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  1. Mike Lull M5V burst/tort/RW REDUCED TO £1400

    Gutted to hear that, £1200 for a Lull is already amazing. GLWTS.
  2. John East J-Tone Onboard Pre Amp

    Cut the wire from the solder joints on your current pots etc, then strip them back and screw into the sockets in the new preamp - similar, but not quite, like changing a plug. You’ll need a very small flat head screwdriver.
  3. John East J-Tone Onboard Pre Amp

    I think the deluxe J retro has the added tone knob? Looks like you may be in for a change!!! I wouldn’t argue with you about the extra mid control beign useful, but I’m into the simple vibe so I’m sorted
  4. John East J-Tone Onboard Pre Amp

    +1, can’t see why I’d ever take this out
  5. John East J-Tone Onboard Pre Amp

    I went with a “set and forget’ approach as I too don’t want to be messing around more than playing. I spent about 5 mins adjusting the trims, but actually found the setting I liked within 2 mins. I know the bass well so it wasn’t hard for me to find it (whilst having the treble and bass slightly boosted). The mid point on the internal trims is at 12 o clock according to the manual, both dials came set at 10 o clock, I’m not sure if that’s deliberate. John was a great guy to email, I had some questions, so I’m sure he’ll answer the factory preset question for you. Now I just use minor tweaks to the bass and treble control, they are very reactive, And the passive tone knob works during active mode too - so you can still get some old school ‘muffled’ bass, if you know what I mean?!
  6. John East J-Tone Onboard Pre Amp

    Just a quick note to spread the love and say ‘Wow’, what a lovely addition to my Jazz Bass. http://www.east-uk.com/index.php/bass/j-tone101.html It sounds gorgeous, and the internal bass & treble voicing control is a great touch. The reason I chose this over the also excellent J-Retro is that I can still get the original passive mode too with a passive tone control. There’s some other cool features too such as direct drop in, no routing or soldering. I bought direct from John East, very fast shipping and a hand written compliment note - so a fine gent as well
  7. August Composition Challenge - VOTING!

    Really enjoyed listening the entries
  8. Hi all, I've picked up an acoustic dreadnought guitar for a mate who's learning. We just need a cheap second hand bag by the middle of next week as he's moving. Cheers.
  9. Dood's Dingwall Abuse! - Pictures inside

    Massive refin GAS now... do I do the Jazz or the Ray?! I'm not looking forward to the quote, but you get what you pay for and that looks beautifully worth every penny
  10. NBD Dingwall Afterburner

  11. Fender American Pro Jazz - Pass Certificate

    [quote name='bassrockbob' timestamp='1502383369' post='3351140'] The Pass Certificate is date-stamped, definitely 2015. However the Assembly / Tune / Test card is hand-written, with no date on it. Strictly speaking there's nothing to associate the Pass Cert with the guitar, it was just in the case with the tools and documentation. [/quote] Quite often guitar shops give out the wrong cases, if it's the right case for the series of bass....if you know what I mean?!
  12. Pick Guard for a White Jazz Bass.?

    Mint for me. I like it on the new Fenders. Though dark tort would be good, I like the Spitfire dark ones.
  13. Show us what you DON'T look like

    [quote name='xgsjx' timestamp='1501826623' post='3347555'] Who said you could post a pic of me in my teens!!! [/quote] They do say everyone has a twin out there...didn't realise it crossed species though Do you also now have a shine where there was once plenty?
  14. Show us what you DON'T look like

    I don't look like this, but my hair once did :-0
  15. Fender P bass 1965 or 1972

    [quote name='william' timestamp='1501659998' post='3346216'] My question is, what are the differences between the 2?? Is there any difference sound wise, how does the low, mids and highs compare.. [/quote] You'll find some sound clips of 60's and 70's basses here http://www.andybaxterbass.com/guitars.php?pc=1&cat=1