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  1. Yup, just spec'd out a £2k P that I really fancy now. Thanks for that....
  2. Interesting piece for sure. It's interesting, as an awful lot of more expensive instruments these days have some form of chambering, particularly on heavier woods to reduce weight down, so it seems in many cases the more you spend, the more likely it is the wood will make a difference? Its certainly interesting when you compare the comments to that of someone like Sheldon Dingwall. He designed the Z series bass to have two piece bodies made of different woods, specially selected to enhance the qualities of the low and high strings. Is this just complete BS from him then? Who is wrong?
  3. How do you have the LPF and HPF set? LPF fully clockwise I assume?
  4. Not a brilliant example of HPW’s “massively aggressive persona” or something “downright nasty”, so I’m interested to hear what Cuzzie has experienced.
  5. What did he ruin about it?? Both the eighties and more modern Buzzard basses are outstanding basses and are snapped up whenever they rarely come available. The Bolt-On wasn’t a great idea, but it was just a way of owning a more affordable one.
  6. The irony of Sadowsky using primarily a Leo Fender design seems lost a little too...
  7. I agree. It is such a bizarre thread. Commented earlier about my top end 2017 Warwick and say again that it is exceptional, at least equal with anything else I have used in finish quality, it's stunning. But yeah, Warwick stopped paying for a License to use the NS design Spector used for their basses when Spector stopped invoicing them, so they must be rubbish.... Silly Roger, someone better let him know.
  8. Amazing bass! Tone clips here:- https://www.instagram.com/p/B_cFn6bA4R7/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  9. Missed out a key bit of info here, £££????
  10. It's an odd one. Warwick Masterbuilt instruments are truly outstanding, I have one from 2017 and it is a work of art and plays magnificently. They're expensive though, you're paying for that quality. But charging more than an NYC one?? I mean yeah, its odd (if that's true, same spec etc?). But there's no way Warwick are doing that without Roger agreeing, so I guess if they don't sell, they don't sell?
  11. So much this. Drives me insane when people turn up to rehearsal asking what to play.
  12. How does the Flashback sound?? I’ve always assumed they sound quite different from the usual Warwick vibe, but I’ve never heard one.
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