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  1. It isn't just GAK guilty of it, there has been several times before when I have preordered something at the only store that says In Stock, only to find it isn't afterwards and promptly cancelling, wasting everyones time. Its really misleading practice as they know some people won't bother cancelling and will just wait.
  2. Headstock distribution? Is someone winding you up?? No wonder they failed quality control...
  3. That, to be honest, is shocking practice.
  4. Hmm. QC could be a issue, mine were louder than my Dingwalls humbuckers and if anything too bright and cutting....
  5. Indeed, they are a great combo! But I echo the fact that you’ll need two to move enough air with a rock outfit for sure, they’re good but they’re not that good!
  6. The Flea Jazz pickups are so loud and aggressive, I'm very surprised they didn't suit the rock sound. They sounded excellent in my Power Metal band of the time! But glad the SD's are working out for you!
  7. I know you have said you have struggled, but this is underpriced by at least £1k. Possibly more as that is basing it on righty models, there aren't many lefties about! Great deal for someone!!!
  8. Great review, thanks! Its interesting, there is much said about the Elf and how it heats up during use, however I have had mine a few weeks now and I haven’t experienced anything that would make me think it’s getting too hot, at all really, just warm. My last rehearsal with it was 4 hours long and was driven hard throughout!
  9. Yup, despite the underwhelming first demo vid, it’s gone down VERY well at NAMM, which is promising! Not seen any bassists talk about it though, so i wonder if It’s just guitar models that are ready at the moment.
  10. I’ve got a bank statement saying £170 odd, it’s just out of stock so may take a while to arrive ...
  11. Valid stuff, but I am just saying it applies to everything in the same sense. £100 bass would do that same as a £4000 bass from the perspective of 90% of people in the crowd, yet how many of us on here play what we strictly need, not want? This is no different. For me, the QC costs less new than my pedalboard added up and adds a LOT more I don't already have as I have made do without (want/need), the difference being buying it all at once. I could never have afforded that or justified buying all from scratch, but selling all second hand now will still pay off the QC. Yeah, if you don't actually sell it off then its a big investment for little gain, but otherwise it's just swapping gear, losing a little in finesse and gaining a lot in practical function. A lot of it is looking at it logically vs emotively. And yes, the quality of my gear ludicrously outweighs my skills as a bassist. And my own financial position. But hey ho!
  12. Even that though, it depends on what gear you need. Add up the cost of a good varied effects pedal laden board, power supply, patch cables, recording interface, headphone amp, cab simulator, tuner e.t.c. and, if you have decent gear, you can't be far off. On the gig payment front, how many gigs do you need to do to pay for the other tools you use, your basses and your backline? IEM's? Lights? PA? Your comments would suggest being a musician is eye watering in itself...
  13. Not V3.0 as I say, an earlier one. I have heard tracking has been improved, but it appears from this thread people are still finding the C4 better at it?
  14. I’m more just saying the C4 in comparison to the FI (Not the latest version) tracks notably better, in my experience. Being an old DI user I am more than aware of the limitation of a mono synth 🙂
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