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  1. I remember these strings feeling higher tension than what I was used to when trying them, and at the time that would have been XLs and Flexsteels.
  2. @Al Krow Providing the D800 was there or there abouts tone/power wise, the M9 was always going to struggle to win that head to head as size and weight is pretty important for me at the moment. That being said, The D800 certainly has the Carbine vibe tone wise. Voicing knob doesn't cover ground that position 4 and 5 cover on the M9, but they were always too mid heavy for me anyway. I use a Cali76 so I don't miss the built-in compressor, and the B7KU preamp pedal I used gives me additional EQ control I lose over the M9. However, lets see what happens when I turn it up
  3. In 2ohm mode its only putting out 320w, so should be just fine. In any case, unless I buy a second One10 and consider actually gigging it, it wont be pushed at all I've actually just sold my Berg setup as I haven't gigged with my own cabs for over 12 months, venues I play in the circuit almost always provide a backline with full PA support so for me its mostly amp head to FoH the punters are hearing. Should the need to have my own backline arise again, as I say I may buy a second One10 and see if it can cope, if not Ill get something cheap and heavy I can stick in the shed and not have taking up valuable space in the house! Intend to take this little setup to rehearsal soon and stretch its legs a little. I'm also agonising over whether this Mesa can replace my other amp (Darkglass M900); initial signs are looking that way for sure, but we shall see at proper levels!
  4. It isn't a silver cloth or at least, certainly not the same silver as their other cloths, much darker. (below rig isn't mine!)
  5. I'd echo that any screenshots of Facebook content that is not public should not be posted here please.
  6. Warwick players...

    Market is better now than it was a few years ago, but still not where it should be for such great instruments. I love my Corvette $$, I only wished it had the curved body of the Streamers and Thumbs. Have it tuned CGCF at the moment in preparation for a potential new band I may be involved with and it really roars. My 1989 Thumb I can say is the nicest Warwick I have played and I am sure it will be my #1 for many years to come now. The neck is fantastic, slim and 'fast' with zero neck dive and plays so well. EMGs sound great too.
  7. £46 posted, shoot me a pm if you fancy it
  8. Epiphone Masterbilt Century De-Luxe

    That may be the most infuriating model name ever...
  9. Full depth, it will fit a Kilo
  10. 2 week old 3u Gator Soft Rack Case, bought from bass direct for £60 a couple of weeks ago for an amp I have now sold. Don't believe in returning items for such reasons so a bass chatter will get a bargain! Obviously perfect condition and boxed. Cheers
  11. Feedback for TheGreek

    Just traded amps with Mick, another classic basschat services meet up! Sound chap, smooth deal, amp wise anyway, seemed to be a coffee order dilemma but otherwise all good! Cheers bud
  12. Feedback for Soulman

    Chap just purchased a Di from me. Perfect transaction, no hesitation in recommending him to anyone, cheers bud.
  13. Just bought one of these new, doh!