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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Must be the ‘potted for twenty minutes in a parrafin-beeswax mix’ effect... 🤪
  3. This website is vey impressive https://www.guitar-list.com/logos/M looks most like Marconi Lab - but it isn’t that (if it even is a M)
  4. Not seen that before that I recall. Seeing the rest of the bass might help out the Jap experts on BC - it may be a generic bass with a distributors badging? That’s a long shot...
  5. Sometimes if it was a bass I really liked, then because the money spent is later needed elsewhere and I couldn’t really afford it in the first place. Other times, just GAS shenanigans. I’d like to think that since last year my buying habits (guitar & bass) and financial situation has changed. Whereas before I kept going full circle, I now see bought as new keepers - aside from a Modulus FB4 I bought for fun recently, which may not last the distance tbh, but I always knew that when I got it.
  6. I’ll go into more detail - the East diagram isn’t for a 3 wire HC pickup. So when I wired mine, I put the hot wire for each pickup into the designated terminal, and joined the other two wires to go into the other terminal, for each pickup. Then, the single ground terminal on the east (at the other end of the control plate) had the wire from the bridge and an extra one my control cavity had attached to a screw, for extra grounding (a vintage bass might have a control cavity plate, or some basses just the bridge wire). The key thing about that East diagram you linked is that the two terminals for the pickups, specifically state from pickups. So all pickup wires go there. Because the East terminals are really made for just one wire, you may want to join the two wires to a new single wire, and put that into the East terminal. At a push you can join the two and squeeze it in - though t’s a bit tight and may create stress on the terminal. Good luck, if I recall correctly it’s more simple than it seems 👍
  7. The ground, btw, is not from the pickups (I mean the ground input labelled on the East).
  8. But isn’t the East just one connection for earth, and one for the signal? I’d put the earths together and off you go. (For each separate pickup).
  9. I found a wiring diagram - shows two earths and one for signal. Hope that helps. Also, just to say I had a J-Tone with some Fralin HC pickups, unfortunately the J-Tone couldn’t handle the output and was clipping. I spoke to John East, he was baffled too. I had to sell it. Hopefully it’ll be better with the Aguilars.
  10. Interesting article. Perhaps the shops really are safe, among the huge developments, and in line for an uplift...which would be nice. Venues too. https://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/culture/article/denmark-street-music
  11. You’re right, I doubt I could have ever sold it had I bought it. I still had the purple FB4, and that was why at the time I couldn’t justify buying it. ...and stop thinking about thinning that hurd of yours!
  12. Love that bass so much - always regretted not getting the last one from Bass Direct - and it was 7.5lbs 😢
  13. The neck could be a Nightingale - Phillipe and Neil have shared workshop space over the years. Phillipe is a top bloke, great at what he does. GLWTS
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