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  1. Love that Ibby! Nice cabs too.. GLWTS
  2. I had one of these some years ago, and it was fabulous playing /sounding bass! Punched way above it's weight, like all the Yamaha BB range basses do... GLWTS 👍
  3. Great band and fantastic bass work in that song @JD1👍👏😊
  4. Bit overdue this, but just to say that me and @Captain Rumblemet up last month to do a trade; my Mesa Titan V12 for John's Handbox R400 & Vanderkley 115 cab. The trade went well, as i expected it would, and I'm really pleased with the gear too, so many thanks John. Hope you're enjoying the Titan? Best of all though, was having the opportunity of meeting up with a fellow Basschater and having the time to chat all things bass (as the saying goes).. More than happy to echo all the positive comments above and to recommend John to one and all here on Basschat.. He's a great person and he really knows his stuff too! Oh, and his Sadowsky bass is amazing.. Thanks John and here's to the next time.. 👍😊 Nik
  5. Just bought a lovely Bass Collection P Bass from Rich.. Apart from the fact that the transaction was great from start to finish, I actually got a chance to spend a couple of hours talking about 'all things bass' with Rich, which made the whole experience even better. Not only is Rich a great musician with a huge knowledge about basses, rigs, touring and recording etc, but he also shared some amazing stories from his career as pro player - it was a lot of fun! And to top it all off, he made a small donation to the charity I work for.. Rich is definitely a fellow Basschater that I'm more than happy to recommended to others here on the forum.. Thanks for your time and for the bass, Rich.. 👍😊
  6. Great bass! Great seller & Basschater too... GLWTS 😊
  7. Gorgeous looking bass, Peter! GLWTS 👍
  8. Awesome! @greyparrot - the selection of basses that you've recently posted for sale here on Basschat are all individually great, but together, they must have made/make one hell of a collection! GLWTS 😊
  9. That's a fantastic price for this amp, especially as it's a UK built Ashdown prototype.. I love my CTM100, and if I didnt already have it, then I would be struggling to find reasons not to buy this one. Am currently using mine for a recording project and the sound straight out of the DI into the desk is just fantastic.. GLWTS 😊
  10. What a phenomenonal looking bass rig that is! GLWTS Mike.. 😊
  11. Morning @Captain Rumble I've weighed it this morning and here's what my trusty scales tell me this Titan weighs: 19.77 kg ... or in old fashioned money, 43.6 lb If there's anything else you want to know, please ask. Cheers Nik
  12. Hi John, Sorry - I've only just seen your question. I'll weigh it in the morning and will get back to you. Nik
  13. Just realised that I haven't bumped this in ages, so here's a BUMP and a price drop to £875. 😊
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