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  1. I guess it’s being demo’d here?
  2. Anyone know if Barefaced ever do Black Friday sales? Or any sales ever?
  3. I’m no fan of Madonna, in fact I can’t stand most of her stuff. That said, I do have a bit of a soft spot for this track
  4. Badly set up basses in an instrument shop.
  5. This chap has some decent pipes on him even better though, is the song. feel like we could all use some mid 90s positivity.
  6. Yeah, I love that one too. also this Zappa did a video using similar animation which was way more out there, I wonder if that’s where Peter Gabriel got his inspiration
  7. Hi Bill, thanks for all your input, it’s been really useful. I am trying (but struggling) to understand this. Are you saying there’s no point in having an amp that can push more than 200w to a 2x10 cab, because each driver can’t handle more than 100w each? if that’s the case, why are these cabs rated as much higher wattage (barefaced 2x10 is rated at 500w or up to 800w if clean). I know it will be louder with 2x 210s, but ultimately I’m trying to understand if it’s worth me spending another £600 on a cab, if the difference in volume will be marginal. I would also like to point out that I’m really happy with the 210 & on its own is in most circumstances plenty loud enough. It’s certainly the loudest 210 I’ve ever used.
  8. I’m considering a hard shell cabin suitcase for my ABM head and a few cables. Then attaching my pedal bag to the handle. it’ll be well protected, only downside is I think I’d prefer to carry it on my back. That way I might be able to unload my gear in a single trip. perhaps a good quality backpack would be better.
  9. It’s a good line. Like it how he lets loose on the last chorus
  10. Thom Yorke can be a bit hit and miss, particularly on the busier stuff. This is superb though (particularly the last minute or so) It’s all about tone isn’t it. There are really good singers, that can hit all the notes, but I just can’t take to them - Miley Cyrus springs to mind. And others that are more limited that i much prefer to listen to. speaking of tone, I’ve always loved Dusty springfields voice, so cool & unique in a soul setting
  11. Sorry I haven’t explained myself very well. I do expect 2 cabs to be louder than 1. A single cab at 600w I assume will be louder than a single cab at 250w (which is what a single cab would receive roughly if paired with another in the above scenario and assuming watts to volume relationship is not linear). So my train of thought was; if at 250w it reaches 75% of the volume it reaches at 600w, would pairing 2 cabs be 150% louder than a single cab. after a bit of research I can see it’s really not that simple.
  12. Since I posted this I’ve checked out some info online and in all honesty, I’m probably more confused. so far I know that +6db is double the volume (I think!). Did you take 6db as double the volume and divide by 2 (because your halving the power) to get a value of -3db? I did read that relationship between watts and volume is not linear. Thanks all for the help so far
  13. I have recently acquired a Barefaced 210s and Ashdown ABM Evo iv 600W Its plenty loud enough for most situations (I do think its as loud as a good 410 as advertising suggests). On the rare occasions when I have a bigger gig with no PA support I intend to pair it with another cab. I have an ampeg 410 that I can pair it with, but I'm considering replacing that with another Barefaced 210s. A Barefaced 210s can run at 4ohms or 12 ohms. The ashdown head can push 600w at 4ohms. So a single cab can potentially receive the the full 600w from the amp. If I run 2 cabs, Ill need to switch the cabs to 12ohms, So I'm guessing I could be pushing around 450w split between both cabs at 6ohms. Therefore is the potential volume of a cab on its own is way more than that of a paired cab? Would 300w to a single cab, be half as loud as 600w (is it linear)? What is potential volume increase as a percentage if I run a second cab? Hopefully the above makes sense. Thanks Alex
  14. I use Camtasia for work occasionally. It’s fairly inexpensive and ok for my needs, not sure I’d wanna use it on a regular basis. I had a quick look at EZ vid. It looked fairly similar to camtasia in terms of functionality. Most people I know that make videos on a regular basis use Premier
  15. I’d go Colin Greenwood. I think he’s underrated by Radiohead even as he’s generally pretty low in the mix. He’s no virtuoso but I think he picks the right notes at the right times, can groove, and if you listen to something like jigsaw falling in to place, it’s a pretty inventive bass line for that chord progression, the ghost notes work really well.
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