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  1. Apparently the Old Smoothie is next, according to a guy at Strings & Things. You may want to grab one of those too - awesome basses with their own vibe. ...not sure how your return will turn out though!
  2. Yes, discontinued. One of the Ball brothers was chatting about it on Talkbass, demand wasn’t there unfortunately.
  3. I failed as I needed to downsize my effects board - the irony 🙄
  4. For sale Pre EB & Pre MP Stingray Bass. Yes, an original Music Man bass, from the golden era before EB and also before Sterling Ball III announced being gender fluid and changed the company name to Music Person.
  5. Used 2057 Fender P Bass in sunburst, a bass so good they’ve still never changed the design in 100 years.
  6. Uh? You were thinking of selling the gilded white Ltd Ed with passive switch? I’m beginning to worry about you brother 🤣
  7. That’s a great way to buy a bass (wife issues aside!) My Special is a maple neck, but I’m such a fan of those big slab ebony boards, absolutely awesome necks. The colour is just so nice in the flesh too, great score you got there.
  8. That destiny sounds perfect! I try to photograph them, check them out, then store them a while to make it easier not to end up keeping them. Doesn’t always work though, so I have constant temporary withdrawal of adverts. I’m glad my Old Smoothie was permanently withdrawn though, that was a near miss. Enjoy that gig with the bass. Which one was it?
  9. I hear you, I struggled with listening to Fantomas, but then when I saw them live it all made sense and I spent the whole gig grinning from ear to ear. Watching him live with Rahzel was also hilarious. Massive respect to Patton and FNM.
  10. But do you need to sell them Warren, or do you just think you should for some reason? You’ve got some great gear, a lot of which gets played/gigged, and some others that are stunners for a ‘collection’ type vibe. In any case, the trick when selling is NOT to get them out of the case and play them once you have decided to sell them. If they aren’t basses that you’re selling because you don’t like them, then the reason you bought them will make you keep them! I’m down to 2 basses now, the last one I sold was a killer to sell (needed the cash) as it was my 66 P Bass in near mint condition, and a damn fine bass too. I left it in the case for a couple of months before selling it to a close friend, the trick was not to play it again until he handed over the cash. Truth is, with two great basses still in the house, I can’t and don’t complain about selling it. So the toughest part is playing them when you’ve decided to sell them, as you’ve found out! Just leave them in case, and sell them but don’t play them if you want to. Or just keep them and grow old pleasantly and unashamedly greedy
  11. I’ve had the pleasure of chatting to Sid after sending him an item. Don’t hesitate to deal with Sid, you’re in good hands Cheers pal.
  12. An old pal of mine had a call from his wife asking how to clean baby poo off his Custom Shop Strat... his boy was standing naked in front of it and did a projectile wet one all over it, even went under the pickguard. Clearly more of a Gibson kid.
  13. Surely half of the fun is scrolling through and seeing what’s out there? ...even if it’s window shopping for some of us 🤣
  14. I’m not an expert on relicing in and outs, but I am a snob...that’s great work. Amazing looking bass, and a build to be rightly envious of. Nice one 👍
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