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  1. Not quite.... Jolly to London with my guitarist mate and both our wives was booked first!
  2. Our drummer recently had a heart attack, and was advised to have a two month break from the drums. We played a few gigs with a dep, and the original drummer in the audience. Strange experience. He also introduced himself to the dep just before his first gig... The gigs with the dep went well (no misakes at least!), but just not quite right - hard to put my finger on exactly what though. The band are playing without me this weekend, thanks to me visiting London for some bass show. A charity event in a hotel with a large audience that we really wanted to do. I'm not sure how I'll feel when the inevitable video clips start appearing afterwards!
  3. My first 'proper' bass rig was a Mag 300 head plus a 2x10 cab. It did sound really nice in a 'traditional' sort of way. However, it was simply too heavy - something like 32kg for the cab and 15kg for the head. Multiple trips from the car to the venue - not nice when you are gigging in the city centre and not being able to park close. I switched to a TC Electronic setup, their BC210 cabs were significantly lighter (20kg?), and I could manage a one hand lift. The BH550 head fitted in the same bag as my cables and effects. Overall, one trip was possible. Then it was the even lighter RS112 cabs, before ditching amps and going straight to PA! I suppose it's basic economics - people see plenty of Ashdown amps being used by top players. They are reasonably quite affordable to buy new - so sell plenty. The end result is an over-supply to the used market, which ultimately means lower prices. To me, it's quite similar to Fender.
  4. I’m never keen on handing over my name and email address to access something unspecified. Why do you need the data and how will you be using it? GDPR means you need a valid reason to process such data, and explicit consent is probably required. The big red ‘download’ link doesn’t fill me with confidence. The lock doesn’t confirm no viruses, just that the connection is https (i.e. - encrypted).
  5. Met @karlbbb on Sunday to take his Helix off his hands. Very smooth process, great communications throughout, no issues whatsoever.
  6. I’ve arranged to buy a used LT tomorrow. Fun times ahead!
  7. Where are you seeing the LT for this price? Spent some time trawling yesterday and £769 seems to be the best.
  8. Certainly an interesting idea, thanks.
  9. Oh I know! The keyboard player and I just ditched our amps. We will get the guitarist onboard too!
  10. That's definitely an interesting idea. He's very old school, insists on using a 4x12 stack, refuses to have a mic in front of it - because it 'fills the room' on its own, and to have anything coming back via the monitors will cause feedback. The result is a guitar-heavy sound for those immediately in front of him, whereas others can't barely hear it. Including me. We're all working on trying to enlighten him!
  11. What frustrates me in the Zoom is that you need to have the three switches assigned to three adjacent units. Particularly annoying with two block effects. I’ve tried using presets, like creating a base sound, then copying this a few times with various effects. The problem is that I start tweaking during rehearsals, and things diverge. (I know, I’m rubbish!) I actually think I could get on okay with the Stomp, I just get a bit concerned I’ll end up getting frustrated with the lack of switches and end up buying an LT anyway. So, let me ask another question - does anyone have a Stomp and feel frustrated by its limitations? George
  12. An interesting development!
  13. I have considered it, I honestly don't see any me getting any extra benefit from the full Helix vs the LT. I'd never use all the extra connectivity options, and I can live without the scribble-strips. Unless I'm missing something...
  14. So, I've decided I definitely want to move from my Zoom B3n to one of the Helix offering from Line6. I'm leaning towards the LT, with the Stomp also being considered. I'd appreciate the advice of anyone using either of these. I reckon the six blocks on the Stomp will probably be enough. I want to run an amp model with a cab (is this one block or two??), drive, chorus and octave. I'd also like to split the signal to keep a clean low end, and possibly even add a high pass filter. Where I have some concerns is switching between various effects with just two (or possibly three) footswitches. On a similar note, it seems a bit of a pain to switch patches without using an external footswitch. Compared to the Zoom, the Stomp would give a good bit more flexibility for signal routing (like being able to keep the lows clean), but wouldn't really be an improvement from a switching perspective. This attracts me to the LT, which like it resolves all of these problems - but also seems a bit overkill as well as costing a good bit more. However, if I consider the cost of a Stomp plus an external patch switcher, along with a small board to mount them to - it's a smaller gap. Final note - I'm not using an amp on stage. Currently just using the monitors to hear myself, but the band are considering in-ears. I double as sound-engineer for the band and we use our own PA, so I have total control of what's going on. So - to anyone using either of these devices, I'd love to hear about your experiences and feel free to try and convince me either way! Cheers, George
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