it up at next rehearsal now.
  6. I can't stand the rain - Ann Peebles
  7. Love the look of these. Might get a 4 one day.
  8. I've never been a lover of natural finishes...............until I saw this. It's bloody gorgeous!
  9. Just pulled the trigger on a TMB30 on Ebay. Have been circling a shorty for quite a while now a have a few gigs lined up so really looking forward to this little stubby turning up.
  10. 3 Steps to Heaven - Showaddywaddy
  11. I've got a Mywatt 200 and it's awesome. I use it with the bright and normal inputs bridged and it's like full fat butter after years of margarine. That's the only one I can vouch for and I'd highly recommend it if you can find one. I nearly sold mine a while back but just want to hear it in action again now.
  12. Just like classical music wasn't 'classical' when it came out - it was just music.
  13. They were a 'heavy' band back in the day but the genre has evolved into something completely different, as R&B, Funk and Jazz have all spawned more modern versions of themselves. Can't wait to find out what Thrash Metal turns into.......on second thoughts, I can wait (the longer the better in fact).
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