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  1. I can see a trend starting....off to ebay to see what's available...
  2. Found it - "Account settings", "Signature", "view signatures"
  3. No shortage of them on ebay unfortunately...
  4. Can we expect to see you on Dragon's Den in the near future??
  5. Martyn bought my much beloved Spector NS2000. We'd previously traded for my Spector NS94 - this was as equally a smooth transaction. Martyn confirming that he is an asset to this forum - trade with confidence.
  6. Just started a new course of antidepressants...

    I couldn't function with the previous ones - these supposedly have fewer side effects but the list is far from short...including a deterioration for the first 5 days!! Minimum course is 6 months.

    The thought of this is making me depressed.


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    2. TheGreek


      4 hours sleep last night....feeling proper ratty at the moment.

    3. gary mac

      gary mac

      Wish you well Mick, hope the meds work for you. All the best.

    4. prowla


      I've been waking up after less sleep of late; I think it's probably down to inaction during lockdown.

      Hope the new pills work!

  7. Another bass that I'm parting with as part of my clear-out/ downsizing. Acquired here IIRC - I'm not a fretless player, much as I'd like to be, so this needs to find a new home. Not sure of the history behind this - you don't see too many of them in blue - normally in Orange. I emailed a number of shops, etc in an attempt to find out how many were made in blue - nobody seemed to know and it was suggested that it was made for a show then sold on afterwards. No idea how much truth there is in this and I'm happy to amend this post if others know more. Here are the specs from online: https://www.andertons.co.uk/bass-dept/bass-guitars/modern-bass-guitars/spector-bass-spectorcore-4-piezo-lined-fretless It's currently wearing some flatwounds of unknown heritage. I'll get more photos done over the weekend
  8. I had this up for sale earlier this year as an "either/or" sale - this and an NS94. The plan was to sell one, keep the other. Both basses are excellent examples of Stu Spector's fine work and, if anything, were advertised "too cheap". I can honestly say that I wouldn't be selling this if I could keep hold of it. I've got a few health problems currently which are "forcing" the sale of a number of my basses/amps/cabs. Watch the For Sale threads for details of the clear out. As anybody who has ever owned one of these would agree, you'd be hard pushed to find anything of similar quality for the money. I'm asking £325 which is closer to what similar items have sold for recently.
  9. Tonally... ...but get somebody to help with moving the rig
  10. Spend a few quid and cover it....I loved that blue snake skin TE that was for sale here earlier this year - properly eye catching - lots of veneers available on ebay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2334524.m570.l1311&_nkw=veneer+sheets&_sacat=4713&LH_TitleDesc=0&_osacat=4713&_dmd=2&_odkw=bass+guitar
  11. I had some made and gave them away at The Herts Bashes...I found one the other day
  12. Looks like translucent paint so might be a high end model, 320 possibly?? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SGC-Nanyo-Bass-Collection-Guitar/174374672789?hash=item28998a5995:g:uN8AAOSww9RfJbdI
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