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  1. Well, the D.C. resistance of a typical nominal 8 ohm driver is somewhere around 5.5 ohms so 2 in series and a bit of a handwave for cable resistance would be 12 ohms? (although that would normally be called 16 ohms)
  2. I was thinking "I'll never be able to read that well" ... but then I remembered how the intro goes - hardeharhar
  3. nilebodgers


    The tweeter is/was the weak point on these cabs. I bought a 210 and the tweeter was dead on arrival. The shop ended up sending the cab back to Ashdown and rather than replace the stock part Ashdown fitted an Eminence APT instead.
  4. Which Bluetooth receiver did you get? I have looked at these gadgets on Amazon before and reviews are always very mixed as to reliability and connection quality. One common complaint is that they try and randomly pair with other Bluetooth devices when someone else with a phone comes into the room and just drop the connection they were already on.
  5. Yes, the B1-4 is a marvelous little thing. Once you program up some patches (very easy) it sounds great.
  6. In recent years I just buy online without trying - but that is for (relatively) cheap s/h basses under £500. If I was going to spend a larger sum I'd want to try it. I don't mind doing a bit of fettling on cheaper instruments, but I'd want to see exactly what the condition and playability is of a more expensive bass.
  7. Brilliant video. I was waiting for the “ping” when he was trying to turn the screw extractor and the rod snapped, but it fortunately didn’t happen.
  8. That is a good question and only one of the 3 I can listen to now are DP. The MIJapan and MIEurope live albums still sound great to me after all this time.
  9. Funny that, I bought a bass in 1980-ish (Aria SB) and tried several late 70s Fender Ps in the shop at the same time and they were all awful in comparison. I wonder if any of those Fenders are selling for lots of money now?
  10. How do they feel compared to RS66s? Less/more rough?
  11. Yes, that was freaky - slap with no thumb!
  12. 100% of the time as bare maple stains/wears in a pretty ugly way.
  13. That looks too close at both sides given the fret end bevels. I’d be looking at a custom bone nut with tweaked string spacing to move the outer strings in a bit.
  14. Yes, straight off the Analog Devices website. It only comes with AD and LT opamp models so I had to google up a TL072 Pspice model plus a few other bits and bobs. I last did electronics professionally in 2002 and the software has come on a lot since then to say the least.
  15. I’ve been reminding myself of a past career as an electronics engineer by downloading LTSpice (analogue circuit simulation program) and simulating parts of various bass amps and preamps that I can find schematics for on line. Great fun of the nerdy kind. At least I now know why my GK MB500 doesn’t sound “flat” when the EQ is all set at 12 o’clock. That’s cos it isn’t.
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