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  1. Absolutely, I really enjoyed being able to wire wool out grime and small dings and reapply the hot wax, with no damage to the finish 🙂
  2. What Mr Hunt said Most of these repairs are structurely sound (I've had two with the crack and both were fine throughout my ownership) but they can look at bit ropey. Last one wasn't so bad as it was under a white gloss finish, so you could feel but not see!
  3. I guess Neural have literally given people nothing to talk about so far since the initial announcement. Videos are promised in the coming weeks demonstrating the Neural Capture, so I'd expect things to pick up then.
  4. Depends where you look I guess, lots of talk in the Neural groups on the gear page.
  5. Based on yesterday’s Neural DSP announcement, not for a couple of months 😭😂
  6. Sadly, bands are already saying they will play for free. A post on a midlands music group on FB got torn apart last week because a band proudly announced they were going to play for free for the foreseeable to support venues (raise their profile). The more bands that make such announcements, the more venues are going to expect bands bending over to perform. It’s so wrong. it’s a pandemic. For my function band to get back on the circuit, our fee will increase due to the risk, as opposed to decrease! Bands are doing favours by playing in the first place, not the other way around.
  7. Well, the inevitable has happened and Tier 1 shipping has been delayed from its September launch to mid November. https://neuraldsp.com/blogs/news/qc-changes-to-tier-1-delivery-times
  8. Bump. No trade offers on these please 🙂
  9. Finally gave in and going to an all-in-one digital solution so my guitarists can control me via Midi! These are the best pedals I've had for the job, all are being sold only in the interest of being a typical modern prog metal bassist! Selling in stages, here is Part 1. Shipping should be £5 or so. New prices are current prices from Andertons. Source Audio Nemesis Delay PHENOMENAL delay pedal! You need to check out the Source Audio website to see what this thing can do, but its crazy. It does all the usual digital/analog/tape/reverse etc delays, but also it adds all kinds of modulation effects to the signal, include octaver, envelope filter, phaser/flanger sounds and much more. The Helix mode is particularly bonkers. I will leave a few of my presets on there as well! Perfection condition, in original box with candy and power supply. New Price: £259 My Price: £200 Darkglass Alpha Omega Ultra The Jon Stockman (collaboration) preamp. Incredible and versatile distortion, quite different character from the stereotypical "metal" tone of a Darkglass B*K pedal and the like, with two distortions with different characteristics on the Alpha and Omega side. Amazing as a clean preamp too, very useful quiet EQ and comes with a headphone out jack. Last but not least, it has an IR Cab Sim loaded DI, configurable via the Darkglass Suite on PC/mac. Invaluable for live and studio use when micing a cab isn't practical. Perfect condition with velcro on bottom, in original box with candy. New Price: £369 (V1) My Price: £SOLD Boss TU-3 Tuner You know what it is. Industry standard tuner, AB'd against the TC Polytune it replaced and it appeared to tune quicker and was more stable. Great rock solid pedal. In very good condition, velcro on bottom with just a couple of marks shown in the photo, in box with candy. New Price: £65 My Price: £40 ON HOLD Thanks for looking!
  10. If you're physically unable to rehearse at home (drummer with no electric kit I guess), then I'd agree. But otherwise, rehearsing alone is more than enough to keep your chops up, honing them in with the full band when a gig is actually on the horizon.
  11. I think anyone not using their own Mic in the best of times is just odd. But during this pandemic, you must be absolutely crazy to use a mic used by other people. Or just show an entire disregard for the seriousness of the situation we are in. No amount of cleaning will ensure virus particles don't persist within the microphone. And if the excuse is sometimes people can't afford their own mics, with respect they're not going to get very far if that's the case.
  12. Lovely bass, you sure about that topwood being Buckeye Burl though? Sure it isn't poplar, or maybe walnut? I have never seen Buckeye look anything like that before
  13. I guess one could argue they are a professional band if they declare an income to the taxman. I don't think it needs to be a "main" source of income, but it does need to be a recognised source of income. Not that it matters right now, god known when indoor music will come back. Seems like a long time if Schools opening is a trade off for existing things as it is...
  14. Yup, August gigs all gone for at least 2 weeks...
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