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  1. So you use a Di with just EQ for recording etc? I'd experiment with Cabsim for sure if you're not recording from mic'd cabs, there's a lot you're missing out on if you just use DI. I wouldn't use cab sim for live use to an amp as that defeats the point a little. But to FoH again I find it invaluable.
  2. Yeah, but I kind of think that they would have already upgraded to an Ultra by now if they wanted those features.
  3. Impressive bit of kit, but seems to be aimed more at non-Darkglass users? There are a few convenience aspects, but I really don't see why someone owning a current Darkglass Ultra series pedal would buy one of these? I think it would have been more interesting if they included a basic high quality recording interface instead of the Bluetooth/2nd headphone functionality. As it stands, and I hate to say this as a devout DG fanboy....it does seem a little expensive. Re CabSim argument, I go ampless on stage so rely on cabinet simulation, and its a HUGE improvement on tone compared to going direct with no simulator, particularly when using any kind of fuzz or distortion. It also keeps Live tone closer to Studio tone, which matters to some more than others I guess.
  4. Out of interest, what steps are you taking to clean the rooms between bands??
  5. Same in mine, actually an outdoor all dayer with a ton of acoustic acts playing. It just shouldn’t be happening.
  6. Haven't read the thread, but to respond to the thread title... no. Definitely no gigs. No live performances whatsover, inside or outside a venue. I don't know how this new guidance effects drive in gigs or gigs in parks etc.
  7. Gear4Music game me £150 off a £800 bass for undisclosed damage and wear on arrival, which I thought was fair. Seems pockets are getting tighter.
  8. Really surprised and disappointed in Andertons. First it seems they tried to sell it you without offering pictures or any discount. You then got offered just over 5% off for a bass in a worse condition than most looked after used basses?? And on top of that they are in excess of 10% to buy in the first place, compared to elsewhere? Also note it’s still listed as 1 in stock on the website, full price and not B stock. They’re just hoping someone will not ask for a discount or refund, once they have your money. Sharp practice, not good at all 😕
  9. Ah sorry, perhaps I wasn't clear enough looking back. I've had a brace of Limited Edition One10's (the sour taste), a Super Compact and a Midget. I loved my Super Compact and had no issues with it apart from it being flat tonally, if there was an 8x10 or 4x12 in that series I would be more interested in a comparison, but I'm not sure the coloured more cost effective build of the retro series is equal to the Darkglass in terms of finish, and potentially build quality and woods used; presuming the speakers weigh very similar both being Neo, there may be a comparison of robustness to be made. SUPER lightweight in that regard is not always king, especially in cab of this volume. I haven't tried any of the new Neo range to be honest. The Ceramic cabs sounded good but nothing groundbreaking.
  10. I was referring to build as I said, sound wise I haven't heard the Darkglass so have no idea! Assuming you have, what's your take on it?
  11. I lost a lot of money on selling my retro (if they’re still called that?) range cabs because of tweed tolex shrinkage, repair of which I was fobbed off my Barefaced for around 2 years. Even after acknowledging the issue, they continued to sell cabs with the same glue and tolex, a recent post on Facebook by Alex admitted this. Leaves a sour taste, and unless I’m mistaken their 810 has the same tolex and construction as the one10s. I can’t see Darkglass letting anything with that kind of QC issue hit the market.
  12. Yeah, they need to drop the ultra lightweight tag as it look a bit silly if there are cabs out there that weigh 10kg less. Still, they''re not heavy and if your buying an 8x10 or 4x12 I'm not sure how much difference you would notice. Still isn't a one hand lift and stairs are still going to be a problem! After my experience of the Barefaced cab range I don't see them as a fair comparison quality wise, the Darkglass builds will be top notch. It seems like a niche market though, i just don't know who uses cabs that size any more over a modular setup, and even if the ones that do may be set in their way with their SVTs.
  13. Worry that Ibanez have swung and missed with this series, seems to be a lot of very different QC issues being identified. Understandable on a £400 Ibby, not on anything north of £1k. The problem when budget basses suddenly get expensive.
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