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  1. I used to be in a band that did Tom Jones - It's not Unusual and Delilah as ska versions. Proper good fun.
  2. We'll have to wait a while yet to see how the release from lockdown pans out and whether an effective vaccine can be developed. It's all very experimental at the moment and could go either way. I personally don't want to be anywhere near crowds of people until some of that info starts filtering through.
  3. I'm obviously getting old and grouchy. I did a dep gig a while back and we did stuff by people like John Mayer and Robin Ford. I really enjoyed that because it was a challenge and I knew the rest of the band were tight as a gnat's chuff.
  4. I might be off soon but there's nothing else in the pipeline. I hate playing all the obvious songs as in if we do a Free song it has to be Alright Now. I've played that bloody thing for 30 years and I'm sick of it, plus Free did dozens of cracking songs to choose from. There are also bands I can't stand like Oasis. We also seem to be dumbing down to just churn out loads of utter crap like 'Teenage Kicks' because it's easy. I feel like an utter knob playing Teenage Kicks at my age, and saving the best til last - I've just been told to have a go at The Proclaimers 500 miles. Thinking about it, I can feel an email coming on!
  5. I allegedly have a veto but it doesn't work. We end up playing loads of stuff I hate. It's called a 'bass player's veto' bye the way.
  6. When I had a fretless I played in a band that did Don't Dream it's Over (Crowded House). Don't know if it was meant to be played on fretless but it really suited the song. Give it whirl.
  7. Here's another one I love playing along to. Another cover by Troy so the bass is a bit louder in the mix.
  8. I thought there was just male and female. Learn something every day.
  9. Japhet


    I guess you'd describe it as TS based although I don't particularly like TSs but I do like this. TSs get a bit too 'thin for my liking but this maintains the bottom end really well, especially with the 'fat' option selected on the side switch. I also particularly like being able to blend in as much clean tone as you want. I bought it to fatten up the sound of a Strat (which it does really well) but then tried it with the bass (admittedly at low volume) and have found that to be a sound I really like as well. I'm not into heavy distortion and I'd only really describe this as low to moderate gain, but it does a really nice full but gritty sound on both 6 and 4 strings. It also cleans up really well if you roll off a bit of volume on the guitar. No idea when I'll be able to give it a proper blast but I'd say it's well worth checking out. I'll be very surprised if it doesn't nail down a place on my pedal board.
  10. Japhet


    Bought a T Rex Diva drive from Thomann. Nice and cheap (£60 ish). Bought it for electric guitar but it sounds great with bass too. It has a kind of 'voice' switch which gives you Normal, Mids or Fat but also has a blend control so you can mix in your dry sound. Think it could be a cracking pedal but won't really know til I can try it out at a gig - if that ever happens again.
  11. I enjoy playing a lot of stuff I'll never get to play in a band. Quite a bit of Steely Dan stuff. One of my current favorites to play along to is Anthony Jackson's bass line on Donald Fagan's version of Ruby Baby. This guy Troy also picks some cracking stuff to cover from all genres on his channel and does a great job.
  12. I've also found that other band members have introduced me to a whole load of stuff I've never heard of. I'd never have discovered bands like Storyville, Government Mule, The Rival Sons or Cry of Love without them and they're all great bands that I listen to a lot now.
  13. I hardly listen to what I'd call 'new' music, mainly because in spite of a lifetime of listening, there's still a vast cache of quality stuff I've never experienced, so much so that with many artists they've done so much I have no idea where to start. I had random Ry Cooder stuff playing on Alexa the other day for hours. I've got Sonny Landreth on there at the moment.
  14. If my Mum had imposed her musical tastes on me I'd be listening to The Sound of Music and South Pacific instead of Robin Trower and Meshell NdegeOcello. Just sayin'.
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