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  1. Honestly, if I saw that before this thread, I'd have thought someone was taking the mick out of my band's level of support.
  2. Stunning bass and amazing price!! Good luck with the sale
  3. Really need to try one of these and see what all the fuss is about!
  4. Temple Audio is what you’re looking for. I moved back to Velcro though. The pads are an absolute nightmare to remove from pedals once stuck. The boards aren’t very sturdy feeling either.
  5. Oo, talk me through the Collider and Nemesis combo? Would have thought the Ventris would be a more obvious choice to pair with the Nemesis, if the Collider wasn't enough alone? Killer board though buddy!
  6. I used a Bottle Rocket for years, loved it but far too large a footprint and didn't do enough that non-valve pedals didn't already do. Can't say I've tried one of those, looks even bigger! What valves are you running?
  7. Last year one of these was on Reverb for £350, I thought it was overpriced. What did I miss?
  8. Have to say, grabbing an ES-5 has been wonderful. Something quite glorious about not having to worry about where a pedal goes on your pedalboard, or playing the endless cable roundabout testing various orders.
  9. So, Parcelforce steal parcels? Where in conditions of service do Parcelforce tell you that they will claim property when the label falls off, without making EVERY effort to identify who it may belong to, which they would have very quickly identified upon opening? Absolutely shocking stuff.
  10. Where did the money from the auction sale go to? Charity, Peacocks back pocket, parcelforce's back pocket or somewhere else? This is bizarre.
  11. Ah I just commented on this on YT! But yeah to repeat, wenge's depth, smoothness and richness in the low end and low mids wins out, amazing to hear the differences. Blind test, I'd have thought the Ovangkol was a bolt on! (I know you have another vid showcasing that difference too!)
  12. Have Spector yet commented formally on the problem? Sounds like a recall job if the pickups are not fit for purpose for lower tuning, if that is what this is, especially given the marketing relating to the 37" B, although its odd its never come up for other basses using these pickups.
  13. You may be better off just grabbing a phaser that has a volume control or doesn't have the same level of drop? I don't particularly remember the Phase 90 being too unique amongst phasers. Although I'd double check meter readings etc to measure the apparent drop, as ears can be deceiving due to their nature.
  14. Blimey, that's ridiculously cheap if you are including the transmitter! Usually go for £100 more! GLWTS, if its still here
  15. Yeah, really hope he waived any fee when he just gave the broken bass back?! Glad it's getting somewhere now, but fill in the massive blank for me; what on earth caused three preamps to break?? I have been using preamps in basses for 15 years and have never had one fail.
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