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  1. Ashdown set a standard that others should aspire to...other manufacturers are you reading this thread??
  2. Great impulse buy for somebody - nearly me.... Please, don't sell it to me....
  3. Agree.... If you asked me who the best player in the world is for 7 days in a week you'd probably get 8 different answers based on what I've been listening to.
  4. Love the pencil mark by the bridge. Mark of quality craftsmanship. The alignment of the bridge shows the artistry of the man...
  5. Very much so....whenever it comes out and I show people the photos of how I bought it they don't believe me. I tell them, "that's the wonder that is @Andyjr1515".
  6. I've had two - great basses for the money. Other manufacturers must be proper jealous.
  7. How can John Taylor be the best bassist in the world when he hasn't done anything for years? I don't know most of these bassists and in about 10 years time nobody will have heard of them... BTW none of my top ten are on the list.
  8. Nobody's mentioned those assembled in Japan using MIA parts. I had one of the very few that made their way to the UK - for some reason I never gelled with it. It may not have been any different from many of those built in the US. If you come across one give it a go...
  9. I have the 5er version - great basses - well constructed, great neck and lovely balance. Hard to beat IMO.
  10. I was very impressed with my HD360 and Neo cab- in fact I'd say that it was some of the best gear I ever played through. When they were based in Letchworth, Herts the Customer Service was excellent. I've been looking for the NeoGorm combo for a few years now but they rarely come up for sale - suggests they are appreciated by their owners. I still regard them as producers of high class equipment.
  11. Very educational - there were a number of players that I didn't know about as well as highlighting some who get lots of hate. Some homework to do....
  12. Like the idea of the truss rod cover using magnets. It isn't until you have to access areas held in by screws that you realise what a great idea magnets are.
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