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  1. Hi John. I've had an eye on one of these- gigging with a P Bass which I'm perfectly happy with, but never owned a jazz bass so I'm definitely curious. What is the neck like? Chunky? Jack
  2. There are clearly some cracking cheapie pedals out there. I'm relatively new to the world of effects, but 60 quid for a new EHX bass chorus seems absurdly cheap compared to what I was expecting! I think I've had some bad luck when it comes to the other 2 cheap pedals though. I jut had both a cheap Chinese tuner, amd a TC Nether Octaver, start playing silly buggers in the space of a couple of gigs- the tuner even when bypassed, so I think the universe has told me that there needs to be a limit to my thriftiness...
  3. Ah Ok, thanks. That is also a beautiful bass.
  4. That is beatiful! Is that a G&L style j-pup?
  5. I'm a simple man! Fender Pro ii. I know they can get a bad rep when it comes to value for money, but it feels and sounds lovely to me. I just can't settle between rounds and flats...
  6. This was my only bass for a decade and a half, so I've always been partial to tele-ish headstocks.
  7. Hi James - I'm interested in this please. Could you PM me with p&p costs to Somerset, please? (If that's how it works- read the rules, but haven't purchased on Basschat before!) Thanks, Jack.
  8. Hi all, My name's Jack, and I'm joining Basschat after lurking and browsing the forum for a long while. It's always seemed a lovely community! I have played bass and sax in bands for 15 years, since my school days, but as I reach my 30s, bass seems to be becoming a real love of mine, and I squeeze in as much as I can around my family. I play in a corporate/weddings functions band, and that helps fund my ever-increasing GAS, and justifies my playing to my very patient wife. I'm also currently gigging and recording with an originals (Indy) project for the first time in a long time, which is lovely! Anyway, apologies for the long post. Hello everyone!
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