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  1. I've had a BH550 for 4 years now. I've played dozens, if not hundreds of gigs and it hasn't missed a beat. Tonally it's seen off every other amp I've ever played through (a fair few highly regarded ones). It has such a clear and composed tone that I'd describe as 'Studio' tone on stage. It was loud enough for most stages at 8 ohms through one cab and absolutely incredible through two at 4ohms. Good call on the RS cabs, I've used Markbass, Gallien Krueger, Ampeg and Epifani cabs with it but it always sounded best with the 2 2x10 K-Series cabs I had (for which it was designed). Enjoy!
  2. I've used a lot of strings and I'd say Dunlop Super Brights are your friend. By far the softest stainless steels I've used. Try a lighter gauge if you can, it'll be easier/gentler on your hands further to this.
  3. It was Stuart Zender for me. The bass breakdown in the song 'Travelling Without Moving'. I had to play the instrument that made that funky sound. Hearing that back in 2003, I went out and bought my first bass. He's continued to be my number one influence and the bass player to me that encapsulates everything a bass player should be about. His iconic Warwicks in tow, with tone for absolute days and utterly sublime feel and groove. He always shone brighter in the live Jamiroquai gigs than he did on record, which is saying something. It was such a shame what happened there with him and the band in general. So, thank you Stuart!
  4. For what it's worth my 2007/8 Fender Geddy Lee stated 'Made in Japan' whereas my current Marcus Miller, dating from 2006-2008 states 'Crafted in Japan' 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ I just understood it to be down to being made in different factories iirc.
  5. My first amp back in 2003 was a Carlsbro b150 4x10 combo. 150 watts of pure 80's-ness It was languishing in someone's garage doubling as a cave for moths when I found it (the memory of hoovering it out still sticks in my mind 🤢🤮). My old band used to call it the 'Monolith' and it was actually a fairly nice sounding thing and was plenty loud enough. Also had an onboard compressor and a 12 band EQ if my memory serves me correct.
  6. Hello all! Up for sale is my recently acquired Japanese Fender Marcus Miller Jazz Bass in borderline mint condition. I just cannot wean myself off my Modulus Flea, so this is too nice a bass to have sat around not being played. Serial Number dates it to 2006-2008. I'll have to find some scales to weigh it properly, but it's very lightweight for one of these. The other two I've played have been anchors. Weight on my scales is 9lbs 4oz but bizarrely it really feels a lot lighter than this. 2 band active EQ (with freshly installed battery) with active/passive switch. Does the whole super jazz thing to a T, with a balls to the wall slap tone. Frets are in great condition. Truss rod works. Set-up is low and buzz free. Cosmetically it's superb for a 14 year old bass. There is one 'tiny' unnoticeable ding on the upper bout and some slight tarnishing on the tuners but nothing else to report. Comes with a hardcase (in superb condition) and straplocks. Only thing I would consider trade wise is a Warwick Thumb 4 BO with a very slight cash adjustment my way depending on condition. Would also consider a 50's Classic Series P-Bass (no sunburst) with cash adjustment my way. As always with me, cash on collection (sorry I won't post) or happy to meet up within a large radius to myself here on the Warwickshire/Oxfordshire/Gloucestershire border, or even deliver for petrol costs. No offers or lowballers please. I'm not in any kind of a rush to sell. Thanks for looking! Si.
  7. I've been waiting for an age for Spector to release a J/J Euro. I don't understand why they can't/won't!
  8. @AndyTravis I have a similar set up to you as I've just picked up a Japanese Fender Marcus Miller to go with my 97 Flea. I'm however finding my experience the total opposite. My Flea cuts through so much more in the mix than the Marcus Miller. Moreso than any bass I've owned. If I remember correctly, your preamp is the Aguilar? I had that on my first Flea, but I did find the level of boost available, overpowering. The bass control could get swampy very quickly. It's probably an obvious thing to say but try cutting back on the bass more than you usually would and you'll find the mids come back. Selling my first Flea was something I regretted heavily and it took years to find another, let alone a sparkly one! Don't do it!
  9. I can't speak highly enough of Spectors but it always bugged me that they are seen as 'metally' basses and Spector's own promo seems to play up to this. It does them a great disservice as they are superb basses for any genre. I used a Euro Se5 (Synchronicity special edition) in a funk band for some time and it sounded utterly phenomenal.
  10. This is something I've been thinking for a while. I've owned 4 Jazz basses in my time (Squier Standard, Japanese Geddy Lee, Mexico Standard and now I have a Japanese Marcus Miller) and the differences were minimal. The Marcus Miller naturally has the Jazz sound on roids but they could all get in that ball park using amp EQ. I feel the same about P-basses. Pretty much sound identical to me, from Squiers to Custom Shops. One might sound a smidge brighter, one slightly bassier, but nothing a decent amp EQ system couldn't even out. Maybe I just don't have the ears? (There are obviously major differences in other aspects between basses, my opinion is purely on sound/tone).
  11. Stadium Arcadium is probably my least favourite Chili Peppers record. Never understood the love it gets from some.
  12. 40hz

    Modulus sold

    That pickup is the Seymour Duncan.
  13. I see things like frets as consumable parts of a bass. Like tyres on a car. Wouldn't bother me one bit if a vintage bass had had a refret.
  14. This is a rare bird indeed at a great price. I had a MK2 TRB4II, a truly outstanding instrument.
  15. I recently played a Buttercream Player P-Bass in PMT in Oxford. An absolute feather weight that is beautifully finished. It genuinely felt like a bass twice the price. I almost bought it there and then (Action was a bit high though).
  16. I was genuinely a little hyped for this announcement. How wrong was I? Yawn . . . .
  17. I had an E series Squier P-Bass in white with Rosewood board. Best P-Bass I've ever played. Light, resonant, vintage tone in spades. I miss it dearly *sniff*
  18. For me it would be a Modulus Flea in Hot Pink Sparkle with Wal pickups and electronics. The ultimate bass! 😂
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  20. Modulus Flea. The best bass I've ever had, nothing comes close. I had a Geddy Lee that was quite decent, skinny neck and a really punchy, bright tone. It weighed about 11-12lbs though!
  21. Is this a factory finish? Or has it been done at a later point? It looks great!
  22. I had the ny122 cab. Used in a similar genre to the one you describe. Very clear and composed sound at volume, great mid-range, but I really disliked the treble response/ tweeter on it, far too 'clacky' for my liking (and it was supposed to be the superior one Markbass use!)
  23. @AndyTravis How are you finding it?
  24. Congrats on the Flea! I'm on my second after stupidly selling my first (05, SD Bassline + OBP-1). The singular worst case of sellers regret I've ever had. Thankfully I managed to track down another! (97 with original Lane Poor + Bartolini NTBT) It'll have to be prized from my cold, dead hands. Hands down the best bass guitars on the planet. Heaps of growl, clarity, focus and punch with a very unique mid-range voice that no other bass can emulate. Enjoy, I have a feeling you'll like it.
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