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  1. TheGreek


    Great value for money item (is not what can be said for this) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Important-String-IMPORTANT/253885115436?hash=item3b1cbb6c2c:g:otsAAOSwaMxbo9dg Currently 2 bidders.
  2. Chitarre Lodato fretless semi acoustic...unknown to me but I wouldn't mind owning this. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Chitarre-Lodato-Fretless-Bass/292730643588?hash=item44281b2484:g:IFYAAOSwroFbntGG
  3. TheGreek

    Skip find guitar build

    You probably know that you won't get the financial return you put into it...I suppose that it's not the point...it's the fun of getting your hands dirty and being creative. Are you planning on emulating the curve of the body in the lower part of the scratchplate?
  4. Send him a PM...this should have sold ages ago.
  5. Discussion between Marco, Grangur and myself - we feel it would be helpful to video people trying the bass and a few comments. Silvia, were you planning on bringing and video equipment or will I get away with using an ipad?
  6. TheGreek

    Elwray Basses - Need people for passaround.

    Invitation to register an interest posted on the SE Bash thread.
  7. Negotiating with Marco Elwray to bring one of his basses to the Bash. Will those who try it be happy to write a review here? I'll set up a thread. If you're interested in having it to test for a few days put your name down on the relevant thread.
  8. Stagg Electric Upright Bass https://www.staggmusic.com/en/products/view/EDB34VBR
  9. TheGreek

    Elwray Basses - Need people for passaround.

    Please update further.
  10. Why not add doors so it looks like a piece of furniture...
  11. A new acquisition - a bit of a mess but nothing that can't be fixed (by those who are far more accomplished than I).
  12. Would anyone be interested in a pair of Trace Elliot Revo 8 audio speakers? I can bring them down with me.
  13. TheGreek

    Yikes... More Joe Dart

    Our Joe Dart, who art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name...
  14. TheGreek

    Elwray Basses - Need people for passaround.

    I'll be more than happy to test drive your creation. I love unique basses - inspires me to think that there is always something that could be used in another project. Check my Psilos Bass - most knowledgeable bassists will see the inspiration from other instruments. Can't guarantee that I'll pass it on though if I really like it. 😉😉
  15. TheGreek

    My new Bass creation

    Love your Mission Statement... "As a bassist myself, I know the importance of a well-made instrument. I personally inspect each and every bass before it leaves my workbench. My name is on it, and I’m proud of my work. I wouldn’t expect other players to accept anything less than I’d want—that is, the most beautiful, functional, great-sounding, and above all playable instrument possible."