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  1. Jus Lukin

    Bass straight into 1176

    It's for live use, and is complete and utter folly! I have to admit to -I think- seven compressor pedals, from a Biyang Dyna-Comp copy through to an FEA Dual Band, not including those in multi-effects units. I have tons of options, and can go from 'invisible' to squishy, poppy, and dippy, so I'm covered, really. HOWEVER... I love the idea of an 1176 into a Pultec EQ into a power amp, and have a few clients who would dig that too. Technically, I can do it all with a Zoom pedal, Markbass LMII, and either the big or small Barefaced cab, and while folks note the economy of motion, as it were, I think there's room for a bit more of that ol' razzle-dazzle. I have a pair of Sansamps into a power amp which, sat atop the big cab, inspire a certain awe and sound great for emulations of classic amp sounds. Being able to bring some classic 70's studio sounds (which never saw an amp) to a live environment is a very appealing thing to myself and clients. It's definitely well into the law of diminishing returns, with 6 or 7u of rack space and a few quid I don't need to spend, but I'd take great pleasure from working those classic units, and there would be value to those clients who know what they're seeing in those iconic control layouts, beyond just the sound and music. I'm not considering buying original units, of course, but there are well priced and well regarded knockoffs out there- I just haven't the experience to know if I could chuck a rack tuner in front of the comp or if there's a bit more jiggery pokery to be done!
  2. Jus Lukin

    Bass straight into 1176

    Thanks, I've found a couple of vague mentions elsewhere, but nothing definitive! I do have an active DI box with a +20db boost which must bring the signal into the line-level range.
  3. Dave Mywords brother? Those two do have more money than sense.
  4. Jus Lukin

    Rickenbackers - Overrated?

    This is a good source for the bezels, which fill the gaping hole left when the pickup cover is removed. They're quite expensive for what they are, but do the job nicely. http://www.rickysounds.co.uk/Bezels.html
  5. Jus Lukin

    Bass straight into 1176

    Bit of a specific one here, but has anyone successfully plugged a passive bass straight into an 1176 type rack compressor? I'd like one to be the main front of my signal chain at some points. Can it be done, or does it require a buffer/DI/preamp to match properly? Thanks Andy
  6. Jus Lukin

    Anyone use 4x12?

    I had a V-Type 1248H too! Looked super cool and sounded great, but really was a monster weight. I currently have a Fender FM 4x12 which is an old school Marshall-style cab, which I've added some bracing to, and Eminence S2012s. It rolls the treble off fairly low, and has the typical tight low-end with a bit of a 'boom' in the bass and a roaring mid-range, although the sound is fairly clean with bass drivers rather than guitar ones. It beams a lot, as many 4x cabs do- basically has all the expected 'flaws', but the idea of the project was to have a cab which had that character built in. It's crying out for a valve head, which I don't have! The weight isn't too bad, but it is currently stored at my Mum's place as there wasn't room to keep it out of my wife's sight at the flat, and we're now living in a house of indeterminate future, thanks to a very bizarre will which was left.
  7. Jus Lukin

    T Shirts

  8. Jus Lukin

    Waylon Jennings' Bassist

    Hard to see what's going on there! Seems like a widely spaced P-bass type arrangement, doesn't seem to be sending the coils to separate outputs, unless there's another cable just out of shot. The pickups actually look like a Joe Barden jazz which has been chopped in half, although I doubt they were made then, and wouldn't work sawn in half anyway! That bass has grabbed my attention for some reason, tried a bit of googling, but come up with nothing.
  9. Jus Lukin

    Bands Named After Song Lyrics

    Wasn't James Brown named after a line in 'Sweet Soul Music'?
  10. Yes, sorry, by 'driver' I mean 'speaker'!
  11. If you're recording by yourself in a small space you may be just as well off with a Sansamp or using plugins. A lot of bass is recorded DI, and the colouration you can get with simulators is just the ticket for many applications. If you particularly want the sound of a mic on a speaker, a small amp with a single driver is all you will likely need. Distance-micing in a small space has all kinds of issues, so you will likely get the best results close-micing, which tends to focus on the one driver. Good micing technique for a bass cab is quite an art and it is tough to get a good mix of lows and presence in the sound. An often used approach is to mix a mic on a cab for characterful mids and highs, whilst using a DI to capture the low end, and mixing the two. As such, a guitar amp recorded at low levels can be just as useful as a bass amp for those mids and highs. If you just want a clean, full range bass sound then DI is really the most effective.
  12. Jus Lukin

    Gain and Volume

    It's helpful to think of the master volume like a channel fader. Instead of being numbered 1-10, as they sometimes are, it would be more accurate to put '0' at the top of the dial, and demarcate reduction as you turn down, -3, -6, -12, etc. A master volume is essentially cut-only. The gain control is boosting the signal as you turn it up, and refers to the level 'gained' by doing so.
  13. Jus Lukin

    Things you've left behind at a gig

    I bought a rack tuner! 😄
  14. Jus Lukin

    Bass players who take their hand off the neck

    Does an on-stage itchy bum warrant a dispensation?
  15. Jus Lukin

    The future for IEM?

    Yeah, I imagined it would sound a bit bright.