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  1. [quote name='artisan' timestamp='1507027731' post='3382784'] EBS Multicomp for me,simple to use,3 different modes,works very well & sounds great. [/quote] +1 for the EBS Multicomp. I tried a stack of compressors before I picked this one. Use it mainly for evening out pick playing, especially when palm-muting. Sounds fat and lovely 👌
  2. Definitely worth talking to a luthier about changing the neck profile. Martin Peterson at the Gallery would be my first port of call. Also sometimes the Warwick bolt-on necks have overly thick fingerboards. Martin took a lot off the fingerboard of my old FNA Jazzman and regretted it with slimmer frets and suddenly the beck felt amazing. And was less bowed...
  3. Bump! I can ship the bass for an additional £50 insured. It'll be packed in an old Fender hardshell case for safety.
  4. Sunday bump. I'll post it insured for an extra £50 if you're desperate...
  5. It's a lovely bass. Just doesn't really suit the kind of work I do these days. Plus I have my Infinity 5 string will will never leave me!! [quote name='Grangur' timestamp='1497592163' post='3319257'] I've got one of these. It sings beautifully. The clarity of the notes is better than any other bass I've had. If I'd lost mine, this would be gone! [/quote]
  6. Tim you are too kind sir! I can't believe it's still here to be honest...
  7. It was on hold for almost two weeks whilst its previous owner was trying to sell another bass to buy it back. It's a lovely bass!
  8. Available once again after much faffing about. So bump...
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