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  1. Wow, that's nice.. And a brilliant deal too! Tried one of these out at Bass Direct in May and it was really, really good.. GLWTS
  2. That's a really classy looking bass and a beautiful colour! GLWTS
  3. I've had the pleasure of playing through this amp and it's really very good.. Having owned some Class A/B amps such as Eden and Thunderfunk over the years that have similarities to this - particularly in the parametric eq department - I'd say this is right up there with the best of them! First off, it's phenomenally loud and has a real 'kick' or 'thump' to it that is very satisfying to feel when playing - especially with a 5 string bass that has a low B string.. Secondly, the eq is brilliant - pin point accuracy across 2 separate eq channels that really does allow you to dial in a wide array of tones.. And lastly, I think another of its great strengths is that the amp is very transparent ; it doesn't cover or mask the sound of your bass - it just deepens and broadens it. The downside of all that perhaps is that this amp doesn't sound as sweet straight out of the box as an Eden World Tour series head does for example, but once you start using the eq and other tone shaping features on this amp, it more than makes up for that.. To borrow a phrase often used when describing Hi-fi amps, I think the soundstage with this amp is far better than the Edens I've owned and its better than a Thunderfunk TF550 I had briefly too.. But also, I think this has more in the eq department than both those amps.. If I didn't already have an Ampeg valve amp, a Hughes and Kettner Bassbase 600, and a Hartke HA5500, then I would definitely have made an offer on this by now. Anyway, GLWTS with the sale of this [email protected] - it's a real beauty! 😊
  4. Lovely! I've had two RBVs in this colour before and this one looks just as good as they were.. Superb build quality, great range of tones available from the passive circuitry and IMHO, there's just something uniquely 'vintage Fender' about the Roscoe Beck basses that works in almost any musical setting. GLWTS
  5. Just sold a fretless bass to Matt, aka @hooky_lowdown. Nice easy transaction and as has been said before on here many times, Matt is a great guy to deal with and a credit to the Basschat community.. Hope you enjoy the bass Matt and all the best for now.. Nik 😊
  6. Never seen one of these before but, based on my previous experience of owning a Genz 2x12, I bet its a gorgeous sounding cab.. GLWTS
  7. Just had the pleasure of dealing with Mike @mike.kennedyfor the first time.. Sold him an AKG microphone in what was a very easy and hassle free transaction. Mike is definitely another trusted and respected person here on Basschat who I'm more than happy to recommended to other Forum members. Thanks Mike - enjoy the AKG and all the best for now. 😊 Nik
  8. Cheers @mike.kennedy Pleased the mic arrived safely and an absolute pleasure to deal with you here on the forum .. Nik
  9. I had one of these for a while and it was a pretty nice sounding cab.. Not too heavy either and quite portable too.. GLWTS
  10. Beautiful looking bass and sorry to hear that you have to let it go for those reasons @Slappindabass. Nevertheless, GLWTS!
  11. AKG C1000s Microphone - SOLD . I'd like £SOLD or near offer for this please, but not being very knowledgeable about recording gear, I realise that I might be a bit out of touch when it comes to the value of this, so if you think that's the case, please message me to discuss.. So, moving on, this is either the Mk1 or MK 2 version of this extremely well known microphone, which has often been described as 'the Swiss Army Knife of mics' because its good for so many different recording situations; indoors, outdoors, vocals, acoustic instruments etc, etc. I bought it about 7 years ago for a home recording project that never really took off, so it's hardly been used in that time. However, it's still in full working order and in good condition and I'm sure it could be very useful for someone on here who needs a good all-rounder in their studio set up. Here's some blurb about the C1000s: "The C1000S is a cardioid condenser microphone that has been used for broadcast vocals, podcasting, and instrument miking. At least three generations of the mic have been manufactured under the same name. The first two used an optional internal 9V battery for field recording applications where phantom power is not available. The second of these had a battery status LED built into the power switch." Some useful links: http://recordinghacks.com/microphones/AKG-Acoustics/C-1000-S http://recordinghacks.com/reviews/tapeop/akg-c1000s/ Anyone who's interested in this will probably know far more than me about how good these Mics can be in the right hands, so if recording is your thing - please get in touch! Please send me a PM if you've any questions, or if you are local and would like to arrange a time to come and test it. Thanks for looking as ever ! 😊 Nik
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