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  1. Don't see these around too often... I had one years ago and always liked it in live gig situations! GLWTS
  2. That's a real beauty of a bass @Clarky! GLWTS
  3. That's a beautiful and really distinctive looking bass! GLWTS 😊
  4. Wow... Someone's wet dream, right there! GLWTS 👍😊
  5. Hello @marcblum Your post has really made me smile this morning ... 😊 Sounds like you are having an internal conversation with yourself, or maybe, with your therapist who is a specialist dealing with bass players that suffer endless trauma caused by GAS and for sale forums like this one here on Basschat! 😬 Whatever happens, good luck with it! My sessions are still ongoing with my therapist... 😁😂 Nik
  6. Hi again @Harlan Just had it confirmed from the owner that the bass is still for sale. Just let me know if you'd like any further information about it.. Cheers Nik
  7. The only info I can find online is an old Talkbass thread that says it's a bolt-on neck.
  8. @Harlan Yes, as far as i know, it's still available. Just to sure though, I'll double check and get back to you...
  9. I've always liked the pick ups in the Yamaha basses; it was just the slightly narrower string spacing that wasn't right for me.. But in every other respect, I thought the bass was excellent! The bridge on it is really good too - definitely adds to the tone and sustain..
  10. I was lucky enough to have a play of this bass recently and it's an absolute cracker! Typical Yamaha quality and it looks pretty cool IMHO. More importantly, it sounds great and plays great too! Those pick ups are really good punchy sounding. It really is a lot of bass for the money... Plus Andrew / @Misowaki, is a good guy to deal with, which always helps.. Have a BUMP on me and GLWTS 😊
  11. Ah, my old amp! 😊 I bought on here from @dougal I believe back in 2009/10.. Finally sold it to John two years ago.. I did many, many gigs with it and still miss it! We were partners in crime (or was it time??). Anyway, truth be told, I missed it so much I went out and bought another one about a year later which I still have. These are high quality amps with loads of great features, plenty of power, great e.q. and to my ears at least, they just sounds good right from the get go! Can't recommend this amp - or @warwickhunt for that matter - highly enough! GLWTS 👍😊
  12. I did @TrevorR, though quite unwittingly.. It was only after I traded it with @Happy Jack that it's true provenance became known. It was a great bass but even better I believe after Jack had some renovation work done on it.
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