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  1. Missed this, lovely! That Buckeye is one of my favourite basses from the Alpher boys, I love the figuring 🥰 (blue is great too!)
  2. Mesa D800. Ignore the power ratings of the One10’s, they are more than capable of handling a 800w Class D without any problems at all.
  3. Depends really. The Shure transmitter has a replaceable lithium battery, and id always look for that rather than have a finite system.
  4. Can testify that two One10’s are a great thing indeed. More than enough low end and volume for most small/medium gigs. I use them without PA support in a function band and have to turn down during soundcheck! I wouldn’t try a rock/metal gig without a PA but then again I would try a 2x12 setup in the same circumstances either. My recommendation is nothing to do with the fact I am selling a pair...😉
  5. That’s crazy if that’s true, it’s certainly a reason In principle why I wouldn’t consider that system. Only one reason Boss made that decision... I ended up investing more and grabbed the Shure pedal unit, which has performed admirably so far. Still, it’s expensive and it does have a belt pack, albeit a solid metal type with a good clip. The Boss looked to be a great option, does the Line 6 equivalent have the same restriction?
  6. Don't undersell the description This is the second version of the Vintage Deluxe, the first to be produced in Finland after the move back from US and is the first limited edition darkglass pedal to be released, with a steel top.
  7. Price drop, now more willing to split if needed.
  8. If I send them back to have the back bits retolexed, they either a) won’t be for sale, or b) won’t be the same price 🙂
  9. Both of these are still available! Believe the hype, these are brilliant cabs!
  10. A few pictures of the tolex issues as requested 🙂. I paid over £900 for these two and they make for a brilliant little modular rig, but I’m struggling to justify keeping them at the minute.
  11. Don’t torture yourself 😉 Afraid not! Don’t really get Gloucester way much at all, Birmingham is about as far away as I get from Leam regularly.
  12. I’m not sure yet! I’ve taken these cabs out twice this year, either going DI only or using shared cabs, so they’re just gathering dust really! Oof to a cheeky 4-way!
  13. I have two of the limited edition run of the Barefaced Tweedy One 10 cabs I am considering selling. These are the ones with the tweed tolex, grill cloth and the "genuine faux" leather handles. Very nice cabs, classy upgrades and sound huge. No joke, I hear more lows from these two than the Ampeg fridge in our rehearsal room. Seriously. Ill get better pics later but looks like below, in great condition with no dings/dents to note. It is suffering from the sadly common tolex peeling at the back, only a little minor peeling/shrinkage and Alex has assured me he will retolex the cabs when he finds a glue for the tweed covering that he is confident won't fail. It probably isn't worth the effort of sending back to them anyway! £469 new but due to the cosmetics ill let them go for £700 £650 the pair, would rather sell as a pair but can split to £350. No covers on these.
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