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  1. I've been doing my own setups for years - just basic things like action and relief. I'd never cut a nut until a year ago, when I did a course with Jon Shuker to build a bass from scratch. The nut wasn't difficult job at all - though I was using Jon's files, which I can only assume are good quality. I also used a belt-sander to help pre-shape the blank a little. Like mentioned by @lownote above - I think having the correct tools is vital - and if you're not using them often, they may not be worth the investment. Working under Jon's supervision was also rather comforting! George
  2. The process seemed the same to me - for a gig just before Christmas then one a few weeks ago. From what I can fathom out, this is the process:- Submit request Pub manager approves Area manager approves Submit claim, attach invoice Audit team approves (This step took MUCH longer this time) Pub manager approves Sent for payment For about enough to cover beer and petrol!
  3. I've been using it for various jobs for about 15 years. Never gets better... Definitely not a good system for bands to invoice pubs!
  4. We've just about resolved as a band to cease playing gigs for the last remaining Greene King pub on our circuit. We're all hobbyists, so we've accepted being incredibly poorly paid for years - but the hassle of getting paid at all is now just not worth it. Our recent claim took 11 days for their audit folk to review, who rejected it due to a very minor error on the item description on the invoice. Resubmitted 5 days ago and no further forward... presumably to the back of the queue.
  5. A 7lb bass would be ideal for me! What do you play? But absolutely - it's a lot of weight to carry. I don't especially consider myself to have a bad back, but it definitely does ache the day after wearing an almost 10lb bass for three hours+.
  6. I think I’ve been of a similar mindset for years - heavy = better quality. It just makes sense, doesn’t it? Like a solid oak table vs an IKEA flatpack. Though my hand made lightweight P sounds and feels better than any other P I’ve owned, so I’ve clearly been wrong. And it doesn’t strain my back!
  7. You are probably right from a practical perspective. However, I couldn’t bring myself to do it - I have some emotional attachment to it! It was my first ‘proper’ bass, and my only bass for many years. It’s been modded a little along the way, and I consider it one of a kind now. It was stolen and I was really upset, and thankfully recovered a few months later. All of which now has me wondering how much I’d really get on with another Jazz!
  8. I'd tend to agree with you. I've personally always found that strings and pickups have the biggest impact to tone.
  9. Really? I'd never have thought that - just that they are slightly differently shaped. It may make my goal of finding a lighter Jazz that sounds and feels as nice as my current one - my main gigging bass for about 18 years - a bit of a fools errand!
  10. The P neck is quite substantial - though the P is the lighter bass. Body thickness is a good point though - it's been hand-made by me, including carving out the curves and stuff - so definitely a huge possibility of there just being less wood.
  11. I've made a slightly surprising discovery this morning. Pre-lockdown, I was doing about 20-25 three hour gigs a year, and often had a bit of lower back pain the day after. During lockdown, I lost some weight and improved my fitness a bit - and had no back pain issues since returning to gigging. Until this weekend! I'd been using the P bass I built on a course with John Shuker exclusively recently. But for a change, I took out my old Mexican built Jazz on Saturday. I used a luggage scale to weigh my basses this morning - it turns out my P only weighs around 7.5lb, while the Jazz comes in at 9.5lb. Given both basses are made of alder, with a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, I'm surprised at the 2lb weight difference. I guess it's mostly down to natural differences in the wood. Can we infer anything about the quality or (dare I say!) tone of wood from its weight? It's kind of got me gassing for a light-weight Jazz... the wife will be pleased I'm sure! George
  12. A friend of mine bid on a car once after a few sherries. Something like an 80's Cortina. Allegedly had no memory of it, but emails confirmed he had made the bid! Thankfully, he was outbid at the last minute.
  13. I tend to agree - putting a token price on something is a sensible approach and keeps many timewasters at bay.
  14. Giving free stuff away... what a pain! Gave a couple of things away that folk have very quickly gone on to sell. That really annoys me. I needed rid of a couple of sets of Ikea drawers quickly, so offered them free on a Facebook group. About a dozen people jumped on it immediately, most with sob-stories! I thought the fairest thing was to do was to offer them to the first person who commented on the post - I responded "I'll message you" within 5 minutes of their post, then dropped them an instant message. Four hours later, no response from them I move to the next person on the list who collect them within 30 minutes. A few hours later, the original person finally gets back to me and tried to arrange collection, gets very angry I didn't hold them for her. Her and some folk with the same surname publicly rip me to shreds in the Facebook group. How I didn't give her a chance to response, I was so unreasonable, left her kids in tears etc etc. I think I'll stick to giving stuff to the charity shop now. No shortage of them where I am! George
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