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  1. Thanks for the purchase @Obieito, and I’m glad you like it. Thanks for trying @Dad3353 and others, but hey ho - at least we tried. It’s a funny old world at times, innit??!!! 😎
  2. Thanks for the help, guys, and my earnest apologies for the stinky poo-storm that it appears to have caused. I’d happily take your points, if I could. Talkbass is evidently rather different to Basschat.
  3. Fellow BCers, I could do with a trans-Atlantic favour (or favor, even). I recently self-published my book on playing bass in covers bands (Recovers, by Alfie Noakes). It’s been well received on here, so I though I’d launch in America, kinda. Up went the TalkBass post, a nice bit of interest and some sales followed, then a day later my thread was pulled as you’re not allowed to promote your own wares on TalkBass. I apologised to the mod for my oversight, and wept slightly as I saw I had 49 alerts on my thread, that I could no longer get to. Perhaps they were 49 cease and desist messages from the mods, or 49 people wanting to buy a copy - I’ll never know 😭 However, the mod did say that if someone were to ask me a question on TalkBass about my book, then it is permissible to reply, advise and discuss, or words to that effect. So, cutting to the quick, if someone here who has a profile over there, or even someone over there who has a profile over here, was to start a post on TalkBass about the link below, and include an @Alfie Noakes in the words, possibly asking me if it’s my book, and how did I get it published, and even how it’s selling, I’d be your best friend for like, forever. This ain’t gonna make me rich, but it might fund a few purchases on here (pedals, if I’m lucky!). I’ve mulled over this, and don’t think it’s unethical, but if a BC mod feels otherwise, feel free to pull this thread too. Hey, I’m getting used to it 😎 Here’s the Amazon US link, and thanks in advance to anyone who helps: https://www.amazon.com/RECOVERS-bassist-covers-bands-survive-ebook/dp/B08CGY1V9X/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=Alfie+noakes&qid=1605980716&sr=8-1
  4. On Amazon, if you’d be so kind. Glad you enjoyed it! 😎
  5. Another problem-free transaction, as always, and a great speaker cable I could tow a truck with! Many thanks, sir.
  6. Sold Bas my Helix HXFX - absolute pleasure to deal with, and can heartily recommend him - a top guy! Phil
  7. Thanks Pete - I’m tempted to do something similar about my (less than) illustrious career, the jobs I’ve had along the way, and all the work funnies I’ve enjoyed and been involved in, and there’s been loads of them!! I need to live for another forty years or so, and keep playing in bands, to do a proper sequel and at 58, that’s unlikely!
  8. The title says it all, pretty much, except for vgc, just under 10 lbs in weight, Hiscox case (branded Sound Control), and I’m now just using my Spectors, and need the cash. Happy for a socially-distanced meet in a park if you’re local and want to try it first. Check my feedback thread for reassurance of a good deal. No trades, and can ship at your risk/expense - I reckon about £30-ish, insured.
  9. A big thank you for both the orders, and the lovely feedback guys. I still have a few paperback copies in my possession if anyone needs that special Christmas gift for themselves, from themselves. Drop me a PM if you’re interested, and thanks again, everyone 😎
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