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  1. TheGreek

    Trace Elliot, tell me about it

    If we hear of earthquakes in East Yorkshire we'll know that you turned it up!! I have one which, unfortunately, doesn't get any use due to it being "overpowered". Easier to use either the Elf or the AH300....
  2. TheGreek

    Tina Weymouth BBC bass programme in Jan

    Loved it...man on the street will have an insight into the role of the bass in music now.
  3. Pukka? I had the 100w version many years ago - purchased from our very own @aDx no less.
  4. TheGreek

    You can only have........

    I had two basses...then I joined Basschat.
  5. TheGreek

    The Riddled Road of Fretless Bass Guitar...

    For those who need to polish out ebanol necks you could try toothpaste.... Contains enough "grit" to get rid of small ridges/furrows/scratches. An old trick used by car fanatics to clear the mistiness on car lenses.
  6. TheGreek

    Tina Weymouth BBC bass programme in Jan

    Bernard doesn't say much nowadays...
  7. Lots of high end gear...my favourite to play is my Nanyo SGC 310. Thrown sackfuls of money at amps - can't beat that classic Trace Elliot tone.
  8. TheGreek

    Tina Weymouth BBC bass programme in Jan

    Quick double check - Yep, set to record tonight's episode
  9. TheGreek

    Andyjr1515 meets his Nemesis?

    I'm waiting to see Andy's Nemesis with a black eye and knocked on his derriere.... Come on Andy!!
  10. TheGreek

    EUB or "real" Double Bass for starter?

    Strange coincidence.... I had a call from Valentin Hristov earlier today. He brought a couple of his creations to the Herts Bash 2016. He's been contacted by a BC member and one of his friends both wanting a custom EUB. He'll make both 4 and 5 strings. He recently secured a patent on his piezo style pick up which he assures me gives a more DB like tone than any of the competition. I encouraged him to join BC, he's after some advice on fret markers but also has loads of knowledge that he can share. Not had a chance to check his website but here's the link: www.fortevio.com
  11. TheGreek

    Very small cab - options?

    Trace Elliot built 1x10 as an extension speaker, normally for the BLX range. They can be difficult to find but if you do find one they can be picked up for not a great deal (like most Trace gear currently).
  12. TheGreek

    Requests for sound clips

    The tones I get from a bass are going to be, in general, completely different to those that others'll get. I've seen numerous requests for sound clips on sale threads...why?? I'm pretty sure we're agreed that there are so many factors in the sound that comes out of a bass/amp/etc that make such requests meaningless.
  13. TheGreek

    Very small cab - options?

    Have you considered a Trace Elliot Brightbox? 4X 5" speakers - if you can find one ( I have one) they can change hands for not too many pictures of the Queen.
  14. TheGreek

    Can I learn to stretch further?

    I'm confused...you don't need to stretch, you need to pivot off your thumb...or am I missing something??? 😕😕