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  1. Welcome JOOI what part of Scotland?
  2. ....and the strings. You think that he'd fit "a set".
  3. Understandable - all part of the Fender Heritage I suppose.
  4. Nice looking BBG5S on Gumtree - not far from Mr Travis so be quick if you're interested. https://www.gumtree.com/p/guitar-instrument/yamaha-5-string-bass-bbg5s/1414931620
  5. I agree with much of what is said above - no need for a tone control and once you get used to it, you'll question why you ever needed one before. Very under-rated as a bass IMO. If I could find a fiver....
  6. I sent him a message suggesting he add the model details to his ad - no reply, no amendment.
  7. Still here - funds from the sale go to my "new puppy fund"
  8. I have a 5er...a very nice bass for the price.
  9. I would recommend the G&L SB2 - PJ pups (but no tone control). Not heavy at all.
  10. Not thought about cream pick up covers and knobs?
  11. The Sinatra nominations reminded me... Caught in the Act - Michael Buble Rock Swings - Paul Anka
    1. Cliff Edge

      Cliff Edge

      I haven’t seen a Cash Converts shop open since BC. (Before Covid)

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