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  1. Supply and demand. Fender “we’ll supply it to the die hard Lizzy fans, and demand that you get fleeced for the ltd ed privilege”.
  2. The Custom Shop Fender made from cardboard http://www.fendercustomshop.com/custom-life/fender-custom-shop-builds-a-cardboard-strat/
  3. The 1987 catalogue says Surf Green, and they are a lot cheaper then yours 🤣 This is a killer period for reissues judging by the ones I’ve played and people I know that like them. I wish I still had my 1987 reissue 57 Strat or that I’d bought a Surf Green one from the same year that came up years back. Shame I’m not in the market for a new bass.
  4. So between the Stingray and Jazz, I’d recommend testing the Stingray standing and playing with the pick in ‘excited’ mode. Some players find Stingray pickups ‘click’ when they play, the pup has massive pole pieces that can pick up everything. If that’s the case with you, then the Jazz would likely be cleaner in that sense - and you could always add a push/pull pot to wire the pickups in series too if you ever need a fatter sound for a tune or two. Buy second hand if you can, because if you end up on the forum for good you’ll be buying and selling more than Gordon Gekko...
  5. I'd have to say Roger Walters... though shouldn't that have been David Gilmour getting endorsed? Didn't he record the best Pink Floyd basslines? 😂
  6. Pertinent copyright infringement alert... Yes, I know my enemies! They're the teachers who taught me to fight me! Compromise! Conformity! Assimilation! Submission! Ignorance! Hypocrisy! Brutality! The elite! All of which are American dreams! All of which are American dreams! All of which are American dreams! All of which are American dreams!
  7. I’m feeling exactly what you’re saying. I’m now down to one bass (I don’t include my Steinberger Spirit that only gets used in hotels!) I couldn’t justify another bass - something that after 27 years of playing and over 60 basses I never thought I’d say. I have the HH version and in conjunction with my Helix Stomp it’s all covered Your bass is a stunner 👍👊
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Perhaps buy a white shirt and get those felt pens kids use on clothes? DIY style.
  10. Cheers Mark for an easy going, no hassle and friendly sale, enjoy the bass
  11. Ah, Sven Endwitssel, from the Swedish The Who tribute band... Hope you get it sorted 👍
  12. Stunning ‘Old Smoothie’ Porn Star looking for a new home in the classifieds....
  13. ...or do you want a new Special, or a Classic, or an Old Smoothie? 🤣 You’ll finds pages of this debate with some great opinions if you do a quick search - but my quick and simple response is that for me, and many folk, the major difference I find is that the 2 band is naturally warmer (the 3 band as a low pass filter), and the 3 band has its own zing. Neither better, just different. Well worth considering the new Special’s if you can.
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