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  1. http://www.theampworkshop.co.uk/
  2. Nick Smith - @doctor_of_the_bass - holds these in high regard. I believe he still owns Martin Kemp's old one used on the first Spandau album. They are rumoured to be quite heavy - can you give us the weight?
  3. One of the best amps I've ever owned...and at a steal of a price. Also used by Laurence Cottle.... If I needed an amp, this would be what I'd go for.
  4. Seller hasn't been here for a while: Content Count2 JoinedJanuary 18, 2017 Last visitedOctober 30, 2018
  5. Aesthetically no markings at all, however..... In reality I have to play the thing so I need lines and dots. I'm really jealous of all of you who can play basses with a plain, ebony board.
  6. That means that you don't have enough room for the next bass you want to buy. They say space is infinite - not in my flat it isn't
  7. The problem nowadays??...lots of brands making great VFM basses - "lot of bass for your buck" is an all to familiar a phrase - and generally this is true. Both of mine represent great VFM - even so I'm considering selling them - "too many basses" is another all to familiar phrase on this forum...
  8. Thinking about selling gear again.....
  9. I was playing my BBN4ii earlier - lovely neck - felt effortless.
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