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  1. Crazy price for such a rare instrument! Not surprised its gone!
  2. Yup, Bass Direct have said they will be stocking it same price. We’re now at a point where it costs more in pounds than it does in dollars. So depressing 🙁
  3. Yes! I forgot about the sharp edges, the Birmingham ones I tried has that too! It was that and some really rough routing around the bridge and jack area that really shocked me, as at a minimum I thought all of that would be absolutely spot on.
  4. Has Ola ever addressed the seemingly unanimous criticism of the pricing model? It’s quite incredibly if he hasn’t and he is truly that out of touch with his potential market, endorsers and super high profile freebies aside.
  5. This has gone quiet! The C4 is due to be released next week, apparently! Sound samples sound pretty epic, apparently tracks better than the FI and has a neat editing platform. Looks good?
  6. I'm a little out of touch with Iron Ether, what are the differences between your model and the current version in the vid?
  7. I'd just love to see an in depth interview with Ola to see where he was coming from with the collection of decisions they've made here regarding the price points vs manufacture location vs the competition vs his own Guitars.
  8. Your views almost entirely represent my experience with the ones Iv tried too. I wonder how it’s doing? Social media is very quiet, if that’s any indication...
  9. I use these, great high quality cables!
  10. Tried a couple of these now. Nice basses, finish has been a bit rough on both, sounds like most lightweight basses with similar pickups. Could never justify anything like the asking price, at £1,500 I would be a little more interested, but still think a Dingwall NG would be a better buy for the tone.
  11. Awaken Eternity are looking for a vocalist, check the vid out and if you like what you hear or know someone who might, get in touch!
  12. From memory, I don’t remember the difference between 1991 Dolphin BN5 and my 2013 SSI BN 5 being that different in terms of depth. Think the shape of the new necks are more D than the C of old.
  13. Assuming you understand how the blend and level work on darkglass units (bit different from normal), it sounds like you have had faulty units? I can't see how its possible not to achieve unit gain unless the blend was all the way dry pretty much on the EQ'd units.
  14. The 4 String Dolphin is 44mm nut standard, whereas the 5 string is 45mm. So, the 4 is a “broadneck” whereas the 5 is regular. Bar the custom shop, the 5 string broadneck was a very limited run in 1991.
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