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  1. Just bought a Harvest leather bass strap from Chris and as you would perhaps expect, no issues whatsoever. Good comms throughout and received in super quick time. Deal with in confidence. Thanks again Chris.
  2. I thought I’d treat myself to a nice new strap with some birthday money I received late last year but this is a want not a need. That would have gonged me out so I didn’t subscribe to this. I’ve had a chat with myself and feel confident that I can go all year with no bass purchases (except some strings) so I’m going to declare my intentions now. Publicly stating this may mean I may be able to stick with it.
  3. Don’t stand too corrected, Alan Lancaster also played a Kramer.
  4. It really doesn’t matter what you play - I choose bass just because it’s what I felt/feel (I played tenor trombone as a kid) my Dad played trumpet, wife plays alto & tenor sax, daughter plays flute & Keyboard. We all get a huge amount of enjoyment of just playing music which is what it’s all about. We’re all doing different things in different ways and we’re all at different levels but we’re all getting the same amount of enjoyment from this thing called music.
  5. I’m proud to be part of this community - well done to all those involved in exposing this ‘person’ and his activities. I hope Walshy and anyone else owed a refund gets reimbursed soon. Top work guys!
  6. It's now added to the board.
  7. I had an oc-2 back in the day (thanks Pino) but moved it on years later as part of a clear out. Just bought the oc-5. On the vintage setting it sounds exactly as I remember the oc-2 but tighter with the improved tracking. Very impressed indeed.
  8. Gibson need to rename this colour as Sultan Blue 😁 Looks amazing and sounds awesome.
  9. Yes.....it does. It is also 9v which helps. The Radial Tonebone pz-pre is 15v. The EBS will power up on the board easier. The pz-pre is absolutely awesome, great sound quality and great build. For me it’s the best acoustic pre amp out there - until now!
  10. Please let us know when you’ve done the review Dood - colour me very interested.
  11. Exactly. With the Tonebone you have to find a compromise so that both DB & EB sound good via the eq. This solves that.
  12. That looks superb. Seems to have the same functionality as the Radial Tonebone Pz Pre (my pre of choice) but the TB only has 1 eq strip for both channels whereas this has 1 for each. Very cool indeed. Pricing looks similar too and both EBS and Radial know how to build a quality product.
  13. mr zed


    ‘Tis true in my case. I was a poor guitarist. My bass playing is ahem ‘passable’. However, it’s a bit of fun and not to be taken seriously. There’s enough cr4p going on in the World that we can take offence at so good on them for trying to lighten things a little.
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