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  1. I have one in an identical colour with a maple board. I haven’t seen another in this colour, so had to chime in! It’s a fine bass without the upgrades, though like you I’ve just upgraded the preamp on mine (still the stock pickups though). It made a huge difference - particularly in the mid control. It cost me £145 just for this - I doubt I could replace the pickups for another £100 - I reckon the upgrades are probably worth closer to £350. Anyway, in my view this is an extremely versatile bass and one that punches way above its price tag! Good luck with the sale.
  2. I don’t know which Bartolini’s you have installed, but many come with the licences MK1s. If it’s these, you can definitely upgrade to better Bartolinis, assuming you can’t find Nords that fit. I’ve changed pickups on a few basses, and I’ve always been happy. However, it is definitely much more of a pain to try than other gear upgrades - do your research first. If your current bass feels right, and you’ve heard the pickups in other basses - then it may be worth the upgrade. But remember, the tone difference could be attributed to many other factors, even something simple like strings. George
  3. Just a couple of points to clarify from my perspective. I don’t believe that going ampless is the the best solution in all scenarios, but for the pub band I’m in right now - with a good PA and monitors, and with me in control of it, I reckon it’ll work nicely. I’ve been in situations myself in the past where it wouldn’t be ideal - like a pub with their own PA that only has enough channels for vocals, and a sound engineer who refused to put bass through the monitors because ‘it’d wreck them’, or even my last band whose PA just wasn’t that great.
  4. My own logic for looking at the Helix, is mostly a solution to several limitations with the Zoom B3n. - The fact that in stomp mode, the three foot switches are assigned to adjacent blocks, often requiring tap-dancing to get anything done live. - I’d also that like to be able to split my signal, keeping a (mostly) clean low end. - I believe I’d be able to use an effects return as a 2nd input, and balance the levels of both basses, making switching between then live easier. (Meaning my fretless could get out more!) - If my amp falls back in to favour, I could route a speaker-sim to FOH, but not route this to the amp. On the other hand, I probably wouldn’t use a great deal of the effects - amp/speaker sims, various levels of distortion and boring always on things like a noise gate and high-pass filter used regularly, with chorus, octave and phaser used sparingly. As impressive as the HX stomp looks, I think I’d still end up frustrated. The LT isn’t that much more really expensive really, and the full blown Helix doesn’t seem to offer anything more that I’d need. I think I’ve convinced myself by writing this.... I wonder if the wife will agree! George
  5. Probably what I should have done in the first place... just downloaded the manual for the mixer. It can take unbalanced inputs from instrument level sources, as long as the run is as short as possible. I’m probably about 6 inches away from the mixer most of the time... shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll keep the Helix on the back-burner for now, but I’m really interested in giving in-ears a go.
  6. It doesn’t have an XLR out, so I used the one from my amp. I don’t mind running it straight to the line-in on the desk if it works. Is that what you do?
  7. I’ve booked The Hub at Kings X, not too far - one or two tube stops, or a 15 minute walk. Plenty of restaurants in the area, and well connected to the rest of London. I stay there for work a lot - the rooms are modern and clean, but tiny. I managed to get two nights for £100, though I booked a while ago. George
  8. We’re working on it! He’s got a massive Boss pedal which apparently has good amp sims. He’s agreed to try it through the PA at a rehearsal instead of an amp.
  9. What are you plugging the headsets in that allows four separate mixes? 4x separate wireless transmitters/ receivers or something more simple? Cheers George
  10. In my experience, vocalists want to hear themselves above all else - but also a bit of everything else too. If that’s a compromise everyone else could live with, then one monitor mix could do the job. If not, everyone could theoretically want their own mix - which is probably beyond many mixers! I played a festival once, (with my old originals band), and we each had our own monitor mix and there was a dedicated monitor engineer. The sound was great, but I reckon our monitor mixes were pretty much the same. Regarding digital vs analogue mixers - I’ve seen bands use iPad driven mixers. I’ve never tried them, but the idea terrifies me! I’m constantly tweaking both the FOH and monitor mixes - particularly during the first few songs. Can’t imagine quickly doing that on a touchscreen with my left hand while I play an open string with the right! I’m generally not adverse to tech at all (my day job is in IT), but sometimes simplicity is what is needed. George
  11. There’s a couple of us wanting to try this out. Cost is a major blocker - we’re mostly playing pubs for buttons. I don’t mind budget gear, but it seems that you need to shell out for decent in-ears. The other thing is the guitarist - I reckon we’d need him mic’d up to make this work. George
  12. We already have two good quality monitors that were being used for vocals only. I just put the bass and keys through these - sounded great! The guitarist did grumble a bit that he didn’t want keys and bass in the monitor, just vocals - so may be an idea to use both aux channels next time rather than run both monitors for a single aux. George
  13. I can’t remember the exact model, but it’s a 16 channel Soundcraft with two aux channels, both pre-fade (though think one is switchable to post-fade). Just use one to run monitors from.
  14. I forgot to add... I double as sound-man for the band, and the mixer is right by my side the whole time.
  15. My current setup isn’t a million miles away from this... got a TC Electronic BH550 head, which is pretty small and class IV, plus a pair of RS112 cabs. I just hooked up one cab with the head, and kept the volume down. A big issue is that we’ve got a LOT of gear and we’re trying to reduce it as much as possible - a lot of our gigs are in busy city centre pubs, and we need to lug it through groups of punters. So, the less gear the better! From my perspective, we have really nice FOH speakers, good quality rack amps and monitors, so the keys player and I wanted to test the theory that we could run without amps - and it worked!
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