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  1. I bought a very nicely made pedal from @disssa- it was quickly dispatched, very well packed, and he has been helpful answering my nerdy questions about the circuit, too Top man!
  2. Red and yellow and pink and green and orange and purple and blue is not the correct order of colours across the visible spectrum.
  3. Indeed, although by that point in proceedings he ought to be stating "Hello, you appear to have found me"! Trust him to get it arse about face!
  4. Rest easy in future- I think it's "in which we're living". ☺️
  5. He sure was stubborn about going to the opticians...
  6. While I have no access to official statistics, I do harbour some skepticism regarding the accuracy of Katie Melua's figures in relation to velocipede numbers in Beijing.
  7. Very good point! I once flicked the power switch and mimed a song at rehearsal, many years ago. Got the same complaint- "Well, it's completely f*cking OFF, so you work out where it's coming from!" Heat duly shifted.
  8. It's a lot easier than looking with your ears!
  9. It's just called Visual Analyser, seems good to me, certainly accurate enough for me to tell you that the hard drive puts 200hz with a harmonic at 400 into the system via a ground loop if I plug it into the mixer wrong! 😄 Shows things do turn around, too. I was homeless for a few months last year, and today I posted one message on the downstairs laptop, checked my music room one, and posted the result from my phone!
  10. There are free software scopes out there which might help. I can't remember the name of the one I ended up using, but I need to get on that computer for a Zoom band promo thing tonight, so I'll have a look for you. Otherwise, playing about with test tones and parametric EQs can help with your frequency recognition. The more you listen, the more accurately you'll be able to pinpoint sounds along the spectrum.
  11. Or a Sansmoped! There are photos of a purple BC Rich Ignitor on Google- I'd like one of those with gold hardware and a wangola. Why? Hmmm, that's the last piece of the puzzle, but there you have it.
  12. I believe that, like the old sidewinders, the pickup is held in place by pressure between the cover and back of the route. If it's not a tight fit, then it can rattle in there. A thicker bit of foam under the pickup, or something between pickup and cover should sort that. Flats? It's up to you, there's no 'should', but they will maximise that old fashioned thing you're hearing. EBs with rounds make a nice fat sound with a bit of growl, too, so it depends what you're after!
  13. So that's why she's smiling! I often play a white Thunderbird with quite a 'cool' pop artist. I've tried many others, but it just seems to make the sound he's after!
  14. I'd need to lay off the pies and beer for a bit first. Fast-forward running away from Benny Hill might be a bit beyond me at the moment!
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