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  1. Yes. I'm thoroughly enjoying the feel of the fretless. I like the sound of the one I have as well. It'll be good for jazz.
  2. My first bass 'chair' was through MySpace! 😂 Somebody just approached me because I had the VW background and he was a VW lover! Later I got asked to be in a band when I complained on facebook that I wanted to play bass again and one of my contacts picked it up. But this last time, I had to force myself to go to the local jazz jam and sit in. Then I got a couple of offers. So it takes some networking. I did have a couple of genuine contacts through JMB but they were outside my rehearsal radius (which I've kept quite tight).
  3. Today I played on the upright bass for a bit - early days on this for me - just plonking through some of the chord notes and trying to maintain the 'correct' technique. Just now, I'm probably going to do a bit of fretless for jazz practice and then tonight go to rehearsal with my standard fretted 4-string because I'm not confident enough to use the fretless. Do you think switching like this is OK or is it going to give me brain damage/ruin all technique?
  4. Since the demise of my regular slot in the rock band, I've been dabbling in a bit of mainstream jazz and latin stuff - trying to get a handle on walking bass but not finding anyone to give it a go with me. Actually, I did, but after saying they wanted me to play with them, they then wrote back and said they had no drummer so it was a no go. Hmmm. Anyway I went along to play bass at the local jazz jam. Very low key, low stakes stuff. Turns out that night there was nobody else on bass, so I had to cover the whole evening straight from the chord charts. On the strength of that I got asked to be the 'house band' the following month, do a dep on a gig last Sunday, to be the bass at the next jam and to join a jazz band as bassist. Shows you can fool a lot of the people some of the time. To be fair, I know the repertoire inside out - but as a listener, or a saxophonist. I'm less secure with all the walking bass patterns - I'm sure the low riders in the audience are cringing. But the drummer at the dep gig said how much he enjoyed playing with me - so there's that. I think the point of this is that I got over the imposter syndrome for a moment and made myself just do it.
  5. I did subscribe to the 'never wear the band T-shirt during a gig' school of thought. This was particularly true when I was in the rock band - we had a wicked design but it was never worn 'on stage'. I've relaxed that view a little lately, under slightly different circumstances. I play sax in a horn section. The trombone player made us all bespoke T-shirts with the band logo + cartoon character with instrument. I'm prepared to wear that on stage if the rest of the horns are. But then I'm also prepared to do 'dance moves' under similar conditions!
  6. Ignore the treble part and play the changes from the chord names? I have a similar problem in that I learned to read bass clef and can play it with my left hand on the piano. I know the bass notes on the bass - but I can't sight read from bass clef to bass! Yet, perhaps. Sight reading for me (and perhaps others) is a decoding process that seems to bypass conscious thought. (I mainly do it for sax) I have to think about it for the bass and by then it's too late.
  7. It's when you realise that some people don't play - have never played - and you're not one of them!
  8. Aw - great advice all you folks! Got the thing in my hands first time today and, yeah, index finger is a little sore, but it was fun. Played a little bit through some 'slow jazz' 2-feel rooty things and a touch of slow bossa. Probably rubbish technique full of errors but I will get some lessons and am already looking at the Discover Double Bass site!
  9. I'm just about to acquire a 3/4 double bass. I've only played electric before, though have done a bit of fretless. Any tips? What will it be like? Is it like learning from scratch or are there transferable skills?
  10. Once upon a time I struggled to find a bassist that could play afro-cuban lines. There have always been plenty of bassists in this part of the world, along with saxophone players and vocalists. Keyboard and trumpet are the rarities, though my current struggle is to find female musicians at all.
  11. Congrats. Not ready for my state pension but taking early retirement - yay! Time to nail that walking bass.
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