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  1. I wouldn’t rewind them if it was mine and I was looking for best tone possible. The magnets would have deteriorated and new bespoke pickups might be better quality all around. I rewound my previously owned 64 Jazz Bass’s pups, but that was a different story as I wanted the old school vibe, though it definitely sounded ‘better’ with the Fralins in.
  2. Blimey, never heard of that before. It got me thinking and I just found this on a LP forum: ‘So, here's my theory: Knowing first hand the fumes from adhesives, off gassing lacquers and solvents used for cleaning after applications of said materials, I believe, the cases are indeed sprayed with vanilla but for no other reason than to mask the smell of the chemicals used in production and clean up.’
  3. Yes, long horn is full size, just...um...er...well...hornier 😳
  4. I’m fairly certain those are 80s latches, so it might be from a first run Jazz Bass Plus?
  5. Best of luck, nothing worse than a case sticking up your guitar, I can still smell an old case of mine 10 years after selling it! On the opposite, my SG case makes it smell nicely of vanilla, due to the nitro I presume.
  6. Nice, wonder if it works on 180 year old cases?!
  7. Personally, I’d leave it on, but with the screws loosened a little. Reason being, if you took it off you’d need to screw it to some wood anyway or else it’ll seriously shrink, perhaps even overnight if you’re very unlucky. So if it’s taking its natural course, I’d rather have it do that on the bass. Plus nothing else will have that vibe, those old guards are something else. 61 P Bass, eh? Lovely 😊
  8. Nice bass. I was literally just about to post that any straight vintage bass probably passed through JE at some point!
  9. Ok, good point. You could remove the lefties 🤣
  10. Cheers for the compliment Chris - but I’m often getting it wrong! 🤣 You know your stuff 👍
  11. I wonder if it’s the height or just badly filed? On a fretted bass, I check out the clearance by hammering on the 1st fret from open, and match that to the clearance when hammering the 2nd from the 1st - not sure if that’ll work on a fretless though as the fret’s not there, but might be a place to start. Sounds like you’re on it though, but just in case you’re not sure what’s next - try smoothing out the nut slot with a file or medium-low grade paper. Failing that, if you have an old bone nut or saddle, just file it to dust, drop it in the slot, add some super glue and file it later in the day - after putting masking tape either side of the nut, for protection against spills.
  12. If it’s got a SD pickup (not sure if the LP pickups came with the truss rod versions?), Aguilar preamp and Badass Bridge,, with case, then I’d say up to £2500 as it’s a rare sparkle finish.
  13. Cheers bro, most comfy P Bass I’ve had yet 👍
  14. Nah, it’s just your comprehension 😂 Its a situational decision for me, so the last paragraph sums up it’s the Ray. You know, story telling.
  15. I seriously doubt you’ll easily find another. As the post above says, get something that is a close match. The marks are in discrete areas, and trust me, having owned a sparkle FB4 the rest of the bass will have your eyes popping out
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