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  1. I've used Sanctuary Studios before - studio 2 is a very nice room with an Ashdown combo IIRC. I haven't used it but there has been some positive feedback about the recently updated studio in St Albans (near the printers).
  2. There's a rehearsal space in Stevenage Old Town, just up the road from CODA Music. Post your details on their board. I've sent you a PM.
  3. Calling @VedranPU.... Good basses these - far more than just a "poor man's Alembic" - even though there may be a hidden compliment in there.
  4. I used to have that wallpaper in a previous flat...
  5. I recently discovered his videos... The boy can play...
  6. I congratulate you on narrowing it down to M -v- Fender. There are so many great brands out there currently that it's a nightmare choosing what to go with. To muddy the waters for you, have you considered G&L, Spector, Lakland and Yamaha? I've owned one or more of each and all have been excellent bits of gear - I'd be hard pushed to own just one.
  7. A monster....turn it up a bit so that I can hear it properly.
  8. I used my last one on Monday - got one back on Friday (phew!!) Always need to have at least one...
  9. Nobody will ever know... Coming along a treat...
  10. I've heard only good things about the new Bass Collections. If I could use these I'd be buying them. GLWTS
  11. Lucy in the Sky with diamonds - The Beatles
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