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  1. Jus Lukin


    Oh man! Perhaps I should hunt down a vintage replacement sticker to bring it back to original spec!
  2. Jus Lukin

    Yeah... Ok...

    The World Wide Web, filled with everything you could ever want to know- and everything you'd rather not! 😄😮☹ī¸
  3. Jus Lukin

    Interesting FRFR story..

    Mmmm... satisfying!
  4. Jus Lukin

    NCD! Ampeg 810 fridge to complete the SVT

    That's the way to do it!!!
  5. Jus Lukin

    Okay, so who here has twins?

    Lord above @prowla! What a fantastic bunch!
  6. Jus Lukin

    Wenge anyone ?

    Where's the 'quickly', and why repeat it? Jeez, you make a simple request and waddaya get?!
  7. Jus Lukin

    Fretless Porn

    ...and that is a nice dollop of wood!
  8. Jus Lukin

    Fretless Porn

    My OLP may have been a fretted 5er, but it's still one of 'the ones that got away' for me. Wicked bass, which I will probably always miss. While, much like giving up drinking, I'm a long way from ever having 'the bass', an Electro 4 (possibly headless, possibly passive, possibly short scale, is a bloody good contender!
  9. Jus Lukin

    Wenge anyone ?

    Say that ten times quickly!
  10. Jus Lukin

    Big Muff advice needed

    The tone control is a kind of band-pass or tilting eq, so without a blend, keeping it low is the only way to get a 'bass sound' out if it. Also, more so than any other effect, Muffs sound immensely loud due to the way they clip. If you have an amp or channel with a clip light or level meter you can observe the phenomenon. Set the Muff to sound right and see how much lower the level really is. To get the same average level as a clean sound the Muff needs to be really ripping! It may sound ten times louder in isolation, but will give a similar presence once in the mix. So the best suggestion is to set the pedal in the mix rather than in isolation, or to put it far more enjoyably, when it comes to Muffs, if you can't hear them, crank 'em up til you can!
  11. Jus Lukin

    Lightbulb joke...

    Seeing keys players mentally and physically making a differentiation between bass range and above can only be a good thing! If they consciously 'play the bass part' when it's their job, perhaps they might not rummage around down there so much when it's not! I love a bit of synth-bass whether played by myself or a keys player, but without arranged parts that wandering left hand is misery. I'm a bit nervous about an upcoming gig actually- the artiste likes a very deep, fundamental-heavy bass sound, which is fine in his usual sparse arrangements. This looming extravanganza has acoustic guitar, electric guitar, brace of BVs, horn section, drums, percussion, (fine so far, as I can sit below it all) and TWO keys players with no official MD. I know the guys too, both can be a bit left-handy, and one is also prone to playing passing chords 'we could have played'. So I'll have this big, deep bass sound which relies strongly on the kick drum and harmony above for context, and which needs very judicious use of space to avoid mush, with the potential for synths and Hammond to be smearing and rumbling all through it. Bring on bass-part-thinking in keys players, I say!
  12. Jus Lukin


    That's a lovely bit of Mapleglo! I have the same bezel as it happens, seems to work nicely- well, as nicely as anything works on a Rick. 😉 I pulled the 'made in USA' sticker off recently, but I still can't work out it feels like it should be there or not!
  13. Jus Lukin

    New Fender flea MM Jazz announced!

    "I could play 'Stairway To Heaven' when I was 12. Jimmy Page didn't actually write it until he was 22. I think that says quite a lot." 😄
  14. Jus Lukin

    NBD - the sixers are taking over!

    All you need now, my man, is the wall of sound!
  15. Jus Lukin

    Morbid Angel/I Am Morbid

    Domination was the first death metal record I ever heard, if you can imagine such a scenario, so I have a real soft spot for it! While each of their records has been contentious, I think 'D' might have been the first to genuinely alienate fans- perhaps even a proto-Illud, if you will! I still love it though. I got the impression that Vincent's band is playing those first four records, and MA are picking up from Formulas onwards- is that right?