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  1. Great amp @Merton.. Had a couple of Eden rigs in my time and they were superb, especially in the first covers band I was in where we played everything from The Beatles to Bowie to Prince and noughties pop artists.. Brilliant sound straight out of the box, amazingly flexible eq and a lot of that there mythical 'heft' we talk about so much round these parts.. Oh and very portable too! 😊 GLWTS
  2. Had the pleasure of gigging one of these a few years ago and it was absolutely fantastic! GLWTS
  3. ^^ Thanks! Yes, that 70s vibe ticks all the boxes for me and you're right, it really is well made.. I think the body is actually one piece of Ash as well which is something I particularly like.. Since posting this thread, I've now had this bass properly set up (fret dress, new strings etc) and it's playing beautifully; the intonation is spot on and the action is set at a nice comfortable medium height. Mike Bosley (of Mike's Music in Bognor) did a great job on it for me and what's interesting is that he put a small shim in the neck pocket to rake the neck back a little so that the bridge saddles are set at their maximum height. Apparently - so Mike tells me - this is how a lot of players liked their basses set up back in the day but its the first time I've ever had one of mine set up this way. I like the fact that this set up provides a great break angle for the strings over the bridge and it does seem to make a difference.. Could just be of course that I still have that 'new bass syndrome' going on whereby everything about a newly acquired bass seems to be the best of any bass I've had ever had.. You know the thing, right - it's got the best sustain, best tone, best action, best balance blah, blah, blah.. and the ability to create world peace just from playing the opening riff to Stand By Me blah, blah, blah... 😁 But, blow me down with a feather, this one really does seem to 'sing' and the sustain and harmonics are amazing! So, happy days. 😊 Mind you, having said all that (and knowing me), it'll probably be for sale on here in a few weeks time with the obligatory 'Up for sale is my beloved MIJ P Bass... ' opening line. 😁
  4. +1 They look like Bill Lawrence pick ups too... Must sound really good (in the right hands of course)..
  5. I agree.. This is a quality rig at a very good price. GLWTS
  6. Fabulous colour.. A very cool looking bass! 😊
  7. Gorgeous looking bass Gary, congratulations!
  8. Absolutely superb looking bass! Always liked these but never played one.. Good job you're not near to West Sussex! 😁 Anyway, GLWTS
  9. Fabulous! Great sounding and very versatile basses.. GLWTS
  10. silverfoxnik


    Happy Birthday! Nice bass.. 😊
  11. Sorry to hear that about your situation with your dog and postie! Wow - that's an amazing deal for this bass with a quality hard case too! Can't believe it hadn't sold yet tbh, but surely now, someone will find this too good a deal to ignore?
  12. Slightly off topic I know, but of the different flatwound strings, which would you say are the best for using for with shiny, highly varnished maple fingerboards. Reason for asking is that, when I tried some Chromes a couple of years ago with a Hayman 4040 bass, I found the combination of them with a highly varnished maple fingerboard too much. So I'm curious as to which flats, if any, have a bit more texture to the surface of the actual string? My new P Bass has a similar kind of fretboard so I want to make sure I don't run into the same problem I had previously with the Hayman when I put some flats on this P Bass. Hope that makes some kind of sense and thanks ... 😊
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