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  1. Only just seen this @Silvia Bluejay. Thanks as ever for taking the time to be there and to do a blog about the event! 😊
  2. Just received some straplocks from Nick who very kindly took the trouble to send them in the midst of all this Covid-19 virus self isolating, lockdown madness!! Not only that, when I first enquired if the straplocks were still available, Nick offered them to me free as a thank you for a favour I'd done for him last year, and which - to be honest - I'd completely forgotten about! So, it needs to be said that Nick, aka @Old Horse Murphy, is not only a great person to deal with on Basschat when buying /selling gear but he's also a really brilliant and generous bloke! Can't thank you enough Nick! Cheers πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸΊπŸΊ
  3. Great sound clip - very nice playing and the bass sounds really good! 😊 GLWTS
  4. That's such a cool bass @ped, And it sounds fantastic (to my ears at least).. Didn't this used to belong to @gareth, or have I got that wrong.. Anyway, its fab, mojo-rich bass so have a BUMP on me! GLWTS 😊
  5. Excellent Far Sale ad if you don't mind me saying.. And it sounds like a great amp.. Really enjoyed your band video btw too! GLWTS 😊
  6. That's a real beauty of a bass, Pat! GLWTS 😊
  7. Just had the pleasure of meeting @patrikmarky, aka Pat, at the weekend for the first time - though we've dealt with each other on Basschat twice before. Pat has just bought a Schecter Diamond P Custom 5 from me (for the second time actually) and everything went perfectly.. As has been already said by others on this thread, Pat's a great person to deal with and as expected, this transaction couldn't have gone better. So I'm very happy to recommend Pat to everyone else here on Basschat as a great bloke to deal with.. Thanks Pat and I hope you enjoy the bass! 😊 Nik
  8. Wow - that really is striking! GLWTS 😊
  9. That's a stunning looking bass! Yamaha really do make quality instruments that sound great and are always so well designed. I doubt that you'll need it but GLWTS.. 😊
  10. I have an Epifani 310 cab too and it is absolutely brilliant, so have a free BUMP on me. Room filling, warm and punchy sound and a one handed lift. It's just a really good design.. Not only that, it's a decent width too, so the old skool, 19"wide, Class A/B and valve heads don't look silly on top of it. 😊 GLWTS
  11. That's very nice indeed Gareth! GLWTS
  12. Fabulous looking bass! GLWTS πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
  13. I have an Epifani 310 cab and it is absolutely brilliant, so on that very subjective basis, have a free BUMP on me for your Epi 210, which looks in great shape and no doubt sounds brilliant! GLWTS
  14. Now SOLD and thanks for all the interest in the bass! 😊
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