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  1. ok, here it is. about a year ago I was treated to the phrase "which part of: there is no way we are having a double bass in in this house - did you not understand?" I had told her it was a quarter size. She thought it was going to be the size of a largish viola. But we all know DB sizes don't work like that. Anyway, after a couple of gigs where I really got on with it and some recordings I had a mishap. One night a loft hatch door was blown off and pushed it off the stand. The resulting damage was the neck came off the body. I'm of a mind to fix it but now can't be bothered. I'll have to borrow my son's sash cramps. About the bass (yeah Megan) I've no idea of it's make, age or materials used I bought it from Pamela's musical instruments for £350 about 15 months ago. I comes wit bag and stand The post needs re-positioning Pictures are below nb the bridge is not glued onto the neck pocket. So, if you feel that you would like a bit of DIY (not that type) or perhaps want to call that bloke Nick whatever his name is off DIY SOS then you can have the lot for free. Otherwise, as our Gamba player said - let's see how brightly it burns. Now I know that it's going to be a pain to send it by post so if you pay my fuel and can drive within 100 miles of Hull 🤮 then I will meet up with you
  2. That James Martin from Coldplay. His recipes are rubbish as well. And Coldplay are pants with or without him. I'd rather listen to Wigfield - more talent.
  3. This has now been promised to a new home in the North East. It will, once repaired, be ringing to the tunes such as "when the boat comes in", "fog on the Tyne" and some of the songs from that Sting musical that I don't care to see. Curiously, I've never ever played a Music Man bass but I got within 3 feet of one at @Chiliwailer 's flat. I have also donated £10 to Wikipedia today.
  4. I posted about this here: I don't have the inclination to try to repair it so I am offering this for free. In terms of delivery I'll be able to drive it to you for some petrol money (within reason, say 150 miles). I'll also throw in a Peavey 15" black widow (no cab). The price says 1 but it wouldn't let me put 0 I'll leave this up until 10/1/20 and then it goes to the tip.
  5. I stopped playing in 1988 for 27 years. I started again but refreshed all my gear. Today after clearing out the loft hatches I rediscovered this. I mostly play 8 and 6 strings now and have a small bass combo. Not surprisingly (and disappointingly, the rig doesn't sound so good. I'm not sure if it's the cab (a Peavey 15" black widow) or the amp. I've nothing else to try then through. I've taken a shot of the front, rear and a clip of the sound. I thought it may be the valves but before I get some and get rid does anyone have any ideas? Trim.mp4
  6. I must agree with you there. Very few know them anyway. It's a loss but even if I like their music I'm not moved to grief. If they're old then they have probably lived the worth of 10 of our lives so good luck to them. Just think if the first words you hear when your born are "It's a boy Mrs Kilmister"
  7. I've not tried anything on the bass, my luthier skills are rubbish and I'm frightened I'd damage it. It is a nice bass. I went to Gear4Music and tried an upright. I didn't buy it which is a good job as Mrs Publico said "under no circumstances are we having a double bass in this house, I would rather you spend £2k on a fretless" After 40 years together I knew the consequences of taking option 2 so I didn't.
  8. For Sale is my Orange Crush 35W combo. It's been gigged once in a theatre production about 12 years ago. I bought it new for that gig. Since then it has sat in my office and as you can see there are no marks or scuffs on it. It is a great little combo. I'm open to delivery if you pay for the fuel (within reason) or could ship at your expense.
  9. For Sale, a Godin A4 Fretless. I bought it a couple of years ago and although I like playing fretless I can't get on with the lines, despite what Scott D says. They confuse me. It's only been used to play a couple of songs in a charity event so has had minimal playing whilst in my possession. I bought it as a bass that would sound like an upright and it hasn't disappointed on sound. It is a pleasant bass to play and I would be keeping it if it didn't have the lines. I have enquired after a new neck or replacing the fingerboard but this would be too costly. It is about 20 years old I believe and is not like the current models with the XLR midi output and the pickup along the top of the E-String. It weighs 8.3lbs. It comes with the original case which has a few scuffs. Stan the dog is not included. It is currently wearing Rotosound flats. it has a couple of discolourations on the body which I have shown in the pictures. I'm open to delivery if you pay for the fuel (within reason) or could ship at your expense. No trades as I will have to sell another one. You know the score
  10. This is weird, I have the exact same: 1973 black, got it refinished from sunburst, new pickguard (tort to black) nobs and pots. And you are right, it's a killer of a bass to play and sound. GLWS or bonne chance pour la vente
  11. I play guitar in a folk/baroque band that uses acoustic instruments, some really strange stuff like a 12 sting violin, a serpent and a viol da gamba. I'm ok with the six string but I'd really, really, really like to go back to playing bass. And we have the chance of another guitarist but in a lot of places we don't have any power around us . So my options are: Get a double bass Get a Roland cube with batteries Get a small pokey mains combo and a portable 240v power supply that could last up to an hour or two. Option 1 I would like, it's just the space it takes up Option 2: I'm not sure it would work acoustically So, does anyone have any knowledge of option 3? Help me get back from the dark side.
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