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  1. Bought a Spectracomp from Clarky, super fast delivery and excellent comms throughout. thanks
  2. Idles we’re good st Vincent we’re great - bass player is killing it! I think he plays with beck too what I saw of Robert Plant was pretty good too
  3. Bought a mojo mojo pedal from stealth. Item came quickly and in great condition. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the update. Looks like their are a few other options now. The mooer prime p1 looks pretty good but I’m unsure if it supports aux in
  5. Reviving this thread. I almost went ahead with one of these a while back, but then I found out they removed all the bass amps in the available version of the app. The app has since been updated & it looks like there’s at least one bass amp (agl) and 4 cabs. I’d be interested to get everyone’s take on whether this is good over a year later. Or is there something similar and decent available
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. Is there not an easy pickup mod you can do to improve the G string - levelling the poles I think
  8. Big lows & sparkly top end - jumps out the mix way more than a p or j
  9. TC Nether octaver pedal for sale. I bought this used on here January to tied me over whilst waiting for the oc5 to be delivered. I liked this pedal a lot and it did a fine job while I was using it. I would just like to make my money back on it so let me know if you’re interested. Great condition & can be posted
  10. WRT the price, there’s a couple of things that may be playing out here. 1. Do ashdown see this as replacement for the ABM 1200? The literature states “An increasing number of players have been asking if we can bridge the dual output sections of our ABM 1200 head. The new ABM EVO V answers that need for more power and dynamics.” If so 750w doesn’t seem powerful enough 2. where are they manufactured? I’d suspect it’s currently uk. If popular enough will they move production to prc & if so will the price come down? 3. Ashdown shop is pretty damn expensive anyway. Once the amp gets to the suppliers will the price decrease? can anyone remember the price when Abm 600 evo iv was released?
  11. I see, probably safe to assume the extra dials are for a second drive section then!
  12. Nate Mendel? I see the ff logo in the background
  13. They also posted this image yesterday Ashdown enigma?
  14. I have mixed feelings: it’s pretty expensive at the moment although I’d expect the price to drop once the product matures. On the front end everything looks identical to the evo iv apart from the extra vu I may be on my own here but I liked the blue panel (must be getting old - don’t like change!). The proof will be in the performance though 750w of class a/b power - should be monstrous! I’m sure the more technically minded will pick out some other things! I don’t think there’s enough for me to change from Abm 600 evo iv though - but let’s wait for the reviews and see!
  15. There’s a new kid in town https://ashdownmusic.com/products/abm-evo-v-750?_pos=1&_sid=83358b1f5&_ss=r
  16. I’ve got the holy trinity (p, j & stingray) I’ve had my j for 22 years. My p for 4 years and my stingray for 2 years. if I had to choose one it would be the p. It’s odd really - it has a fat neck which I’ve come to love, and doesn’t jump out of a live mix as much as the other 2, not particularly versatile either. I didn’t love it straight away either - it’s been a slow burn! I have too say I adore the j and the stingray too
  17. So why not high pass at 50hz as a default? Is there no benefit to reproducing those frequencies even if they aren’t accurate or at high volume relative to the overall volume? I certainly hear something if I boost my eq at 40hz
  18. Ah right. That’s interesting and sort of making sense - perhaps we feel the fundamental of an e or b but hear the harmonic overtones. also I’ve played through a couple of cabs where the e feels weak - I guess some cabs are struggling to produce the fundamental. I guess as you go higher you hear the fundamental + harmonic overtones
  19. So if a low E is 40hz and low B is 30hz and you are high passed at 50hz surely you are omitting the frequency of the note. I think I must be misunderstanding the fundamentals here
  20. Thanks for the reply. what’s the purpose of allowing those ‘past rumble’ frequencies through? A bass cab on stage is never gonna reproduce those frequencies is it? would it be if you di out to a larger PA system that is capable of producing those lows?
  21. I just wanted to check I’m understanding this correctly: essentially your amp & speakers are trying to reproduce frequencies that cannot be heard and cannot be reproduced accurately. The result of this is inefficiencies in the amp and for the listener ear fatigue. therefore products such as the thumpinator (specifically) & broughton hpf are available to get around this problem. Surely hpf should be included into the amp already if the frequencies can’t be reproduced accurately? Obviously some have adjustable hpf dials, but for those that don’t, they should ‘hard wired’ in at fixed parameters. That said I haven’t been able to find this data for individual amp models I’ve looked at (or is this frequency response ) plus, surely the thumpinator wouldn’t exist if hpf were baked in to the amp. Any help will be appreciated.
  22. Correct, however if you wanna use the valve drive, you’ve got to crank the input gain
  23. Notches are no problem when gigging, but notch 1 is pretty much too loud for home with a 115 or 210
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