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  1. I've been playing quite a bit since lockdown. Not with any of my normal live bands, but on Jamulus with a bunch of new people I wouldn't have met otherwise. It's pretty doable. Here's one we did earlier with me making my debut on double bass (apologies to all the db players out there - I will learn it properly, I promise). I've also done eb and sax . That session included the violinist from the states - playing with 150+ latency. You can hear a bit of burbling and we're constantly trying to improve sound quality and latency. But for live rehearsal and working up new stuff and trying all the things you've ever wanted to do, it's great. I'd never get that opportunity with my real life bands. https://youtu.be/tlGfu1dG_2c?t=1992 Remember - this is live. No pre-recording and editing.
  2. Hi Zoltan. I think I might have exchanged a couple of emails with you once and done a few of your free online lessons. I am so inclined - I'll get in touch.
  3. A couple of pubs near me seem to have started live music again. One of them is theoretically 'outdoors' but it's a very enclosed kind of outdoors with brass players only a few feet from each other and everyone else and audience still at close quarters. The other one is indoors in a situation indistiguishable from pre-covid settings but without brass so far, I think. My threshold is still <100 new cases a day. Then I'll go back out relatively happily.
  4. Agreed. You should try to hear the return signal if you can. The brain compensates for latencies after a while. The trick is to hang into the drummer. Even when I play sax, I try to turn up the return to drown out the live sound. I don't use the 'solo' button any more because I've been caught out in a live jam with people entering the room who I'd previously put on solo. It cuts out all the other feeds and everything goes silent. Now you can set new entrants to the room to come in at 0% or something which won't deafen you. Most recently I've played with a violinist in the states. He was using electric violin and managed to totally compensate for 140ms+ latency!
  5. Yep. It's getting better and better all the time with each update. A gift of a piece of software that isn't widely appreciated. I can see how it can become very useful for pre rehearsal rehearsals. Thrash it out on jamulus so that everyone knows the form etc. and then when it's more or less sorted, get together for the full rehearsal. Would save on fuel, time, studio fees etc. (when we eventually get back to in-person rehearsals)
  6. Thanks. That's what I thought. There are some gs in there too.
  7. Can anyone help me out with the basics of what the bassist is doing on this (not the pedal but the rest). Band have given me chords that don't seem to fit. Is that an F motif to start or a C? Am I hearing the kettle drum instead of bass? I'm not great at extracting basslines and I bet some of you are excellent at it. (Yes, I know, practise etc. etc.).
  8. We could. If we pursued an elimination strategy as recommended by the Independent Sage group and as some countries have done. But that would require people not going to gigs now.
  9. And calling it in the wrong key because they think an A-7 chord at the start means it's in A-!
  10. Nope. It's very different in my mind because the sax can noodle wherever. If I play a 'bum' note, it's quickly resolved into something less bum. But I feel the bass player needs to lay down the correct chords for the rest of the band. From the answers in this thread, it seems that it's something that comes with practice playing with and to other musicians without having the sheets available. I need to just work up the nerve.
  11. I have great admiration for rhythm section musicians who can jam. As a sax player, I can usually join in because it's melody and improvisation and I can hear the tonality but the actual chords are not crucial. I don't have the nerve to do that as a bassist. How do you do it? Have you played so much you know the repertoire? Do you know standard chord sequences? Do you hear the chords when you hear a piece of music? Are you really clever? All of the above? Obviously, I can do it with things like the blues, but otherwise, do I just have a lot of homework to do?
  12. I've told mine the criterion. I've said when the official new infection figure (and that is just the tip of the iceberg) is <100. That's it. They can't hassle. Current official new infection number is hovering around 500 - 600 and not going down. Today masks were mandated, which is a good thing because otherwise the projection looks like this https://covid19.healthdata.org/united-kingdom
  13. So much good sense on this thread. I think bass players should be in government.
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