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  1. I was going to contradict @Pat2019 's recommendation. I had a TC combo which I found totally lack lustre and gutless (at low level at home). However I didn't give it a thorough going over at home which may have led to my conclusion. I know of others who spoke highly TC. I'm prepared to accept I might have been wrong - it happened once before. Personally I'd give serious consideration to the Trace Elliot (though weight can be an issue) and/or the Ashdown - I have both and can't fault either.
  2. TheGreek

    Spector NS-5PXL (with piezo)

    Green is my favourite colour, Spector one of my favourite builders....luckily I don't do 5ers....phew!! Somebody is going to get a cracking bass
  3. TheGreek

    location field and the search function

    Good idea....can only make the forum a better place to shop.
  4. TheGreek

    Scott Walker RIP

    Wow....a real loss. RIP sir
  5. TheGreek

    New Trace Elliot Cab Day

    I could have taken virtually the same photo but the ah150 is tucked away. Here is mine with my Elf.
  6. TheGreek

    Ashdown Stack Bargain?

    That is niiiice!! Don't need another rig but I'd love this...
  7. TheGreek

    Semi Hollow Bass (and another two...)

    Love how the fretboard and bridge match the wood grain. Works as a limited palette.
  8. TheGreek

    Trace Elliot BLX-110 150w Cab

    I'm watching this but with the re-wiring job suggesting that one of the power amps not working it is a poor example of what should be a good cab. Ashdown Superfly cabs very under-rated mostly because they didn't sell as many as they should have. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/312538854635?ul_noapp=true
  9. TheGreek

    Fretless Porn

    Maybe if the curve on the bottom of the fretboard matched...???
  10. TheGreek

    Fretless Porn

    Maybe if the curve on the bottom of the fretboard matched...???
  11. TheGreek

    Novice Active bass questions

    Remember, unlike a passive bass you can't leave a lead plugged in when it's not being played...well you can but don't expect the batteries to have any juice left when you next go to use it.
  12. TheGreek

    Searching for BC Rich Mockingbird

    Good luck with the hunt... My biggest worry would be what else I found while looking for this bass...there's far to much nice gear out there.
  13. TheGreek

    NBD ACG Finn bass 32" scale

    B-U-T-ful... Love the figuring on the fretboard....shouldn't come as any surprise...it's an ACG after all... Nice work Alan.
  14. TheGreek

    Hello there.

    Welcome... First steps...get your major and minor scales under your belt. Don't forget to visit Scotts Bass Lessons - lots there that'll help your progress. Having said that, there are plenty of other helpful videos on YT which will help you develop. Don't be too intimidated about joining a band will...somebody has to be the "weakest player" and you'll probably make more progress through this than any other method.
  15. TheGreek

    Trace Elliot BLX-110 150w Cab

    £116??? Bit strong...