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  1. Just realised that I haven't bumped this in ages, so here's a BUMP and a price drop to £875. 😊
  2. I had one of these a few years ago - produced a really thunderous sound that used to make our drummer at the time grin from ear to ear! 😁 GLWTS 👍😊
  3. Thanks @TrevorR - much appreciated! 👍😊
  4. Fabulous example @gareth 👍 I've had a few of these over the years and can't rate them highly enough! Beautiful sounding basses with so much versatility, yet completely passive electronics. As bass guitar design goes, this is a work of art really... GLWTS 😊
  5. Fabulous - thanks @owen I learned a lot from that and really enjoyed it! 😊
  6. Sounds sensible Frank - sometimes who you make music with is more important than anything else... Good luck with the photography!
  7. Thanks for the feedback Folks and I have to say, I'm not surprised to read what's been said above. I think the point about venue availability is key, as is the potential lack of a good turnout, so on that basis, I'm all in favour of waiting and coming back with something well planned, well attended and really enjoyable next year! 👍 @Frank Blank - why have you sold all your bass gear?? I'm sad to read that...
  8. Good Morning Folks, I've been asked by a few Basschatters - both regular attendees of this event - whether there's any chance of holding a SE Bash this year... So I thought the best thing to do would be to put it out there to all of you lovely people. What do you think.. Can we, shall we? 🤔😊😁 @Hamster @cetera - what are your thoughts?
  9. Now there's something you don't see every day!! Very different indeed.... GLWTS 👍😊
  10. I just love that total f**k o*f over engineering - absolutely brilliant!! I used one of these many years ago at a rehearsal studio called The Clink near London Bridge - it was their in-house bass amp.. I had a Wal 4 string and a Tobias Classic 5 at the time and boy did they sound good through the Dynacord.. You have great taste in gear @cd_david, that's all I can say... Apart from GLWTS of course.. 👍😊
  11. Very nice - the playing and the bass that is.. GLWTS
  12. Echoing all the superlatives above, that is one hell of a stunning bass! GLWTS 😊
  13. I think the sound in that second video is one of the best fretless sounds I think I've ever heard.. 👏👏
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