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  1. I like playing, I like getting together with mates to play at a few small festivals and I like coming up with the occasional tune that I think doesn't suck. But, I don't have the temperament to be a pro musician as I hate pubs gigs (don't actually like pubs, well being indoors in them anyway), wedding do's and playing the same old shoite time after time. As soon as it starts becoming routine I've always left bands. There are peeps who have the right mindset for being a musician. But, before doing owt rash and sticking all your gear on EBay, just put it into storage for a year or so and mebbe you'll get the urge to play once more.
  2. Clutch at Nottingham Rock City Dec 20. Damn I'm looking forward to this so much
  3. ..I sure damn do. Dunno why but for me many songs are made by the cowbell. Here's some fine cowbell by the very great Clutch. BTW, if any of you peeps are yet to be initiated into the church of Clutch prepare for baptism... please post your fave cowbell moments. and lots of them!
  4. You betcha!. It was a key reason why I've quit playing many times over the last 30 years before coming back into it again. I enjoy playing at outdoor summer festivals but not the rest of it. I find rehearsing as tedious as regular work
  5. I tend to tire of music quite quickly, even the stuff I like, and maybe wont listen to it again for several months or even a couple of years. There are exceptions though, some tunes I've listened to regularly over the last 30 plus years and never get bored of. East River by The Brecker Brothers Fight the power by Public Enemy Grip and most other tracks on Rattus Norvegicus by The Stranglers though not Peaches Born slippy, Dogman go woof, Cowgirl , Juanita/Kiteless/To dream of love by Underworld Impact, Lush , Planet of shapes Stringy acid, Girl with the sun in her hair by Orbital Paid in full by Eric B and Rakim Fuel, Ain't my beyatch, Enter sandman by Metallica Midlife crisis, We care a lot, Ricochet and Stripsearch by Faith No More Club country and Skipping by The Associates Mad world and Pale shelter by Tears for Fears Only and Safe Home by Anthrax
  6. Not to worry .There'll soon come a time when you'll get bitten by the allotment bug and prefer to be propagating tomatoes and chillis than playing music 😊. I speak from experience and I'm not 50 till January.
  7. Never a huge Supertramp fan but like several tunes especially those with tasty basslines of which there are quite a few. Heard Dreamer on Planet Rock the other day for the first time in aeons and it was by far the best thing played on the show
  8. The only music station I listen to is Planet Rock because just very occasionally I'll hear some peach of a toon that doesn't get aired much. The last time was a Clutch track about 5 weeks ago. More often that not I'm bored rigid with the endless repetition of certain tracks by Rush, Kiss, Journey, Boston, Black Sabbath, Free, Heart etc etc. It's hard to pick on just 3 but most certainly I'd have Alright Now, I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night and Give It Away
  9. Pretty much anything played on the radio. Pick any three tunes at random and chances are I'll dislike them 😊. But despite these I'll have to give the top/bottom three placings to +1 for the Archers theme - also mainly for the subsequent 14.32 minutes Also the theme tunes to Eastenders and Coronation Street. Now, I have a pathological loathing of soaps and fail to see why anyone would choose to watch such pointless, depressing, witless trash.
  10. Now That's What I Call Music.. 12 23 41 53 17 133 90 43 257 1,302
  11. I think the last new album I bought was either Who Else by Modeselektor or We Are Not Your Kind by Slipknot. Also got a couple of used Fear Factory platters, Genexus and Mechanize. Been quite a good year for new albums IMO though i suspect nowt I've bought will be in any album of the year list 😏
  12. I think Nevermind is one of those albums that captured the spirit of the times but like Moby's Play few who bought it ever revisit it. I have both albums but have played neither for at least 15 years. Way past time to offload them onto Sue Ryder though I cant imagine who'd buy them.
  13. Bought Nevermind but I haven't played it in decades. Badmotorfinger still does get the occasional airing and IMO it's far better then Nevermind. As for BSSM, IMO the RHCP are one of the worst bands I've ever heard. Atrocious 'singer', horrible scratchy guitar sound, an ok rhythm section and thin sounding material. The best album released that day and in that month for that matter is The Low End Theory by A Tribe Called Quest, an absolute hip hop classic by one of the very best in the biz. Not far behind is Screamadelica which was put out the day before.
  14. As a young scrote for me it was 3 albums that did it; Rattus Norvegicus (Stranglers), New Gold Dream (Simple Minds) and Sulk (Associates). All having upfront and melodic basslines that really underpin much of the tunage
  15. I'm not a musician which probably explains why I've not known this.
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