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  1. I do exactly this. My set up is a Sansamp Paradriver di Into FOH and then I use in ear monitoring. The great thing about this approach is it's easy, requires no power sockets (pedal powered by phantom power) and always get a consistent sound.
  2. I use KZ zs10 pro iems and they are fantastic. I play upright in a 4 piece doo wop band so need to hear vocals and bass clearly. The zs10pro do this effortlessly. Great budget iems.
  3. Keep your eye on Ebay, FB marketplace for a decent second hand bow. I got a complete steal on Ebay. A second hand German bow. Don't know the info behind it but was a massive improvement over my cheap carbon bows, Chinese IPE bow. Is strong with black hair and has fantastic response.
  4. Just strung up my bass with SBW Dirty Guts and here is the end result. Chain is 1980's Hungarian Hybrid > SBW deluxe dirty guts > JTone big double bass pickup > Sansamp Paradriver DI (rumble filter not engaged, EQ flat except for a boost on the bass and blend 100%) > Focusrite Saffire 6 USB interface. Would like to know your thoughts. I'm trying to nail a 1940's RnB / Jump Blues type sound (Whynonie Harris, Big Joe turner). Do you think I'm close? I have a KNA (Thomann branded Fire and Stone) DB-1 Pickup arriving in the next few days so will compare it to the JTone. JTone SBW Dirty guts.wav
  5. I play German. It's down to either person preference or what your teacher plays
  6. I'd imagine that if the back is solid then so are the sides. Hybrid usually means laminate back and sides.
  7. I will upload a recording of my Jtone through a Sansamp Paradriver. The sound is killer!
  8. Hmmmm I can't say I've personally come across that issue. But yes i am aware slightest movements can alter the sound drastically.
  9. Just wanted to share some love for this pickup. Having used a realist copperhead for a few years I stumbles upon this pickup that I had in my spares box. Hooked it on and fired her up and I'm selling my realist as a result. Running through my Sansamp Paradriver it provides a really focussed thumpy tone excellent for rockabilly/ swing. Anyone else using a jtone and loving it? What other pickups from him have you used?
  10. Have solved this issue now. After looking at loads of things such as F hole covers etc I had the pleasure of borrowing a Sansamp paradriver. This has a built in HPF and instantly sorted all of my issues. DI straight out of the paradriver into the desk with rumble filter engaged and I get a fab tone with no feedback issues at all. I was close to order the raferty but the Sansamp offers more tone shaping ability. Thanks for the help!
  11. You could look onto gut a like Swingmasters. Awesome synthetic gut strings where the e and a are round wound in copper to improve clarity and sustain. Been using this set for 2 years. Great for slap, tuning is great and sound through my realist is a real vintage thump. Get them from Thomann.
  12. Currently have a big single mounted on my bass as a backup/ for rooms where my realist isn't working. Pleased with the pickup. Has some unpleasantness in the highs but when controlled a very usable sound.
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