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  1. I told the bassist in the soul band where I play sax, that I wouldn't be available until the new infections were below 100. Zero chance of catching it may never happen.
  2. You really point up the attitude difference and the way things have been approached in Germany and the UK/US. People are talking about getting back to gigging here. You're saying that it's a game-changer until there's a vaccine. I tend to think more along those lines.
  3. We have a gig booked for August which hasn't been cancelled yet. I suspect I won't be going. I shall set myself a criterion based on the maximum number of newly infected nationwide before go back into public arenas. What about you?
  4. Yep. I mentioned these two in another thread but didn't get any responses. We tried Jamkazam for a while but have settled on Jamulus. Yesterday we had a full rehearsal with drums, bass, kb and sax. It was doable. The drummer has to adapt slightly and it's not going to be tight for fast funk. It works for medium to slow numbers. We were playing jazz but rock would probably work very well because the drummer can lay down a firm beat. There were times with the session before where I couldn't tell what the drummer was playing, if he got too fussy. Jamulus does most of the hard work of balancing latency with buffer size for you. In theory you could use your pc mic and earphone mini jack straight into the machine, but it works better with an interface and definitely with an ethernet. It's a free, simple program that does not use up a lot of space. There is a jamulus community on fb and they put together full jams with people from all over. Server rooms are available and people can come and listen to your jam or play along. You can also mute anybody you don't want to hear!
  5. This is what I need to hear. It must be doable - I just don't know how. I think perhaps I need to do more searching for female db players on youtube.
  6. Yes, I have been looking at DDB and also Zoltan's site. This is primary why I'm on here asking, because the technique which seems to be required is what I'm struggling with - namely using the split fingers, all on the fingerboard at the same time.
  7. No. This is the one I've got. I either learn to play it or I stick with eb, alone.
  8. See, now that's really good advice. I don't want to do further damage to my thumb. (an old speaker cab injury!)
  9. I did read the jamming while on lockdown thread, so I hope it's ok if I post a new related but more specific one here. I've got jamkazam working pretty well with my 10 year old Lexicon Omega, in spite of seeing posts that suggested it wouldn't work. Ethernet and a mini pic (Minisforum - love it!). The pianist in our band has suggested we try Jamulus. Has anyone used it? Why would it be better than Jamkazam?
  10. Hi guys. I'm an electric bass player and I've acquired a double bass. I've done a good deal of online searching and yes, I have tried to find a teacher, but obviously that's a bit tricky currently. As someone who already plays bass, the normal 'beginner' advice slightly misses the mark (there's a serious market niche for a good book just for eb players who want to play db). What I need is some advice specific to the db technique. I know about the Simandl style left hand fingering technique (that great book is available online for free!), but I have average hands for a female (quite small) and so the full stretch with fingers all on the fingerboard is nigh impossible. I'm not going to risk injury by stretching exercises. Additionally, when I put all fingers down I don't get as much pressure on the fourth as I do when I allow myself to lift the other fingers and so I get string buzz. Basically, do you have experience of playing or teaching under these circumstances? What advice would you give? What other advice would you give for the transition? I play rock, pop and jazz on the electric. I know I can't just transfer what I know on the eb to the db. Is there a way or should I give up if I can't make the stretch? How do female db usually manage? J
  11. I sort of wish our bands (or venues) would do the same. We're definitely non-essential.
  12. Have several gigs lined up over the next month, including this Saturday but no word on cancelling. Beginning to think they SHOULD be cancelled.
  13. Very good point and one I'll make the next time a band suggests we go out for a pittance.
  14. Very nice. Not me, I hasten to add. The player demonstrates various vintage horns. Lovely sounds.
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