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  1. Boxed & excellent condition. Comes with instructions and all original packaging. Has Velcro on the bottom. Fully working, no issues. Tasteful classic delay, with digital, tape, and analogue options, plus a modulation effect. Royal Mail 1st class signed for post included in price.
  2. It was for many budget guitar makes/models - but not so for Fender parts IMO, e.g. pickups, which is what I was getting at.
  3. Great quote That’s quite an interesting theory, I’m not sure what to make of that myself 🤔 Would they have been strayed from circulation in mass? Years in guitar shops taught me that people can pick up ‘dogs’ and think they are great - it’s all subjective I suppose, or just they have a lack of experience to compare it to? Don’t know to be honest. I’ve played a fair few pre CBS ‘dogs’ too. Could be the wood, or as the great Clive Brown once suggested, could be the neck and body don’t resonate in the same direction! But I bet you some folks will pick it up love that ‘pre CBS mojo’.
  4. Not necessarily - cheap old stuff back the was still actually pretty good compared to now. Many custom manufacturers still use the old materials used by Fender. The fact the pickups were hand wound is one large reason for tone differences I.e. under/overwound, the other reason is the nature of wood, as will always be. ‘Better’ is subjective imo 👍
  5. That’s ok - different spraying method.
  6. Will a custom pick up get you that tone? Not likely. (But you’ll likely get a great tone nonetheless). For example. years back when I bought a 64 P bass I tried it up against 6 others (pre CBS). All were good, and totally different. 2 really stood out, but the others were still good. None of them were ‘better’ than any modern bass. The feel of the bass is whole different thing. I’ve always felt there’s something so special about the wood used in the very early 60s, even student model Musicmaster and a Duo Sonic guitars I had from 1960 and 1961 were outstanding in feel and fullness of tone. The stack knobs and other Ps I’ve played were great too. That doesn’t mean I’m right about that particular period, just that I worked in the vintage trade for a good while and that was my experience. And yeah, it’s a crime not to play them.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Good to hear, really bizarre then what I experienced….
  9. Are you having any issues with some notes clipping with that pairing? I had the Fralin split coils and a J-Tone, but loud notes clipped, John was at a loss too about it. Both were fine in other set ups. Great bits of gear though, love them both.
  10. Whilst I love the tone of steels, I just can’t get on with the feel as I’m used to flats and nickel. Fat Beams are awesome, and do exactly what they say on the (little bit tatty) box. Includes postage, cheers.
  11. Used on a Stingray for under one hour, so cut for a 3+1 head, but can be cut for a 2+2 head. Price includes post. Cheers.
  12. Taken on and off a Stingray a few times. Nice bright flats. Postage included.
  13. Only 1 purchase this year, getting back a sentimental bass (‘95 StingRay). edit - that’s a lie, I got an East preamp and Aguilar pup for said bass. Money very well spent 👍 Lots sold though, and 2022 should be a non-event the way things are going 🤞
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