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  1. On the hop I would say 7lbs but will weigh it if you really need a more precise idea, cheers.
  2. New,never gigged,made by Hot Covers,very well padded with strap that goes under and attaches via velcro.
  3. I used to have one like this but 32"with a zebrano top,i miss it so much,wonderful basses.
  4. Lovely Yamaha Motion B 32",iv'e not seen one of these before in a P/J configuration,passive and sounds really nice,this bass is made in Japan,just a few light marks here and there but nothing bad at all,very nice to play if you have wrist/hand problems,£300inc postage to your UK door,Thanks,Julian.
  5. Chris bought my SVT-11 and we met at the station in Aberystwyth,he's a lovely guy and it's a pity we didn't have more time for a chat,but next time beers will flow!Thanks Chris,enjoy the amp, All the best,Julian.
  6. Doug bought my Roland DB500,very easy transaction and nice guy,fully trustworthy,Thanks Doug, Regards,Julian.
  7. Lovely bass with a fantastic tone.
  8. This is a really nice bass,the new owner won't be disapointed,plays and sounds super,GLWTS.
  9. Andres is a really nice guy to deal with,wouldn't hesitate to deal with hin again,a true gent.Cheers,Julian.
  10. I haven't tried the older version I'm afraid so can't really comment,all I can say is this does the Ray thing and more.
  11. Yes it would for you Chris wouldn't it,hasn't changed alot,still get lots of seagull poo on your car!
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