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  1. Ebs HD350 blew

    IIRC there is an onboard 3amp fuse tucked away which is accessed through the rear panel. Took me a while to find it when mine blew.
  2. How is this possible, EMG parts rant

    I've tried to avoid EMGs since the 80s when the "Select" models were fitted on a Hohner B2A I had. I can't find a single positive thing to say about them and it befuddles me intensely why anybody uses them. Comes as no surprise that the CS is rubbish - same as the p/ups.
  3. TC Electronics BG500 with cover

    "Space is infinite.." ..not in my flat it isn't... I would like this to go...I think I'm asking a fair price....anybody??
  4. Name the Bassist by the Bass

    11/15 for me...that's 73%...there were players there that I haven't even heard of....I should have got Tina Weymouth but she wasn't playing her Veillette Citron which I also own.
  5. I think I'm coming down with something...

    IMPOSTER!!! There is no such thing as a BC member without GAS, and if there was somebody who was temporarily content with their set up they certainly wouldn't miss an opportunity to shop if/when their partner offered them the chance. Also no self respecting BC member would admit to having "No GAS" even if such a condition existed (which it doesn't BTW). Continue with your lies and accept the consequences!!
  6. Just accidentally bought a new bass...

    Nice Bass...you could have had worse accidents...
  7. Nanyo 5 Bass in Iridescent Ivory Pearl

    Stupidly sold my Nanyo fretless, I need a Nanyo 4 string in the collection. Will consider a trade for a Nanyo 4 string of similar quality - 310/320 or higher.
  8. Recreating the Trace Elliot SMX signal path

    I love the old heads and combos - they produce the tones I want and do everything that I want them to, except maybe carrying themselves up and down stairs. The endorsees list from the 80s and 90s reads like a who's who of the greatest players from that era...Trace Elliot must have been doing something right. I'm sure the original tones can be replicated but it would certainly cost more than the price of a second hand rig.
  9. Trace Elliot heads/combo

    Combo still available, now only two cabs...I'll need to hold on to one of them though.
  10. Falling in love again

    Trace Elliot for me...like the new Elf, love the old combos, AH and SMX ranges. Gear didn't get better, just lighter...
  11. Really small combo/cab+amp

    GK Backline 110/112/115 - exchanging hands for significantly less than I paid for my 110 new 6 years ago - bad for me, good for you.
  12. https://www.gumtree.com/p/guitar-bass-amplifiers/ashdown-bass-amp-/1275307197
  13. Headless 4 String

    Kiwi had a few for sale earlier this year....no idea if he still has any left.
  14. Where to buy wood?

    They closed the local hospital near where I live recently. In the strip down they removed a ton (not far off) of dark wood, probably Mahogany. Look for similar demolitions.
  15. Where to buy wood?

    Ask Jez if he has another spare door and shelf....