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  1. 😄 Yeah, it would be easy to lump it in with stuff like this...
  2. Thanks- right you are! I'm on the laptop today and it's clear as day! 😄
  3. Unfortunately I can't find the similar example which was selling computer games embedded with mind control to make kids better behaved, more likely to do homework, or more susceptible to Christian doctrine. I think the website disappeared, as it was part of the project, but there was a mention of it on wikipedia or something. I can't remember the details enough to find anything about it now, but people do this kind of thing, and always have to some degree. In a time where pop culture is so widely percieved to be all about internet promotion and autotune is considered the bane of 'proper' musical talent, it seems very likely that this sociology student might be presenting some coursework here. The idea that something so bad could get such high budget support seems less likely, to be honest.
  4. I'm still waiting for a letter from the bass factory telling me I'm due a change.
  5. The world just got a little less cool and a little less laid back.
  6. I'm obsessive about washing my hands before I pick up an instrument, but when I do clean things I tend to use lighter fluid. It needs keeping off unfinished wood and I'm not sure I'd trust it around nitrocellulose, but it's great on the strings.
  7. Any decent drum brain should have the classic 808 sounds in it, so hopefully that should be easy!
  8. I think it's the Boss HC-2 or Amdek HCK-100 you're looking for. Delptronics appear to be currently making one- https://delptronics.com/thunderclap.php
  9. Hi @RSbassman, Is this the 9v version, or 12v? Thanks, Andy
  10. Great looking bass, Jack. Right up my street!
  11. That may be, but I can send you a link to a site on the dark web where you can fill yer boots with that stuff...
  12. That's enough tittering at the back, thank you VERY much. If you don't pack it in I'll drag your titters up in front of everyone!
  13. She popped up on another thread and I think the jury is out given that she is currently studying sociology. Unless this is another Don't F**ck With Cats scenario, and eventually someone's going to die over this!
  14. Well they've shifted the low up from a 40hz centre to 68hz. Not everyone agrees, but the 360 and 800hz work really nicely for me as broad strokes in a room. I've heard lots of mention of the very high 10k centre for the treble, but it's a wide curve with a +/-3db point at about 400hz. At max it gives about +/-12db around 3khz. Check out the curves in the manual for the LMII.
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