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  1. Love that top. It's gonna be a stunner.
  2. After giving my clip on tuner to my neighbour who is learning to play guitar I posted a "Wanted" ad for a clip on tuner. Nick responded within an hour offering me one....I was expecting one of those cheap, Chinese tuners which you see for 99p but no, Nick sent me a Boss TU-10. Better than the one I gave away. This is the sort of thing that happens with the hard core members here - forever coming to each other's rescue. Nick is a proper gent. Trade with confidence. I'll need to return the favour and find the Baritone sax reeds I have for him - the dreaded "in a safe place".
  3. At least he's finally reduced it from £500. Still overpriced IMO
  4. Is there not a solution in pedal form? Or on your EQ?
  5. Agree, nice basses... I don't know @Roadybus so I'll take your word for it... I think the seller is going to have sellers remorse though.
  6. I suspect that anybody who would buy one of his creations doesn't know enough about basses to know a good bass from his rubbish. I bet most of them are sitting in the corner of a room, unused, somewhere.
  7. Loved these since I saw Nick Smith demonstrating them at LBGS. So much so that I had the pickups installed in my Silk Bass. GLWTS.
  8. Love the aquamarine finish. I wouldn't expect this to hang around for long.
  9. Can I come in there too please?
  10. JOOI how many attendees and how much did the event raise?
  11. I start by stating that I know neither party in this dispute and I'm not taking sides on this though one often gets a general "feeling" about disputes. IMO Common sense is often the best guide in these situations. Why would the customer make an issue if there isn't one? If the bass isn't defective as @Joseph kaye suggests what does @ADAM ROBERTS have to gain by bringing it to the attention of this forum? It also appears that at least one other BCer has unresolved issues with one of @Joseph kaye's projects. If I were in the position that my reputation as a luthier was at risk I would do my damnedest to ensure that my customer is happy. That's what a reputable trader would do IMO. If the situation is as stated I'm not clear why additional costs were incurred. The cost of repair (assuming there are no defective parts) is time. Compared to the loss of even one customer, which I would expect to be hundreds of pounds if not more, it's unclear why the luthier wouldn't make good on any "guarantee" . If a new neck is the solution then consider replacing the neck. If, as @Joseph kaye, suggests, there is nothing wrong with the bass - take it back and return his money. Failure to resolve this essentially suggests the luthier values their reputation at the price of a defective neck. The value of good will in this dispute is far greater than the value of the instrument. It would make sense to me to seek an amicable resolution to this matter rather than air dirty laundry on social media. Make it right and put an end to this...
  12. Anybody who attends Bass Bashes will know that even we Bass players struggle to identify instruments, even when they're our own. Check out the various tests at the SE and Herts Bashes for more info. In short, we might like to think we can hear the difference but in reality we're nowhere near as good at it as we think.
  13. Nice collection...my first bass was a Thunder 1A.
  14. I haven't seen too many 11's come up TBH but 1a's have been selling for silly money recently. I'll be keeping my eye on this.
  15. You could have this instead for a very reasonable price. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224613571992?hash=item344c031d98:g:3BoAAOSwIOlhRM0Y
  16. Not that unusual... I have a Mahalo rubber stringed bass....
  17. I played Rugby when I was younger and had trials at Wasps. I was only good enough to get in the B team.
  18. Have you thought about a Trace Elliot 4x5 brightbox? I have a pair of Schroeder 1x8 minis - amazing sound from such a little package.
  19. I've had 3 (or is it 4?) - very impressed - they say Mr Fender said they were the best basses he ever built and I believe that. I notice UP didn't mention £ and p so it must have been a steal...well done sir.
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  21. Sell it at your peril... Guaranteed if you sell this you'll find a need for it next week. You know I'm right.
  22. Well we do complain that companies like Fender aren't bringing out new designs. Moral to the story: Be careful what you wish for...
  23. Comes with loads of useful information.
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