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  1. One direction we have taken so far is to post images of basses in the classifieds we find are particularly attractive or interesting, so you may even get a little cheeky free promotion!
  2. Kev

    Warwick Streamer Stage I GPS

    Really love to try a team built model, look like a nice upgrade from the Korean. Is that a Cherry body as well? 😁 GLWTS
  3. Ahh, thank you my friend. Straight from the horses mouth 😁 1988 or 1989 would be a good approximation, based on hardware, pickups and other such nuances. 1988 is my birth year so iv tended to want to believe that instead anyway 😂
  4. Thanks 😁 I should add, I wouldn't rule out trades, but cash is what I'm trying to raise here. Any more specific pics please ask 🙂.
  5. A feeler as I have Dingwall urges that need fulfilling! 1988 vintage Warwick Streamer bass, refinished professionally in a stunning gloss white finish. Overall in really good condition, bit of finish wear on fret edges but only minor cosmetic stuff. Full disclosure, the bass at some point in its life suffered the somewhat legendary neck crack at the truss rod anchor point. This one was minor, fully glued and repaired and stronger than ever, mostly hidden by refinish but can still be seen. Neck straight as an arrow and truss is sound and adjustable, entirely cosmetic now. Bass is a beaut, fine example of a vintage Streamer, huge sound, lightweight and perfect balance. Year is known from previous owner who had bass refinished, serial is now under paint job. This has all the desirable features, with the original EMG pickups, wenge/maple neck and flamed maple body (not that the flame is visible!). Luthier also sandblaster the original hardware when refinishing to give it a really cool satin chrome with a hint of gold look. Weight approx 8 1/2 LB. Recorded with the bass earlier this year, can be heard on the track Secrets: https://cenfora.bandcamp.com/track/secrets Comes with Warwick gig bag.
  6. Kev

    Darkglass multi-effect unit

    Haters gonna hate
  7. Kev

    Darkglass multi-effect unit

    You just wait until you see what is coming, all very exciting stuff
  8. Kev

    1989 Warwick Streamer Stage 2 4 String

    Much want, much need!
  9. Fancy some new music? 


  10. My band have released their debut album The Progening. I only joined the band in May, so I'm ecstatic that we have moved so fast and got a record out with my playing on it so quickly! Bandcamp: http://cenfora.bandcamp.com https://www.cenfora.co.uk/music All tracks feature my Warwick Basses and Darkglass preamps, mix is guitar heavy by the very nature of the music, but I'm quite pleased on how I am sitting. http://www.facebook.com/cenfora http://www.instagram.com/cenfora http://www.instagram.com/bassmankevin Please subscribe and I'll link the album in here ASAP!
  11. My band Cenfora are launching their debut album this weekend at Route Forty-Four on Birmingham, with a rather tasty line up if you know the midlands metal scene Would be AWESOME to see some of you come down and watch the show and hey, maybe you'll enjoy it enough to buy a record! Warwick basses and Darkglass distortion aplenty. https://www.facebook.com/events/596216320757234/?ti=cl
  12. Kev

    Warwick Thumb NT - 1989 - WITHDRAWN

    My guess this is an MEC 3 band fitted in the nineties at some point. They just didn't exist in the eighties. Its not unusual, iv had an eighties two band fail on me, and my 88 Streamer has a nineties MEC pre fitted too.
  13. Kev

    Warwick Thumb NT - 1989 - WITHDRAWN

    Gorgeous example and arguably the best year for these basses. Very, very good price too! Re pre, if it is original it would have been custom order. If its MEC, it won't be original as the 3 band eq didn't exist in the eighties I don't believe.
  14. Kev

    NPD: Flattley Bass Nirvana

    Ill always try to support smaller UK Businesses wherever I can After trying it at the show (they had a demo bass, combo and headphones) I was blown away by its warmth and ambience and now I have one it just inspires me to make music. Analog, super simple and goes from subtle echo to self oscillation, I love it. I didn't think Tap Tempo and storing setting were common features on analog delays (in fact, use of either would surely require digital circuitry) and for me digital doesn't come close to the warmth and lofi-ness of analog.