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  1. Here we have my 2004 Modulus Flea with Seymour Duncan Pickup and Bartolini 2-band preamp. Comes with fitted Modulus Hardcase. As much as I adore this bass, since I now play in 3 functions bands, I'm solely playing 5-strings. So this has been sat around, barely used in months. The constant travelling around in a BMW, lower to the ground than a snakes belly, is doing my entire body in, night on night, so this is being sold to go towards something that will allow myself to arrive and depart gigs in one piece. Complete with Modulus fitted hardcase. Condition wise it's 8/10. Some marks on the back in the poly lacquer (that you can't see) and the usual slight flaking of the black finish in a couple of small places, on the side of the fretboard, that all Moduli seem to suffer from. Weight is 4.1kg. Located in Moreton-in-Marsh. Which borders Warwickshire,Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire. Will *not* ship. It's too valuable to risk and I would want any prospective owner to look it over when it's something of this value. However, as those who have dealt with me before will attest, I'll pretty much drive/meet anywhere to facilitate pickup or drop off, so shouldn't be an issue unless you are abroad. Price is firm at £2800. Value on these is only going one way. Therefore, not too bothered if this one doesn't sell.
  2. Here we have my MTD KZ5. Bought new from Bass Direct 4 months ago. In unmarked condition and weighing an incredible 3.3kg. 35" scale, with the *BEST* B-string I've heard. Dual split coil pickups. 3-band MTD preamp. Burl Maple top with Mahogany core. Super tight, modern tone. Absolute clarity and bite in true MTD fashion. Located in Moreton-in-Marsh. Which borders Warwickshire,Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire. No shipping. However, as those who have dealt with me before will attest, I'll pretty much drive/meet anywhere to facilitate pickup or drop off. Price is £650.
  3. Here we have my faithful and treasured USA SUB with a Status Graphite Fretless neck. Has barely been played since I had this done a year ago (at great expense) and is being sold due to this. Black with 2-band preamp. Black Musicman tuners. Used with my Boss OC-5, this thing is pure Pino! Also comes with original wooden neck. Body is 8/10 condition wise. Has a nick on the upper bout, but nothing else really of note. Neck is 9.5. Currently strung with flatwounds, so the board hasn't been chewed up and looks new. Weight is 4.2kg Located in Moreton-in-Marsh. Which borders Warwickshire,Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire. Will not ship. However, as those who have dealt with me before will attest, I'll pretty much drive/meet anywhere to facilitate pickup or drop off. Price is £750. No offers.
  4. I was going to say, the dude from Ash used a Thunderbird.
  5. Looking at the post, it's almost surely something to do with lightweight cabs. So to be revolutionary (if that's what the reveal is) they'd have to be lighter than Barefaced and GR Aero cabs?
  6. That is some truly comical pricing!
  7. I've never really truly regretted any bass I've sold, long term. I've come to terms with and made peace with the fact that, as a bass player, my needs and tastes are constantly evolving, so I'll always be changing up what I'm playing for that particular moment in time. For example, right now, I'm doing an immense amount of function work, in 4 bands. So a 5 string is a must - meaning my beloved Modulus Flea bass, doesn't get played. So if I sold it now, as much as I love it, I wouldn't 'miss it'. What I guess I'm labouring to say is, always keep in mind, they're just tools. Bits of wood and metal. You as the player are the real item of value!
  8. It's a very modern phenomenon, that I at 36, do not understand, remotely. It's very similar to the rise of Twitch and watching other people play videogames. I cannot get my head around it all all. Just go and play a game yourself? They almost always, to a man (and woman) have annoying 'Youtube' personalities, to boot. I love Rick Beato though!
  9. Imo, the tone is in the neck. Rolled back to that bridge Humbucker, it'll sound very close. Just had another look at the advert. "I think all these mods add a lot of value to the bass" Respectfully, no. They've devalued it. How much is this likely to be with import tax? It's a good price at £1500, as those horrible mods can be reversed. But, if it ends up being closer to £2000, I wouldn't touch it. Just wait until a clean one comes along. They seem to hover around the £2500 mark in the UK.
  10. I've had 3 differing Fleas over the years and have researched them to within an inch of their funky little lives. It's my all time favourite bass. Hope this may be of some use! 1st - 2004 with Seymour Duncan P/U and Aguilar preamp. It sounded the most 'electronic' of the 3, with a very edgy synthy tone. The most like Fleas 'live' sound if you will. It always sounded so 'funky' for want of a better word. 2nd - 1997 with an Original Lane Poor P/U and Bartolini Pre-amp. This bass was all about being clean. With deeper Bass and higher highs, but no 'nasty-ness' in it, so to speak. The body shape was cut differently too. It was a tad thicker, front to back, but had a larger cutaway on the rear. 3rd (and current)- 2004 with Seymour Duncan Pickup and Bartolini preamp. Bit of a nasty edge and quite clear sounding, but, the Bartolini Pre-amp is not for me, so, it is currently being completely gutted out and having a full EMG system (for s*** and giggles). It's also got the Hipshot bridge. Which is the best of the the three bridges that came with the Flea (others being the Badass and Gotoh). In my opinion as someone who's owned a few, don't get hung up on needing a Lane Poor for his tone. It's a nonsense. They all sound like a Flea Bass and ALL will nail that Californication/By The Way/Live era sound. The tone is in the neck and the preamp dictates whether you want some nasty edge to your tone, or a cleaner option. That said, the Lane Poor WAS my favourite pickup. It was definitely picking up more of the freq spectrum. It had a certain depth to the lows the SD didn't have. The tone isn't remotely sterile either. That's just b******. Roll back that treble and you get all the warmth you need - I use my Flea in a band that has a tonne of Motown songs! People mistake clarity for sterility - totally different things. Enjoy. They're iconic basses with the most individual tone I think there is. You can't hide playing one! Here's a pic of the Lane Poor equipped one, and then my current one in Blue.
  11. Glorious! This is peak 'Thumb'.
  12. This is probably my second favourite headstock. I heard it referred to as Aladdin's shoe once, and now can't unsee it!
  13. I don't think this can be beaten. I absolutely *LOVE* the Wal paddle headstock.
  14. Interesting stuff. I have experienced this at my workplace. It's painful to begin with, but after a short amount of time, things began to get much better in terms of work done as people integrated. Short term pain for long term gain.
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