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  1. Bump for my very good friend Mark, a trustworthy seller. Stunning bass too, love Burgundy Mist
  2. Commission Sales - 15%

    I worked in guitar retail from 1993 - 2009, back then the potential mark up for new gear was: 55% if you sold it at full price. 30-35% was about average after discount 20% was your typical bottom line in order to "make it worth opening the shop". So one reason for the 15%-20% commission is that if someone wants to buy a new Fender P and you can make 30%, you'd be silly to sell the second hand one at just 10%. That's just one example, I'm aware there are other factors such as bird in the hand etc.
  3. any advice appreciated - apple mac/logic newbie

    Lovely gesture. Im pretty sure Apple do student discounts, so might be worth taking that route. That’s about as far as I can help!
  4. Westenras feedback

    I had the pleasure of buying some pickups from Jonny, would definitely do so again. Cheers pal.
  5. New MusicMan Stingray announced

    I get what you mean by that. I for one can’t fault my Ray, and I like that it’s the tried and tested classic. So because I own a nice Ray I wouldn’t go out to replace it. I wonder what people without a Ray, but buying one, would decide if they got to try both? If the new ones are as good as the potential then I reckon that in and ideal world me, and others, would love both.
  6. New MusicMan Stingray announced

    The more I see of them, the more I’m prepared to be very impressed. Can’t wait to read your posts in July!
  7. New MusicMan Stingray announced

    I imagine that’d be after you’ve pre ordered one and got it out of the case?
  8. Feedback for Lozz196

    Cheers Lozz for an easy going sale.
  9. New MusicMan Stingray announced

    Just got the email through from EB, not out til July in the States. Very keen to check one out. http://blog.music-man.com/news/ernie-ball-music-man-2018-product-announcement-namm-kick-off/?utm_source=musicmanblog&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nammmusicmankickoff

    Woah, I wasn’t expecting to see those pickups!!! ^ lets hope you’re right Chris!
  11. Eh?

    No, I’m not deliberately misunderstanding you. I just re-read your first post, and it all still stands.
  12. Eh?

    @Dan Dare Many young people are into Little Mix and all that comes with it, so why should a deaf person not be able to enjoy the experience of seeing them, seeing the show, being part of the crowd etc. It's the difference between saying "I was there, I loved it" or not. I'm sure you'd agree that anyone should be able to enjoy an experience, regardless of how you think music should be enjoyed, or whatever disability they have. @NancyJohnson Loads of deaf people go to gigs. Many blind people / vision impaired enjoy films too using audio descriptions, so they can either go with mates or enjoy the experience and sound, Odeon do it. For some people being disabled means that they are generally less engaged as they have less opportunities than non-disabled people, so enjoying a film that way, or going to a gig, is no less a meaningful experience that it is for those who are non-disabled - it's just different. The medical disability model says that the disability itself disables people, the social model says that restricted access is what really disables people - as do people's lack of empathy. It's sad that some people just don't get it, but then that's why disability campaigners have to fight so hard.
  13. Sold in 6 minutes, Gotta love BC EB Cobalt flats - 45,65,80,100 Used on my Jazz Bass for approx 10 months (home use). They have been strung through the body. Price includes 2nd class signed for post. Cheers.
  14. Where do you store your bass gear?

    Bless IKEA, when we ‘designed’ 2 large sliding wardrobes I made a space for bass cases and gear, best thing I ever did bass storage wise.