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  1. I have the six string version and I'm pretty happy with it. Slightly funny tale - I'd suggested a cheap six-string guitar when the wife asked what I'd like for Christmas. I was aiming for something like an HB or Squier Telecaster to muck around with. I knew she'd ask my guitarist mate for advice, so praised his new Tele and said I was thinking of picking one up myself. Xmas morning - this monster is under the tree! Not at all what I had in mind, but really can't fault it.
  2. Interesting! I bought a Vintera Jazz from PMT last year to replace a 20 year old Jazz that was nicked from my car. It arrived in the original, unopened Fender box, so PMT have presumably just received it then shipped it right away - I did have to wait a few weeks for stock. I'd assumed that a £900 bass would have a basic factory setup. It was without a doubt, the worst set up bass I've ever bought. In particular, the truss rod was WAAAY off, like no tension in it all. You need to take of the neck to adjust it, so it was a proper pain to resolve - I easily had it off half a dozen times trying to resolve. I can see why someone could get impatient and overdo it! Now it's set up, it's a great bass and gets plenty of use. I'd owned three Fenders before, and they were always set up well - though these were bought in person, so I guess the shops must be to thank. I've bought new Harely Benton basses in the past that at least arrived in playable condition. Likewise, I have a Lakland that arrived very well set up. There's no reason why Fender can't get their act together. George
  3. Looks great, like a stealth bomber! I have one in white with the NTMB pre-amp and stock pickups - it's a great bass. Sure you won't be trying to sell this for too long, good luck!
  4. I went through a phase of taking a two or three of basses to gigs and swapping more frequently than I should! We normally play 2 x 75 minute sets. An active five string with roundwounds for transposed songs that took me below low E, or needed a bright modern sound. A Jazz with flats for a more classic sound. You get the idea... These days (as of my last gig 14 months ago...), a single bass more than often does the job. The active five string really can cover all the bases closely enough. I sometimes take a backup, but I've never needed it. When I do, I'll always give the backup a few songs - mostly for my own amusement. We have added two fretless songs since we last gigged, so taking two may be a necessity if these stay in the set. George
  5. I use the model of the Binson Echorec (Echo Platter) in the Helix and get fairly close to the live version, though there's definitely two very distinct bass parts on the original record. This video is VERY entertaining, and may also be helpful! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKFJsxEMHMQ
  6. Hermes are the only courier I've ever had problems with. Royal Mail, Yodel, DPD - all fine. Some examples:- A super-king size duvet lost by the driver. (Must have fallen down the back of his seat or something...) A case of beer 'delayed' on a Friday afternoon - after getting to 'out for deliver' stage and about 10 minutes before the deliver window. It was supposed to arrive within 24 hours of this, but here we are six months down the line An overpriced designer handbag going missing after being scanned in to the local depot
  7. I had to look that up.. very interesting looking beast!
  8. I've going for a fairly simple P-bass... can't see me going too off-piste from a typical design. Perhaps a high-mass bridge and Schaller straplock buttons, nothing too wild!
  9. Really good feedback, thanks. That's the most unique P-Bass I've ever seen!
  10. Yes - in the past couple of weeks and about this course.
  11. He responded to me almost instantly via email when I contacted him.
  12. I don't have the time right now, but you probably can. There's actually a small notch in the scratchplate that suggests you can do it with the scratchplate in place - but I had no sucess personally. However the scratchplace is a three-ply and quite thick, it looks like removing it would expose enough of the screw head to be able to turn it. It really did frustrate the life out of me setting it up at first. I must have had the neck off half a dozen times or more to get it just right. I was probably being far too cautious with how much I was turning it at first though. George
  13. I realise I'm very late to the party here... I have a Vintera 60's. It's a great bass, but the factory setup was without a doubt the worst I have seen on any bass I've ever purchased. I've had US Fender, Mex Fender, Lakland, Squier, Ibanez & Harley Benton... nothing has been as bad. Basically, it arrived with the strings tuned almost a perfect full tone flat and with zero tension in the truss rod and the action set as high as possible. It was compounded by the fact you have to remove the neck to adjust the truss rod. But stick with it and it's a great bass...
  14. I don't think I'd get a 63kg cab in the pubs play, never mind the half-mile or so trek from wherever I can get parked!
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