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  1. I’m toying with the Idea of changing the preamp in my Lakland 55-01, perhaps to something like the Bartolini NTMB (HR 5.2AP/918 harness). Two questions .. How does this sound versus the onboard preamp? I find the mid frequency isn’t great, and the treble is pretty hissy. What’s involved with fitting this? I can easily replace passive electronics, pickups etc. Presumably much the same - but just want to check no pitfalls to look out for! Thanks, George
  2. I’m intrigued by this line in the manual: nStc: Not used, do not select I wonder what it does? I’m tempted to buy them to find out!
  3. You mention you use a BB preamp - I’m sure there is a model of one on the B3n. You could try doing an comparison - I’d be really interested in the results! if favourable, it could be one less thing for you to carry. George
  4. I'm certainly no legal expert, but I know from past experience that a threat of legal action can be enough to get things moving. I'd start by asking them for their registered address, so that legal papers can be served. I suspect that they wouldn't want to risk the expense of this going to court, nor run the risk of having their terms and conditions thrown out - for what is a trivial amount in the grand scheme of things. You can make a claim online yourself in many circumstances. Have a read at this:- https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/law-and-courts/legal-system/taking-legal-action/small-claims/deciding-whether-to-make-a-small-claim/ (My own experience - a set of expensive hair straighteners failed just outside of warranty. The large online retailer refused to take any responsibility, citing the warranty had expired along with their standard T&Cs. I insisted that this was sold as a premium product and I could reasonably expect them to last longer. I eventually asked for a repair, partial refund or discount on a new set, and if they could not provide one of these then I would take the matter to a small claims court. I had a full refund for the product with 30 minutes.) George
  5. My 2012 Ford Mondeo and 2007 Vectra Estate both did the job with a Thomann rectangular hard case. I doubt my current Qashqai would take it though.
  6. Look up Tom Mulrainey at Hofffnine cabs, seems well regarded.
  7. Sounds like a familiar story! I think it’s partly familiarity and sentimentality for me. When I bought my Jazz, it was the most expensive thing I’d ever bought. I saved up my tips from working in a bar for AGES and traded in my old Tanglewood to buy it, and finally getting my own proper Fender meant hell of a lot to me. Now, I have a salaried job and also make some extra cash from gigging. I could have any bass I want (within reason!), but I’ll be sticking with my old Jazz for the foreseeable. I don’t dislike my Lakland... but it may well be looking for a new home before long. George
  8. I have a MIM Fender Jazz that I’ve had since 2002ish and made a few modifications along the way. It was my third bass , but my first ‘proper’ one. I don’t know what it is about this bass, but I love it. I’ve owned a multitude of other basses over the years, and inevitably they are all shown the door eventually! I gig a fair bit and don’t keep basses that don’t get used live. For example, I currently own a Lakland 55-01 and this is technically better in every way compared to Jazz. I love the tonal flexibility, make use of the 5th string loads, love the idea of hipshot tuners, graphite rods in the neck and 35 inch scale.I always get a good sound too! However, I just get on better with the Jazz, and I can’t quite quantify why! So, I just describe it as better mojo... I know that a modern, active 5 string and a Jazz are entirely different beasts, but it’s been a similar tale for many others too. I’m a bit disappointed in myself, as this realisation has all but killed off GAS! Anyone else have this affinity for a particular instrument?
  9. Around Christmas, I received loads of deliveries, only two of these were from Hermes and neither showed up. They were to only company I had trouble with. The first - a super-king duvet. Scanned on to a van, out for delivery and doesn’t show. Eventually classed as ‘lost’. It’s not like something that size fell down the back of a seat... Second - an expensive handbag. Scanned in to the local depot, but never scanned out on to a van. Took two weeks for the retailer to give up hope and refund me. Immediately after this, the bag showed as ‘left in safe place’ on the Hermes tracker... not sure what that was all about, nothing ever arrived! Such a ridiculous company with no idea what they are doing. They set delivery dates on their system, yet never bother to do anything proactively with things don’t get delivered by these dates. You’d think it’d be worthwhile employing an analyst to report on shipments that aren’t where they should be, then use it to hold people to account.
  10. I wish I could take this view... most of my band colleagues couldn’t plug in a speaker cable or work a mixer if their lives depended on it!
  11. This is all very interesting. If something similar could work with a Zoom B3n, it may tame my Helix GAS for a bit!
  12. While the comedy value of this isn’t lost on me, I’d argue there is at least a little truth in it -though maybe less so than in days of yore when budget gear sometimes verged on being unplayable. If a shiny new purchase encourages someone to play more, surely that’s a good thing? The same logic can be applied widely... does your new gym clothes make you want to go to the gym more, or does your new camera lens encourage you to take more pictures? Many hobbies cost money - golf-club memberships, home-brewing equipment, entry fees to Star Trek conventions.... whatever your thing is, I’m sure there’s money to be spent. If you work hard to earn your money, and buying something doesn’t prevent you from feeding the kids or paying the mortgage - then go ahead and enjoy yourself. Obviously there is a pretty steep diminishing returns factor to consider, not to mention that people should be weary about getting in to debt to fund music gear. Finally, be thankful that we are lucky enough to play affordable instruments that are mass produced to a high standard. I know a violinist who has an instrument worth as much as my house, and a classical guitarist who was ridiculed while studying for his masters for not having a suitable instrument.His parents ended up shelling out a tidy sum for one. There’s undoubtedly a huge amount amount of elitism in the classical world, and you won’t be taken seriously without spending thousands. I don’t think we have the same problem with bass guitar. George
  13. When I was a kid at school, I took bass lessons but spent more time playing Oasis songs on guitar - so most of my early bass work was for exams. I know I played Axel F and The Pink Panther for my Standard Grade music, so I suppose one of them would be the ‘first’. I started playing bass in bands at about 18, after getting frustrated at efforts to recruit a bassist who was at least half capable! So the first song of my own choosing was probably something by Oasis, or perhaps Hey Joe!
  14. +1 For the lighter gear argument. Many of my gigs are in city centre venues, and it’s not unknown to need to park half a mile away. A 1x12 and a class D head make it a single trip!
  15. Many years ago, I worked for a well known computer company. A business customer needed 16 CMOS batteries - each about the size of a 10p coin. For whatever reason, our service providers decided to ship each one in a box around the size of a shoe-box! The customer certainly wasn’t happy!
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