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  1. Soulman

    Dov65 feedback

    Bought a Boss WL50 from Dave,great to deal with no problems and great communication, Cheers,Dave, Julian.
  2. Bought a bass cab from Sean,great easy deal and 100% trustworthy, All the best Sean, Julian.
  3. Most beautiful Passion 1V for sale,reason for selling,just not getting the use it deserves.Lovely wood figuring,18v preamp,plays and sounds wonderful,complete with Vigier hard case,again in as new condition.Thanks for looking,Julian.
  4. Sorry to hear your not well Chris hope you're better soon.Well,as far as the SVT, I know and you know there's nothing like em! You take care.
  5. Soulman

    Tooway Sat.

    It's sat broadband system for for people who live in a rural area and have s**t broadband speed.😀
  6. Would love to see you and welcome you to this lovely place,i would even buy you a pint or two!
  7. Tooway Sat system LNB and Router+PSU,works great,£100.+postage.
  8. Nice GT10-B,all the sounds you will ever need in one box,usual Boss Quality.
  9. It has 2 8ohm speaker outputs,it's heavy so postage will be around £20-25,or you could sort out your own postage,and maybe get it cheaper,Cheers.
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