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  1. Are Flatwounds Addictive

    You’re stuck at 9? Only one away from a nice round number there, surely that’s all the justification you need?
  2. Are Flatwounds Addictive

    That’ll give me 8 basses in total... so better make it 6, to make it10...
  3. Are Flatwounds Addictive

    ...all in the name of science and experimenting...
  4. Are Flatwounds Addictive

    Oh, definitely addicted to loving flats. I have Chromes on my P Bass, EB Cobalts on my Jazz and LaBella on my Spirit headless. I like them all, but Chromes will be tried on the Jazz at the weekend, looking forward to it. Big fan of TI’s, and would love to try LaBella white nylon... guess I need 2 new basses?
  5. New range from fender.

    Actually Chris, I'm fairly certain it's a shade under 4kg! Thing is, though I've bonded with it more than any Jazz I previously owned, I'm sure there are better Jazz's out there. I was genuinely shocked at how it stood up to the Lull, I mainly bought it for the feel whilst thinking that the tone would be good enough for my needs, the Lull was a GAS attack I was pleased to leave behind. Fender is marmite, you either love them or go on a forum and get out that pent up anger!
  6. New range from fender.

    Interestingly, I’ve had 3 Lull’s and liked them all, but they never had the heft of my Fenders, they were more polite versions of the Fenders I’ve owned. I took my 2015 USA Std Jazz to Bass Direct last year to compare to the Lull Jazz they still have, with a view to buy it, but the Std smashed it for tone. Not saying it’d smash all Lull’s, just saying.
  7. New range from fender.

    Why didn't they release a fan fret, graphite neck, headless, MIDI equipped & self tuning P Bass? I'm a Fender fan - I empathise that there isn't much to be done to a well established range, mass market design wise. With the guitar market crashing, second hand sales ever growing, I can't see why they shouldn't mix up the specs to lure people, who can afford it, into buying new versions. I like some new bits, dislikes others, such is life. I'm with Discreet on this one.
  8. Vintage Fender experts - 1965 Jazz Bass refin, worth it?

    (Zoom in to see the differences)
  9. Vintage Fender experts - 1965 Jazz Bass refin, worth it?

    Great attitude mate, it's the bass itself that matters for sure The control panel screws were different back in the day, not sure exactly when they were phased out to be the same as the pickguard screws but it won't be hard to find out if you google some old basses. Yours might even be ok? For example the gorgeous 64 Jazz in the for sale section on this site or the 65 Jazz here http://andybaxterbass.com/details.php?id=1276
  10. Vintage Fender experts - 1965 Jazz Bass refin, worth it?

    There’s a good chance it’s an innocent mistake on the sellers part, if they are not a dealer. Not everyone knows, or thinks to check, around lacquer issues and how to look for the signs. Seller may just have been ignorant to it themselves. Or not of course. Are the Gallery sure it wasn’t a headstock refinish as well? Therefore a new decal applied and the back of the neck sprayed to match the lacquer? Many custom colour Jazzes had matching heads, so it’s fairly common. It may well be that hasn’t happened, but it’s worth a mention and closer look at the logo. At least the price you paid is in the right ballpark, the refin is nice and the fingerboard looks stunning. If it sounds and feels as good as it looks then I doubt you’ll be too bothered soon. I used to have a 64 Jazz that had a body and head refin, it was still a joy to own until it became part of the deposit for my flat!
  11. Vintage Instruments: Quality or Psychosomatics?

    I’m not sure if I believe in the perfect Jazz Bass, (or any bass) I’ve played too many Jazzes that are great in very different ways. Though having owned very nice pre CBS and Custom Shop Jazzes in the past it’s nice to say that the one I’ve bonded with the most is my current 2015 USA Std, it’s far from perfect, but it’s my most played bass these days. Its good that you’re not ruling out a vintage, of what you can afford, a good bass is a good bass after all. Refinish a battered 51? Crikey! Having previously owned vintage basses with reliced ‘mojo’, it started to feel odd to me having a bass with someone else’s wear, these days I like near mint vintage or nothing. Never thought I’d say that years ago. I own my current 66 P Bass because I like the history more than anything else, it is an excellent sounding bass and a joy to play. Yet a decent modern bass would be just as fine for me too, but while I can it’s nice to own a part of the Fender history that I’m so fond of.
  12. Feedback for drewk_ie

    I sold a case to Drew in a perfectly smooth sale. Cheers Drew.
  13. Does anyone have a Steinberger Spirit XT?

    Oh dear... the tone pot has already started to die. Luckily I’ve plans to change that anyway and am still enjoying it.
  14. Does anyone have a Steinberger Spirit XT?

    Yeah, my intonation is way off too, up the dusty end it sounds just like me on a fretless! Hopefully later next week I can get down to modding and adjusting. Definitely good value, I agree, which was a pleasant surprise as I felt like it was a gamble. It’s a keeper, it’s just too useful and portable for it not to be.
  15. DBE Flatwounds - sorted

    Now sorted Looking for a set of double ball end 4 string flatwounds. An NOS set would be prefered, though anything else might be good too. Cheers.