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  1. Cheers - can’t remember buying them but don’t doubt I once did. 🙏
  2. Any help please? Wondering what these strings are. Seem like 45 - 100 nickel - but unlike D’Addario have a silver D ball end not black. E - Brass A - Red D - Silver G - Blue, maybe green. Hard to say as have some minor colour blindness. Cheers
  3. Those prices contribute to why I just withdrew my Special from the market place today - it’s a great bass that I bought new in ‘18 so I might as well keep hold now for a rainy day, as for me a new one has got well out of reach. Good score on the TC, love that it’s passive and hope you do a NBD 👍
  4. I’m on a bass cull, and it just occurred to me the 3 I’m keeping were all once sold and then bought back my me. One was sold during a rough period, one best described as sold to fund a family emergency, and one because I was buying back an old vintage bass (the irony) but got that decision wrong. Best of the bunch to get back is the ‘95 Ray I grew up on, found again about 12 years after I sold it during a tough time. 2 came back from the bassist I sold them to, my beloved ‘95 Ray after years of failed emails and eBay searching, finally saw it on eBay and pounced. What are your tales?
  5. Reminds me of those black and gold Raleigh BMXs from the 80s.
  6. update - withdrawn and now on loan to a mate. With MM prices rising so steeply I think I’ll keep hold.
  7. Nah, Keef is the real deal, relic’s are more like a good bit of make believe... 😀
  8. @steerpike65Simon just visited to buy my Bravewood Jazz - not an easy bass to let go of, so glad it went to one of the good guys. We’d been communicating for some time, while I decided whether or not to sell, and all the time Simon was friendly and easy going. Highly recommend guy to deal with. Enjoy the bass 👍
  9. Not an easy choice, completely different animals in terms of tone and feel (aside from the obvious that one is a 5er 😂). But both will be a great purchase for sure.
  10. Not when I have one in the classifieds for under £2k 😂😂😂 Seriously, they are top notch.
  11. Cheers pal - despite it all, I still consider myself very lucky I can still pick up a bass play at home. And at least I have some non slab body basses too. Best of luck with your issues 🙏👍
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