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  1. The Godfather is a bit like GAS too - just when I thought I was out they pull me back in.
  2. Cheers pal, and I’ll buy your purple Modulus back if I win the lottery on Wednesday...I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse 😎
  3. Quite surprised, looks like none sold over the weekend. I thought the one offs would be desirable to some folk. I’d have the Smoothie if I could. But I can’t 😤😂
  4. Just noticed the herningbone pattern on the skunk stripe on the Powder Blue Sterling. Beautiful.
  5. It could be a respray. Though I’ve seen that colour a few times before, a quick Google search found these. If you ever take the neck off, one day, you may see some signs? Wonder if that the MM database is accurate from back then? Like you said, it’s loving it that counts.
  6. Very nice, loads of players prefer that period.
  7. I’ve seen that finish before, looks great. The battery cover suggests your bass is early 90’s.
  8. Only as much as you ‘need’ the majority of your other ones 😜 Go for it, it’s lovely 👍
  9. Yup, give me Therapy?’s first few albums and I’d be a much calmer Chili.
  10. I’d never slag them off or say they are cr*p - but their tunes (no matter how great) just wind me up the wrong way. Considering how catchy they are, it’s a nightmare!
  11. 1) Golden Brown - ever since a little boy that tune annoyed the hell out of me. 2) Anything ABBA 3) Did I say anything ABBA?
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