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  1. Good stuff, hopefully that will match 'em up! Let us know how you get on.
  2. Have you checked that switch on the back? Might solve your problem free of charge in a few seconds...
  3. I think the rule of thumb for instruments and electronics is not to leave them anywhere you wouldn't be comfortable yourself. Cases are definitely good as they not only offer protection from knocks, but also slightly slow down any changes in temperature and humidity around the instrument, so take a little off the edge of the effects of those.
  4. I love playing the bass. I've also played guitar at a pro level, and tinkered with various other instruments enough to lay down some tracks in a session, but wouldn't be accomplished enough to charge for playing them live. I will soon have a rehearsal drum kit, so will benefit from being able to try that a bit and get into the drummer's heads even better, but have no desire to become a drummer. Bass is my happy place, and I have no regrets musically. If I could turn the clock back I'd have ditched going to church much earlier than at the end of my teens, and known far sooner that it's OK to be a human being with a little bit of all that entails. Less self-doubt and guilt, and a lot more shagging in my formative years would have been healthy. And fun.
  5. 😄 I have a Morbid Angel hoodie with 'EXTREME MUSIC FOR EXTREME PEOPLE' written on the back. I always though it should read 'Extreme music for extreme metal nerds'!
  6. Hank covered a pretty wide range of what it is to be human, and with a hell of a band behind him too, but I think the point is that both approaches are rather one-sided, and both, ultimately, a fantasy. I do apologise. I forget that we aren't all sat sniggering at the back of the class. I'll keep myself quiet chewing this spitball until it's ready for launching...
  7. To be fair, we're not taking an entirely serious line here! I know CK was involved in a rather confusing mess (of which I don't know the full detail, but which, to me, raises some very interesting questions about consent and the circumstances in which it is given), but that little clip does highlight the paradox fairly amusingly, if crudely!
  8. Ah, feminists, up to their old tricks again, spoiling our fun! 😄 I do remember my sister's copies of Smash Hits around the time of New Kids On The Block. A strange sort of sexless porn for teen girls, whence the horn of a unicorn and that of a man shared a strange hinterland together. The sparkle, added in post production, in the eyes and on the teeth of the grinning, posing, and oft topless pop Ken dolls was a level of cheese unpalatable to this teenaged greasebag. The Battle Of The Sexes, as it has been unnecessarily named, has been around forever, but the current pretense that humans ought to ignore our old fashioned and base instincts to try to shag each other is just unrealistic and moreover disingenuous. I'm perfectly prepared to remove this potentially inappropriate link if requested, but Louis CK made a good point on the subject through the medium of mime...
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