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  1. The tone on the live version of a forest by the cure. I think it sounds much bigger and more aggressive than the lp version which is quite minimalist. As others have said, it’s all about context of where it sits in the mix with other instruments. I think the tone here is perfect for the song
  2. My mum had an obsession with prince, so I was listening to that from a young age - which didn’t hurt! my uncle played guitar. When I got a bass he took a lot of interest and would often come round grab my bass and play along to chilli peppers and Beatles records - probably the only decent records in my Collection according to him. I would just watch in awe, and when he finished I would try and replicate something close to what he had done. good times!
  3. With my new cab and head (still not decided yet!) incoming. I will have some surplus bass gear - heads and cabs. Rather than selling these I’m considering donating them. The only place I can think to donate them to is my old school - I don’t know if they would even want it, it’s been many years since I was there!. I want them to be used and looked after. Anybody know of any other good causes/organisations to donate this type of thing to?
  4. Just a quick question which I’m sure you guys will be able to answer quickly and loosely relates to this thread. I’m gonna test my bf cab 210s with the Abm 1200 head at rehearsal. I’m ok to run that cab and head together if I set the cab to 12ohms right? It’s a 500w cab
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. I am starting to wonder if that’s the case, as I’ve said a few times, the notes sound like they sustain for too long, meaning you lose some dynamics.
  7. I used to scoop the mids when I was using my Hartke ha5500, until I realised the effect it was having in the mix. Now I have my mids boosted a little. The purpose of this thread was not me saying class d heads are rubbish - I honestly don’t know. I’m just doing my research before making a purchase. ultimately, it could be that I just don’t like the tc head. From the sounds of it a lot of people are more than happy with class D so there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be if I get the right head. That said, I’m now thinking a lot about an ABM. many thanks to everyone who participated.
  8. That’s interesting. From what I understand the evo iv is a step up on the evo3. I have used the Abm Evo 4 1200w at rehearsal room and I like it a lot. Particularly the valve drive which is way, way more subtle than the rootmaster.
  9. To be fair, there just heads I’ve shortlisted based on budget and reviews. im gonna find some time to visit bass gallery in Camden, and try some out. They also stock bf 210s there, so I’ll be able to test with the cab I use too. I know you mentioned the Quilter earlier, that head has caught my attention, but the eq seems a little limited. I know there is a used one for sale on here not too far away either. Might be worth a little investigation
  10. Well, there seems to be enough people speaking in favour of class D for me to take a punt on it. Ashdown RM 500 Aguilar tonehammer 500 eich t500 gk mb fusion 500 decisions decisions! I’ll also keep my eyes open for a used ABM evo 4 . I do like the valve drive on that head
  11. I think Scot has probably put the majority of instructional information on YouTube that he’s ever going to. so videos now are purely entertainment, or rehashing of existing content. And of course encouraging people to look at his site. i still enjoy it regardless. I regularly watch Scot, Rick Beato, and guitar pilgrim. If I want to learn a technique I’m more likely to watch mark or josh fosgreen (the older channel) or an old Scot video
  12. You may have to forgive my ignorance on this subject. for me, when it’s loud I struggle to hear the detail in tone quite as well. This is true of all amps I have tried. What I can tell is how the bass cuts through in the mix and it just doesn’t feel the same up at higher volumes - perhaps it is a headroom thing - I’m not sure, but I don’t feel like I’m really pushing the head too hard. take your point about the room. Strangely, I’ve always thought it sounded better in larger rooms.
  13. Would this account for the unusually long sustain on the notes do you think?
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