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  1. Anybody bought from Rubadub in Glasgow?

    I normally pass it when out shopping with the wife. She’ll be in the St Enoch Centre and I’ll head along to Kenny’s Music for a browse, passing Rub A Dub. Like you, I’ve never been in myself.
  2. Anybody bought from Rubadub in Glasgow?

    I’ve never used them myself - I’ve always thought of them as a DJ / dance music producer type place. However, they are long established - their shop has been there for as long as I can remember, perhaps 20 years. George
  3. Seminal 'bass' albums

    I love some of the suggestions above, but I’ll put something forward that’s a bit more modern - Side Pony, by Lake Street Dive. There’s not been much made in years that’s excited me from a bass perspective, but I love what Bridget Kearney does with a double bass on this record. A distinctive sound and great playing that suits the songs. George
  4. Feedback for tommyk

    Purchased a Squier Jazz from Tom. Arrived very well packaged and in full working order. Good communications, no concerns whatsoever.
  5. Hi guys, I'm currently deciding whether to buy a new Sire or Squier fretless bass, and wonder if anyone has one used that they want to shift, or perhaps something a bit better for similar money. Here are my requirements:- Jazz style preferred, or at least something with a bridge pickup. Max budget of £450, though I'd gladly consider any cheaper bass! Need to be able to ship me the bass, or possibly meet locally (Central Scotland) Thanks, George
  6. Players that don't warrant a signature bass

    I just tried scanning the barcode in to the Amazon app and it didn’t find anything. I don’t know how ‘official’ it is. It’s released by ‘Picture Music International’ and has a wee bit of German on the back of it. I think I got it on EBay about ten years ago.
  7. Players that don't warrant a signature bass

    I have it on DVD! Think I bought it while waiting on Pulse being released. I’ve not watched it for years though.
  8. Players that don't warrant a signature bass

    Status do a Guy Pratt signature, the Vintage GP. The only time I’ve seen his use it was with Roxy Music (or may have been Bryan Ferry) - never seen him use it with Gilmour. He does a tonne of studio work, so who knows how much he actually uses one. I’m surprised that Fender haven’t made a clone of ‘Betsy’ - I’m sure it would sell plenty!
  9. Players that don't warrant a signature bass

    I also had no idea who Sarzo was until a couple of years ago, when a band I was playing with got a support slot with his band Gunzo. (My bandmates were disappointed in me!) He’s a great player and seemed very humble too. Though I think he played a Warwick all night!
  10. Tc Bh250 amp problem

    Good chance it’s nothing to do with your fault, but there was a recall on these a while back...may be worth getting in touch with them. http://www.tcelectronic.com/bh250/bh250-product-recall/
  11. Sire v7 puzzle

    [quote name='YouMa' timestamp='1508098952' post='3389775'] It seems pretty good through the amp. I have noticed i seem to be getting some sort of natural compression aswell which is weird cos i wasnt using the compressors on the b3. [/quote] I wonder if there is a limiter being applied when headphones are attached or something like that? Have you tried the Active / Passive switch on the B3? Maybe it’ll work better if you set to active, since it should reduce the level of the input signal - and may reduce the compression effect you are getting. Good luck! George
  12. Sire v7 puzzle

    How does it sound with the B3 through the amp? I’ve always found my B3 to be pretty transparent sounding, never sucking tone (with no effects enabled at least).
  13. Budget fretless?

    [quote name='Hellzero' timestamp='1507804057' post='3388030'] http://basschat.co.uk/topic/313371-fenix-by-young-chang-jazz-bass-fretless-for-peanuts-again-i-know/ [/quote] Looks great... forwarding to the wife..
  14. Budget fretless?

    [quote name='Raslee' timestamp='1507388933' post='3385159'] I think the weak spot of the HB’s are the electrics (pots). I soldered up some old CTS pots I had lying around yesterday and the difference really surprised me. [/quote] I genuinely find this really interesting. I’d always had the view that a pot (particularly when fully open) had a negligible impact to tone. I never tested it, I just can’t understand why it would. Could you describe how it was different? I do know that better quality pots would last longer, have a more consistent and quieter sweep and just feel a bit more sturdy - so I’d never consider upgrading as wasteful.
  15. Budget fretless?

    [quote name='JohnFitzgerald' timestamp='1507316164' post='3384782'] I have a Harley Benton JB40-FL, the poor man's bass of doom I call it. It makes 'that' sound, now I have the right rounds on it and the action just nice. Havign previously a MIM Jazz, I wouldn't ever swap back and I wouldn't play or sound any better with any other bass. (I bought mine S/H for £60). [/quote] £60! I never find bargains like that!