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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Mr Bouvier, please get in touch before midnight tonight, otherwise they’re going to be sold to the next person in the queue. That’s fair.
  3. You’d best get in touch then, Mr Bouvier, and then they will be sold. PM, please.
  4. Two surplus to requirements guitar straps. Both leather, both will be shipped with the Shaller bits left on. One strap is black, padded, 75mm wide, comfortable, and branded ‘Solostrap’. The other one is 80mm wide, unpadded, and branded ‘Heistercamp’. One is currently set to 1.2m in length, the other about 1.3m, and both are quite capable of a fair bit longer, if you’re into that ‘Hooky’ look. Anyways, sold as a pair, £25 for both inc. shipping and already attached Schallers (strap ends only, note - you’ll still need to buy the bits that screw into your bass, just to be absolutely clear!!)
  5. Am I allowed to kinda bump this thread, for any newbies around here that may be interested? If I’m not, let me know, and I er, won’t do it. Oops, done it. (Just let me know mods, and I’ll comply - honest, guv) I’m now up to 20 reviews on Amazon, and those that have bought it and read it seem to have really enjoyed it, although I’m still not contemplating packing the day job in. So, it’s still up there and out there, for anyone who missed the initial launch and my non-appearances on The Graham Norton Show, The One Show, This Morning, etc.
  6. Just sold my Warwick Rockboard to Steve - top gent, and was even understanding regarding Royal Mail’s interpretation of what “48 hours Express service” actually meant to them (7 days!!!!!). Anyways, happy to recommend Steve to all other BCer’s. Phil
  7. As per the title and pictures, really. Never gigged, only a few months old, and my needs have moved on, so up for sale it goes. Still with original box, gig bag, power supply tray and Mod 1 Patchbay. Virtually as new, bar some velcro underneath. Cost me about £130 all told, so price is a firm £50 plus £7 shipping.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Top guy to deal with, and especially great comms throughout. Shop here with confidence, BCers! 😎
  10. Sold Steve my Orange Terror Mk2 amp. An absolute pleasure to deal with throughout - shop and trade here with confidence, fellow BCers! Phil 😎
  11. @StealthI can get them to either location within the next four weeks, maybe even two weeks. Definitely Brum (Bromsgrove to be specific), and most likely Thame (near Oxford). They’ll still be black though, and Orange!
  12. ...and if the price is also right, I’ll take the 1x15. Should be a whole lot easier to then sell just the head - just saying.
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