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  1. I'd have to say Donald Fagan and Walter Becker. Hardly ever get to play any of their stuff apart from at home, but when I do I just love it.
  2. What bass would you get for your 50th?

    Spector Shorty for me (but I'm a few years too late).
  3. Backbeat

    Nah! I like the sound of my amp and cab.
  4. Anyone for a new valve head?

    I've got a Weber Mywatt 200W which is a copy of the Hiwatt DR201 and it's full of valvey goodness. This thing must be monstrous.
  5. Audience lack of respect for bands

    I can't get my head round the people who shell out for a ticket and then film the whole thing on their phone, presumably so they can load it up on Youtube. Sometimes it seems that demonstrating/bragging to the world that you were at an event is more important than experiencing it. Saw Floyd at Wembley a few years back and the stadium was lit up by mobile phones which to be honest, ruined the event for us.
  6. You need that really jangly, thin sound for funk in my opinion. Sounds bloody awful on its' own but great in the mix. Teles are the right tool for the job.
  7. Steely Dan.. Chuck Rainey

    Just iin the process of learning Josie and Don't Take Me Alive for a possible dep job. Fabulous bass parts. Wish more people were into this type of stuff because it's a challenge and inspiring at the same time.
  8. Who Uses a Metronome on Stage?

    Our drummer can count a song in one tempo and then start playing it at a completely different one. Add to that an ability to slow down to a virtual standstill at various points - you get the picture. Drives me effing nuts at times and it's incredibly difficult to keep going at the right tempo, especially since he doesn't seem to notice. When we listen to recordings he'll often say 'We slowed down a bit there'. 'I've told him over and over it's not 'We'. Rant over.
  9. Big hands

    Jeff Beck's another one with huge hands. Guitarist in my band always struggles with strats because he finds the necks too thin. I think Beck had a signature strat with a fat neck so that might be worth looking at. other than that, quite a lot of Les Pauls have a chunky neck.
  10. JoinMyBand Cracks Me Up!!!

    Aaaand three.....two,,,,,,one, you're back in the room.
  11. Is There A "Correct" Way To Play

    I'd imagine that the 'correct' way to play is far more important on acoustic instruments where poor technique would be much more audible. Amplified sound is much more forgiving.
  12. F F F F Funky Daryl Hall and Cee Lo

    He's on this too which is another LFDH favorite with the fabulous Todd Rundgren,
  13. F F F F Funky Daryl Hall and Cee Lo

    When I saw Daryl Hall's solo gigs in the 90s, Al Gorrie was his bass player.
  14. F F F F Funky Daryl Hall and Cee Lo

    Been hooked on LFDH for years. Saw him (with and without John Oates) a bunch of times in the 90s and they were amazing gigs. This is one of my favorite LFDH episodes;
  15. Withdrawn

    These things are incredible value for money. I've played basses that cost 10x as much that don't get close.