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  1. Appreciate the kind comments . . . . thanks all. I'm a strong believer that we bass players are borne to be bass players and so I'm sure that John will be looking down on us pleased to have left a little legacy behind to be enjoyed by us! Just as an aside I was lucky enough to catch Jeff Beck play in Sheffield on Sunday night. Joined by the amazing talent of Rhonda Smith on bass, Anika Niles on the kit . . . . wow . . . mind blowing and a mad guest appearance on guitar and Vox by Johnny Depp ! Just when I thought I'd seen it all !
  2. Just thought I should share my great fortune/ honour in becoming the only the second custodian of an unmarked 73 jazz bass. Before I share the story, I know that the bass has the black scratch normally found from 74, but I've seen the original receipt from Carlsbro Sound in Mansfield clearly marked Sept 1973. So the bass is 100% original down to the case, original paperwork, inspection tag, owners manual and spare set of flatwounds ! Having saved his hard earned cash for years, the original owner, John B sadly passed away suddenly and his wife couldn't bring herself to part with the her husband's pride and joy, which has been sat under the bed until now. His wife decided to pass the bass on to someone else and I was recently invited to the family home to hear the story for myself. I have several photos of the John playing the bass in his band. I can't share them on here as they aren't mine to share but I can assure you the bass is visible clear as day, including John's initials on the lower horn, as was the trend in the 70's apparently and which are still on the bass now . . . . I promised I wouldn't remove them. Of course when I 1st saw the bass, apart from being floored by the stunning condition, I assumed JB stood for Jazz Bass! So an incredible, virtually show room condition beautiful jazz bass, preserved in time.
  3. As per suggestion D-800 + = £800 Subway 1x12 = £700 Discount if you take both TBC
  4. Description says it all really. Hardly used, perfect condition, hard to get hold of. Mesa gig bag, mains lead, speakon cable, manual. Happy to ship, or buyer can collect, or possible meet 1/2 way. Will split. I don't really want to sell but the rig is unlikely to be used again as I've flipped to stand up bass. Watch this space for all original, completely unmarked '74 sunburst jazz and all original black '63 p bass coming soon. I need to take lots of good photos but in the meantime, taster photo below
  5. Hi there. This 'drop dead gorgeous' (Bassist magazine Nov 1998) instrument has been sat in my sister's flat in Devon for far too long now and isn't getting played by me, her, or anyone for that matter. I have a 3/4 upright which gets all the attention and a Stagg EUB for those ultra portable occasions when we play electric and a song just calls out for an acoustic vibe. So back to the bass. If you could get one they would set you back best part of £3k. There isn't a mark on the bass, as its had home use only. To be honest it would benefit from a setup/ new strings but thats all it needs. To hopefully make this an easy transaction I'm asking a very reasonable but firm £1000 Trades . . . . hit me . . . .but only electric basses in the P bass genre. Collection from Stoke, meet 1/2 way, or even possible delivery if no more than 2 hours . You can of course get to play it in Stoke but please bear in mind it has a piezo pickup and my upright has a magnetic pickup so my amp accordingly doesn't make the most of the Cetus. Photos are from previous owner as I'm not where the bass is at the moment, but nothing has changed, and I can get my sister to take a couple if needed. Think thats all. If you are in the market for a unique EUB at the right price then here you go. Price includes soft case. I've taken some photos of the review in Bassist magazine to give you the full lowdown. I'll include the original copy in the sale. Cheers Here are the specs taken from the Bridge Violins website: Body: hollow moulded bodyshell, from carbon fibre and kevlar composites Headstock and neck: The neck and headstock are carved from a single maple block. The headstock design is a modified copy of the 1710 Stradivari Viola da Gamba head. The neck is hand coloured and finished with oils, for a fast, smooth, traditional finish. Fingerboard: Ebony fingerboard Machine Heads: brass Tyrolean style engraved brass plate machine heads Nut: Ebony nut. Bridge: The Bridge pick up system is encapsulated within the bridge, designed by Bridge. Tailpiece: ebony tailpiece. Endpin: Basses use an ebony plug, notched steel rod with brass screw and ferrule, and removable rubber protector. ELECTRONICS Bridge Pick-Up System: The pickup system is designed by Bridge and unique to these instruments. It uses a piezo crystal configuration giving an accurate acoustic sound with an even tone. The pickup uses all mechanical movements of the instrument to generate its acoustic sound. Bridge Active Circuitry: has a sophisticated active circuitry dedicated to the frequency range of the instrument, uses a 9V battery giving approx 3000 hours playing time.
  6. Hi there. Just treated myself to a fabulous Bridge Cetus upright from Ed. The bass is immaculate and absolutely beautiful. Ed was a top guy to deal with, great comms and very accommodating and patient. Thanks again Ed !
  7. Up for sale only is my beautiful Vigier Arpege 4 string bass. I think the current equivalent colour is called black diamond gloss. Suffice to say it’s stunning. Im sure that if you are reading this you are already familiar with these very special basses but here are few word from the web. Lovely condition with a couple of small dings, one on the back and one on the lower horn. Vigier hard case. Collection or courier at your cost. Once again no trades thanks. Graphite/wood neck construction that yields immense strength and stability combined with the tonality and feel of a wood. The pickups and electronics are all custom made for Vigier and represent the best that are available in the industry today. The attention to detail and construction and feel are outstanding and the sound has to be heard to be really appreciated. A hand built bass for the 21st Century
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  9. Real pleasure meeting you and really pleased it's going to get played by a Top Fella - Thanks Again
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