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  1. Ohhhh......now there's a thought.......!
  2. I have owned a couple of Fender USA Jazz Deluxe basses in the past (the pre 2010 model with the smaller body) and I want another one. Because they are not made any more, second-hand is the only option and prices and condition vary. Question is, are there any other manufacturers that make a small body Jazz bass? I know Sadowsky do one in their range but are there any others? I am looking for traditional styling. Cheers All.
  3. No problem with all you have done - you may find that you don't need to tweak the presets for the gates - the settings work very well indeed. Sounds like you have an excellent understanding of the XR18 and what it can do for you. They are a fantastic bit of kit. Hope you really enjoy using it!
  4. There is an eq, compressor and gate on each channel strip. I started by adding these into the mix by choosing the relevant preset for each different type of instrument (vocals, different drum types etc). Works very well. I would strongly suggest unitising the high pass filter set to 50 Hz on every channel to prevent low end boom. This really cleans up the sound and allows you to push the speakers more. Regarding effects, I tend to add a little vintage reverb to the vocals and snare drum. Flat eq works for us for the global mix with all the eq tweaked on each channel strip.
  5. I think the DI out of the stomp is balanced if you use a TRS jack plug. I have a TRS to XLR lead to get a balanced signal to the desk.
  6. With regard to the mental health support that bassists give to each other, this is perhaps not too surprising as being bassists we've had a lot of experience of dealing with mental health issues from our respective band mates😅
  7. Happily yes thanks, I have found a workaround. The workaround was to finally bite the bullet and upgrade my old windows laptop to a MacBook Air. Worked first time. All's right with the world again
  8. I backed up my presets on 2.71. I then downloaded 2.8 edit. I plugged in the stomp and launched the updater. The stomp showed up in the software. I followed the links to 2.8 firmware and clicked continue. It started the update process then an error message appeared on the screen. Since then when I switch the stomp on the red line reaches the end of its start up on the stomp screen and won't move on from there. Doesn't matter if it's plugged in to the computer or not. Very frustrating.
  9. Updated HX edit successfully however when trying to update the firmware on the stomp it goes through the start up mode then sticks saying firmware 2.71. Doesn't matter what I do, it sticks at this point. Getting really fed up with it now! Grrrrrrr……..!
  10. Well, you know where I am Dan. My Golden Slaps are available for you to try and if you like them, they are for sale. If you don't like them, take them off and give them back to me. Risk free 😊
  11. All good here Steve thanks. Hope all is well with you and yours.
  12. I have played this bass numerous times (Steve was my double bass tutor and I used this in my attempt to tackle DB). Steve knows his stuff and this bass is very playable - well set up with a lovely rich and authoritive tone. Steve is also a top guy so deal with in complete confidence.
  13. It says Warrington (just under the price in the thread header).
  14. I bought an AER Amp 2 for double bass duties and it sounds epic. I have a Radial Pz pre that I sometimes use but this is optional as it sounds great just going direct to the amp (1 mohm input). Sorry but I don't agree that it's not voiced for DB as it works very well with mine. Oh and it also works very well with my electric basses. A true one amp solution. I wouldn't hesitate in buying the AER basic performer that's up for sale in bass direct. I assume the 2 input stages offer a doubling solution for electric & DB?
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