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  1. Yep - the Handbox R400 is a dream..
  2. Interesting thread... I'm looking forward to the 'How Andy Travis changed the s/h bass economy' thread, with a special foreword by ped.
  3. I was in a covers band for about 10 years and probably did 200 plus gigs with them in that time. For most of that period, my main gigging rig was a Hughes and Kettner Bassbase 600 head, an SWR Triad cab, used with my passive BC Rich Eagle and a passive Fender Roscoe Beck V. Obviously, that was a heavy enough rig to lug around as it was, but I liked the sound my set up produced and so did the band. Anyway, after 10 years or so, the band changed direction and I joined another covers band.... It was all amicable, and we kept in touch as you do .. Then, 4 years later, they got in touch and asked me to help out with a few gigs as their bass player was unavailable. By this time, though my basses were the same, I'd changed my rig to a brilliant 90s Ampeg V4BH that I'd bought from @Beedster which came with a matching 115 svt. To that, I added the matching 210 svt. I know; different speaker sizes = a cardinal sin right! Anyway, i went along to do these gigs with the band and they were completely blown away with the sound of my heavy, class A/B, all valve, USA built Ampeg rig with its sinfully mismatched speaker sizes. I was still using the same basses and I wasn't playing the songs any better particularly. .. The only difference was the rig. Three other things of note in this story... The guitar player in the band co-owned a PA that he hired out and did front of house sound for, so he had what I'd call 'pretty good ears'. Their unavailable bass player at the time used a nice American made Fender Jazz through a Markbass LM111 head and 2 matching Markbass 115 cabs. The new band that I'd joined also loved my Ampeg rig compared to my older rig. I dont know what makes the difference here - I'm not technical in any way. But I do think that, as sentient human beings, we 'feel' things as well as 'know' things and, where music making is concerned for me, I choose to follow what i feel, over what I know.
  4. +1 Stunning! GLWTS with the sale... (to Cornwall) 😁
  5. Great to see the gear list taking shape.... πŸ‘ Attendees / Gear list 1. MacDaddy - Custom Shukers / Rob Allen Mouse / Peavey Vypyr VIP III 2. Binky Bass - Binky 10 string, USA Conklin 8 string, ACG 9 string, 3 x ACG 6 strings, Reiver 7 string (geeeetar), GR Bass Dual 1400 & GR Bass AT410+, Helix LT, Pinegrove straps, Richter straps etc. 3. Cetera - Spector (USA NS2 & NS2X, Euro Classic, Euro LX (w/Haz),Euro 'Rachel Bolan', Pulse II ) Wal Mk1 'Geddy Lee', Fender FSR PJ with East pre, Hamer Impact, Pedulla Buzz 4 fretless and maybe Jackson TBird, GK400RB, GK Legacy 800 & Tech21 VT500 Heads, Genz Benz Neox212 cab. 4. Frank Blank - Jabba short scale fretted, ACG SS Recurve, Ibanez SRC6, QSC K12.2, HX Stomp. 5. Merton - various ACGs, Zoots, Conway Instruments basses, Glockenklang Blue Rock, Barefaced Two10/One10 6. Eude - ACG Finn SC Classic 6 string, ACG RetroB 5, ACG TKO Modern 4, ACG ChubstRR Mikro 6 string, 2 X ACG Mule 4 strings (on loan from ACG), GK Legacy 500, 1 or 2 Barefaced One10 Cabs, Dod 250(r) modded with @Sibob 7. Stingray5 - MusicMan Stingray5, Tune TWB6, Tune SWV4-BB, Boss GT-6B, Eden EC15 combo OR Trace Elliot GP12SMX combo. 8. NancyJohnson - NS Design NXT5a EUB, Lull JAXT4, Darkglass A/O900, Darkglass 112 cab, Tech 21 dUg. 9. prowla: Obligatory Rickenbackers, a Warwick or two, maybe a Kramer aluminium necked bass, some pedals, Ampeg & Tech 21 preamps (subject to change), maybe the Minitaur & MIDI bass pedals. 10. Lozz196: US Precision, Ashdown ABM600 & Ashdown ABM PRO NEO 210s x2 Ampeg SCR-DI, Sansamp BDDI v2 11. Silverfoxnik: G&L SB1, BC Rich Eagle, Godin Shifter Classic 5, Sprackenbacker Ricky copy, Mesa Walkabout 15 combo, or Handbox R400 + Vanderkley 1156 MT. 12. 13. 14. 15.
  6. Hi Folks, Thanks for all your input, advice and comments. Based on all your feedback, I'm going to look at adding another 4 ohm 1156 to what I have already, which won't be a problem as I really like the sound of the cab. My neighbours are going to hate me (even more than they do now)... 😁 Oh, and thanks for the very funny 'Ohmage is what you pay to The Ok' comment @Bill Fitzmaurice - that really made me chuckle! πŸ˜‚
  7. Thanks... Must admit, I do like a bit of trouser flappage where bass is concerned.. 😁
  8. Hello Basschat Folks, Seeking your advice please... I currently have 3 amps that comfortably run down to 2 ohms. So, I'm thinking it'd be good to add another Vanderkley cab to my existing Vanderkley 1156 4 ohm cab. It's not that I want more volume per se, it's just that I would like more choice for gigs and be able to use different cabs, or combination of cabs, in different settings. There's a few 210s around for sale at the moment - though more of those are 8 ohms cabs. There's also some 4 ohm cabs (210s and 1156) available. So.. my Luddite's question is, would I be better off buying a 4 ohm cab to pair with my existing 4 ohm cab, or would an 8 ohm cab pair up OK? Thanks in advance for your help.. Cheers Nik
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. Thanks Paolo πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
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