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  1. The NHS hasn't been a workable model since the mid 1960s I'd say. When it was introduced we had virtually full employment and people generally died in their 70s and 80s. They also died of 'natural causes' which was acceptable. Today, we have a population that require ever more medical treatment, much of it for self inflicted problems. We have people on drug treatments that cost hundreds of thousands and a population that routinely live into the high 90s with huge medical support that can go on and on, year after year. We are continually striving to find cures for everything nature throws at us and we should all be very grateful for that, but the NHS in it current guise can't bear the brunt of those expectations.
  2. Waterfront - Simple Minds.😀 Have wanted my band to play it for years so that I can play a few bars into a looper and then saunter off to the bar for a pint.
  3. I don't notice the weight during a gig, but as soon as it's finished and I start packing stuff away my back causes me all sorts of grief. Lighter basses don't seem to make any difference either.
  4. Japhet

    Show us your rig!

    I used to gig with one of those Peavey 1820s and a Trace Elliott SMX head years ago. It used to feel like somebody was kicking me in the back of my legs with the amount of punch it had. I used to spend nearly all of my gig money in the osteopath's though.
  5. I remember listening with great interest to the basslines of James Jamerson and Bob Babbitt which probably piqued my curiosity. I think there were 2 players though who really pushed me over the edge on 2 particular records. Firstly was Trevor Bolder on Aladdin Sane and secondly was John Entwhistle on Quadraphenia. Both came up with some exquisite and unusual lines to such an extent that I wore those records out and am still blown away by them decades later.
  6. If given the chance, I tell people that never watching any reality TV is the only realistically attainable ambition I have left in life. I remember the very first outing of Big Brother and thought it was like a fly on the wall deal, only flies on the wall were much more interesting. I've pretty much managed to avoid all of it since then. I also remember Clive James on TV. The Japanese show called 'Endurance' where contestants were made to do revolting things, eat disgusting things, were humiliated and tortured made compulsive viewing because it was so wierd and so cruel. You can see hour after hour of that kind of dross every single Saturday night now on British TV. It's all a bit sad really.
  7. I absolutely hate all forms of reality TV. Had some of this garbage inflicted on me by the Mother in Law who was telling me that 'this is proper entertainment blah, blah, blah'. This really is plumbing uncharted depths of shite.
  8. Looks like it's an 06 model from that info. Thanks guys.
  9. Is the serial number in the neck pocket? Can't find anything anywhere else (and not particularly keen to start taking it to bits to be honest.
  10. Lakland 55 01. Completely standard. No dings or dents and in excellent nick. This bass has the best neck of any 5 string I've played and has a low B to die for. Has active and passive circuits via a push/pull volume knob and sounds fabulous in both modes. Price (£550) is for collection although I could courier at buyers expense or meet up within reason for fuel costs
  11. I would say, find the last thing you absolutely had to have. In my case, that is a fairly expensive effects pedal which now lives in a drawer in my office. Prior to purchase, it was something I absolutely couldn't do without and now it shares the drawer with umpteen other examples of the same madness.
  12. Haven't bought much this year but one item stands out. I picked up a Valeton FET Preamp pedal for peanuts off Ebay and it's a tone monster. Works great as a booster too to drive the front end of my amp. Think I paid £19 for it and I've had pedals that cost £119 that couldn't hold a candle to it.
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