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  1. We bought the XR18. £425 from Amazon, and the ability to split the bill in to 5 payments with no interest It’s a great device and just works. I’ve dedicated an old laptop to controlling it. I was a bit concerned about how using a computer as a remote control would hold up live, compared to just being able to quickly grab a fader - but it’s great. I’ve set keyboard player and I up with IEM and the rest with their own wedge. A huge difference - the vocalist has mostly himself and a tiny bit of band in his monitor and no longer constantly asking to be turned up. He did miss a cue once because he had the keyboards down a bit too low… so still a little work to do. We’re still running without amps, which is great - especially in space restricted venues. The guitarist still makes the occasional comment that he thinks we’d sound better with cabs on stage, but he’s otherwise behaving!
  2. Certainly looks an interesting device!
  3. Or at least how he thinks it goes. But generally an attempt at a bassline at least!
  4. Sounds a bit like my singer... he likes to sing bass parts to me! We're a covers band, and he'll occasionally throw in a suggestion at rehearsal of a song he wants to do that very minute with a view of gigging that weekend. Some things you can muddle your way through with root notes and watching the guitarist and keyboard player. Others are a bit more tricky and I'll say I don't know it, but can learn it for next time. For example, I explained The Beatles - Don't Let Me Down has quite an important bassline and I'd need to spend some time to get it right. He proceeds to try and sing the part to me - "You do know it - it goes dooo do doo dodoo...". He's tried it a few times mid-gig to, to accommodate requests. As much as I'd like to do that Thunder song to make that punter happy, I've never even heard it before! "It's easy, it goes..."
  5. Not really a suggestion, but I've managed to gig in a Smart ForTwo before. Two TC Electronic RS112 cabs standing up side by side in the boot and the bass in the passenger seat.
  6. I went to see him at the O2 in 2019 with my wife, who is a much bigger fan than I am. I was pretty excited that Pino was on bass... he did his job and did it well. However, my wife was underwhelmed. I think that given how highly I regard Mr P, that she we expecting someone flash like Victor Wooten or something. I had to explain that bassists love Pino because he plays bass like a bassist!
  7. Absolutely agree on this - it's almost how I use it, and feel I'm barely scratching the surface. I've a couple of core tones, with switchable drive, octave and chorus within them. Plus a few song-specific patches. A guitarist could have a field day!
  8. I've got a guitarist just like it. We've now got him amp-free using a single guitar, via a Roland hex-pickup system. He can get the sound of pretty much any guitar, amp or even tuning on demand. Still messes around between songs. It's a case of - find the patch, play a few chords, kick in the 'solo' effect, play a quick lick, switch back. Then we're good to go. To be fair, while we work to a setlist - we rarely stick rigidly to it - trying to accommodate requests or move things around a bit depending on the crowd. Our keyboard player has two boards with many more sounds - he just has a patch number written against every song on the set list. Does it in moments without issue. I don't know if there's a solution... guitarists being guitarists!
  9. I've never heard of the guy before now, which is surprising given his credits! Looks like an interesting watch, though probably far too funky for me!
  10. I agree, it does seem like a KYC process. If the company are moving money around, they'll be required to ensure that the recipient isn't subject to sanctions and to minimise the risk of money laundering. If you're being asked to provide an ID document, it'll likely be paired with a selfie and include a liveliness check (to prevent you just taking a photo of a photo). I doubt that the company want to do this - it costs them money to do each check, plus the effort to develop this solution. However, they've probably deemed it necessary to remain compliant from regulatory perspective. I suspect any effort to get them to release money without doing this is going to be like banging your head against a brick wall.
  11. He’s otherwise very good in fairness… I’m not painting the most flattering picture!
  12. We have been using just two wedges for everyone. It was all our old desk would handle, never mind the very limited spaces we play in. Thankfully we’ve made part of the investment already. Nobody is using an amp these days. Amp modelling for both the guitarist and I. Keyboard player has ditched his amp too. The digital desk will be getting its first outing tomorrow. A couple of us on in-ears, The other three can share two monitors, and I think that one of them will invest in in-ears soon enough. George
  13. That’s an interesting looking monitor. Perhaps worth looking at.
  14. The keyboard player and I have KZ ZS10s, which seem pretty decent for what they cost. I've never had anything more expensive to compare it to though.
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