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  1. Sorry if someone posted this, but it is online... https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000kxx5/the-repair-shop-fixing-britain-series-1-episode-9
  2. Just saw this on facebooking if anyone’s interested, PMT Leeds.
  3. The Sandberg is the one I “bought”, I’m waiting for my refund.
  4. You can still “buy” the one I “bought” too even though it sold days ago.
  5. They have an issue with their system, so some of that stuff is sold but you can still “buy” it, I’ve had to get a refund after a bunch of calls to try to figure out what it was.
  6. I ordered a used bass, but it still shows in stock and I’ve had no email.
  7. Do you know a rough shipping cost to the UK?
  8. What kind of price are these new? Feel free to PM if better!
  9. I still really think the black guard is the nicest, I think a clear could look okay, but it would need to be burst around the edge I think to give some definition!
  10. I've done this a few times, three times with basses from UK builders, and once for an amp from a UK company (that was for guitar though). I was pretty disappointed with them all in the end - the amp just wasn't suited to what I played, even though I'd spoke to them a lot, and the basses were works of art, especially two of them which were all very "woody" but just didn't play as good as other basses I owned. I am sure the basses all found good homes, and one of them I would maybe buy back again if the opportunity arose, but I cannot see me ordering anything custom again.
  11. I've had a few Japanese Fenders, 2 Ps and 1 Jazz. One of the Ps was a really rare Squier from the first month of production, the other a normal 90s one, and the jazz is a brand new 2020 black paisley. And the 2020 is my favourite, and I sold the other 2 ages ago, but all were good, I don't think it's possible to say that all are as good or bad as MIA, as I've not had a bad MIA Fender either to be honest, I've never had a MIM bass, but the guitars I had were also good, just different because of parts, finish was good on them all.
  12. Just to add I have confirmed mine is from 2006, the SN is 3697
  13. I've put the one that came with mine back in the box for storage, and it's living in a Thomann one I have at the moment. I genuinely would never take a bass out of the house in the included gigbag - I expected it to be of the level of the ones you get with Gibson's tributes etc, which are cheaper guitars. I will get a hardcase at some point to replace it I think anyway.
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