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  1. That's one of Flea's own brand 'Fleabasses'
  2. Just as a retort to the TC bashing regarding power output, the BQ and BH series heads do not suffer with the goosed power ratings, they give out exactly what they say on the tin. This problem affected the RH series heads only. My BH550 made mincemeat of my LM2 and GK MB500.
  3. I just opened up the control plate of my Flea and my jaw nearly hit the floor when I saw it has the Bartolini NTBT pre-amp!!. It was sold as Aguilar by the shop! Goes to show though what a massive difference pickups can make, as it sounds so very different to my old Lane Poor/NTBT Flea.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. I always found Gumtree to be the absolute pits when it comes to selling bass gear. Absolutely full of chancers and scammers. Would not recommend remotely.
  6. Thanks for looking into it. That's surprised me!
  7. I totally get it with cabs, older ones are huge, cumbersome and very heavy, so I don't feel there's enough of a positive trade off for that, especially since most modern cabs just flat out sound better and can go louder and lower. When it comes to amp heads though, age/weight don't bother me. It's all about the tone. Aside from some valve amps, even a lot of older 'lead sled' type amps aren't that heavy or awkward in the general scheme of things. The price of some of these are a total bargain, especially considering most of the time, they flat out just sound better ( IMO, IME etc).
  8. There is 'this' much time left before Paul buggers off and forms The Style Council.
  9. Basses described as 'upgraded'. With that being an incredibly subjective thing, I always give plus points to people who correctly describe them as 'modified' instead.
  10. Early era Warwick basses have the thinnest necks I've ever played. My old 91' Stage One had a pencil thin neck - was awesome.
  11. He used Mesa Diesel cabs on the Californication tour, it was the By The Way tour that saw him switch to GK RBH cabs.
  12. I don't usually go for nickels as they die very, very quickly in my hands, but had heard they are supposed to have a warmer, more mid orientated tone (as a gross generalisation). It's been a long time since I bought them so my memory fails me. Anyone have any experience of steels that really struck you with a strong mid-range output? As a reference, I tend to use D'addario Pro Steels, Dunlop Super Brights (bit too much on the Flea, though) and Elixir steels when my wallet will stretch to them.
  13. That bass appears to be a Jaydee of some kind.
  14. Bruce, what an underappreciated icon of British Bass. I'm 34, so The Jam were before my time, but he taught me to play bass, riffing along as a teenager to the Greatest Hits album.
  15. All the time! I think as bass players we forget we're people and as such constantly evolving our views and tastes. They're rarely static. I think it's normal to want to change things up from time to time, be that an amp or bass. New gear often inspires you to approach and play things differently too.
  16. I can't seem to see where the serial number is on this either? Is it missing? They're usually on the back of the headstock? Edit - he posted it!
  17. Another yep for the GP12 SMX. It had the blendable valve on the front end. Made the tone ever so slightly thicker but no real difference otherwise.
  18. A definite improvement. In fact, IME the best set up would be as follows ; Lane Poor pickup - Much wider sounding than the SD, I've got recordings somewhere on my computer AB'ing them. Aguilar OBP1 - self explanatory Hipshot bridge - My favourite of the Flea bridges. String changes in seconds and a nice chunk of metal to resonate with no side saddle movement.
  19. I much prefer the Aguilar OBP pre-amp. It suits the mid-forward character of the bass more than the Bart NTBT. It also sounds a lot fruitier than the Bart, giving the notes a more aggressive, harmonic edge. The bass Freq on the Aguilar sits at 40hz, in the kickdrum zone. The Bart is at 30hz. Treble on the Aguilar is at 6hz, which I found much more musical than the Bart's 10khz.
  20. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Warwick-Streamer-LX5-Natural-Oil-Finish-Made-in-Germany/303668588521?hash=item46b40eefe9:g:l3EAAOSw5Z9fShlU I have never seen wood like this on a Streamer LX? Appears to be spalted maple with a flame centre? Bit fancy for an LX, is this original? It's bloody gorgeous at either rate and I'm struggling to resist! 😃
  21. Is this a characteristic of flats in general?
  22. I'm not sure on the thickness, but if I use a pick, I like using really thin ones. I find you get more 'bounce' on the string with them.
  23. The best amp I have ever used, period. So much fat growl and presence. I'll have a think about this.
  24. Apologies if this question has been asked a million times, I can't seem to find a specific result in the search tab. What strings would people recommend that have a huge, unhealthy amount of midrange? Steel or Nickel. Thank you in advance!
  25. If you're anywhere near the Stratford-Upon-Avon area, you're more than welcome to pop by and give the BH550 (and Spectracomp by extension) a whirl.
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