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  1. Have a look at PayPal and eBay t&cs to give you an idea. I am not a lawyer, no, but I feel you knew the answer to that question. Play nicely everyone, please.
  2. Given how simple this is, particular if paying through secured channels, it’s quite an extended conversation over nothing really. The seller is responsible for the delivery of the goods, and if the buyer paid through PayPal or another buyer secured method, if any loss or damage occurs during transit it’s the sellers responsibility, whatever they say before the sale and whoever arranges or pays for the courier. If the buyer just made a bank transfer, PayPal gift etc then yes, entirely a gentle(wo)mans agreement before any money changes hands.
  3. Through PayPal, yes. Unless you’ve sent money as a personal payment or a gift. Which obviously you shouldn’t do unless you trust the other!
  4. If the seller asks you to arrange the shipping and you pay them by Paypal properly (not gift) then the onus remains with the seller to get it to you safely, whether they say "at your risk" or not. Any damage, claim back off Paypal.
  5. For me, i only look at it as a seller trying to distance himself from responsibility for anything that may happen during shipping, I think it’s more that than laziness. It simple really; if a seller doesn’t want to ship, he shouldn’t and politely tell the buyer why. If a seller asks a buyer to arrange a courier, that’s fine, but ultimately as the seller you are packing it and ultimately any damage that occurs is on you. It always comes back to the seller and sender, and if you’re not comfortable with that, refuse to ship.
  6. Hmm. And if they're not forced to close?
  7. I think Bartolini need to really rethink putting their name on these chinese pickups, they get slated almost universally and it must make people think it is what real barts sound like!
  8. They have been remarkably quiet on it over the past week. Given the number of overseas exhibitors and performers who are literally unable to get here by law, it surely cannot go ahead? And that's without the gathering ban rumoured to be in place by 28th March... Communication is key so hopefully they will speak soon.
  9. Kev

    Microtubes X Ultra

    The X Ultra is the best bass preamp I have used. Once you learn how to dial those frequencies in (its not a quick one), it sounds absolutely huge. My entire tone relies on it now! I haven't come across anything that can replicate the clean low frequencies and boost them in such a way, its wonderful I did try the Dug out and its a cool pedal, but for me lacked something. Body, 'X' Factor? Don't know, but I can see why some like it.
  10. My bad, I shouldn't have joked about it. No links to sales on here thanks to you know who...🙄
  11. Thats a shame, because I want one. Weblink now please 😂
  12. It isn't just GAK guilty of it, there has been several times before when I have preordered something at the only store that says In Stock, only to find it isn't afterwards and promptly cancelling, wasting everyones time. Its really misleading practice as they know some people won't bother cancelling and will just wait.
  13. Headstock distribution? Is someone winding you up?? No wonder they failed quality control...
  14. That, to be honest, is shocking practice.
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