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  1. I had the 100w version of this years ago - I used to let the guitarist use the left hand channel - he would always turn his guitar down when we were setting levels then turn it up once we started playing again. Still feel like killing him now when I think about it. GLWYS
  2. Even after all these years I still can't get my head round headed Status basses - they just look weird....
  3. The Les Paul Twins

    I have an A1 sketch pad which I bought at "The Works" - popular end of lines outlet store - A2 now £4... https://www.theworks.co.uk/p/sketchpads/a2-sketch-pad/5052089008113
  4. Interest but no cash changed hands...
  5. Semi hollow body bass - suggestions please!

    I'm thinking that you mean a Jack Casady / Chowny type thing. You can pick up both within your budget.
  6. PB-50 modifications

    You can do this using white PVA glue too. Basically replace the "sticky back plastic" with PVA by painting three or four coats of watered down PVA and follow Jimothey's process. The PVA dries clear and can be laid on top of another coat of PVA and left to dry. Paint another coat on top to seal. Old trick for decorating tobacco tins.
  7. Kevsy71

    Kevin bought a Gator 4U case from me - took only an hour or so to agree terms. Smooth problem free transaction - in fact it was harder finding his feedback than doing the deal. Trade with confidence...
  8. Nice... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/One-piece-Flame-Maple-Jazz-Bass-neck/192545020440?hash=item2cd493da18:g:QmkAAOSwcIJa6bOh
  9. New ACG build

    looking good...I'd expect nothing less from Alan TBH
  10. Wax.?

    Lemon Oil...
  11. Palatino EU

    Same as wanting "a lend of some money"...
  12. I am surprised - very highly thought of - Dave Swift is a fan and owns a few...
  13. Prince Cloud guitar

    I thought it would make 4 figures at least....
  14. Franz Bass Guitars - "Merak" 4

    Also in agreement. I like the headstock shape...