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  1. Haha sorry! T'was a bit blunt. Really love the bass, but what made you opt for the the single string bridge design, and the gold vs black hardware?
  2. There's obviously a market for it, but it seems to take lightweight unnecessarily far. At this point, surely the size and awkwardness of a cab is more of a problem than weight. I had Gen 2 Barefaced and they felt fragile, certainly wouldn't imagine a need for something even thinner and lighter. Is it just all aesthetics? I don't think wrapping a cab in bubble wrap every time it leaves the house is a great thing. Surely the whole point in it being lightweight is so its moved around easier? The marketing also seems to imply improved strength, not really seeing an emphasis on treating them with unusual care? I take very great care of all my equipment, but yeah, Ill still knock it from time to time. I feel like with this it would be a quick panic check every time it happened...
  3. Keen to hear that one! Interesting design, terrible choice of bridge/bridge colour for me, otherwise quite like they've not attempted to copy the Wal shape.
  4. How do these differ from the current models, quality wise?
  5. Looking at these other photos in different finishes, it appears it is a trick of the camera! Just a straight edged body contour making it look darker.
  6. I mean to be fair, this isn't the Ernie Ball forum. If someone posts a thread saying how amazing something is, naturally it almost invites people to say otherwise, nature of the interwebs and discussion forums I'm afraid! We can all dream of a world with positive vibes only, sadly never going to happen.
  7. Nope, never ever going to get excited by tobacco sunburst. Neck is lovely though, and its not original! That body wing in a completely different wood grain looks awful, unless its a trick of the camera.
  8. Oh dear. How on earth will that hold up on the road?!! Looks a poor design for sure, however pretty it is.
  9. They influence cost, but no more than any other luthier, unless fancy woods need to pay extra rent in NY as well? I'm not necessarily saying there is such a thread, I'm just interested as I just don't understand how they cost $30k to build, yet it was mentioned how many hours it took to build one or something, which is quite a thing to calculate, so I guessed it must have been discussed somewhere, my mistake. But in their 10% profit on each one you think they are including unspecified "research and developments" costs of prototypes built years before, they can apply any value they want to that, so its making more sense now... I'll bow out as its just going round in circles. I guess I just won't buy one and stick with Alpher 😅
  10. Is there a conversation on Talkbass somewhere where he specifically references how the Presentation II costs Fodera over $30k to build?? Or even this mini bass at almost $17k, still taking their 10% profit pledge as true? I haven't seen Fodera use a wood that a much cheaper luthier does not use at least as good a grade as, so wouldn't have thought this would have any bearing on price. It seems to be all about the shops location, and how many hours it takes them to build each bass. Still, I can't fathom the figures at 10% profit.
  11. Aside from the Duplo knobs, I really like it to be honest!
  12. Interesting bitsa! Do you know what the story behind the Fender Custom Shop neck is or where it came from?
  13. Oh I agree that Warwick have huge prices too, but most of their basses don't get insane until you start spec'ing up a custom model. I shudder to think what a Fodera Presentation II with customisations would cost!! But some interesting points raised here for sure, but I'd still question if they only make a 10% profit on bulding a $35k bass, there's something not quite right. But i'll certainly have a read into why the Presentation models need to be so expensive.
  14. I mean I'm not trying to argue or just attack Fodera, as they're not alone as you say! But 10% profit margin, am I right in saying that it therefore as a starting price costs them ~$32k to make one of those Presentation II models? If so, how??
  15. Sorry I couldn't find the mini bass there, they all seem full scale. Can you link me?? And in fairness I am more referring to their signature/artist range like this one than their base level standard range, so it probably is unfair of me to base all on that, but a business model where they break even (this is what I know of their model, from your post) is still completely bonkers, and they should really move the shop if there is any shred of truth in that. I think their standard range prices still came in a few thousand dollars higher a piece than top end masterbuild basses from the other builders you mention. Isnt it more like $20k for the full scale presentation model? Are they made during high rent months in NY or something?? 🙂 Edit: Just flashed up the 2022 price list, $35,200 for the Presentation II?!!
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