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  1. We use an app called Time Tree. Works well for us.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I don’t have Audible but Mrs Zed does. Downloaded and in her library this morning ready for me to listen to.
  3. I’ve been a Rush fan since around 1978 when I first heard them. Absolutely gutted tbh. I love the fact that he took some time out and went on a mammoth motorcycle trip! RIP Neil.
  4. Had a bit more work done on the tattoo - really pleased with it now.
  5. mr zed

    Which cab.?

    Berg HD212 or Barefaced (if you want something lightweight) is where I’d be looking.
  6. Good though aren’t they - they have a piano-like tone about them.
  7. It just used to be called rock when I was listening to it. Now it’s a few years old and it stands the test of time it has become ‘classic’ rock. Rock is just rock - enjoy it for what it is. It doesn’t have to be deemed ‘classic’ or anything else really.
  8. I hope you’ve had the floor reinforced 😳
  9. I’m enjoying watching this unfold.
  10. You’ve given it boobies - well played sir!
  11. In regards to positioning these behind the backline, I assume that pointing them at the drummer eyes is considered to be ‘good sport’?
  12. Thanks for that - there are a couple of different options for these - one rated at 70watts the other at 105watts. I note the comments that these are really bright but are you using the 70 or 105’s?
  13. Can you use these as a static par type wash light with slow fade to different colours without the faff of DMX? I like the idea of moving heads for occasional songs but most of the time I’d prefer them to be static.
  14. I would love to own a Tony Franklin. Everything about them is just right!
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