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  1. silverfoxnik

    London Bass Guitar Show 2019

    Thanks Col, Not sure about Spring for the SE Bash though..?? Will message you. Nik
  2. silverfoxnik

    FS: Yamaha BB1025X (Price drop to £350!)

    +1 That's ridiculously cheap for a bass of this quality.. GLWTS Josh! 😊
  3. silverfoxnik

    London Bass Guitar Show 2019

    That'd be something that @Hamster would have to check for us Silvia... I'll message him to find out.. 😊
  4. silverfoxnik

    Stingray bargain?

    Cheers @LukeFRC I already have one just like that... Though that is/was an amazing price!
  5. silverfoxnik

    Calling it a day

    +1 IMO, playing music's a life-long journey and you never know what's round the corner.. Best of luck with it, whatever you end up doing. 😊
  6. silverfoxnik

    Incognito Jazz Funk.

    Great band! One of the best gigs I ever saw was Incognito at the Ilford Island in 1995 with Max Beesley on drums or percussion, and Randy Hope Taylor on bass.. They were phenomenonal...
  7. silverfoxnik


    Fabulous! 😊 GLWTS
  8. silverfoxnik

    I hate people like this...

    I like what they do and the sound they make.. The two guys are clearly talented musicians and what they're doing really well with the technology that's available to them, is a very good pastiche of the great chill-out funky, soul music I first heard back in the 70s. Personally, I prefer listening to the original artists that did this sort of music, who made their music/records with a collective group of musicians who all contributed to the whole sound and vibe, but I get that it's not like that these days.
  9. silverfoxnik

    Big stars, with their old guitars...

    Beat me to it! 😊
  10. silverfoxnik

    Big stars, with their old guitars...

    Herbie Flowers has used the same Jazz bass for over 40 years, as seen at the South East Bash in 2016. And I think I'm right in saying that Prince used the same Hohner Telecaster, the so called MadCat Telecaster, for many, many years. They've known some great tunes between them, those two instruments!
  11. silverfoxnik

    *TRADED* Fender Roscoe Beck IV *TRADED*

    Fabulous! I love my Shoreline Gold RBV and imagine this is just as good... GLWTS
  12. silverfoxnik

    SOLD +++ TC 1144 Bass Preamplifier

    Very nice pre amp this; properly designed for use with bass guitars. Sounds great IMO... GLWTS
  13. silverfoxnik

    2nd hand market slowing??

    I'd add to all that above by saying that the relatively new facility that we have on this site that allows you to bump your advert without saying anything even vaguely meaningful, makes it look like you don't really care enough to be bothered whether your item sells or not. I'm sure that's not the case, but that's how it seems to me at least. The old site forced you to have to add some content to your for sale thread to bump it up the list and personally, I think that system worked far better. Going back to the original question in this post, I think the for sale market on here has slowed considerably for many of the reasons already mentioned. At the moment, I think it's particularly bad and it is such a shame to see some fantastic gear - basses especially - just sitting there for months and months unsold.. Just my 2p worth of course...
  14. Wow - absolute bargain! GLWTS