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  1. Alesis samplepad pro. Approx 6 years old. Only used occasionally for home recording. Makes a great compact drum kit. Good condition and fully working. Original packaging and manual included. collection preferred but can post at buyers cost.
  2. Anyone paired an Ashdown RM 800 and an Eich 212s? If so what happened? Just ordered an RM from MP and I’m tempted by the eich.
  3. Why have you done this to me! I’ve just bought a new amp and now I’m looking for a cab.
  4. Gretsch junior jet? Epiphone embassy? edit - ignore embassy that’s long scale!
  5. I have been considering the Reidmar 750 but the RM800 from MP is half the price. Could be a winner👍
  6. That’s the one! How is it for gigging?
  7. Haha - you’re right, I was looking a the previous version! Really tempted by this now. Saw a pic of someone’s rig with one of these and a couple of barefaced 1x10s looked ace,
  8. Just seen the headphone socket on the MP site. The images on the ashdown site show a different back panel! Hhhmmmmmm.
  9. Oh really? Couldn’t see a headphone socket and I’m guessing the line in is mono?
  10. That RM is sorely tempting! No headphone socket or aux in though (?)
  11. Well this is sort of resolved! Tried the rumble head at rehearsal last night- sounded ace. Might be down to the fact one of the guitarists has dropped out so there was only one guitar, drums and vocals to slot in with. It’s a new band and the guitarists hadn’t split up the parts so they were both hammering out the same rhythm parts/chords. I think this was just filling the space with mid range mush and not letting me cut through. Sounded brill last night even though the head is 150w into 4 ohm and I have an 8 ohm cab! No immediate panic but still hasn’t cured the gas!
  12. Hmmmm. That’s interesting. Hadn’t really considered adding a combo. Must admit storage space at home could be an issue so I’d prefer a one cab solution (even if that means changing cab) but that’s definitely worth considering 👍
  13. Following a recent thread asking about cab choice - I’ve been mulling over the responses and thinking about my current rig situation. Ive just joined a new band. We’re doing 80’s to present rock and pop covers. It’s a five piece with two guitars. We e had one rehearsal so far with one guitar only. I was playing my Ray34 with Delano hybrid system and added neck J pickup. It was in passive (J) mode throughout. We were playing in a small hard floored room with an acoustic drum kit. I really struggled to hear myself. I had the cab kicked back and propped up on the front of my rack case. We’d not played together before and i was pretty embarrassed about how [email protected] I sounded! I tried upping the mids on my amp but it didn’t really seem to help. I also cut the bass slightly as the sound was a toneless pitchless mush. When I opened the amp up the next day I was shocked to see the master volume at half and both preamps up at about 3/4. My amp is a Hartke HA3500 I bought from another member on here quite a few years ago. I’ve never been that thrilled with the tone but it’s always worked until a year or so ago when a pair of caps gave out and it kept blowing fuses. I replaced the caps myself and made a right pigs ear of desoldering them from the board. I wrecked the track and had to solder some wire onto it to bridge the gap. Ive been playing around with the eq on it today and found that there’s no noticeable effect from any of the sliders until they’re almost at the extent of their travel (either all the way up or down). Maybe it’s just due to playing at house volume but the eq didn’t seem right. I’m not sure I’ll be able to trust this amp again! my cab is a fender rumble 115. I bought it from Mansons about 7 years ago having tried it against some others. I’ve done a few gigs with it but always been mic’d and through the PA as the DI is noisy on the amp. i also have a Fender Rumble 150 head (150watts @ 4 Ohms). As my cab is 8Ohm I’m guessing it’s likely to be something like 90-100 watt combined. I’m a bit stuck as to where to go from here. I think ultimately I need a new head first and see what happens. I can’t see myself trusting the Hartke again and the fact that I had it up so loud in such a small room makes me wonder if it has issues. In a previous band that rehearsed in a proper studio my current rig seemed ok but that was about 5 years ago and before the caps went. would be good to hear others opinions on this. I think I’m good for a rehearsal or two. I’m going to try my Ibanez SR1820 next practice as I can bump the mids on it and see if that has any effect. ive spent a bit of time doing some research and wondering if a Magellan 800 could be a good option. edit - might try both amps together at next rehearsal - bass into rumble, rumble fx send to Hartke fx return, Hartke to cab. Use the preamp of the rumble and power amp of the Hartke.
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