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  1. Papa's Got a Brand New Bag - James Brown
  2. That one was really good. The guy is a legend. The Jonny Marr one was really interesting too - he's very articulate about explaining music.
  3. After the thrill is gone - The Eagles (again)
  4. Trying to rack my brans, but unfortunately I'm more the other way, where I end up hating bands that I once loved Oasis and Coldplay being the main ones in this regard...
  5. There was a good one with Mark King. That bloke can talk
  6. Is it really a 'crutch'. They were factory fitted on the majority of basses from the 50s to the 70s. Removing them was making something different. They allowed you to play fingerstyle with that almost upright bass kind of sound. You can't palm mute and play with fingers at the same time. James Jamerson's sound was all about playing with fingers on flatwound strings muted by the factory foam glued to underside of bridge cover. Whilst I confess that my own personal favourite muted style I play is with palm muting, playing with a pick, soloing the neck pickup, the foam mute is a iconic sound, not a crutch If you're talking about the scrunchie type mute that people use at the nut end, that again is a godsend for players who like to tap at the dusty end, as it kills all those nasty overtones at the lower neck end, that even the best left hand muting can't always cure. My take is that with bass playing, everything is valid. Different strokes for different folks. 😊
  7. I occasionally use a Nordymute on my bass that is strung with flatwounds, as it allows you to get that palm muted tone, whilst having the freedom of playing fingerstyle. I guess it's emulating what old fenders with the foam mute under the bridge covers sounded like. If I'm playing old Jamerson lines I'll use the Nordymute: https://nordstrandaudio.com/products/nordymute
  8. This all rings true. I've never managed to keep hold of any of the Warwicks I bought which were 2000-2008 which was down to either them having truss issues (not able to reduce relief) or I just couldn't get as comfy with the chunky neck profile. So they were all moved on. I just have 4 Warwicks now but they are 1997, 1999, 2019 & 2020 and have slimmer profile necks and the truss rods function fine. Therefore they're keepers as I otherwise love Warwicks. It's a shame about the neck/truss issues. Another thing I've noticed about necks from the 'bad' era is that often the neck laminates drift due to uneven expansion with humidity time and how they have been stored etc. The worst I had was a Streamer Jazzman where the headstock was literally splitting apart at the laminate joins and the back of the neck also felt uneven. Hopefully Warwick have gotten over these issues, but by far and large the majority of used Warwicks on the market tend to be from the early to mid 2000s.
  9. I had 3 Warwicks that were in the date range 2000 to 2008 which had truss rod issues. Interestingly these are generally the Warwicks with the chunky profile ovangkol necks. To me it always felt like the truss rod wasn't strong enough for the 'amount' of wood in these necks and they were very susceptible to changes in weather/humidity etc. In fact with one of them (a Corvette standard ash) the truss rod actually snapped when I tried to turn it after having sprayed rust remover into the rod hole (thinking it might have been seized). I also had been in touch with HPW at Warwick and was quoted somewhere in the region of £800 for a neck repair. In the end I resorted to stripping down the bass and selling all the parts individually (minus the neck) and think I made around £300 in total, which I thought wasn't the end of the world, given it was just a standard Corvette. Does sound like a trip to Jon Shuker might be worth it? As a rule of thumb (no pun intended) I tend to now steer clear of buying used Warwick from say 2000 to 2013 to avoid the chunky profile necks and possible truss issues.
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