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  1. I just cut the fingers off! 😄
  2. Yeah but... it is sadly unusual. I should know.
  3. You definitely should go to Ethernet. I normally play with somewhere between 40 and 50ms delay without too much trouble. However, we are all working towards being able to play with greater delay, as an exercise, and also to play internationally. The US folk are mastering it well and playing with us in Europe quite regularly.
  4. We could have done with you on this. And yes, I did tell them I couldn't play it and would never be able to play it properly but they insisted!
  5. I think so. I have weekly jazz session that has improved my walking bass a lot, and a weekly funk session that has improved my bassline creation and confidence. Then I've had the opportunity to play the double bass with real musicians without having to take it out of the house. This is all remotely through Jamulus. I suppose I should feel guilty that there is no technical practice in there, just playing - but that does have a learning curve.
  6. I know a drummer who plays in his garage. I always presumed this is what he did.
  7. Do you think it would work with a long ethernet?
  8. It's well worth persisting with. There are a lot of us playing in the WorldJam now and we are by no means a bunch of technical experts.
  9. No but it could be an old £50 harmonium.
  10. Jamulus is better in many ways and it's free and open source. You can pay to run your own 'server' but that's very cheap and not necessary. Recording is very easy using Reaper, which is also free as a full demo but inexpensive too. I wouldn't go back to JamKazam now.
  11. The official stats may well be understating the number of deaths due to Covid. Many people die outside the 28 day cut off time. This is why it is important to look at a range of data before drawing conclusions.
  12. You believe incorrectly. Covid deaths are already more than four times the average Flu deaths in UK.
  13. Thank you for sharing this. It would be better if people would stop trivialising this disease based on their own lack of experience. Another musician friend of mine caught it at the same time as you and was in ICU for three months. He has suffered long-term damage. Before I read your article, I read another account of someone who lost their mother. A lot of people have died and are dying (>3000 a week in the UK, currently), but his account was particularly sobering because he described how his mother suffered in her last week and it was utterly horrific. Hard to imagine a worse torture. My view is that we should, as much as we possibly can, be observing first principles of transmission of respiratory viruses. The first one of these is 'stay away from other people'. When that's impossible, limit the time and make sure that there is a fresh air supply. It doesn't matter if you're ten metres away, if you're in a room for three hours together and there is no new air. Everyone should be wearing face coverings at all times when they are anywhere near other people. Singers and horn players? Rehearsal conditions break all the basic 'rules'. It may seem like a low risk, but when assessing risk, it's not just the likelihood that should be taken into account, but also the severity. For Covid, that's potentially death or possibly worse. So my bands have not rehearsed since March, apart from those of us who are on Jamulus online. I have told my fellow band members that I will not rehearse in person nor play a gig until new infections are below 100 a day.
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