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  1. I totally agree with all of the above. We're a pub band, doing 25-30 gigs a year, and using our own PA at the majority of them. There's just two venues, accounting for maybe 7 of these gigs in total where they have a sound-man and in-house PA. It absolutely is a lottery and we'll be unlikely to bring our own sound man to these - as the regular one will be on stage playing bass and we can't afford another! We always do have friends from other bands in the audience, which helps somewhat. This definitely seems like a good idea - that whole threat is pretty interesting - thanks. George
  2. Hi guys, I'm been gigging without an amp for several months now, using my Helix LT. I mostly use our band's PA and wired in-ears, and am happy enough in those situations. However, there's a couple of situations where I've been less happy. We played a gig last week in a venue with an in-house PA and sound engineer - I wasn't especially pleased with the sound from the stage monitors (in-ears were going to be a pain to set up), and I obviously had no idea what was going out front, although I'm assured by a friend it was great. We're back there five more times this year, so keen to improve matters! When using rehearsal rooms, the PAs vary a lot and I'm often struggling to dial in a decent eq on the desks. Last night in particular, despite there being masses of large PA speakers, my sound seemed thin and almost hollow sounding. I felt I could do with cutting the high mids and boosting the low-mids - but could only do one or the other on the desk. One idea I have regarding monitoring when using in-house PAs is to put a mic on a FOH speaker and mix that with my bass signal on my in-ears - I use a two-input belt pack. If anyone else has tried this, I'd been keen to hear how you got on. I'm also keen to hear any suggestions for improving consistency when using different PA systems. Thanks, George
  3. I investigated this before, ended up not pulling the trigger on it. I had trouble getting a template, and without one Lakland themselves seemed to be the most promising option - they quoted me $50 USD+ shipping. Some custom pickguard places could have done it too, though seemed to favour laser-cutting, which would have given a straight edge, rather than the smooth, angled edge that makes a 3-ply guard look pretty! All a few years ago now, I'll keep following this in case anyone has more up to date information. George
  4. I’ll drop you a PM shortly, thanks. Tab is often the devil anyway.... especially the crazy fingering choices often seen online.
  5. @funkypenguin It looks like the attachments or links to these files is broken - I think it's related to the upgrade that was done a couple of years ago. Do you still have the original files? By the way - I love your tone in that video!
  6. Thank you, I'll give those a bash. Perfect timing, I was just looking at some Patitucci books on Amazon!
  7. Certainly plenty there! Can you point me to any transcriptions or books for any of these? Thanks, George
  8. I don’t think any incarnation of Pink Floyd has performed live without both Mason and Wright. No Gilmour in the beginning, then no Barrett, then no Waters. Even after Wright was fired, he continued to play live as a session man. George
  9. I saw Thin Lizzy a few years back (Scott Gorham, Brian Downey, Darren Wharton, Damon Johnson, Ricky Warwick, Marco Mendoza) - it was an enjoyable gig, but felt more like a tribute act to me. I did feel it was significantly heavier than Thin Lizzy ever were. More recently, I saw Brian Downey’s Alive and Dangerous at the Cathouse in Glasgow (capacity about 200!). Really enjoyed it, much truer to the original Thin Lizzy sound. I’m glad they didn’t try to pass themselves Thin Lizzy though. George
  10. Cheers, I’ll have a listen to them all and see where it leads me.
  11. So I unexpectedly received a six-string bass for Christmas... my wife misunderstood my suggestion of a six-string guitar (with a cheap Tele in mind!). I’m quite pleased with the bass, and would like to put it to good use. It probably won’t see much use playing 70’s covers with the band, but I’m open to trying some upper register chordal stuff or anything a bit different.... expand my bass horizons for the first time in about 20 years! I saw a clip of Otiel Burbridge with Scott Devine that seems interesting. Any recommendations or pointers? Happy to buy a book, dvd or whatever. George
  12. So after putting the bass back in the box yesterday and convincing myself it had to back, I spent an hour with it plugged in today. I must say, I’m very impressed and have decided to keep it. The neck pickup is a bit dull, but the bridge is great - really powerful and punchy. The truss rod could probably use a slight turn and the intonation needs tweaked, but no fundamental issues with workmanship or playability. Goodness knows how they can make a bass like this for under £150. I reckon I’ll pick up a Harley Benton Tele soon enough! George
  13. An interesting idea, thanks.
  14. I am thinking of keeping it, doing a bit of chordal stuff at the traditionally dusty end of the neck, that kind of thing to push my boundaries a bit. I’ve had a strict three bass rule for the past few years, and any that don’t earn their keep have to go. This definitely won’t earn its keep or push any others out the door, so it may end up being a exception! This is the bass - has anyone ever used one? https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_b_650_black_progressive_series.htm George
  15. Merry Christmas! The wife had asked what I wanted for Christmas a few weeks ago. I’d suggested a basic six-string guitar to mess about with at home with my Helix. A Squier Tele or something would have been ideal! Today she surprised me with six-string bass, a Harley Benton progressive B-650. It seems a LOT of bass for the money, but realistically is useless to me, I can’t remember it getting gigged ahead of my Lakland or Fender. She asked my guitarist mate for advice, and even after I told him I’d like to get my hands on a Tele after having a go of his, he still led her to this! I’m hoping Thomann will let me exchange it!
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