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  1. Barking Spiders

    For those who complain about 'modern' music

    It might snuck up on you unawares and hang around for a while. It did me two years ago when I was 45 as I went all 1950s beatnik hep cat. Didn't last long and I recovered
  2. Barking Spiders

    For those who complain about 'modern' music

    Missed by 7 years! Were you at a shoite boarding school too?
  3. How about this from former Donald Byrd proteges. Some lovely bubbling bass ting goin' on!
  4. Barking Spiders

    For those who complain about 'modern' music

    As a 14 year old I was listening to most types of rock my faves back then being Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, Van Halen, AC/DC, Bad Company, Quo, Judas Priest, Skynyrd, Collins era Genesis and U2 . Now if I hear any thing by any of these and a hundreds more of their ilk I turn off the radio. School life from the age of 14 was utter shoite. So mebbe subconsciously I associate those bands with a [email protected] time of life. My best years were 18 -24 when I was mostly getting into synthy/electronic stuff and I've been within all that ever since.
  5. Barking Spiders

    Anyone going to The Wotten-under-Edge festival?

    Seeing as I dont live far from WuE i thought I'd check out the link but a but disappointed to see the music there isn't my bag
  6. Barking Spiders

    New toys and a rant

    Actually I was a bit like these lads when i was their age too. I liked playing guitar, drums and bass but never actually enjoyed being in bands, though I've done a lot of depping since. I've always preffered depping as I don't have to commit myself and I avoid boring rehearsals going over the same old stuff again and again. Not that I ever pursued such a career but being a producer seemed more interesting to a 17 year old me than being a band member
  7. Barking Spiders

    Folktronica - Tunng

    Yep, I've seen em live a couple of times and they're not bad. Lau are another good outfit mashing up folk with electronics
  8. Barking Spiders


    hmm cant see them as clearly as I hoped but is a Peavey Cirrus BXP. Googled for info on what type these knobs are but nowt. Anyone else had one of these and might know?
  9. Barking Spiders


  10. Barking Spiders


    BTW this isn't an insult to all you guys! 😉. Fact is, I've got a bass up for sale where the control knobs are a bit knackered and need replacing. The most convenient store for me is Bass Direct but I 'm a bit gobsmacked at the prices, between £6 and 12.. each it seems and I need five. Are these prices normal and if not where can i get cheaper plastic ones?
  11. Barking Spiders

    Does anyone actually LIKE jazz?

    I've always been partial to Django and some others in that tradition, the jazz funk of The Brecker Brothers, Crusaders, Jon Scofield etc and odd jazz tunes like Sidewinder by Lee Morgan and a couple of tunes of Freddie Hubbard's Red Clay. But bebop, hard bop , riverboat type jazz , big band jazz and atonal stuff ...nah! Do like a fair bit of electronica with jazz influences like St Germain, Jazzanova, Cinematic Orchestra and Amon Tobin
  12. Barking Spiders

    Confess yo' sins!

    I did try hard at getting into jaaazz a few years ago (honest) and bought a couple of Mingus platters and a whole bunch of other allaged classic, mostly those cheap as chips box sets. To be fair the Mingus stuff wasn't bad, not good enough for me too keep but not deserving being flung through the kitchen window. Most of the rest just didn't tickle the right parts and all ended up being sold on Zon
  13. Barking Spiders

    Best Bass for under £300

    Aren't low-mid price Ibanez actually made by Cort? For my money Ibanez (SR) basses come into their own around the £800 mark, at current GAK prices. Under that, pound for pound I'd opt for Cort 's own basses over Ibanez
  14. I guess like many of us born during the 50-late 70s/maybe mid 80s music in general and playing a guitar/bass or wanting to play in a famous band were near the top of my list of the 'important' things in life, with fit looking girls being #1 😊. Without mentioning the missus/mr and sprogs. is music in general and playing the bass in particular still way up there or have they been overtaken by growing tulips / steam engines / riding out on your Harley / other boat floaters. As a teen / early 20 something music was a big deal for me, mahoosive even, so much so I'd spend hours a day listening and playing. Now I can go for weeks on end without wanting to listen to anything and now more likely to have a teach yourself Czech/Greek/Hungarian CD on in the car than music (true!). Still, I probably spend more time noodling about on the bass and guitars etc than actual music listening. From the posts I read I think I might be in a minority here!.
  15. Barking Spiders

    Saturday night off - lousy TV!

    Without question saturday night is the worst on Freeview /terrestrial tv and that's saying something considering the utter bilge shown on most channels the other 6 days. It's bad enough summer being over but the misery is compounded by four months of feckin Strictly and X Factor. I am partial to reruns of tec shows on ITV3 and Drama Channel, Doc Martin, the occasional science documentary on BBC2 or Yesterday and The Durrells and that's it.