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  1. Wow, Mick... That's an absolute @#*%in' bargain right there!! A very good quality rig for an absolute bargain price.. GLWTS
  2. Just sold a vintage Trace Elliott amp to Mick who was a pleasure to deal with from start to finish.. Great comms, fast payment and very accommodating every step of the way. Happy to recommended him to one and all as a great Basschatter to do business with here on the forum! Thanks Mick and hope you enjoy the amp.. πŸ‘πŸ˜Š Nik
  3. Cheers Mick! And ditto to that where you are concerned.. πŸ‘ I hope you enjoy the amp and have found all your 80s stage-wear in your attic to make the best use of the Trace's vintage vibes... 😁
  4. Now SOLD - thanks for all the interest!! 😊
  5. Thanks Stew and 'hear, hear' to that! You know, I've never gigged this or even used it in a rehearsal since I got it from you... I've literally fired it up a few times and it sounded great every time. With no gigs on the horizon for me at the moment, and too much gear, it just doesn't make any sense for me to keep it.. As you say, I hope it stays in the Basschat family.. 😊
  6. Vintage Trace Elliott AH200 BassAmp and Cover For Sale, Now SOLD - thanks for all your interest! πŸ‘πŸ˜Š For sale only is my Trace Elliot AH200 Amp which I bought on Basschat from @stewblack earlier this year. Here's a link to Stew's ad which includes a link to a short video clip of the amp working : The amp is in good working order and comes with it's original Trace Elliot cover as can be seen in the photos below. Despite the fact that it's a high quality English made, classic design bass amp that's packed with quality components and features, it's really portable for such a powerful amp! On that point, it delivers 200 watts at 4 ohms and trust me, they are seriously loud, old-skool Trace watts which to me, sound as loud as my Hughes and Kettner Bassbase 600 watt amp. Apart from the classic Trace Elliot pre-shape switch - which I'd say gives you one of the classic bass tones of the last 35 years at the push of a button - it also has a switchable 12-band graphic EQ which gives you further extensive controls to easily shape your tone. Having said that, there is an inherent Trace Elliot tone to this amp in my opinion which is great straight out of the box also! I think someone else on Basschat once described it as 'hard-baked' which in my head equates to a dry, punchy and vintage bass tone. Tech Spec: * 200 Watts of power at 4 ohms * Passive and active input sections * 12-band graphic EQ * Variable control for the graphic EQ * Balanced DI out * Effects loop * Noise reduction switch * Line in/Line out * Headphone socket [Not sure how this link has appeared twice and now it has, I can't seem to remove it, so please ignore..] In terms of weight, it’s about 9kg, and very easy to carry - lighter than the 300W version even though it is nearly as powerful. It’s convection cooled via a massive aluminium heatsink on the back – so no fans to go wrong. It does have that slight background 'hum' that these amps are known for, but it's not intrusive in my opinion.. There's plenty of reviews online for these amps, including YouTube videos, so I won't duplicate them here.. Suffice to say, if you want to hear one of these in action or get feedback on how they sound, the interweb is your friend.. 😁 I'm selling because I've got too many amps and not enough gigs! And, when I was gigging more regularly before the lockdown, I tended to always use my full valve amp... So, here's your chance to pick up a classic versatile and great sounding bass amp at a very affordable price! Covid safe and properly socially distanced vewings are possible and welcome (by arrangement) in Littlehampton, West Sussex and yes, I'm happy to send by fully insured courier (at buyer's expense) if necessary. Any questions, please ask away here or send me a PM. Thanks for looking as ever... 😊 Nik
  7. Thanks Nigel, Look forward to it! πŸ‘πŸ˜Š All the best for now, Nik
  8. I refer you to my previous comments Chris! 😁
  9. You're a very good/bad influence Chris.. That's all I'm saying.. πŸ˜‚
  10. True, but he were a proper bass player Chris, with cool 'aircut, clobber and everything! 😁 Thank you! πŸ‘πŸ˜Š Actual the ever so kind @Paul S has offered me the loan of his very cool 70s Ricky copy, so I think that I might be sorted for this project... 😊 Yet another example of the Basschat community spirit in action!!
  11. I know it's not cheap, but I am surprised that that bass hasn't sold yet.. Especially considering how rare these are and how good they are! GLWTS Mick Whoever does buy it in the end will not be disappointed.
  12. ... I expect that'll be when the sampler and bass synths will suddenly make an appearance, whilst I get shuffled off to make t'tea!
  13. Thanks Chris 😁 That'll be an interesting challenge for me when I turn up at the studio with a very Fendery looking bass and the guys in the band and the engineer say: 'Oi, bass player Geek - Where's the fookin' Ricky? ' To which I shall reply... ' Look Guys, trust me on this one... Uncle Beedster on the Basschat Interweb Forum for Sad Bass Geeks said... ' 😁
  14. Very funny @Frank Blank πŸ˜‚ I am assuming you remember that brilliant Peter Cook sketch years ago about the 'Jeremy Thrope' case, which had that genius line in it: 'a self-confessed player of the pink oboe' Going back on topic, I did O'Level music in 1976-77 and although it did have all that droney stuff about certain classical composers and their works, what I did get out of it was the understanding of the major and minor keys, scales, plus stuff about harmony and time signatures etc.. So when I first started playing bass in bands - and was learning to play the instrument using tabs as opposed to those there proper dots - I could at least with my basic music O'Level theory, understand what was happening with the guitar chords in the songs we were writing/playing.. I'm grateful for that I'd nothing else as it meant I wasn't afraid to explore bass lines beyond simple root note and 5th... Must admit, I also really enjoyed learning about how crazy and obsessive some of the famous classical composers were, and what unusual and sometimes sad lives they lived. It completely prepared me for all the weirdos that I then met later on in the music business! 😁
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