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  1. Such sad news. 59 is no age to go. RIP MB1 and my sincere condolences to all family and friends.
  2. Stingray, by a wide margin!
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. *Dons facetious mask* If you could get a sound sample, there are some members who should be able to clarify for you. I'll get me coat.
  5. If I could go back, I'd have put most of the money into a proper amp & cab. I'll never ever forget the sensation going from a my first practice amp (50w Torque?) to trying out an Ashdown ABM with a 4x10 about 3 months into playing. It was biblical. I think a proper amp would have done more for the tones I was trying to get and inspired me a lot more.
  6. I know what it's about! It's the comparison in the song title.
  7. Turning Japanese by the Vapors. Always makes me cringe a bit.
  8. Didn't Cort do something very similar to this for their TM Stevens signature bass?
  9. Then I send them on their way quickly. With regards to anyone who answers the advert but finds the Instument 'not to their taste', I've never had this in 20 years of buying and selling. People who have bought my basses etc, all know what they're looking for and are not looking to have a play on a random instrument to see if they like it. Being honest with descriptors also avoids any surprises with the bass when they do come to view.
  10. I got a lot of love for the Kiloton. Great value bass and as I've said before, IMO, the only Stingray-alike that actually sounds like a Stingray (if anything a little nastier!).
  11. Stuart Zender Krist Novoselic Kim Deal Flea John Taylor Dirk Lance Bruce Foxton
  12. 1 - they state they'd usually sell these for around £800? Absolutely laughable. Market value on a good USA SUB is anything from £450-600 (I couldn't sell mine when it was up for £500). 2 - BD have always been a bit overly optimistic with their condition ratings/description. I live about 20 mins down the road from them and have popped in a few times. The used basses are rarely as good as described, condition wise. This isn't to rail on them too much as I have bought from them many times, and they are a great shop. We should be grateful to have such a specialist of their ilk in the UK.
  13. My particular bugbear is basses that have been "Upgraded". No, what you mean is modified. Ban it, please.
  14. I had the K210's and they were *Excellent*. Clean, clear, punchy and uber composed at volume (I found anyway). The K series used Lavoce drivers, which I believe were a big upgrade over the BC series, which used basic Eminence drivers. I genuinely preferred the k210s to the Vanderkley MNT210's I had. Not even for the money - they were better full stop. IMO, YMMV etc
  15. 40hz


    This is nuts. Nuts it hasn't sold at very low pricing for an early model in great condition. I remember for years and years (and, indeed, up until recently) it took me numerous attempts to land one of these as they all sold within hours of being listed. It's an iconic instrument with the most delicious tone that you can't find anywhere else. An indestructible neck that begs to be gigged and a finish which takes all the attention away from the guitarists . . . What's not to like? GLWTS, it's gorgeous!
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