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  1. I bought a Quilter Bassliner 2x10w from somebody recently who had two of these. He said they were the best cabs he'd ever owned...and he listed loads of stuff he'd owned. GLWTS
  2. I'd like to think that ACGs will become collectable in the future - mainly because bassists will recognise what versatile and beautifully made instruments they are. It will probably mean Alan having to die (the supply & demand factor) and though I'm not advocating bumping him off, I think the sooner we recognise his brilliance the better. Here's mine:
  3. It's in a ply/alu rack case in an attempt to prevent the Groovilium from escaping. In reality it doesn't get used. I'm not gigging...but by keeping it under lock and key I am preventing nearby planets from being expelled from the Solar System.
  4. Interesting.... I played a Mesa at a Bass show back in the 80s - absolutely blew my mind. Ever since I've been trying to find a Mesa which blew my mind in the same way but despite many hundreds of pounds spent I haven't been able to. I've owned three in the past few years and all disappointed but to be fair I didn't persevere as much as i should have as I couldn't emulate my beloved TE palette. Realistically, I should stop looking for something which I already get from my Trace gear.
  5. Many of you won't have even heard of these but I'm certain that my Veillette Citron is an absolute classic waiting to be recognised. Used by Bjorn from Abba and Tina Weymouth amongst others, it is reported that only about 260 basses were built by the two owners. From the net: Starting in 1976, luthiers Joe Veillette and Harvey Citron built and sold VC basses and guitars which were made of the finest woods and wired with revolutionary electronics (staged pickups and truly floating pickups) entirely handbuilt (except for tuners and knobs!) and beautifully crafted and balanced instruments. Each one is unique and today they are quite rare as total production of all basses and guitars was 530 instruments with somewhat over half, perhaps as many as 300 being basses. Their creations were played by Tina Waymouth (Talking Heads), Kasim Sultan (David Bowie), John Sebastian, The guitarist from the Good Rats and many other notables. By 1983, due to the cost of production and difficulty tooling up to meet demand, VC went out of business. Today both Harvey and Joe build amazing, custom made instruments and are located in Woodstock NY. As a bassist and collector of vintage basses, I have owned over 20 VCs - again, each is unique, but the one commonality they share is they are phenomenal players - thick ebony fretboards that have a unique and rich sound, never go out of tune, and the pickups- oh, the pickups... If you are not familiar with VCs or have never played one, do some research. They are much sought after and quite rare. http://www.veilletteguitars.com/press_citron.shtml
  6. Waste not... Looking forward to the next build thread..
  7. A friend of mine picked one up from a local charity shop for £75 - played nice - better bass than the price/value suggests.
  8. TheGreek


    ..or pay the shipping costs, avoid HMRC payments, worry about how safely it's being shipped... In short, what we need is a "beam me up Scotty".
  9. TheGreek


    Advertising??? Don't expect too many BCers to be popping in and make a quick purchase..
  10. Ashdown Evo 11 180 - have one in the living room which I use for practice. Wish I got it for £65. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ashdown-Engineering-Electric-Blue-180-Evo-ii-Bass-Combo-Amp-Perfect-Condition/223513566379?hash=item340a725cab:g:A4AAAOSwpE1c2Gi0
  11. Very nice....love the all gold/brown colour palette
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