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  1. Great idea... About time 'all things bass' , especially world leading craftsmanship, got the recognition it deserves in this country !! 😁 GLWTS by the way.. 👍
  2. Echoing all the above comments... I'm really sorry to hear this news Tom and am sending best wishes for your recovery! GLWTS also and I hope you get back to being able to play again soon. Nik
  3. "Only 3 words but misspelt one" 😂 I'm surprised you've had no offers either Paul. It looks like a very beautiful instrument to me...
  4. I think these stories abound about so many celebrities /notable people... I'm a life-long Bowie fan and these days, since his passing in 2016, it's hard to find anyone anywhere going to print (so to speak) being critical of his personality. But there are plenty of stories about what an insufferable ego manic he was during long phases of his career - particularly the 1970s... Knowing all that about Bowie doesn't change my opinion about his musical/artistic output, though I suspect if I'd met him and he'd been nasty or rude to me personally, I might feel differently. I'm with @Dad3353 in knowing full well that the world wouldn't miss any of my songs - hell, they don't even know about them anyway thankfully! But I think that the numbers infer that there literally are millions of people who would miss a fair number of McCartney's songs if they were somehow to be withdrawn from the Earth's pop music playlist.
  5. Stop it... My dilithium crystals can'nae take it Captain! 😁
  6. Not sure why, but the words 'Throbbing Gristle' came to mind when I looked at these photos.. 🤔😬😁 All silliness aside, it looks like an absolute killer of an amp and GLWTS, 👍
  7. @lowdown... I'm just curious how you would determine talent? As for the source of McCartney's reputed musical genius, I doubt it came from any divine intervention - more like a combination of some fortuitous circumstances in his early life, plus inate musical instinct and ability, plus a lot of hard work and an ability to focus on what he wanted to achieve...
  8. +1 I've always rated the vintage Yamaha BB range of basses, having had a 300, 400 and 800 over the years which were all great in their own way.. But this one must be like the 'One Ring' of the BB range right? One bass to rule them all, etc, etc... 😁
  9. Gorgeous looking bass. The words quality and class spring immediately to mind. GLWTS
  10. Just bought some great headphones from Patrick, who's been a pleasure to deal with from start to finish! Great comms, super-fast shipping and as I said, really good headphones. Highly recommended! 👍 Thanks Patrick - I'm really pleased with the Audio Technica h/phones and hope to deal with you again. 😊 Cheers Nik
  11. Having owned one of these, I can definitely say that these are utterly superb basses! GLWTS
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