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  1. Personally I’d get it done (if the current frets stop it playing properly) either with low profile frets or by having the new frets stoned down to stop that brand new feeling. That said, isn’t it Brian May who won’t refret his Red Special? So you’re not daft.
  2. Could be two way truss, what happens if you keep tightening - or at least going in that direction?!
  3. I think you’re right Guy, my experience from working in vintage shops and playing a fair few is that there can be quiet a difference. The necks were made and finished by hand after alL edit - and not to Lull or Sadowsky highly skilled and expected exact measurements!
  4. Love my PB SG guitar, but that red looks gorgeous
  5. I hope so bro, this lot ^^^ are giving me proper seller’s remorse already! 😳
  6. I know you’re all right as I’ve been there before when I sold my last one to Warren years ago... Cant keep them all 🙄 No doubts I’ll buy another in 5 years 🤩
  7. Would be soooo tempted, but no cash flow. Lovely looking bass.
  8. That’ll depend on how hard the first wave of sellers regret kicks in 😂😂😂 Cheers pal 🙏
  9. SOLD - Modulus Flea FB4, made in 2000. Aguilar OBP1 and Bartolini pickup. Also comes with the original Bartolini preamp - the Aguilar does the Flea sound so much better so is a great upgrade In used condition, has some dings, but looks great. One small ding is pictured by the fret marker - though can’t be felt when played. The body has the very common lacquer cracks by the neck, but hasn’t gone through to the wood of course Bass has no issues, sounds incredible. Does the FB4 sound like nothing else can. Has the original case. Postage possible, please PM. No trades - only selling now due to cash flow. Cheers.
  10. I got mine when they landed here in 2018, so much what I’m about to say is about the early ones, so I’m unsure about the current state of play. The saddles can be a pain in the proverbial, I’ve experienced and seen that the grub screws sometime slip. But I was sent replacements free of charge. Some people also found some grub screws too short, and again were sent free replacements. Lastly, I see on TB that quiet a few in the States needed a Plek to get a low action. All said, great basses if you like that kind of thing and fancy the different flavour of this version.
  11. £30 I bought this new, just to put under a couch that our rabbits were exploring, so it’s never been used. It was B-stock when I got it, so has a couple of cracks in the plastic (pictured) - though being in the corner it’s still structurally strong. Keys are present. Socially distanced collection only please 👍
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