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  1. That gets better every time I look at it...mmmmmmm
  2. That takes me back, I was a massive Free/Bad Co fan when I was a lad. I last played that song 40 years ago when I was still at school It's a less-is-more song anyway, so I'd save the bass fills to the repeats at the end and avoid cluttering it up. (I don't like the first obvious stand-out fill in the 1974 live version at all, I'd not be playing that) That later live version sounds quite stiff, so it looks like some of the swingy feel has been dropped over the years.
  3. That was great, very upbeat and catchy.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. That colour and scratchplate are terrific. It's a beautiful thing.
  6. Crikey, that action looks high! It'll be so much easier to play if you get it set up so you don't need to fight it.
  7. That's not a valid comparison though, in pro PA different sizes and types of drivers have crossovers/processing to ensure they work together. Also multiple drivers of the same type often have processing which varies with the number of drivers to get the overall required target response. (e.g. line length in multi-cabinet line arrays)
  8. I do all my own fret work. It's not difficult, but you have to have developed the touch through practice. There are loads of youtube videos showing the process so you can see what is involved. A single high fret is relatively simple with minimal tools, but I wouldn't start out on a valuable instrument.
  9. It's not even a complete replica for that £12k - where is the Yamaha BB3000 bridge pickup that was fitted to Phil's #1?
  10. Does the display show "P" (protection mode) or "H" (thermal/heat mode)? (no valves in a RH450)
  11. I tweak small amounts under tension, no problem. I'd detune a bit before bigger adjustments though. When my old Yam that had been untouched for 10+ years needed bringing back to life I removed all string tension first as it needed a right cranking, it was more like a longbow than a bass.
  12. FWIW "factory spec" is 6/64in (2.4mm). I like mine a touch lower, but the important thing is that it is set to your taste
  13. 12thou (0.3mm) on both my p-bass and old yam BB. The "right" amount depends on how hard you play and how much buzz you can tolerate - 12thou works for me (quite heavy handed, happy with 5/64-ish (2mm) action), but YMMV.
  14. Be very careful, I managed to screw up badly trying to re-glue a seam on a carpet covered cab doing just that! Melted ratfur is not a good look...
  15. Must resist.....it's exactly the bass I want...aargh!
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