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  1. I agree, the production is too good for it to be genuinely bad. The muted quality of the backing track also reminds me of how a comedy song is mixed to make the vocals extra-prominent.
  2. I think it's ok to slip a (very) small number of the best originals into a covers set, but only if they are getting a really good audience response. If the reaction is "polite" as in the OPs first post then those songs aren't good enough so shouldn't be played.
  3. I haven’t tried it on anything but an iPad since the update, but when I look at a thread with a few replies that I have been following it goes to the first post despite appearing to know which was the last post I looked at (it shows a line with new replies below when I jump to the last page).
  4. There was a really good edition of Mastertracks on Radio 4 a few years back with Brinsley Forde talking about the “New Chapter” album. Those early tracks were great.
  5. In my experience a faint acoustic ticking sound is one of the symptoms of a switch-mode power supply failing to start up and periodically re-trying. Could be the power amp is dead, could be the power supply is dead, but either way it needs expert attention. Unless you are lucky I’d prepare yourself for a substantial bill to fix it.
  6. Heavy Rock. I never liked the term “heavy metal” and DP certainly don’t fit that category.
  7. I'm getting that too. Similarly - no thanks.
  8. Highway to hell is easy to play the notes, but a lot harder to make really tight and solid. On songs like that I’d focus on making it sound as huge as possible by concentrating to get the drums and rhythm guitar ultra-tight.
  9. I love the Roger Irrelevant description: “only the neck is for sale as I don’t play guitar or bass”. Only the wheels are for sale as I don’t drive a car?
  10. Lol. I use my zoom b1-4 on a single patch I came up with that sounds nice through headphones for practicing.
  11. I remember seeing them once, I think on their farewell tour. They were streets ahead of any other cover band playing pubs that I've ever seen.
  12. That's interesting - there is a mistake/overdub at 2:26. I'd not spotted that before.
  13. I hadn’t realised that was a cover! (Although I’ve only heard the version off the 1980s live album with the proper lineup, not the poodle-haired USA version)
  14. The house move is upon me so this will be stashed in storage for a good few months. I might put it up again next year, or if I buy a big enough new house it can live in my music room and be my practice amp 👍
  15. I used to work in Corporate event production, so have had to deal with loads of artists/bands where we have had to slot them into a larger production (e.g. after conference party). Adding a separate technical info page would be very useful. This should have as a minimum a stage plan/layout (dimensioned), desk channel plan, a realistic technical rider and contact email/phone for the main sound engineer or production manager (whoever is the key technical person). This needs to be up to date (and dated/versioned - chasing out of date and incorrect riders was a constant problem). We would always finalise a spec based on personal conversations/emails and get the artist team to sign off on it, but clients always want to know what a rider will cost before booking an artist and that is always very urgent. We quite often were chasing tour managers for info and they just weren't interested in replying quickly since they were doing other shows and/or were out of the country completely. Having the latest info on a website is a huge time saver.
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