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  1. Then this might be right up your street.. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/trace-elliot-warwick-kit-bag-pedal-bag-promo-collectable/324195094969?hash=item4b7b8891b9:g:b-UAAOSwCi5e4jQz
  2. Check "Luthiery courses" on Google. There used to be courses available local to me which I didn't take advantage of. When I finally decided to jump in they had stopped putting them on due to lack of interest.
  3. You wouldn't call it "a looker" though, would you...
  4. IME Booking through a broker like Interparcel is generally less expensive than going through the courier itself. If length is a problem (ooh err, matron) have you considered removing the neck?
  5. Sounds like a democracy but in fact it's a dictatorship in disguise...the owner made the only vote that counts, coincidentally it's the same as mine. Nice to know my voice was heard though...😀
  6. I realise that this is not a democracy (as introduced by the Greeks over two thousand years ago) but my vote would be for the "flaunt it" option. Rog obviously gets the only vote that counts.
  7. New message from: kelbar76 (10) I will have a look now, thank you for the information I hadn’t realised it was important, I don’t know much about guitars only how to play a little and my dad is getting forgetful so wasn’t very helpful with advice Reply Make an offer Your previous message The serial No will be either on the back of the headstock or inside the body (through the f holes). I sent a link but it seems to have been blocked (as per ebay guide lines). You can find the link by Googling "where is the serial number on a vintage Hofner violin bass". You might want to post an image of the back of the headstock and the f holes so serious potential buyers can see what they're buying. I can't bid till I see that this is genuine - there are lots of cheap copies available which somebody might try to pass off as the Real McCoy. I'm sure that you understand. kelbar76: Ok, thanks, I can’t see one on there but not sure if I’m looking in the wrong place
  8. It was Basses like this that put Fenders of that era to shame... GLWTS
  9. His response Hi, where do I find that, I thought a lot of the older ones didn’t have serial codes thanks
  10. My eldest brother built, amongst other things, a Jago 1923 Ford model T when I was (much) younger. He also radically altered a Morris Minor to look like a 40s Ford. With 6" removed from the roof pillars (chopped), the bulge removed from the doors, the frenched number plate smoothed out, and a custom grill, it won numerous prizes at shows during the late 70s before the owner, Lee McDowell, sold it to somebody who wrote it off. I've spent hours on t'net looking for photos without success.
  11. Gutted...I opened this thread in the hope that somebody was actually building a 28-31 model A. Damn!! If you were, you'd obviously have to put it on 32 rails, Jag independent rear, "I" beam front, Moon discs, wide whites and an original flathead. Has to be minimalist Boyd Coddington stylee - no louvres or door handles... Anybody else recording the new series of "Overhaulin'"?
  12. My thoughts exactly.
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Fender-Precision-Bass-Electric-Guitar-Rock-N-Roll-w-Case-Wood-Finish/362997959093?hash=item54845d49b5:g:agsAAOSwDptew04x
  14. I have my basses on rotation - when I play one that I haven't for a while I'm reminded how good they all are. Doesn't help when I'm trying to downsize.
  15. I live on what used to be British Aerospace in Hatfield...Galleria is about 2 mins away.
  16. That flamed maple veneer looks amazing - why would you not use it?
  17. I like Scott...I've met him a few times and he's always been approachable and friendly. I've found the free stuff he posts on YT really helpful. I would have loved to have had access to somebody like Scott 30 years ago. As somebody who's unlikely to ever earn any sensible money from playing bass I'm not going to dive in but I can see that somebody who's on the way up and motivated could easily get their moneys worth from his courses. Good luck to him...
  18. A friend of mine can do these - charge to Joe Public is probably not cost effective but if you really want it done (up to the size of a double decker bus).... https://www.hertssigns.co.uk/
  19. I have the Vox Amphones - not overly impressed.
  20. or you can send it to @Andyjr1515 who can change the cover to incorporate magnets.
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