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  1. As the title says, this is along shot wondering if the guy is on BC, or has even seen this post! Sometime around 2005/6 whilst I was working in Regent Sounds, Denmark St, there was a nice fella (Steve or Kev, or maybe not?) who was a regular customer that used to come in for a chat and hang out. I remember he played a lot of slap. I had just bought some old Fenders and sold him my late 70’s Music Man Sabre which was brown and beat up, and also a refinished and done up 1971 Musicmaster Bass. Selling both wasn’t wise really, as you do, but the Sabre is still missed. Are you around pal? Would love to get in touch again to see if you still have them, or find out where the Sabre is.
  2. Holy shite, hope they didn’t sand the original finish off just for a blooming video....that’d be just so 80’s and “it’s only old tosh”...
  3. Just seen the new MM 2020 offerings. http://blog.music-man.com/news/ernie-ball-music-man-new-for-2020/ Some nice new colours for the Special, and a couple of short scale Rays in Starry Night & Vintage Sunburst, both with roasted necks.
  4. Very hard to find indeed, I’ve only played a couple of light ones in a huge bunch over the years. Personally speaking, the genuine best thing I did in 27 years is invest in a MM Special HH. Since Sept 2018 I haven’t bought a bass (huge for me) and have sold all my other basses, my HH covers everything I need. Though I miss having a P Bass in one way, I don’t miss it when my Ray dials in a tone that covers that territory. Plus I get a kick out of just going to one bass, but that’s personal. The Specials are commonly light weight and the tone and amazingly versatile preamp, for me, stops the 2 band v 3 band debate. Just sayin’
  5. ‘Think’? Don”t let me down buddy... the fact that you’re not selling it, and that I’m currently happy with just my Ray has absolutely nothing to do with it 🤣
  6. To the tune of John Lennon... “she’s just a jealous Si”
  7. Very cool bass pal, great score. Would love see some pics if you gig it in all it’s glory. I suppose you won’t want that horribly light and ordinary looking Wal Mk3 anymore then...? 🤞
  8. I’m in Only went out last year as I downsized my pedals for a Helix Stomp and cashed in - the irony.
  9. Gutted Lozz, we’ve always seen how into the band you were. Kinda been there myself, had to stop playing with great people and hang up my bass nearly 10 years ago due to long-standing health issues - I get how stinky poo it must be right now. Hopefully when you’re ready you can maybe set up your own thing, on your own terms, less exhausting, but back on stage one way or another. Best of luck.
  10. Best, and only, purchase was a Line 6 Stomp. Love the flexibility and fact that it’s all in one small box. It also makes having only one bass far more versatile than it would be without it, mostly due to the different amps and responses they give. Never thought I could be a one bass guy, not sure if I could without a decent bass maximised by the Stomp...?
  11. The Godfather is a bit like GAS too - just when I thought I was out they pull me back in.
  12. Cheers pal, and I’ll buy your purple Modulus back if I win the lottery on Wednesday...I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse 😎
  13. Quite surprised, looks like none sold over the weekend. I thought the one offs would be desirable to some folk. I’d have the Smoothie if I could. But I can’t 😤😂
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