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  1. I think the only option is to fill up your bedroom walls with every conceivable configuration type and colour that you like and budget for some quality wall hangers and space for all the hardcases 😂 Ultimately it’s your decision and your quest for the tone you like. Do you need more? Of course not... do you want more? ... why are you here if you don’t! 😃 most importantly what ever you decide. Enjoy playing.
  2. So I can’t connect helix to c4 via a midi cable to toggle through the 6 presets?
  3. I’m seriously considering a C4... lots of great info on here and some great patches I’ve heard. I have a question... has anyone successfully used their helix hxfx as a midi controller to switch between the 6 preset blocks? There’s several patches I’d want to use and I’d really like to switch between them with the helix 😃 sorry if this has been asked previously, I didn’t see it . Answers on a postcard please.....
  4. I didn’t see the toggle question. 😂
  5. Very nice. It looks like an S2 to me. I may be wrong though
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. Lovely 😊 👍🏻. @Deedee another CW in the house!
  8. Great looking bass. GLWTS. treat yourself @Reggaebass What Status have you gone for... looking forward to a NBD thread 👍🏻
  9. Its a lovely looking bass! A KS is on my bucket list. I might be wrong but I think this would also now be subject to 20% import fee, post brexit 😢
  10. #1 for me... possibly 2. 3 looks a bit like a barcode. All that said, whatever you chose you’ll be very happy with it! 👍🏻
  11. bassfan

    EHX synth9

    I’ve used his as well. But... a lot are geared for the stomp or the full helix as they have amps/cab sims. The one I found really nice was the sadowsky pre amp.
  12. bassfan

    EHX synth9

    I’ve got an HXFX. If you find a useable patch let me know.
  13. bassfan

    EHX synth9

    Yeah ... I completely agree it would mail the sound but at a hefty cost.
  14. bassfan

    EHX synth9

    Aiming for the moog sound on PYT... i can’t get anywhere near it with the octaves on the helix, hence wanting a plug and play solution. I think it might be overkill , nice to have though! 😃
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