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  1. Stunner! How come you are moving it on so quickly?
  2. Gorgeous and very, very well priced! Incredible instruments...
  3. I’m really quite torn on whether to keep mine or not.... it’s a bit beyond me to use in the most part and I’m struggling to get out of it what I want, there’s just a little too much to alter. I’m a sucker for a deep impact, the amount I was restricted to change on that was perfect for me 😅
  4. Can’t give pedals away these days, bargain for an AO!
  5. Of course, everyone has a different mids preference or requirement, it just sounds like the mids control isn't balanced right if it has to be maxed out, to be honest. What use would there be for cutting the mids, presume none for those who are maxing it out?
  6. You're not wrong, but I get uncomfortable 'pushing' a circuit so hard just to get a unity sound. It indicates something is wrong for me. I feel it would also generate noise in the signal. Before I removed the preamp and pickups from my Ibanez and replaced with US Bartolini, I found myself having to boost the treble to almost full and cut the bass and mids heavily to get a decent sound out of it, which I didn't like doing. Since I replaced both I don't know what the culprit was, but I presume it was the cheap licensed barts. Very dark, but proof that its best to start with something near the mark and adjust to taste, as opposed to forcing something.
  7. If you’re muddy with the XU then you need to take a slower approach at understanding how the filters work and how you should set the levels and comp. You have full control of the frequencies and how they need to be set will vary from rig to rig.
  8. If I’d have kept my 14lb Streamer, I may well have had them by now!
  9. Oh god, forget I said anything... 🙄😂
  10. Okay, fair enough! Given your own sweeping generalisations on Class D amplification, I’m sure you can forgive a little stereotyping elsewhere It’s just my experience, I’m yet to find a lightweight (sub 8lb) bass that has the depth in tone that a 10lb + bass tends to have. I am sure there are exceptions, clearly from this thread alone, but there you go. Sounds like you have 20 years on me 😂
  11. I haven’t, what is it about your basses that makes them sound “heavy”? I’d be interested if our definitions are the same.
  12. I didn’t mention crap. I said that lightweight basses sound lightweight. The resonance is different, naturally, and the deader deeper tone of a heavy bass can’t be quite replicated, in my opinion. But no, not crap, wasn’t even implied (my main gigging bass I would class as lightweight)
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