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  1. Fretless is just fun! It doesn’t have to be for training reasons but enjoying the fun will improve your ear - it has mine. I started off by fitting a fretless neck to my MIM P. I then bought a loaded jazz body and fitted it to that. I’ve since decided to go unlined and bought another unlined neck. It didn’t take any adjustment from lined to unlined as I was looking at the side dots more than the lines.
  2. Just wondering what apps or software others use for working out bass parts for covers. I hate to use YouTube tutorials unless I really need to as I don’t think it helps me develop and practice theory. When I first started playing it was pausing and rewinding cassettes over and over to work stuff out. Now I use Anytune Pro on my iPad to repeat sections, slow them down without altering pitch and also tweak the tuning of recordings that have been mastered fast or slow or recorded out of standard tuning. what tools do you use?
  3. Put a set of chromes on my Ray 34 with hybrid pickups a couple of days ago. I’ve always liked this bass but the tone I was expecting has always eluded me (hence multiple mods including fitting the Delano hybrid pickups). With the chromes it’s finally getting there. A flat eq sounds like a flat eq and eq adjustment now makes sense and does what I expect it to. Not tried it with the band yet but looking forward to doing so.
  4. I really like Rick Beatos videos. They’re fun, interesting, informative and he’s not constantly trying to sell you something or promoting his own content all the time. The WMTSG on Rocketman was my favourite.
  5. By the way I never had any volume issues with just the one. I’ve used it in 3 and 5 piece rock bands, two with loud drummers and never really pushed it. It was always mic’d at gigs as the DI on my head was noisy. I wonder how loud some bands rehearse when people talk of needing two cabs to be heard!
  6. Got a link? Can’t find them
  7. I’m in Cornwall. It’s certainly a robust enough cab. Not had any issues with mine, no rattles or anything. Been slung in and out of vans, cars etc regularly without issue. Slight shrinking of the tolex on the back but it’s only minimal. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it for a 115 cab at all. I never fitted the casters to mine - they’re not needed at all (lost them now).
  8. The VK website gives the same power handling - https://vanderkleyamp.com/cabinets/ so far I’ve only used it for rehearsals in a small hall so not pushed it at all and my amp usually set to 4 out of 10 tops out at 250w. Thinking about it further it also has more treble response than the 115. I wanted the VK for more punch as the 115 seemed to not be cutting through the horrible acoustics of a hard floored low ceiling hall and I was struggling to hear myself. In reality I think it was a combination of the cab, amp settings and the tone from one of the guitarists. The VK sounds great though - very detailed and more responsive to eq. The 115 itself had really good clarity and brightness compared to the Marshall 115 I had before it (and so much lighter - easy one hand carry) I won’t be too disappointed if mine doesn’t sell! I was very happy with it for years in rehearsal rooms with better acoustics and when gigging.
  9. I’ve been using one as my main cab for about 5 years until this summer when I bought a vanderkley LNT210. The vk210 has a bit more bass and is more punchy. The rumble 115 was a bit more mid biased to my ears. The rumble 115 is really easy to handle at 17kg. My 20kg 210 seems to take a lot more effort. Had my 115 up for sale on here for a while now.
  10. What’s the idea with the scalloped finger board?
  11. Yep, same here. Ibanez SR really suits me. I have a fretless Jazz and it feels really big compared to the Ibanez
  12. Yep, having issues communicating with Musik Produktiv about returning my RM800. Thanks for reminding me. I’ll get back on to them today.
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