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  1. The percentage of bass players buying delay pedals may have gone up tenfold... Never been a fan, but can’t deny it’s a great album with its place. Good stuff.
  2. Gutted to hear that I tried replacing a 79 Sabre 10 years after selling a really good one. The second one was great, but it didn’t vibe as well and listening back to recordings of the first one proved it. I imagine your situation is tougher though due to the sentimental ties. Considering you understandably can’t exactly recall the tone of your first one, I’d suggest just playing Rays until you really click with the right one. A bass is a sum of all its parts, and perhaps its past, so the same spec (e.g. Poplar) may not have the same effect. Best of luck.
  3. After years of trying, finally being satisfied with just one bass to get all the tones I want. (Having a Helix Stomp helps massively) And to go with it, not succumbing to buying some beauties in the year I’ve owned it. Take that GAS 😗🖕
  4. Not surprised at all by that sound man’s comment, even the Aguilar compressor pedal couldn’t handle the output of that bass (with its Aguilar preamp), it’s a real sum of its parts and sounds damn fine for it. I’m more surprised that I’m down to one bass... and perfectly happy, having sold two other exceptional basses this year. That might take you more than 10 seconds to process given your commendable track record 😜
  5. What a prick tease... f**king loved that bass! I've said it before, but out of the 5 that passed through my hands that one was the killer of them all. Well chuffed you're gigging it mate, nice chops too 👍
  6. Strings and Things sent me some while my bass was under warranty. They come in a packet which suggest you can buy them separate from the saddle. Great company, I’d be very surprised if they didn’t help you out. Strings and Things Limited Units 3 & 4, 202-210 Brighton Road, Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex, BN43 6RJ T: +44 (0) 1273 440 442 w: www.stringsandthings.co.uk
  7. Just one and a half now - the half being a Steinberger Spirit that only gets used in hotel rooms.... no, not like that... 🙄
  8. Someone mentioned non-reverse Thunderbird earlier...
  9. Supply and demand. Fender “we’ll supply it to the die hard Lizzy fans, and demand that you get fleeced for the ltd ed privilege”.
  10. The Custom Shop Fender made from cardboard http://www.fendercustomshop.com/custom-life/fender-custom-shop-builds-a-cardboard-strat/
  11. The 1987 catalogue says Surf Green, and they are a lot cheaper then yours 🤣 This is a killer period for reissues judging by the ones I’ve played and people I know that like them. I wish I still had my 1987 reissue 57 Strat or that I’d bought a Surf Green one from the same year that came up years back. Shame I’m not in the market for a new bass.
  12. So between the Stingray and Jazz, I’d recommend testing the Stingray standing and playing with the pick in ‘excited’ mode. Some players find Stingray pickups ‘click’ when they play, the pup has massive pole pieces that can pick up everything. If that’s the case with you, then the Jazz would likely be cleaner in that sense - and you could always add a push/pull pot to wire the pickups in series too if you ever need a fatter sound for a tune or two. Buy second hand if you can, because if you end up on the forum for good you’ll be buying and selling more than Gordon Gekko...
  13. I'd have to say Roger Walters... though shouldn't that have been David Gilmour getting endorsed? Didn't he record the best Pink Floyd basslines? 😂
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