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  1. FWIW, I thought the Spector Tonepump was probably the best sounding pre-amp of the dozens of basses I've owned in the past 15+ years. Mine was the later one with a trim pot and I wicked it down to 50%.
  2. I absolutely loved my old Spector Euro SE5. The workmanship and set-up was impeccable and truly, without fault. I can't see how a USA NS2 could up the game from that (quality wise anyway). I miss that bass 😭. A big, white chunk of gnarly fury! It was the only bass I've played that out 'hi-fi'd my Flea bass. I also preferred it to two of its German cousins I owned
  3. That's just it though, the BH550 to my ears is more a transparent head than the LM2 I had. Sounding far, far clearer across the range. IMO, YMMV and all that.
  4. I moved away from Markbass LM2 and NY122 to TC Electronic BH550 with K-Series cabs as they sounded far superior to my ears with far more authority, energy and 'excitement' to the sound. The Markbass stuff just sounded flat and lifeless to me. 🤷‍♂️
  5. Tina would make my personal top 10. 🤷‍♂️
  6. Probably my favourite Bass Player. Love the tone she gets with the Pro Cardinal Bass.
  7. Slightly off topic but my best friend had a Fernandes FR-75 guitar (MIJ) and it was, hands down, the most meticulously crafted instrument I have ever laid hands on. Extremely impressive. I've always liked the Gravity series basses, one is on my list to procure one day! (pretty sure Robert Trujillo used these around the time he joined Metallica).
  8. I don't think I've ever disagreed more with a list in my life (Aside from the #1, they got that right)
  9. That's the Seymour Duncan pickup. All the Bartolini ones were embossed with the name. I've had 2 of these, superb basses. This one's ripe for a sparkly refinish! GLWTS!
  10. 40hz

    Bass solos

    My favourite is the solo that got me interested enough to start playing bass guitar. Starts 2:00 in. Stuart Zender was THE boy. https://youtu.be/3WA6Y5uJB7g
  11. The CS Pino wins by a long, long way for me. His settings on the Ray were not a good representation of what they can do in the context of a track like this. Treble boosted way too much.
  12. I've ran my BH550 through Markbass, Ampeg, Hartke, Gallien Krueger, TC and now Epifani cabs. It sounded best with the K-Series TC cabs.
  13. Things I visually can't abide; Single-cuts Ramps Those weird hair ties that people put behind the nut. 6-strings+ Musicman Bongos / Stingray 5 Warwick Vampyre (the ugliest bass aside from the Bongo) Sunburst of ANY kind (eugh) Metally looking basses, pointy headstocks. (Although my Flea is dangerously close to this 😂) Expensive basses that try to look like Fenders. Sadowsky et Al. (this is in no way a slight on quality or sound)
  14. The only bass I've ever heard get close to the Stingray tone is the G & L Kiloton.
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