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  1. bassfan

    Fender jazz bass 1977 Aguilar pups badass

    That’s lovely ! The grain on that wood is fantastic. Shame it’s not a ‘75.
  2. bassfan

    ...well here's a strange one

    They’d go bust.......
  3. bassfan

    Feedback for Lozz196

    I can’t add anything else more positive. Great guy, great comes, prompt postage... and the longest feedback thread ever 😂😂😂😂 cheers mate. 👍🏻
  4. bassfan

    Enfield Lionheart Standard 5 (2015 Model)

    Lovely. I’ve wanted to try those quad pick ups for a while.... 🤔
  5. bassfan

    The Yamaha BB thread (from X34/5 launch)

    Lovely. 👍🏻👍🏻 Let me know when that nasty looking shiny white one needs a good home. 😂
  6. There’s a few more features on the B. Tuner, built in effects and most notably the memory channels (similar to the TC rh range). You can also pair it with a cabinet to optimize that particular cabinet. @Dood will be able to confirm and add to my ramblings I’m sure 😃
  7. I’d go B/amp over forte, purely as it has more features.
  8. bassfan

    1978 Fender Antigua Precision

    That’s gorgeous mate!!!
  9. +1 on that! And if I had change a Db751 for good measure.
  10. Or send a few freebies over to trial. 😂 I’d like to try one against my carbine (which I love!)
  11. bassfan

    Matching headstock Basses NEEDED :)

    Touché. You are first in the queue mate if I decide to let it go.
  12. bassfan

    Matching headstock Basses NEEDED :)

    That white one would look so good next to my blue one. 😃
  13. 😍😍
  14. bassfan

    Matching headstock Basses NEEDED :)

    I’ll book a trip to specsavers tomorrow 🤓
  15. bassfan

    How Many Straps Have You Got?

    I’m colour matched 😃 Well kind of... I have black straps for the 2 with carbon necks, white for the sonic blue jazz, and relic looking off white for the relic’d bass, more accessorised than colour matched. 😂