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  1. Gareth posted in the "Wanted" thread for a gold machine head. I had a set of 4 in my parts box. A couple of PMs later and they were on their way to him. Hope you can use them.
  2. Sold Steve a little amp (GK Backline 110) after he posted a wanted ad. Smooth transaction with great communications - one slight hiccup - I nearly drove off with the amp in the back of the car after dropping him at my local railway station. Sorry Steve!! Trade in confidence.


    Currently on Gumtree. Owner would like it back understandably.



  4. I have a fretless - PM me with more detail about which measurements you want.
  5. I have a fretless - amazing bass - love it. Those who aren't familiar with Yamaha build quality, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Possibly the best VFM basses on the market - and there are some really well priced basses available currently. GLWTS
  6. Love it when somebody builds something with the "wrong" materials......Oak fretboard hey? 👍 Following this....
  7. Is this still available? Ad posted 37 mins ago - I thought that it would have sold by now....must be a slow day.😉😉
  8. Damn autocorrect....I'm sure you meant "provenance"
  9. Practice??? Play with other musicians??? Sorry, didn't mean to be flippant.
  10. I have a Spector Performer which has a flat body - sorry to complicate matters further.
  11. I was just about to post the same video and the possible link to @cetera. Just proves that if you snooze, you lose...
  12. This guy could have any bass in the world – but he opts to play the ‘cheap’ one he has had since 1963. https://www.guitarworld.com/features/paul-mccartney-hofner-bass
  13. I'm lucky in that I've owned some amazing basses in my life - many "perfect" in their own way....however I was always too precious with them. What I can say is that owning a "perfect" bass can be scary thing - what happens if it is dropped? What if it gets scratched/etc? I'm not unhappy about the continued search.
  14. I have whole days like that...
  15. Just remembered that I have a "spare" Bigsby style whammy bar which could do with a new home.
  16. When I started playing back in the mid 80s the build quality of contemporary Fenders was abysmal. I think it was this that allowed other manufacturers to get their foot in the door.
  17. Looks nice doesn't it? When has "need" been a part of a purchase? "Want" is the pertinent emotion, I think.
  18. I bought one a few years ago and had @Garymac install a Bigsby on it.
  19. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/125090647970?hash=item1d1ffbcfa2:g:uk8AAOSweuZh2fvq
  20. Gallien Kruger Backline - available in 10/12/15" speakers, with varying power 70-120w. They come up on Ebay regularly - you should find one for around £80-100.
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