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  1. The unloved child of the Fender corporation? I'm rather taken with mine. Both US Deluxe HH, one has an extra string.
  2. A silky smooth transaction! Punctual and very pleasant to deal with. Enjoy the bass!!
  3. My twopennorth. RAH300-12 with 2103H and 1053 cabs. It's not lightweight but swapping the original speakers for neodymium ones has made them still practical to lug around. Elf on top just in case anything goes pop. The front panel illumination in full working order.
  4. I've wanted to try a five for ages, an itch I just couldn't scratch. Bought this a month or so back and I've realised that all I'm gaining is a long thumb rest. The sort of music I play is quite easily played on four strings and the confusion upon switching between four and five is hurting my 55 year old brain. So it's a Fender USA Deluxe Dimension HH five string in natural ash with a rather lovely oiled maple neck. I am very taken with the asymmetrical shape of the neck and found it very comfortable to play after forty years on a four string. The sounds out of it are pretty impressive too, five way switching giving either or both plus both inner or outer coils of the twin humbuckers. Three band 18v active circuit. 4.4 Kg according to my bathroom scales. Condition wise it's got a few battle scars on the edges of the body (not my doing!) but the neck is pristine. I fitted a new set of D'Addarios when I bought it, you're welcome to the old set of (quite dead, but some folk like that) strings if I haven't chucked them out. Comes in a slightly scruffy but fully functional G & G/Fender hard case. I'm just looking for a sale but would be open to swapping for a four string Dimension (HH, USA Deluxe, please) or may be vaguely tempted by Fender Jazz or Musicman four strings. I'm in Loughborough but get up and down the country a fair bit so a meet could be arranged.
  5. I've had this for years but never really played it. Bought in 2013 and kept in a generic hard case (included with sale) there is barely a mark on it. Fitted with a set of La Bella stainless steel strings and a Buzzstop. Fender vintage style strap included. I'm based in Loughborough in the East Mids but I get about a bit and I will courier at cost if necessary.
  6. That's a beauty! Recently bought a USA Deluxe HH V. A cracker but not sure if the extra string is anything other than a very expensive thumb rest. Love the build and the sound though.
  7. The Elf is purely as an emergency backup. I have another identical amp which is my main rig. Did the class d thing a few years back and while my back thanked me for it, nowt moves air and makes a room throb like old fashioned Trace wattage!
  8. More thinning out. I bought an Elf the other day so I don't need this spare. It's mounted in a Citronic plastic flight case which has proved very tough and durable. This particular example was made in Jan 2000. All in good working order, the only issue being a couple of dark patches on the electroluminescent front panel. I applied the update to the driver board for the panel (a couple of resistors and a capacitor) so it now stays on all night and doesn't trip out when there's a mains spike like the unmodified ones are prone to do. Everything else is tickety-boo. I've given it a good clean and switch cleanered all the pots and switches. I'm sure everyone knows what all the fancy knobs and buttons do so I won't go into any detail. All working though. Had a very long and loud rehearsal with it last Friday and all was sweet. I'm based in Loughborough in Leicestershire so a meet up could be possible.
  9. Back on sale, it's failed the "not come out of the cupboard for six months test"
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