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  1. If you need to shift some black dome 6mm knobs as a result of this shoot me a pm, I need some!
  2. The ones built nineties and beyond yes. Some of the eighties models had the full sized headstock.
  3. Why put pics up when you probably already have a dozen thirsty bassists in your inbox...
  4. Lovely instrument! Been sorely tempted by one of the D-Birds as they sound brilliant, upper fret access completely unsuited to me (I've been known to use the 26th fret of my Warwick) but still have GASSSS.
  5. Interesting reference to SS, I thought with the Blades the main USP was spacing doesn’t matter as they are just bars?
  6. Im after a set of 6 string Zen Blades in a P4 shell, how much would they be?

    Bananana Effects MATRYOSHKA anyone?  Fancy one...


    1. SpondonBassed


      Is that the pedal that adds a syllable to every sound your bass banana makes?

  8. Yeah I don’t really get it at all, costs sure would have been small. Well, there are other ibbys in the same price range that do, and the top wood on the SRMS is higher quality so don’t really know where the money is going, can’t cost that much more to build a fanned fret neck.... but yeah, I’ll be upgrading and it’s going to cost $$$$$$$ but fortunately I got the bass silly cheap ex demo!
  9. Newly formed Prog Metal/Metalcore band Awaken Eternity are looking for a vocalist to complete the lineup. Check out the FB post for full details!
  10. Please keep trade offers to PM But in any case, sorry mate, already have one 🙂
  11. The basslines on that record were not recorded with a P. Or, at least if they were, edited beyond recognition.
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