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  1. Just as few as possible. 😀
  2. Let me bring you up to speed in as few bullet points as possible! After Syd Barrett left Pink Floyd, Roger Waters gradually became more dominant - being the main songwriter on their most famous albums (Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, The Wall). By the time of The Wall tour, keyboardist Richard Wright had been sacked from the band (apparently for too much cocaine and not enough creative input...), though was retained as a sideman for the live shows. Waters' final album with Pink Floyd, The Final Cut is widely regarded as a solo album - with little creative input from Gilmour (guitar/vocals) or Mason (drums). Waters then unilaterally dissolved the band - firmly believing there was no Pink Floyd without him. Gilmour had other ideas, and the resulting legal battle gave ownership of the Pink Floyd to him and Mason. Wright rejoined too, officially as a hired-gun at first. Pink Floyd, now led by Gilmour played huge tours with spectacular shows and recorded two more albums. (Three if you count The Endless River, which was mostly outtakes from The Division Bell) Waters pursued a solo career, often upset that Pink Floyd were selling out stadiums with sets made up largely of material he had written while he had less success. (Comparatively!) Pink Floyd's last tour was in 1994, and the last performance was when Waters rejoined as a one-off for Live 8 in 2005. Obviously I've glossed over much of this, but I think that's enough to give the general background. George
  3. Please tell me this was intended as a joke...
  4. Great bassline. Seems like its mixed criminally low on the record though!
  5. Sounds quite weird indeed. The fact it's going away when you touch the strings etc would suggest an issue somewhere with earth wiring, but the fact you've replaced the pots would hopefully suggest otherwise, unless you made the same error twice. It's probably worth checking against a wiring diagram to be 100% certain, and possibly confirming a good solid bridge earth connection. Here's some things I'd try... Try in a different room. I had an issue once, where if my active Lakland was plugged into an amp which was plugged in to a socket in the same room as a powerline adapter, i'd get all sorts of weird noises. Only this bass in this exact scenario. I know folk have had similar experiences where problems only occur in certain rooms. If there's a pickup at fault, I'd expect it to just be one - unless you are exceptionally unlucky. So, does the hum occur with one or both pickups? I'd first test by just using the volume pots, then try removing the suspect pickup from the circuit entirely and running it in isolation to confirm. Check you don't have any pots, wiring etc touching the inside of the control cavity - it's probably got conductive paint on it as shielding. If you have a multimeter, measure the resistance between various earth points - like between the bridge and the back of a pot. It should be as close to zero as possible. Anything that gives a value significantly greater than just touching the two points together should be investigated. Also use a multimeter to check the DC resistance of the pickups, a quick Google suggests the following values for your pickups: Neck: 8.3K, Bridge: 7.8K. I wouldn't be worried about a small difference here, just anything significant like half or double the expected value. Good luck! George
  6. Yeah, I’m a great believer in constructive feedback. There’s a QC card with four signatures on it. Genuinely, if one of those signatures was mine and the end user wasn’t happy I’d like to know. Realistically, I know these are factory workers and probably signing 100+ of those every day and may not care what some bloke in Scotland thinks!
  7. That’s my thinking too. The bass arrived kind of in tune... more or less a semitone flat across the board. I bought it from PMT, but I don’t really hold it against them. It was on back order, and going by the packaging they received it and shipped it straight to me. Overall, I totally agree with the comments that you can’t expect a perfectly set up bass straight from the factory. But a loose truss rod with more than 2mm relief is pretty poor by most folk’s standards - particularly given the inconvenient truss rod access. I think I’ll drop Fender a wee email with my concerns and a photo of the QC inspection tag!
  8. Made in Mexico. Now that I've set it up I'm quite happy. But it arrived virtually unplayable, unless you fancied some archery!
  9. No, these are just the factory fitted strings.
  10. Hi guys, What's your experience with the factory setup on brand new instruments, particularly the truss rod? Since December there's three new instruments came in to my house... a Harley Benton 6 string bass (that my wife got me for xmas, misunderstanding my suggestion of a cheap 6 string guitar!), a subsequent purchase of a cheap 6 string guitar - a Squier Strat, then a Fender Vintera 60s Jazz that arrived yesterday to replace my old Jazz that was stolen a couple of months ago. All three of these instruments had something in common - pretty much zero tension in the truss rod! All of them needed significant adjustment. To put it in perspective, Fender state a factory spec of 0.35mm relief between the top of the 8th fret and bottom of the string. I don't have a feeler gauge, but I was able to fit two 1mm picks in the gap on my new Vintera (obviously with the first and last frets depressed). Being a vintage style bass, it's adjusted at the heel and required removal of the neck (or at least loosening), so a proper pain to adjust. Not really what you want to be doing after waiting a couple of weeks for delivery. But, a little time spent means the bass now feels as good as it looks and sounds! Given the cost of the Fender compared to the HB and Squier, I suppose my expectations were a little higher. I know everyone has their preferences regarding setup, but surely a rough baseline setup should be done prior to shipping. Or is there some logic in shipping basses without tension in the truss rod? George
  11. I LOVED the Young Person's Guide! Being a teenager learning to be a rockstar in Glasgow when it was originally broadcast, it really hit home! I remember using the Brill Building rehearsal rooms, where one of the scenes was filmed, and being told by the staff that the manager character was based on their boss, who also managed a very famous band at the time.
  12. I had no idea that Guy played on this. Really enjoyed the video and looking forward to whatever else he treats us to!
  13. I'm in the market for one of these - my own was stolen three weeks ago! I'll PM you shortly.
  14. Lovely looking bass, may do the job as a stop gap if nothing else, thanks.
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