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  1. I've been round the US factory, and to be honest, your US Fenders are mainly made by Mexicans anyway. I don't see any issue with a greater shift to Mexican production, the factories aren't even that far apart in the grand scheme of things, few hours drive down the coast. So they can easily keep management from America, with a cheaper Mexican based workforce.
  2. This was for sale on this forum before there, at an awesome cost, I imagine they sold it for hundreds more! Can't believe someone didn't buy it from here.
  3. Thinking about removing and sending it to a shop to sell for me, so last weekend of it being up here.
  4. I like light strings - thicker strings with more tension are just harder to play for me. I get Ernie Ball Extra Slinky Bass, which are 40-95. I can only really put up with heavier if I play with a plectrum, or it's just rock kind of stuff. I like a bit of rattle in my sound too, for a super clean sound, heavier strings are better.
  5. Sounds like you’re the odd one out and should probably leave?
  6. Their customer service replied to me before via this address... [email protected]
  7. Gave this a big old price reduction to £1699. That's £300-ish less than the non 1st 46 one that Bass gallery have on Reverb.
  8. First off, I’m not sure about selling this. This is a high end newer Japanese Tokai, rare to find in the UK, I got this one from Spain a few years back. It weighs around 8.2lbs, making it the lightest jazz I have, and is actually my favourite to play, but I rarely do play, hence putting a few things up for sale. It has Japanese hardware (Gotoh), and sounds awesome, the setup is great too, very low. Condition is pretty much like new, I am reluctant to say that, but I cannot find any marks - it’s never left the house. Collection from Ripon is preferred (junction 50 A1) but could post if really needed (need to find someone that insures). If this doesn’t sell, then it makes the decision for me about keeping it!
  9. I’ve never owned a Korean one to be honest, just higher end Japanese, but it’s good to hear they are decent too.
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