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  1. Just to confuse your choice further, there are new heads available for this year. The 12 band 600 looks interesting https://ashdownmusic.com/collections/new-for-namm-21
  2. I went with the Abm evo iv over the RM, the drive on the RM is completely different to the Abm - it’s more like full on distortion. if I was going with the RM series I’d probably go 800w for the headroom.
  3. I quite liked the vox amplug, but it did break (my fault). Recently bought the donner basement as a replacement. Nowhere near as good, but does the job for £15
  4. Good to hear you found a way round it, as I bulk bought 4 packs
  5. Just thought I’d revive this thread and add my experience. They feel quite rough, and are really zingy & clanky sounding. I’m sure they would mellow after more playing. I did notice that there was a horrible buzz on the A string, so after adjusting my action and even my truss rod ever so slightly, I found I couldn’t 100% get rid of it. Turns out it was the string buzzing, as I swapped them onto a different bass and got exactly the same thing. I think it must be something to do with the windings at the ends of the string. so if you use these strings and get a horrible buzz, before mucking about with your bass, know that it might be the string that has the problem.
  6. alexa3020

    obbm's feedback

    Dave made a speaker cable for me. Excellent quality & arrived quickly too. Thanks.
  7. Slightly noob question here. Is there any difference between daisy chaining my 2 barefaced cabs vs plugging them both in direct to amp. thanks
  8. Would a rootmaster head be better? Nice and small but powerful enough to gig with if that ever becomes an option. pair it with a decent 10” speaker and that’s a great home setup. Add another 10” cab and again you’re ready to gig. Used RM heads are fairly common to see in market place
  9. I’ve just gone through this myself and ended up with Ashdown ABM head and Barefaced cab. Well happy with my rig. Of all the class D heads I tried, I thought the Aguilar th was the best, but the ashdown rm was good, as was markbass lm3. if weight is not an issue, obviously I’d recommend ashdown Abm evo iv, the other head that caught my attention was the Handbox R400. Unless you could try one you’d be going off YouTube and bc reviews, as I’m not sure anyone stocks in uk. There is an extensive thread on here. Good luck
  10. I wonder if there will be tweeter versions of the rest of 10” cabs
  11. Not strictly bass (but neither is Rick Beato who has been mentioned) is Warren Huarts produce like a pro. Loads of cool content & he’s got some really cool bass tracking videos with Billy Sheehan and others. He’s now doing a video series ‘songs that changed music’ which is essentially the same as Beatos wmtsg
  12. I can see you've got the valve drive cranked too. Nice!
  13. Great rig! I do like the diagonal array of the 210’s making the rig fairly high.
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