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  1. Ah yes, I remember reading about that now! It was my OLP which had the two coil volumes. It's still a very straightforward bit of electronics, probably cheaper to implement than a pre and more within the abilities of the average solderer. Nevertheless, it does look great, and probably sounds it, too!
  2. Passive Stingrays often have a volume control for both coils of the humbucker- or one could be a rotary switch doing a similar thing!
  3. Given how easy it would be to pull the preamp on a Stringray Special, I can't quite see the point in paying over the odds for a passive one. Not that I dislike the SR5 scratchplate, but the 5er does look really nice. Gives the same shape a notably different vibe.
  4. 😆 A thousand? What's wrong with twenty-one and done?! No mention of vacuum cleaners or bodily movements in the wiki- they were fascinating in their own way... and horrifying. Mainly horrifying! 😄
  5. 😄 I think the music is the least unsettling thing about them!
  6. Is that what the youth are calling noise these days? Bloody kids.
  7. Jus Lukin

    Barefaced Machinist

    I don't look back on my youth with much fondness, but I do remember that age when "BUUUUUNDUUUUUL!" was an obligatory instruction. At any moment the call could be raised, and within 20 seconds every kid in earshot would be in the pile, the latest comers still making impact, and the early adopters gasping for air and starting to get a bit sweary. In all the excitement I've actually forgotten to have a proper look at the pedal, but it looks like it could be a good multi-purpose dirt maker.
  8. I know we talk about bass porn, but I guess some of us take it more seriously than others...
  9. Nice one, Jack! I had a number one... on an online alt. radio station in Australia... It was me and one other guy working perched on the end of my bed in SW London and the management demanded a finished track halfway through mixing, so the BVs were a bit up front. And I can't be sure, but I think the song was about cocaine, or ketamine. Never was much of a lyrics guy...
  10. What a load of old BLX! Really though, looks lovely- I'd give you a GLWTS, but it appears you are already well on the way!
  11. It's evolution in progress...
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