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  1. Correct, however if you wanna use the valve drive, you’ve got to crank the input gain
  2. Notches are no problem when gigging, but notch 1 is pretty much too loud for home with a 115 or 210
  3. I do like the sound of the big muff without the dry signal in isolation. I have found with that pedal though that it just gets lost in the live mix of a rock band. it’s sort of similar to scooping your mids - sounds great in isolation, but doesn’t work in a live mix
  4. I’ve heard good things about the billy Sheehan pedal. Even more attractive with the option to blend signals
  5. That’s interesting - These are not overly expensive new, and I’ve seen a few priced well secondhand. Perhaps worth a look I’d prefer a single pedal that does the job as I’m limited for space on my board - and I would prefer to keep using the nano+ if possible Ps the compressor will be updated at some stage - so that may free up some room
  6. I’m currently using big muff pi on bass. I would say I’m fairly happy with the pedal but there is one major issue - the ability to blend in your clean tone. Without clean tone the bass tends to get lost in the mix. there is an option to add your dry signal. It comes in at the same volume as your original signal and you can match fuzz volume to it. This means the signal is too loud. So I’m thinking of a new fuzz pedal. A lot of which don’t have blend controls & im wondering, if I had a better fuzz pedal would it matter so much if there wasn’t a clean blend? Or is a clean blend essential? I’ll be interested to know what you guys think
  7. I use a jptr fx jive really like it with a P Bass I’ll use the valve drive instead with a flat eq with my stingray
  8. Here’s mine for Pbass shape off with a slightly scooped eq and some of the top end cut no valve drive (use an always on pedal for a bit of saturation - works really nicely with a pbass) Compressor and sub harmonic off also. this is just my starting point - it’ll really depend on the room how it ends up
  9. Bought a boss TU3 tuner from Dave. Paid via bank transfer. No problems at all & great guy to deal with
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. I agree. Plus if you ain’t lugging your stuff on stage, your invariably lugging someone else’s (I.e drummers)
  12. On the plus side, my oc5 came this week after 5 months of waiting
  13. That’s a fine looking rig!
  14. Years ago I had a mag 300 210 combo (and occasionally a 115 mag extension cab), and it was a real struggle to hear myself in a not particularly loud rock band. I have no problems with the Abm 600. My volume is normally around the 9/10 pm mark. I expect the volume problem could be as much to do with the mag speakers as it is the fewer watts the mag head offers
  15. Funnily enough, I didn’t get on with Barefaced 10’s either.
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