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  1. silverfoxnik

    Feedback for Papaya

    Sold my Schecter to Joni recently in a very pleasant and hassle free transaction. Suffice to say that Joni's been an absolute pleasure to deal with from start to finish; great communication throughout, fast payment and he even organised the shipping to Hungary via DPD. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with Joni again and would highly recommend him to others here on Basschat. Thanks again Joni and I hope you enjoy the bass - she's a really good one! 😊 All the best, Nik
  2. silverfoxnik

    warwickhunt... am I?

    I have known John a long time here on Basschat, but more in the capacity of trusted/respected Forum member and font of knowledge about many bass related things... Anyway, back in July I sold a Hughes & Kettner Bassbase 600 amp to John which arrived in a terrible state, (no) thanks to UPS and their careless, thoughtless couriers... Turned out that the amp wasn't working properly and the rack case was in absolute bits! To cut a very, very long story short, John - after over 3 months of waiting - is finally in possession of one working Bassbase 600 and a new rack bag, which is great news! To say that he has the 'patience of a saint' would be to do a disservice to John because, as well as possessing that very fine quality, he's also been really understanding about the whole situation, kept in touch and been a pleasure to deal with throughout. So, thank you very much for everything John and for those who haven't dealt with John yet here on Basschat, have no doubts at all because he is an absolute gentleman and a scholar to deal with. Thanks again for your patience John and I hope that you are now getting a chance to enjoy the Bassbase finally. 😊 Nik
  3. silverfoxnik

    Celinder 5 String 2005

    Simply beautiful bass; the grain on the neck is absolutely lovely. I've never owned one of these (sadly) but have heard a couple at the South East Bass Bashes over the years and they do IME, play beautifully and sound fabulous. GLWTS
  4. Wow! Two of the nicest Fender Jazz 5 strings basses I've ever seen in the same post! GLWTS 😊
  5. silverfoxnik

    BassChat Podcast Feedback & Discussion

    Like a few folks here, I've only just got around to listening to a BC Podcast - the second one with the Wal feature - and I really enjoyed it.. 😊 The interview with @TrevorR was excellent; very informative and insightful even for someone like me who already knew a lot of the Wal back story... And well done Trevor for giving Wal, Pete the Fish and now Paul and his team the recognition and praise they richly deserve! Thanks also @Akio Dāku and @Sibob for the rest of the podcast and especially the piece about Dave Hall. I didn't know that Dave had passed away so whilst being very shocked and saddened to hear the news, it was lovely to hear your stories about his excellent products and his even more excellent customer service and the time he spent listening to their needs. RIP Dave. By the way, got to say that in terms of audio quality, the the podcast sounds great! Will go back now and check out the first one and am looking forward to number 3... Nik
  6. silverfoxnik

    Schecter cv- 5 string bass ivory

    That's a beauty, Pat! GLWTS
  7. To my ears there's a really nice, growly sound to the bass... 😊 Totally subjective of course but it sounds great to me. GLWTS
  8. silverfoxnik

    On hold - Mesa Boogie Walkabout combo

    Can't quite believe that this is still here... So have a BUMP on me and GLWTS! 😊
  9. Schecter's Diamond range of basses are really good IMHO.. The Diamond P5 Custom that I've just sold (but had for 6 years) is a superb bass, and this is from the same range as that - so I bet it plays and sounds great! GLWTS
  10. silverfoxnik

    Withdrawn Peavey T40 1979 Immaculate,

    Lovely example! So, so versatile these T-40s. 😊 GLWTS
  11. Absolutely stunning! 😊 GLWTS
  12. silverfoxnik

    On hold - Mesa Boogie Walkabout combo

    This thread is very entertaining to follow... Could this be yet another piece of fabulous Boogie bass gear that's going to end up in the Canterbury 'Bass Tardis that is Beedster Towers..😁
  13. Think this one was on sale at the South East Bash last week... If so, it's absolutely lovely when you see it close up! GLWTS
  14. silverfoxnik

    ** SOLD: Schecter Diamond P Custom 5 string bass. ** SOLD

    Bass is now SOLD. Thanks for all the interest.
  15. silverfoxnik

    SOLD: Reverend Rumblefish R5L (USA)

    Fabulous! GLWTS