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  1. https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/product/190816347408008--phil-jones-bass-cubbg-100-carrying-padding-bag
  2. Shadow nanoflex - very impressed with mine. Preamp attaches to the strings.
  3. This is a good price. American Standard Jazz basses are quality. GLWTS.
  4. I've not come across Sister Hazel - I'll check them out. Thanks for the tip!
  5. Thanks for that - a quivering wreck inside. Happier playing than getting involved in the q&a though. Heard the Oasis/Blur question and disappointed the compère shut that down. Overall, happy with the way it went. I’ll watch it back tomorrow. Thanks for posting the YouTube link.
  6. We spent the evening setting up the mics and getting a good balanced sound into the desk in the control room. The foldback sound was OK in the studio but a couple of monitor wedges will be set up this evening for the vocals. We are not using in-ears for this which is a shame however volume levels were quite low to avoid spill into any open mics. The sound engineer recorded a few tracks and will tweak the levels this afternoon based upon these recordings. Cameras are being set up this afternoon as well and we will aim to arrive at 7:00pm for a quick run through/final tweaks before going 'on-air' at 8:30pm BST. Enjoying the process so far and looking forward to this evening although a little apprehensive as I've only been with this band a month or so and i'm likely to pink torpedo-up at some stage.
  7. Really enjoyed that - the sound is captured really well and you all look relaxed.
  8. Good point and something I hadn't considered. We're sound checking for the livestream this evening so we can have a chat about how and who to approach. Thanks for the suggestion.
  9. Very impressive - enjoyed that. A band I joined recently are doing a livestream gig tomorrow night. this is a first for me and is going to be a little strange. It's basically an hours worth of material being played live at a studio with no audience (just like old times with some of the bands I've played with 😁). The 'audience' watching the stream get the opportunity to comment/ask questions whilst we're playing - heckling from a distance if you like! If anyone if free to watch/listen at 8:30 BST tomorrow evening, it would be great to have some support. The link is here GROOVE STREAM TV.LIVE Link to the bands website is here https://wakingday.co.uk/ Facebook page is here https://www.facebook.com/WakingDayLive/ Sorry for the shameless plug 🙄
  10. I currently have 3 basses. I use the Ric for my rock/indie covers band (pretty much exclusively played with a pick), a Fender Jazz for my originals band (neck pick up soloed, tone rolled off, played finger style) and double bass for my swing band.
  11. The body looks smaller than a Fender Jazz which may suit me well. Is this an accurate assumption or just the way it looks in the photos?
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