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  1. I can only speak from the point of view of my Mesa Boogie M-Pulse 600. One of the most valvey Hybrids as it has a tube in front of the power amp section (as opposed to just the pre-amp) It's got a very noticeable, lazy, muscular tone to it. So much more width and presence than any Class D I've owned (not looking to open that can of worms). The quality of tone from this thing is so far ahead of anything else I've owned or used, it's scarcely believable. So unless Mesa Boogie made it from some magic juju, I'm putting it down to the valves. In short, there are good hybrids out there that will get 'that' tone!
  2. Yes, it states on the website that they do. I fit a fretted Status neck to my USA SUB and it was as snug as a bug.
  3. Nethertheless, however you spin it, I've seen hundreds of other 'well done' Bass Covers that don't even have a tenth of the views. More power to her, but her playing in general isn't something that stands out amongst the countless myriad of others on the platform. As @Nibody suggests, I strongly suspect there is the slightly creepy/sexual element at play here, as evidenced by the comments section on her videos.
  4. I wasn't talking about specific tracks. I was talking generally?
  5. Devil's advocate here. Does her playing really set her apart? I've seen hundreds and hundreds of bass players of different shapes and sizes playing equally as well if not better in many cases? What does she do that's different?
  6. Nailed it. My pet YouTube hate.
  7. Agreed. Can't stand that gurning idiot.
  8. I don't mind it at all when done tastefully but overall, I'm really burnt out on it as a technique it's extremely overused, not to mention that nobody is really doing anything with it havent already seen a million times before.
  9. I've got an old Washburn AB10 acoustic bass it's around 25 years old and a bit of a weird one as it's got a round sound hole. I've never seen another one. All the AB series I've seen have the diagonal slashes where a sound hole should be. Great bass when it worked, but the onboard fishman EQ gave up the ghost, so now has a Shadow pickup installed. I love it, was my uncles before me, so a bit of a family heirloom! 😂
  10. It resurfaces!! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/YAMAHA-TRB-4-II-ACTIVE-BASS-GUITAR-MADE-IN-JAPAN-1998-WITH-YAMAHA-HARD-CASE/143857900479?hash=item217e995bbf:g:694AAOSwzHdfu58j Crazy price for it. In that condition it's worth about half that at best. It's also had the knobs and bridge changed on it at some point to those gold ones. Not really doing the colour any favours! Still, it'd be good to take her home.
  11. FWIW, I recorded my bands first album using the studio's AD200B and we are a seriously funky outfit. I don't use any form of fuzz or overdrive etc. I thought it was an incredible piece of kit. Smooth, incredibly punchy and present with a mid-forward voice. Walking into the room I thought I was going to get a fuzzy type, rock tone. Ended up not being the case!
  12. In before the anti pino crowd? Does such a thing exist?
  13. Well I've learned something! I had absolutely no idea Mick had played on the prior album or any history behind this! In no way is this a slight on Pino, he's killing it across the board as always and makes me respect him more for being able to switch up his style like that.
  14. @ped any idea why links on mobile never preview? I did it directly using the mobile link and desktop link and just can't ever get them to do it.
  15. I've just discovered this album (I'm younger than most on here!) and it's incredible. Captivating from start to finish. I never even knew this side of Numan existed! What I found really interesting, aside from the usual wonderful playing, is that, IMO, you can REALLY hear a strong Mick Karn influence on Pino across the album. Fave track has to be War Games. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b75woL59qYU
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