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  1. I like all three, but I do understand why folks get irked by Billy Corgan in Smashing Pumpkins, Dave Mustaine in Megadeth, and Attila Csihar in Mayhem. The one which doesn't sit right for me is Alfie Boe singing rock and pop songs. His sanitised, buy-it-for-your-kids-to-give-to-grandma-at-Christmas operatic voice sticks out like a sore thumb in that situation. I've also heard classical singers doing pop material, and it has the same issue. Feels not like a fusion, so much as a clash, I suppose because the vocal approach is so stylised. Axl Rose singing opera would no doubt feel just as mismatched! Oooh, and Geddy Lee! Again, I like Rush, but I know that the voice is what puts many listeners off.
  2. Great stuff. Yeah, I'm at the Rocket Lounge all week which I think is a big restaurant or diner or food court. I'm in a kind of house band role there, I think we open the first night and close the last, but the other set times move around the evening.
  3. That's porn all over, isn't it? A brief moment of intrigue suddenly followed by palpable revulsion. 😄
  4. My porno name would be Minty Parkes, which does sound quite saucy- for a girl. Unfortunately I'm a gangly middle-aged bloke, currently gurning the last few bits of pork pie lunch from my teeth.
  5. I'm not sure they should be so confident, after the precedent of Ron Jeremy's failed attempt to quash bratwurst manufacture.
  6. I find it quite comforting, actually. Fender just making Fenders. Nice to see a 'normal' Mustang back on the books, too.
  7. Quite literally The Horn Of Plenty, round here. My stage name is Seaview De La Warr Pavillion. All sounds a bit Vaudeville to me.
  8. Wow! How did you balance a face on a cliff?!! (Seriously, that's quite a skill, and a nice bit of photography 🙂)
  9. Bruce says "Of course it iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis!"
  10. Users Of Faceless Internet Forum in 'Pale And Unsociable' Shocker! Read more on pages 13, 26, and if you still haven't got to the flush by then, 27. 😁😉
  11. 20 years prior to today, so the song goes. First gig was in the Millenium Dome, apparently.
  12. I've never been to a festival as a punter, just don't fancy it. I've played plenty, but always drop in, do the set, look around for half an hour then clamber back in the van to the next gig. I'm doing one of the real biggies soon. It'll look good on the CV, and I get to play every night, which is nice, but it does mean I'll be there for the whole thing. On the positive side we have a safe lock-up on site and will have access to the artists hospitality, so food and drink will be free, and hopefully better than the stuff being hawked to the masses. I think we camp in the artists area too, and I'm sharing with the drummer, who has a big tent with separate sleeping spaces and a living room, so should be pretty cosy. I can't say I'm looking forward to it though- with five hours on stage I'll have another 120-odd to fill til I can go home. I can only hope the weather is good and the atmosphere positive. I'm very much going just so I can say I was there, not for the perceived cool factor, but because I play for a living and this sort of thing helps one to look like less of a shyster when trying to get more work in future! It's going on the CV, and hopefully won't be too horrid. Either way, I'm taking wellies and an industrial sized pack of bog rolls!
  13. I'm a comp nerd, and use tons! On plenty of gigs I just use a small multi-effect now, but use different models on there for different basses. Many, many, great hardware units out there, but don't overlook the Boss Bass Limiter. The enhance function isn't very nice, but despite the name it is great for general subtle levelling, ideal for a DI'd signal. A lot of people seem very happy with the Spectracomp. I've not used one, but can't help but be interested. To many it is so good because the default preset is said to be pretty much plug-and-play, however I'm excited by the chance to delve right in and tweak every parameter to within an inch of it's life!
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