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  1. The Boss ODB-3 is a distortion really. I like it for that, but the name is, well, a misnomer! Another nice overdrive option is the Xotic AC Booster. I find it can be very 'natural' sounding, if that's what you're after. Not a cheapy, though.
  2. I'm sure there was one of those on Eurotrash back in the day!
  3. My goodness, both those are stunning, and even better next to each other! I genuinely mean that, although have to add as the Bishop said to the actress.
  4. Yeah, the headstock looks like shit. Literally, like a big turd! I love the rest of the bass, though. Curvy loveliness. Al Cisneros isn't exactly a bass player's bass player; the weak, clean sound and aimless noodling belie the monolithic riffage he can put out, but even that is a niche taste. Ah, poo! I saw the hang-tag and got all full of hope!
  5. Do my eyes deceive me? Is this a brand new Rickenbacker 4005? Eight string? If I'm not dreaming, could there be hope for a 4-string 4005 on the horizon?
  6. Sounds about right, although looking at reviews it sounds like the neodymium pickup is very high output- perhaps the attenuated setting is in line with usual output levels and the unhindered setting is very loud, so while still not literally a boost, functions similarly, in a way. No use whatsoever for me, but may suit some. There's something just slightly off in the look of the short scale version for me, no doubt because I'm used to the proportions of the full scale one. It's a tiny difference, but perhaps falls into a bass version of the uncanny valley? 😄 I really like the idea of a SS Stingray though. I'll have to decide whether I try one as a stop-gap, or just bite the bullet and have my custom idea built, which incorporates a similar setup.
  7. I was a bit rambly in that first post, but yeah! I'd say that 'Progressive Rock' is more a name for a genre with its own defining approaches than a musical state of mind which must always progress. As with any popular genre, it begins with innovators, explodes with newly inspired creativity within, and continuing to define, the idiom, and then as the core of the style becomes more stable, becomes a little repetitious and open to bandwagon jumpers and copyists. At this time there are titans of Prog Rock whose influence will always be felt in newer prog acts. If some of those touchstones aren't there it's hard to see how a band could claim lineage from the Prog of old. If they were truly progressive in the simple meaning of the word then the music would be different enough to be something else- so progressive it is no longer Prog! 😄
  8. That is probably a thread all its own, but it is worth considering whether Prog Rock is a permanent state of change, as it were, or has become a genre in itself, with certain factors which make it 'Prog' rather than any other kind of rock music, or kind of music full stop. If constant progression is the only goal, then the music should be unrecognisable compared to that of the prog heyday of the 70's and, on first thought, the logical conclusion is a transition to very avant garde music. Yes to Steve Reich, to that guy who set a load of vibrating dildos on timpani, to The Gerogerigegege, to white noise? How many times could one listen to a record before it has ceased to be a progression and becomes stagnation? It's all rather problematic, and it makes more sense to view Prog, like any of these names coined by journalists rather than musicians, as a particular way of making rock music which was at the time, a progression of the style and was, for a time, progressing. Prog Rock, I would posit, is very much an idiom struck in the 70's, and if I'm in the mood for some prog I don't look for the most out-there thing I can find. I want to hear the sound of Yes, or Pink Floyd, or Gentle Giant, etc. There is nothing wrong with loving those old records, or wanting to make music in a similar vein- in fact it's only the 'progressive' title which suggests it could be out of the spirit of the thing. It wouldn't have sounded so cool, but had it been called 'Classical Rock, or 'Compositorial Rock' or somesuch, then the development of a style in itself wouldn't feel like the movement letting itself down somehow.
  9. Kind of reminds me of those school assembly tellings-off... "Now we have become aware that some of you [looks around the room, eyes lingering on the kid who was caught doing the awesome bass-case ride down the corridor we've all been talking about] have been thinking about riding in cases from the music department. I would like to make it clear to anyone who is thinking of stealing school property and joy-riding around in it, putting themselves and other students in danger- and to those who would help them- that if caught, you will be spending lunchtimes with me in my office, and will have a letter sent home with you. I hope that after last week's incident you will all have a good, long think about the importance of your studies, and of the safety of those around you. Do I make myself clear? Good, now open your books at hymn numer 94, Autumn Days... [cue out of tune upright piano]" [We all glance at each other, glad someone had the balls to do something so exiting, and relieved we don't have to take the fallout.]
  10. Those levels of enthusiasm and self confidence are not to be sniffed at! I only listened on the laptop, but the pedal sounds like a development of the Bassballs, which is no bad thing.
  11. Not to be confused with any Trace Elliot product because, as we all know, Elves and Gnomes are as different as chalk and... the crushed remains of calcium based organic matter.
  12. My wife and I bought a house last year with inheritance money, our savings, and an individual retirement account she was left by her Dad back in the US. As these collected funds meant that we didn't need a mortgage we were audited, to make sure there was nothing dodgy going on. Some very quick explanations were needed when we told them that a third of the money was coming from the IRA!
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