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  1. I already own one of these,they are very underated basses,and a great price too,GLWTS.
  2. I will PM you the pics,i don't want to hijack this post ok.
  3. Maybe it was the one i used to have?i know i sold it some years ago now,i still have pics of it too.
  4. I used to have a 5 like that it was black with the blue splashes over the body,I sold it to Manson's in Exeter,i should have kept it, it was one of the basses i regret selling,😟.
  5. Thankyou jonno,yes your correct the neck alone is expensive,it's a beatiful playing and sounding bass.
  6. H Guys,Iv'e decided to let this bass go as it's not getting played too often nowdays,it really is a fantasic bass and better then anything with a F logo that iv'e played.it has a Allparts Maple Bound and Block neck which is a dream to play with a super low action,Lindy Fralin Pickups,and i think the body is Ash but not 100% sure on that,it has some lovely grain running through it,it also has no routing between the control and front pickup cavity,so it's made the "old school"way,a couple of dings in the body which is natural playing wear,no belt sanders used here!someone is going to get a really nice bass for a fair price,Thanks,Julian.I'm not Trading i'm afraid.REDUCED TO £450.
  7. They are getting harder to find now I think, I'm still in love with mine
  8. Lovely bass,keep it!😉.
  9. On Hold for Sarlscarisma.
  10. Lovely amp with that classic GK sound,like new.
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