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  1. I'm trying to think of a pun to do with "scales" (the major/ minor type)
  2. We had a chat...I didn't feel that he took on board what I had to say. His general attitude was "this is how I wrote the song and what the song requires" - I wasn't in agreement and didn't feel I was being listened to. Not a good sign. I've walked.
  3. Been there before. too many times unfortunately. Ebay do fack all about sellers who do this - makes a mockery of the so called rules.
  4. Nice...I like this - I wonder if he bought the bass to match the tones of the rug or vice versa...
  5. This is essentially it...his songs played by the band. I've always felt that everybody has a contribution to make so let them make it. They know their instrument and how it fits the bigger picture. I don't tell the others how/what to play so let me find what I think works.
  6. Started a new originals project with a sax/keys/vocals (1 person), drummer, another keys player and a trumpet player. We're looking at a funky feel - none of them listen to or have played in a band which plays this genre. Annoyingly, the sax/keys/vocalist keeps telling what to play - not just "can you double that note.." the whole riff - and they have been CRAP!! We're practising later today - he sent me a bassline to play earlier - not unlike what I played last week when we jammed it out but in no way improved on. I can feel that he's a bit of a control freak - I'm getting negative vibes already. What do I do???
  7. I have a pair of Vox amPhones - bought them for convenience but the sound is not good. I wouldn't recommend them...
  8. Saw it...no idea how they came to this figure...maybe they don't want to sell it.
  9. Gear4music advertise loads of damaged items - have a look at the amount of acoustic guitars with damaged headstocks they have for sale. It's only a matter of time before one of the fork truck drivers damages something that you want.
  10. Did you ever forgive her??? Welcome
  11. I think that had I been in a similar situation customer service would have been a factor for me and knowing how good this is from Ashdown (and that they have a presence here on this forum) I think I would have swayed towards the good ole Made in the UK brand. If you're happy though...
  12. Wouldn't you have to buy an Afro wig if you bought this??? Very 1970s
  13. Dave bought this along to one of the SE Bashes - it's an absolutely stunning bass. If it's half the ACG Harlot bass that I sold Frank Blank it'll be a monster. Somebody's going to get a great buy...
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