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  1. Ignore the treble part and play the changes from the chord names? I have a similar problem in that I learned to read bass clef and can play it with my left hand on the piano. I know the bass notes on the bass - but I can't sight read from bass clef to bass! Yet, perhaps. Sight reading for me (and perhaps others) is a decoding process that seems to bypass conscious thought. (I mainly do it for sax) I have to think about it for the bass and by then it's too late.
  2. It's when you realise that some people don't play - have never played - and you're not one of them!
  3. Aw - great advice all you folks! Got the thing in my hands first time today and, yeah, index finger is a little sore, but it was fun. Played a little bit through some 'slow jazz' 2-feel rooty things and a touch of slow bossa. Probably rubbish technique full of errors but I will get some lessons and am already looking at the Discover Double Bass site!
  4. I'm just about to acquire a 3/4 double bass. I've only played electric before, though have done a bit of fretless. Any tips? What will it be like? Is it like learning from scratch or are there transferable skills?
  5. Once upon a time I struggled to find a bassist that could play afro-cuban lines. There have always been plenty of bassists in this part of the world, along with saxophone players and vocalists. Keyboard and trumpet are the rarities, though my current struggle is to find female musicians at all.
  6. Congrats. Not ready for my state pension but taking early retirement - yay! Time to nail that walking bass.
  7. Oh phew! Thanks for that. Explains a lot. Face-palm! It was late last night. Can I plead tiredness? 😌
  8. Do you play this? How? I notice the suggested bass in the Real Book is quite different from the Coltrane recording. Which one do you do or do you do something quite different?
  9. 'Fine' is a relative term. I've I'm given a lead sheet, I can fight my way through something like Stella. I can't do that with faster numbers hence thinking about working out a few lines first. I want to dep for bass with a local jazz band.
  10. Ah well Moondance was one of the first things I ever did play on bass.
  11. To be fair, I'm doing all of that. Interesting exchange, though. Some seem to disapprove of the use of 'algorithms' for music on a computer - all music is algorithms, though. Creativity comes from having these embedded, either through years of study, or through having the 'knack' plus years of study. I'm not there yet.
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