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  1. Can't imagine the misery of paying through the nose to slosh around in mud and other people's body fluids for days on end on the odd chance you might hear something that wasn't utter pish. Last one I went to was Knebworth in 197? and that was pretty abysmal even there were some good bands playing.
  2. My back problem seems to be more related to the amount of time standing relatively still during a gig. I'm OK until we start packing away and then the much greater range of movement required triggers some really painful lower back issues. I'm sure a lighter bass would be of some benefit but I'm not sure how much.
  3. Speaking of detectives; (from the mad mind of Alex Harvey) I got the call on a rainy Monday Business was uneasy So I turned up the collar of my coat and Considered the situation. Now was her Daddy bad? Or was it good for my Baby? But there's one thing bothering me.....Who was the man in the jar?
  4. Radar Love would seem to be extolling the virtues of driving under the influence of biblical quantities of whizz. Very un-PC in these days of 'no half of shandy for me - I'm driving'.
  5. It's good but lacks the prosaic gravity of 'All we hear is Radio Ga Ga, Radio Goo Goo, Radio Ga Ga'
  6. Cool For Cats. 'I'm invited in for coffee and I give the dog a bone...'
  7. At the Red Rooster Festival near Thetford this weekend. Last night was very impressed with William the Conqueror (especially the female bass player who played some really nice stuff and had a great tone). Here's a YT offering.
  8. I blame Simon (effing) Cowell and the brainwashed British public who sit on their backsides and lap up whatever garbage he dishes up to them on a Saturday night. The demise of live music is in direct relation to the rise in Saturday night 'talent' shows.
  9. It's only finished when there's nobody left who wants to listen to it. Can't see that happening for a very long time.
  10. Japhet

    Octaves and synths

    The Godlyke Great Divide has always sounded good to me but very hard to find.
  11. Don't suppose anything that sensible would occur to a drummer. Certainly wouldn't occur to our's.
  12. Miss my old 300SMX. Lovely amp with buckets of power.
  13. I've played in bands on both sides. I prefer stage left since I'm right handed and being on the other side usually ended up with my headstock in amongst the cymbals. Always had problems with drummers encroaching in my space though. They seem to think that a guitarist needs extra room even though they're playing a much smaller instrument. I've also played with 2 guitarists where I share one side of the stage with a guitarist and the bloody drummer always used to set up in the middle. I gave up trying to explain that he needed to move over - it seemed too much for his brain to handle. It's an old story but I understand how Bill Wyman ended up playing his bass almost vertically.
  14. Many of those already listed were shocking. I'd add Tom Petty to the list. I found his death particularly hard to get a handle on.
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