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  1. Yep, me too Chris! Apologies to the OP but @Paul S 's post and your link to the 4 Yorkshire Men Python sketch (one of my all time favourites) have had me in absolute stitches.. 😂😂
  2. Brilliant, Paul! 😂 Back in 2012, our keyboard player selfishly fell in love with a beautiful Australian girl and buggered off to live in that shanty town called Sydney on the other side of the world.. The upshot of which was that I decided I needed to change my rig to 'fill out the sound' in the band a bit more now we were down to just guitar/bass/drums. So, I picked up 2 empty Peavey 115 cabs and with the very kind help of @Chimike, fitted the cabs with 2 pristine Altec Lansing 15" drivers which, to my ears at least, sounded great with my Hughes & Kettner Bassbase 600 amp. At the first gig with the new rig at a pub very near to me, a load of mates and work colleagues came along to cheer us on which was great... After about half an hour things seemed to be going brilliantly and I was feeling very chuffed with the bass sound.. Then out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that our Office Manager's husband made a swift exit for the door, leaving behind an unfinished pint on his table which was a bit strange as I knew he liked live music a lot and his beer. So after the first set had finished, all very concerned like, I went up to her to ask what had happened and to enquire if her husband was ill or something.. Turning round, she looked at me dead straight in the eye and said he had to leave because the bass had made his false teeth fall out! 😬😁 Best gear compliment I've ever had! 😂
  3. Good question! I currently have 3 rigs, 0 rehearsals and 0 gigs and zero prospect of that changing soon. Proof that I was never good at maths, ratios, algebra, budgeting and forecasting.. 😁
  4. Hi Dave, I can imagine the Ampeg /Berg combination was an absolute joy! A few years ago, I used a Mesa Big Block 750 with a Berg 212 and that was a really punchy rig...
  5. That's my kind of rig right there! 👍😊@dmccombe7
  6. Awesome vibe in that room...! 👍👏👏😊
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. I'm good all things considered Chris, and I hope you and your family are too! Good luck finding the Holy Grail of bass mate - I think most of us are still searching...😁 Seriously though, I'm very interested to hear what happens with this experiment..
  9. The infamous Bromley contingent...
  10. What's that phrase Chris? "what God has joined together let no man put asunder" There'll be repercussions I tell thee, laddie.. 😁
  11. She does have a point about Precision and heavy rock though.. It has been - and still is - a tried and tested, winning combination for a lot of bassists working in that genre.
  12. Jordan was quite heavily involved... Used to see her a lot as she was also very involved with early Adam & The Ants in '77 and' 78.. She was a really fearsome character! I'm also keen to know who's going to be playing Siouxsie..?
  13. Given the cultural impact of punk I'm surprised its not been done sooner. I'm quite open minded about it to be honest. Wonder who's going to okay Bill Grundy? I think they should get Vic Reeves in for that. 😂
  14. Me too, the band sounds great and the bass is really fat sounding but has loads of definition as well... GLWTS Chris!
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