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  1. They sound very similar on headphones too, I couldn’t reliably tell them apart.
  2. It's good enough for me to check I have the rhythms and note duration correct, so that is all I really need.
  3. Ok, I downloaded the evaluation version and I'm quite impressed. I managed to fumble my way through entering an entire song transcription and got it looking decent. I'll be able to use that I think. I haven't managed to find a decent bass sound for notation playback though, they are all very "midi" sounding.
  4. On the upgraded topic, just take the upgrade bits out and return it to stock if you sell the bass. The removed bits could then be moved on to another bass or sold separately which will get a lot more money back than leaving them in.
  5. This is very interesting - where the emg gzr pickups came from and the Ashdown geezer butler amp: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1P08vbbnH3UNZqOCutdHuA?si=VYpIK7uaQsmql2UmPc28vg
  6. That's pretty offensively large, would need some kind of parallel RLC trap in series with the driver to tame that.
  7. Heard this on Radio 4 Inheritance Tracks this morning - terrific song from My Chemical Romance:
  8. Yes, there is a free trial. It looks like one of those programs that will take a fair amount of time to evaluate though.
  9. I'm thinking of getting GuitarPro so I can try and properly notate the songs I am working on. I already use Transcribe for slowing the songs down (+tweaking the pitch if not concert) so I can pick out the bassline. I add section markers as I go then I use it for playing along once I have worked it all out. This works well, but I'd like something written down in a better way than crude tab with no rhythms. (I can puzzle my way through notation at a pinch, but I am very, very slow) Does it sound like GuitarPro would be useful? What is the notation playback like?
  10. Got distracted from what I am supposed to be doing into learning “Top of the pops” by the Rezillos instead. A cracking bit of New Wave melodic bass playing. Both the tab online and the couple of YouTube covers I found aren‘t correct, so I’m taking a bit of time and using Transcribe to get it accurate. I wonder if I should invest in GuitarPro and write it down properly? I’ve been thinking about that recently.
  11. Yes, s/h kit from the eu is subject to uk vat+duty+costs now.
  12. Why don’t people just say where they are based as a matter of course?
  13. According to wikipedia 54sec were cut out for the radio version...that must be the interminable guitar solo.
  14. Or rather it would be if it was a quarter of the length...
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