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  1. Been thinking about downsizing for a while. Need to accept reality that most of my basses live in their cases for most of their lives. They need to be used so I'm putting up a number of my basses which other basses cover the ground for. Here is my Yamaha BB414 - only had it a few months - it's sat in the living room rack for most of that time alongside basses that I will generally pick up instead. Plays lovely - really nice action, strings feel like new. The former owner (a drummer) had bought it to learn on but never did. Andy Travis is a big fan and will know lots more about these than I do - I bought it because of his love for all things Yamaha. What they say: For more than 20 years, the Yamaha BB Series basses have been the workhorse for great bass players like Nathan East, Tony Kanal, and Michael Anthony. Now Yamaha has reinvented the bass that started it all. The BB series basses boast all the classic characteristics of the original BB's, from the distinctive big body design and bolt-on neck to vintage-style hardware and soapbar and split-coil pickups. YAMAHA BB414 FEATURES: Construction: Bolt-on. Scale Length: 864mm (34"). Fingerboard: Rosewood. Frets: 21. Neck Radius: 250mm (10"). Body: Alder. Neck: Maple. Tuners: Diecast. Bridge: Vintage Style. Pickups: 2 split coil neck pickups, 1 soapbar single coil bridge pickup. Pickup Switch: 3 position. Controls: Master Volume, Master Tone. Collection from Hatfield, Herts preferred - really easy access from M25 and A1M - I'm 2 minutes from the local Police Station, The Galleria and Uni of Herts. Feel free to ask questions. Details here: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/348217-nbd-yamaha-bb414/?do=findComment&comment=3825070
  2. Agree....there are some big companies who could learn something here.
  3. Looks well looked after...the previous owner should be commended. Can you turn it up a bit so that we can all hear what it sounds like...😆😆
  4. We've all heard the horror stories about damaged items so work from the premise that your item is LIKELY to be abused and prepare for it. If you don't have a spare case, double box it - or at least extra cardboard in front of any vulnerable parts - lots of bubble wrap inside and out. In all the time I'be been using couriers I've only ever had one bad experience. It seemed somebody had used an umbrella (or similar) as a javelin knocking one of the knobs and pots out of alignment even though the bass was in a hard case and a cardboard box.. The buyer returned the bass - it cost less to have it repaired than the cost of the courier....
  5. Lots of good lightweight cabs out there, Barefaced and Vanderkley will get lots of mentions. However finding a "good" lightweight Class D head is a different ball game IMO. I've tried loads and I've yet to try anything that really comes up to scratch. Don't be fooled by the Trace Elliot stickers on the Elf - it doesn't have the same heft that you experienced from the classic stuff. The company is now based in the US so you won't get the same easy to access customer service that you got when they were based in the UK. I wasn't impressed with the TC gear. The Genz Benz gear which everybody was talking about a few years ago has seemingly fallen from grace since the company was bought out by Gibson (I believe). You'll undoubtedly get recommendations for the Genzler. I didn't get any inspiration from the Darkglass but I do know that some people swear blind by them, especially if you like a heavy modern, rock tone.. Ashdown are coming back into popularity - dirt cheap, excellent customer service, a presence on this forum and good products mean you get a lot for your buck. If it were my money and I had to buy a Class D head I'd certainly think about a EBS - general consensus that the Customer Service is excellent.
  6. When I need to chill.... Stranger on the shore - Acker Bilk Albatross - Fleetwood Mac
  7. "Taped" it - watched the first half hour or so but went to bed
  8. Great that we recognise good service and aren't just dissing companies for poor service, Well done B5 for starting the thread.
  9. Is anybody who's coming near Brixton? PM me please...
  10. Good word....I bet you don't drop it into conversation very often though..😎
  11. Check the builders website, he has some very high profile clients, including John Patitucci. http://www.jacoland.it/site/john-patitucci/
  12. Naxos' response is typical of the support you'll get from this community. Great members on a great forum
  13. Now when I click to reply the size icon isn't here...
  14. I like the left hand side of the right hand design - personally I think the right hand side of both designs need a bit of refining. Having said that, the right hand design reminds me of a woman turning to look over her right shoulder. There's an amazing image of Sofia Loren with that classic "Hour glass" figure - looked, can't find it - which would be a good reference point, that or Seven of Nine.
  15. Anybody who can find a way to make TE user friendly again would have a good chance on Dragon's Den....
  16. I have a AH 300w head being serviced at the moment... I find that the heads are manageable - the combos require strong friends.
  17. I've never seen or heard of these and the only info I can find suggests that £100 is the going rate.. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Washburn-Status-XS8-Bass-Active-4-String/283635309731?hash=item4209fb5ca3:g:4zIAAOSwveNdmjgQ
  18. I've just noticed that the font size option seems to have disappeared on some posts...Ironically it's here as I type. Confused!!
  19. Don't talk to him....he's one of them... OK, maybe just a little bit....but watch what you say 😉😉
  20. Scary price tag: Only slightly less so:
  21. Ridiculous that this is still here....if you only smoked 20 fags a day you would still have spent more than this costs over the time of the ad...many people would have spent more than this on beer over a weekend. If I didn't already have 4 TEs I would dive on this... GLWTS
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