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  1. Sold an amp to Ilian. Easy transaction, great communication. Feel confident dealing with Ilian 👍
  2. Matt bought a pre amp from me. Great chap to deal with 👍
  3. The TRS (two stripe) plug on the WL-50 probably has the extra connection for charging up the transmitter. Have you tried a mono cable straight into an amp? I’d plug a lead in and touch the tip to see if it hums then plug it in the bass and see what happens.
  4. None of these sound loud enough to me and they’re all way over 30W- https://youtu.be/8elFSMDEy80
  5. I have an older one I’ve tweaked a lot with different pickups and pre-amps. Got it how I want it now with the Delano hybrid MM/J set up and 2 band eq. Does active MM, passive J or active J. It’s a bit on the heavy side but I love the neck on this. Can’t get on with p bass necks but this one is ace.v
  6. No I’m not! No more band, no need for this beauty of a bass so it’s back up for sale! Postage considered.
  7. Interesting trip to the physio. She reckons there’s nothing wrong with my hand, wrist, or arm and it’s all down to neck and shoulder issues. I need to lay off the bass playing for a bit until it’s improved but main thing seems to be desk set up at work. Hopefully she’s right and I’ve been putting 2 and 2 together and making 5 with my theories.
  8. Hi Gunnar, no plans to be up that way in the near future but if you wanted the cab and one or two other bits I could probably drive up to Cartgate services on the A303 if that’s any good?
  9. After a wasted year of non starter band projects and a bit of RSI in my right arm Ive decided to jack it in for a while so my live gear is up for grabs. Cab is collection only but happy to post the rest at buyers expense. 1) Vanderkley 210LNT 8ohm. Excellent cab in mint condition, super punchy transparent and LOUD. Often said this one cab would be all you need and I agree. I’ll probably regret selling this. I doubt I’ll ever own such a nice cab again. £500 2) QSC RMX850a power amp. Excellent quality amp if a little on the heavy side. Ill include a 2U carpet covered rack sleeve if sold separately from the pre amp. £150 3) TL Audio 5051 channel strip/preamp. Lovely valve based preamp with an excellent compressor and really versatile e.q.. The VU meter can be set to show compressor gain reduction so really handy for trimming the threshold if you want to run it as a limiter. I’ve not had this preamp long but have given all the pots and switches a lube. The eq is ace with selectable frequencies for high and low shelving filters and two narrow band mid range peaks. £250 4) 4U rack case. Several cracks/splits but holds the gear securely. Free to anyone buying the preamp if you want it. 5) Hartke HA3500 *SOLD PENDING* I can post more pictures if requested.
  10. It depends if you enjoy the thrill of the tone chase - justify accordingly
  11. If anyone fancies trying a rack set up you could pair this with my focusrite pre-amp/channelstrip and have a great sounding amp with great onboard compression for next to nothing!
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