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  1. 40hz

    Modulus sold

    That pickup is the Seymour Duncan.
  2. I see things like frets as consumable parts of a bass. Like tyres on a car. Wouldn't bother me one bit if a vintage bass had had a refret.
  3. This is a rare bird indeed at a great price. I had a MK2 TRB4II, a truly outstanding instrument.
  4. I recently played a Buttercream Player P-Bass in PMT in Oxford. An absolute feather weight that is beautifully finished. It genuinely felt like a bass twice the price. I almost bought it there and then (Action was a bit high though).
  5. I was genuinely a little hyped for this announcement. How wrong was I? Yawn . . . .
  6. I had an E series Squier P-Bass in white with Rosewood board. Best P-Bass I've ever played. Light, resonant, vintage tone in spades. I miss it dearly *sniff*
  7. For me it would be a Modulus Flea in Hot Pink Sparkle with Wal pickups and electronics. The ultimate bass! 😂
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Modulus Flea. The best bass I've ever had, nothing comes close. I had a Geddy Lee that was quite decent, skinny neck and a really punchy, bright tone. It weighed about 11-12lbs though!
  10. Is this a factory finish? Or has it been done at a later point? It looks great!
  11. I had the ny122 cab. Used in a similar genre to the one you describe. Very clear and composed sound at volume, great mid-range, but I really disliked the treble response/ tweeter on it, far too 'clacky' for my liking (and it was supposed to be the superior one Markbass use!)
  12. @AndyTravis How are you finding it?
  13. Congrats on the Flea! I'm on my second after stupidly selling my first (05, SD Bassline + OBP-1). The singular worst case of sellers regret I've ever had. Thankfully I managed to track down another! (97 with original Lane Poor + Bartolini NTBT) It'll have to be prized from my cold, dead hands. Hands down the best bass guitars on the planet. Heaps of growl, clarity, focus and punch with a very unique mid-range voice that no other bass can emulate. Enjoy, I have a feeling you'll like it.
  14. https://youtu.be/ZUrC8fsADOo From one of my favourite recorded live shows ever, with lovely Bass playing from Tina across the board. Can anyone clear up why 'Making Flippy Floppy' sounds to my ears like a fretless bass but appears to be being played on a fretted Hofner Club? What is this witchcraft?!
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