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  1. Panic over! It appears I now have a solution, there's a colleague travelling by train who can take a bass for me. Now to decide which one... Thanks to everyone for their input and kind offers. George
  2. Hi Drax. Any help would be much appreciated! I get in to Stansted about lunchtime, and will make my way to our office at Kings X station, and I’ll hang around there until 530(ish!), after which we’ll be going to Primrose Hill for our party. On Thursday I’ll be hanging around Kings X until early afternoon, when I’ll be heading back to Stansted. I can hop on a tube or whatever to make things work. I can also enlist the help of others down in London. Thanks, George
  3. Really appreciate the offer - I’m a actually not a million miles from you. But my problem is getting a bass to London, and Ryanair want over £300 for an extra seat for one. I only paid about £40 for my own ticket!
  4. Cheers - something like that’d do the trick!
  5. Strange one coming up... It’s my work Christmas party on Wednesday, and I’m travelling from Glasgow to London for it. A few of us musical types had intended performing a few songs, and another bassist who lives down there was bringing a bass. Short version of events is that he no longer can. I’d need to book an extra seat ion the flight to bring one - and since it’s short notice they want more than I’ve paid for some basses for the privilege! So - here’s my ask... can anyone lend me a bass, or otherwise help me acquire the something? Any piece of junk would do the job! I don’t want to get in to ‘marketplace’ territory, but I could probably spend a small amount - say £50 ballpark. I’ll be around Kings X, and party is in Primrose Hill. Any help appreciated! Thanks, George
  6. geoham

    Zoom B3n limited compared to B3?

    I also recently made the switch. Some of the effects use two slots - so up to 8 parameters and an extra foot switch per effect. There are also some other areas that I feel gives more flexibility: - Seven slots per patch - Cab sim can be toggled via a foot switch, which I find really useful when moving between the old Ampeg 8x10 at the rehearsal room and my own modern rig. - Better patch switching/ effort toggling I am a bit disappointed with the lack of D.I. and audio interface via USB.
  7. geoham

    New TC Electronic heads

    This page simply states:- “Power Module Rating - 550 W” https://www.tcelectronic.com/Categories/Tcelectronic/Bass/Head-Amplifiers/BH550/p/P0CIN/Specifications But the RH450’s page states:- “450W (800W inst. Peak @ min. Load) TCE Power rating and Active Power Management”
  8. geoham

    New TC Electronic heads

    My understanding is that the lower wattages on the RH series are due to something called 'Active Power Management', but this is not the case on the BH550 / BH800. This is my source:-http://forum.tcelectronic.com/topic/16804/new-bh500-and-bh800-tech-spec-and-wattage/, it's stated by Morten Ehlers, who works for TC.
  9. My view - context is everything. For example, Pink Floyd’s ‘In the Flesh’ has some pretty offensive lines - which I’m pretty certain would have be as offensive in the late 70’s as they are now. However, if you understand the song and it’s album, you surely wouldn’t take offence? A bit like Oliver’s Army as discussed earlier.
  10. Same here! She was up for until she actually read the lyrics.
  11. The release notes for the firmware state: Added OutputVP that takes over the volume setting when switching patches Does anyone have any idea what this actually means?
  12. geoham

    Tonerider pickups - any good?

    Sorry for the slow reply on thIs one! The P was rehomed a few months ago, it wasn’t getting enough use. However, it did get plenty of use for a while and I was always happy with the results. I played in a 2 guitar, loud drums and electric violin Celtic rock band, and found it sat naturally in the mix with little tweaking. To me, the sound was very close to the vintage pickups used in US Fenders. You can hear it recorded on Spotify (etc) - lookup Scarlets, Little Rumours. (Rotosound flats, Zoom B3 Ampeg sim, otherwise untouched)
  13. geoham

    Anybody bought from Rubadub in Glasgow?

    I normally pass it when out shopping with the wife. She’ll be in the St Enoch Centre and I’ll head along to Kenny’s Music for a browse, passing Rub A Dub. Like you, I’ve never been in myself.
  14. geoham

    Anybody bought from Rubadub in Glasgow?

    I’ve never used them myself - I’ve always thought of them as a DJ / dance music producer type place. However, they are long established - their shop has been there for as long as I can remember, perhaps 20 years. George
  15. geoham

    Seminal 'bass' albums

    I love some of the suggestions above, but I’ll put something forward that’s a bit more modern - Side Pony, by Lake Street Dive. There’s not been much made in years that’s excited me from a bass perspective, but I love what Bridget Kearney does with a double bass on this record. A distinctive sound and great playing that suits the songs. George