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  1. dropped bass

    Ha, I'm Bexhill!
  2. dropped bass

    Ah, yeah, there's only so far you can drop it from the Pipemakers! If you're local I can drink the Grolsh for ya!
  3. Holy S**t............!

    I prefer the trippy butterfly ones! https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=daisy+rock+bass+butterfly&client=ms-android-orange-gb&prmd=isvn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjSosXRoMHXAhUpAcAKHf0LAzQQ_AUIEigB&biw=360&bih=511
  4. dropped bass

    Rye? At least it didn't bounce down the steps at The Wipers. That would have really messed it up!
  5. Fat face and deformed avatar

    Oh yeah. Thanks!
  6. I tried a Fender Bassman 135 today..

    Love me a Bassman! I played a blonde one for a time at a rehearsal studio. Just kept up with a loud band at 50 watts, but was clean all the way, and had a certain tone which is hard to describe. Round, warm... friendly?
  7. Maruszczyk Thunderbirds!!! (Phoenix)

    Looks like the Phoenix can be made with a through-neck as an option!
  8. Separating the artist from the art

    Well, of course, but as Graham puts it, it's usually marked as NSBM, which doesn't mean much unless you look it up. As the sound is the same, and we're sifting through sub-genres of a sub-genre it can be quite buried. There is a similar issue with some Punk, with the multiple meanings of skinhead culture and ideology. I used to work in a Ska and Northern Soul club, and despite the setting and knowing the history of skinheads in the UK I would see certain punters walk in and wonder if it was all going to kick off. Of course, the Rudes and the Bovvers would all be skanking together all night, and yet the same 'boots and bombers' look is closely tied to Neo-Nazism and White Supremacy groups, too. Just to lob another one in there, I used to play on a lot of bills with death metal bands, and as a rule of thumb those guys were polite, well behaved, and mild mannered. They spent more time hanging around the kettle than the beer fridge, yet their brutal and horrifying art came from gentle, friendly personalities.
  9. Plays like butter...

    More than 10 seconds and it's playing with yourself!
  10. Ugly tree is working hard this week

    Looks like the ugly tree was cut down for timber!
  11. Plays like butter...

    Oh, I don't know. I was just looking, really.
  12. Separating the artist from the art

    Going back to black metal, there is a movement of 'National Socialist Black Metal'. Given that the lyrics (not that you can pick them out any more than any other black metal!) are openly racist and the bands are often aligned with political movements, I don't like to have anything to do with it, so not as to become a perceived statistic of support for the ideologies, or to put any finances their way. Musically it doesn't vary much from 'normal' black metal, but due to the intent I don't want to give them any validation.
  13. Plays like butter...

    Genuinely seen it, more than once! Thinking back, to expand on my last post, I didn't spot the 'just looking' thing until I typed it into the box. As I first used it on a forum about... other uses for OTC medicine... it fit, and I've just used it ever since. I'm Andy, by the way- nice to meet y'all!
  14. Plays like butter...

    Touché! Well, sort of- it's a play on a couple of musicians names which stuck in my head, Jus Oborn and Matt Lukin. But yeah, does look pretty hypocritical on my part!
  15. Quite! Fingers crossed you can mess around with the Thunderbird!