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  1. No hard and fast rules with Fender, but read the text under the red Jazz Bass in this link http://www.guitarhq.com/fenderc.html Sure you’re aware, Fender factory was inconsistent, plus often used old stock. And of course, looking for those other clues too of a respray
  2. Do love a Sherwood Green, this is supposed to be a 61.
  3. Bought in 2015 and was my go to until I stupidly sold it in 2017 to pay bills after I maxed myself to buy back a special vintage Fender (wrong move). I was lucky to buy it back and was expecting my Stingray Special HH to remain my #1, but it’s this one that gets played everyday. Sometimes don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone
  4. A well loved 1960 P Bass would be top of my list, as a thing of beauty, to have owned from new to reliced, @hiram.k.hackenbacker knows all about this other beauty which is even more stunning in the flesh.
  5. Almost a yin yang...
  6. Sims haven’t gone into partnership with Cort have they?
  7. No, I’ve been using it all as toilet roll
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. I’ve had Fender flats on my acoustic bass since 2006, love them. Maybe not as loud acoustically, but the natural tone suits me better. I cringed everytime I tried bronze strings since.
  10. Isn’t karma a bit-ch? Sims lower their dignity with a cheap trick and the BC folk tell it how it is. Gotta laugh 😂
  11. Gutted you’re in this position, I’ve been there many a time with a fine bass. But as you surely know, they’re only wood and metal - family etc. is where life is really at when you’ve got responsibilities. GLWTS (and buying it back if the winds change )
  12. WD might have the one you need https://www.wdmusic.co.uk/pickguards-c62/fender-basses-c111/jazz-bass-american-deluxe-4-string-22-fret-c117 If not, I’ve found recently that most of the recommended custom pickguard makers are charging crazy money. I got in touch with Bass Doc and his prices are far more fair. You may need to send the existing one as a template, though you never know, he may already have one for those smaller style ones. PM if you need his details.
  13. “If you love them, let them go” - she’s much better off getting good use in your hands!
  14. I doubled my bass collection recently when I bought my old Lull back
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