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  1. Start of the week BUMP ! Quite a lot of PMs recently, but nothing definite as yet, so here's your chance if you want to own a quality Mesa amp that does everything it says on the tin, and then some! 😁
  2. silverfoxnik

    Lakland Skyline Bob Glaub

    Nice sound and nice playing too, Si... ☺ GLWTS
  3. silverfoxnik

    FS: Ampeg SVT Classic USA built (2008)

    ^^ Yep! GLWTS Chris...
  4. silverfoxnik

    Lakland DJ5 - NOW REDUCED TO £800

    I had a Lakland DJ5 about 10 years, same body colour as this one, and it was one of the most comfortable to play 5 string basses I've ever owned. The body shape in particular, makes it very comfortable, but the slim profile neck takes it to another level in terms of overall playability.. And they sound great too! Anyway, that's enough reminiscing from me. GLWTS
  5. I thought of you when the Buster came up for sale, Chris... Good move! ☺ The Venture looks like another great piece of Mesa kit as well, so I've no doubt you'll find a new home for it and hopefully that'll be quite soon.. Anyway, for those that don't know, Chris is a great person to deal with - as his long-standing and impeccable Basschat feedback thread on here shows - so deal with/buy with absolute confidence folks! GLWTS Chris, and all the best for now, Nik
  6. Thanks Mike, Sorry - a long, busy day... Will read and reply now. Nik
  7. No problem Mike, Good luck with your search for one.. Nik
  8. Hi Mike Yes, it is... Is there anything else about it you'd like to know? Cheers Nik
  9. Not yet Mick... Maybe it's the time of year, price or just that these bigger, heavier pieces of kit are becoming less and less in demand - who knows? Anyway, here's a pre weekend BUMP for a quality bass amp from the old school! ☺
  10. It's the same with the Big Block, Chris - it's stupidly loud really, but the upside is that there's lots of headroom!
  11. silverfoxnik

    SOLD: Custom NR Thunderbird + Case

    Morning All, Time for a midweek BUMP for this lovely T-Bird ! ☺
  12. silverfoxnik

    £410 - Tokai JB45 w upgraded nut

    What a fabulous looking vintage Tokai Jazz this is.. ☺ I owned an '84 CAR L-series one about 10 years ago that I eventually sold onto the Beedster and it was great; better than a '66 Jazz I once had IMHO.. GLWTS
  13. silverfoxnik

    Italia Maranello 4 string

    Bolton I believe....?
  14. silverfoxnik

    Italia Maranello 4 string

    Fabulous ! ☺ GLWTS