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  1. The 50 years since Woodstock thing has been playing on my mind for a while, there doesn't seem to have been as much fanfare as I expected. I suppose the Moon landings have taken precedence, although that was just two guys getting blasted to The Moon and back. Woodstock was half a million getting blasted into outer space, and some of those never returned. I believe there is still a warning on the brown acid.
  2. Are we talking about Zealotibartfast?
  3. Ooh, and if you need help with the electronics, @KiOgon can make you a complete loom of high quality parts which can be fitted with just a mini screwdriver.
  4. Very pretty basses, these. I'm so glad you decided to go with the 'Z' in there!
  5. That's a new one on me, too! I thought the 'stealth' meant it would be all black!
  6. You know, I'm only assuming that's the case...
  7. Mate, I'd think that pink wig is probably your first port of call!
  8. Trace are so loud you can feel it in your buttocks! I have a Bugera version of a Super Lead/Super Bass, and at 100 watts (Bugera call it 150, but therein lies some of the crux of this discussion) I have to be as careful with the volume knob as with my LMIi through the same cabs. Of course, 3 times the power doesn't equate to much more volume, and watts don't directly relate to percieved volume anyway, but that low powered, old fashioned design does feel satisfyingly loud. I'm not a high volume player, but I still haven't got it into break up! I've now been bumped onto the next page by replies, so won't quote, but volume knob position is a complete red herring. Guitar amp manufacturers are notorious for using linear pots which front-load the sweep with loudness. Audio taper are less electrically accurate but give our ears what they need to percieve a smooth volume change, whereas linear tend to give it all up between one and three. We think 'if it's that loud on three imagine it on ten!', but in perceived terms, you're practically there already. The circuit and gain structure will also affect how it all works, so physical position of knobs between amps doesn't mean a lot. Anyway, as has been pointed out, the Trace Watts term is just a tongue in cheek way of stating that T/E can be proper pokey.
  9. I wouldn't say that the 'natural' sounds are very believable, sounding very pitchshifted, although the baritone/Bass VI and little clip of Jeremy sounded quite convincing. It could be cool for some synth stuff though, and now of course... I want to hear it on bass!
  10. +1! I chop and change as needed, some gigs are a bit of both, some all fingers, and some all plectrum.
  11. I give them a wipe with lighter fluid myself, but the wipes might be easier. Great call on the polythene under the strings, by the way! I will remember that!
  12. That example is my point exactly, so I'd say it's pretty fair. If you need someone to sight read the dots you need to find someone who can, if you have someone who needs weeks and a few rehearsals and you're willing to give them that, then that is the way to go. Outside of more traditional instruments where theory and technique are taught concurrently in grades there is no standardisation, so the question seems a little like 'how long is a piece of string?'.
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