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  1. https://youtu.be/ZUrC8fsADOo From one of my favourite recorded live shows ever, with lovely Bass playing from Tina across the board. Can anyone clear up why 'Making Flippy Floppy' sounds to my ears like a fretless bass but appears to be being played on a fretted Hofner Club? What is this witchcraft?!
  2. Graphite, graphite, graphite!. My Status-necked Stingray and now my Modulus Flea were/are unrivalled when it comes to delivering when you dig in.
  3. Hi all, I'm looking to replace the Bartolini NTBT pre-amp in my Modulus Flea (1997 - Lane Poor P/U) as the boost frequencies are 30hz for bass and 10khz for treble, so it's all boom and click. I'm finding it very difficult to get any midrange out of it compared to my previous Flea, which had an Aguilar OBP-1 with a much fruiter, 'middier' sound, boosting at 40hz and 6khz. I was investigating preamps that boost at 50hz and noticed this might be one of only a few that do. Treble is at 4khz which also sounds like it could be up my street. Any users of this preamp that can comment on how it sounds?
  4. I've owned a Sterling Ray 34. USA Stingray 3-band and still own a USA SUB. Honestly, there was minimal difference in sound between them . The 3 band USA and Ray 34 were slightly more hi-fi/sparkly/brittle but certainly nothing that couldn't be eq'd out or in. The 2 band USA SUB has a bit more of a fatter, punchier sound that gets my vote! Anyone of of these will get you the sound you're after and then some. 😀
  5. I love Fender but honestly, what's new here? Zzzzz . . . .
  6. " In Penny Lane, the barber shaves another cooooostooomer" Penny Lane - The Beatles John, making no attempt to hide his Scouse accent.
  7. Although it didn't get selected, Radiohead's song for Spectre is utterly spellbinding.
  8. Stainless Steel over Nickel - You can always tone down the harmonics/brightness, but you can't add it.
  9. License to Kill - Gladys Knight. Epic!
  10. My old AH300 GP12 SMX is my all time favourite bass head. So much punch and guts!
  11. I have this exact bass in the same colour. One of the first ones built in mid 2002. Great bass with a very playable neck, with a really funky, middy tone. The pickup has a very low output though. It's very well built and finished with an extremely stable neck.
  12. I recall seeing an interview a while back where he stated he recorded the whole album with his SS1. I think that's borne out by listening to the album as on the whole it sounds like a SS1 and not really P-bass-like (although he did use one live and for the odd track on the first two albums).
  13. Best bass guitar ever made, period. They have clarity, focus, and a distinctive, peaky, mid-growl that no other bass can get near. This is a cracking price for one of these. I paid a fair whack more for my 97 Flea. Glwts!!
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