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  1. For me... the bottom line is this... If you're comfortable with your gear..... if you're comfortable with how it sounds, feels and looks, that's it, period. Chris (Ped) is right, you should feel inspired to pick it up and use it..... but..... to me.... cost and origin of manufacture are irrelevant. If you dig it, it works, regardless of the fact that it might be a Squier or a Fodera...... a Behringer or a Markbass.... it doesn't matter at all.... If it works for you, sorted #justplay
  2. There isn't a bass on earth worth buying over 1500 quid. I really believe that. Music, soul, love, groove, is created by the fingers and the heart of the player. It's ace to have a lovely quality bass (or any instrument), something well made, that feels great, looks great and sounds great. But to me, you can achieve nirvana on an Ibanez, a Mexican P bass, Yamaha.... or a used Stingray, Lakland.... whatever, etc etc.... I just can't believe that in the hands of 90 percent of us, anything more than that is required. The chosen few, I guess, can afford a Fodera or similar... but honestly... why? Especially when Vinny can't come up with a better headstock.... There's WAY too much emphasis on expensive gear. Amps included. Treat yourself to a Peavey TNT 1x15 off eBay and kick some donkey..... Anyway... I expect I'll get shot down for that. Back to headstocks....
  3. Yeah, some people are very optimistic with their expectations.
  4. Don't overlook used BBs from the 80s/90s such as the 1100S and the unreal but rare 3000S. Both PJ configuration, both awesome, however people are asking silly money for those basses now. Some guy was asking for a grand for a Taiwanese BB1100 recently. For me, any of the Yamaha BB series are worth checking out, new/old and regardless of the price/affordability.
  5. Doesn't get much worse than this I really wouldn't be worried about the Sire headstock.
  6. I've had this.... It's like having two bass guitars playing at once.... I'm sure it's been said already, put the kit through the PA. Job done (usually). Two bass amps pumping out similar frequencies (but different notes) will often (Not always) screw with sound.
  7. Why does everyone hate Creed? I thought they sounded ok...
  8. Yeah fair enough, maybe not Nickelback
  9. Have a look at SX basses too. Never played one, but the reviews are good.
  10. "Tenement Symphony" is a fabulous album, but it was a long time ago. The version of "Say hello wave goodbye" he did with Jools many years ago gave me goosebumps, it's beautiful. I saw him live a couple of years ago by chance at a festival, and I was told by my friends, who are fans, that he was amazing... I don't remember, for various reasons. I guess he's marmite, but he's a very flamboyant character and a very lovely chap, I'm sure Dave Swift would concur. There's room for everyone, even Nickelback.
  11. lol... I've missed this place. Been away a couple of years, nothing's changed.
  12. 30 years of metal, and standing in front of a Marshall stack rattled by deafening guitars, coupled with a codeine addiction (which also causes tinnitus) means my ears are whining like the TV used to at the end of the days broadcast (remember that kids?) pretty much all the time. I think I'm beyond help. Wear plugs and avoid prescription pain killers, that's my advice.
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