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  1. All Right Now; turns out to be a prophetic song about internet fora!
  2. Tarantino has some classic spots- Little Green Bag and Stuck In The Middle With You in Reservoir Dogs were great, and You Never Can Tell in Pulp Fiction, too. Loads of blaxploitation stuff as well- Shaft, Super Fly, etc.
  3. Oooh, ooh, ooh- I've never used this doodah before...
  4. I had one of those too- I tried it in the shop almost for a laugh, but was blown away by the slinky setup and clear sound. That inlay though- and the fact that it leached orange oil into my shirt when I sweated!
  5. Actually, the Sovtek Deluxe Big Muff looks like it would be great for bass. I'd like to try one.
  6. There's a lot of value to that first listen without any distraction. I remember Will Ray, the guitar player saying something similar; it's either got to be a good career move, a good payer, or a good ol' time! Any of those will do!
  7. I have one, an Epiphone Rumblekat, which is the Allen Woody sig. I know of Woody via the signature model rather than the other way round, but after the purchase of a Rivoli went awry I just wanted to grab myself a short scale semi-hollow, and the Rumblekat fit the bill. It's lovely, and I don't event think about the signature on the headstock.
  8. Hi Freddie, yes, everything before the preamp will work as usual. Just plug into the pedal board as you normally would, and then plug the board into the return. That essentially plumbs the Sadowsky straight into the power amp of the Quilter, bypassing its built in preamp.
  9. It's a very distinctive sound, that's for sure! The tone control is a tilting type with a mid scoop, so it works best with the volume high, or the tone very low on bass. I like the DS-1 as well, but it does have its limitations on bass. If you enjoy the DS-1, the ODB-3 is similar, but with some more bass-centric features. There's really no right or wrong though- if you dig something, or don't, that's just A-OK!
  10. In all fairness they did have a bit of a reputation for it!
  11. Sounds like desperation, if I'm honest. Finding what you actually want may not be easy, but much better than settling, surely? It's no help to anyone who already plays lefty, but I have a guitarist friend who teaches everyone right handed. His reasoning is that we all start from nothing and use both hands, so can learn either way- and why set yourself up for limitations down the road?
  12. Good luck with your continuing projects, Mart! I know I only had it in my hands for a couple of minutes, but that Bravewood was clearly something special!
  13. Very true- Tubachat doesn't like our sort, even today!
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