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  1. silverfoxnik

    Am I too opinionated to be in a band?

    Better to know what works for you and stick to your principles... Sounds to me like the other bands didn't realise how lucky they were to have someone with your experience and knowledge in the band. Their loss I'd say.
  2. silverfoxnik

    Scott Walker RIP

    Sad news.. 😢 Always loved his voice on songs like 'Montague Terrace', and his choice of artists to cover, like Jacques Brel. RIP.
  3. silverfoxnik

    John Giblin with Kate Bush

    Agree about the Ninth Wave @jazzmanb But all of what was Side 1 of the original vinyl album release are stunning songs in their own right too.. In fact, 'Hounds of Love' is one of my top 10 songs of all time...
  4. silverfoxnik

    FS: Ampeg PF-50T

    ^^ Mrs Beedster has some support... 😊
  5. silverfoxnik

    Paul McCartney: Overrated or What?

    Very eloquently put, Chris. And so true regarding Dylan.. And, yes, if we play electric guitars and keyboards in what you could loosely call a 'rock & roll band', then we're all influenced by a small and very select group of genuine innovators.
  6. silverfoxnik

    Hughes & Kettner BK200 Bass Combo

    They do on my mobile now too... Just like that Kate Bush line in Cloudbusting; 'as if saying it could even make it happen! ' 😊
  7. silverfoxnik

    Hughes & Kettner BK200 Bass Combo

    @discreet - the pictures in your post are a bit distorted.. Feels like one of those Hall of Mirrors places.. 😊 Might be worth reloading them to help encourage interest??
  8. silverfoxnik

    John Giblin with Kate Bush

    Absolutely Steve! I love the whole Hounds of Love album, it's almost impossible to single out any of the songs on it because it makes for such a perfect whole IMO.
  9. Have to say, I'm very surprised to see this hasn't sold yet, especially at this price! I used to have one in the 1990s which was very similar to this but had a Bill Lawrence pick up in the bridge position. Without doubt, it was the best bass I'd ever owned up until that time (and probably still is).. My old recording / writing partner back then said it was the best sounding bass he'd ever recorded which was high praise given the fact he'd worked with same amazing bass players in his career, including Pino of all people! Fortunately for me, I managed to pick up another 1980s built, through neck BC Rich Eagle 15 years ago and whilst it doesn't have the amazing Neal Moser designed active circuitry, nor the same level of finish as this one, it still plays and sounds incredible because of the choice of tonewoods, the Dimarzio pick ups and the neck design ! Anyway, that's enough waffle from me... Suffice to say this is a beautiful example of a classic Bass and, if it was good enough for Bernard Edwards to play one back in the day, then it's more than good enough for anyone now! GLWTS (again) 😊
  10. silverfoxnik

    John Giblin with Kate Bush

    She has so many 'genius songs' it's difficult to know where to start. But if I had to start anywhere it would be with all of the Hounds of Love album and the Aerial double album ... And there are so many others too; Wuthering Heights, Man With The Child in His Eyes, Roll in the Ball, Them Heavy People, Wow, Babooshka, Army Dreamers, The Sensual World, A Woman's Work, etc, etc, etc. What's that phrase - an embarrassment of riches!
  11. Not often you see a Wal completely overshadowed in a gig situation , but here it is sooo not the centre of attention.. Brilliant! 😃
  12. silverfoxnik

    MIJ Aria Pro II RSB 1500 *Very Pink*

    Looks stunning.. As does the Aria! 😊
  13. silverfoxnik

    MIJ Aria Pro II RSB 1500 *Very Pink*

    Very Lady Penelope! Am assuming it comes with a roadie called Parker... GLWTS P. S. Is that a Moon Jazz on the left in the last photo?
  14. silverfoxnik

    John Giblin with Kate Bush

    Cheers Chris, Just trying to keep the discussion moving along.. 😊
  15. silverfoxnik

    John Giblin with Kate Bush

    Siouxsie Sioux and Steven Severin?