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  1. Firstly look out for anyone you know who's got a larger than life personality and is maybe a bit of a showoff. Whether he can sing that well is of secondary importance. I'm not being facetious. There are many bands out there with good enough singers but few who are larger than life showmen/women who can command a stage
  2. These last few days I have been mostly listening to Slipknot's newie and the very latest by Blanck Mass - Animated Violence Mild - which is kinda electronica's answer to death metal. I dont come across a whole lotta love here for the Knot. Am I on my Jack Jones here?
  3. As it only has 4 strings I thought it'd be 33.334% easier /quicker than learning guitar.
  4. maybe it's cos your using it as a kick drum?
  5. I'm an office desk drummer and pub thigh paradiddler
  6. or ever pretended a tennis racket/cricket bat/lump of 2 x 4 is a bass? l have yet to see anyone do it even meself
  7. Bollox, I didnt even know they're over here. I'd have gone to see them in a trice. Saw them at Download in 2017 and they were the best act of the festival IMO
  8. they're one of those bands who I want to like based on their politics and general approach to music but I only like Murmur. On the subject of bands who've gone on way way too long, Status Quo top the list. Even after Rick Parfitt has died, Rossi and co still carry on churning out dross, e.g. the dire current single Backbone which Planet Rock loves playing. Like the equally woeful Two Way Traffic, the lyrics are basically a load of cliched phrases cobbled together
  9. thing is, how many did you already have anyway?
  10. Like the olde [email protected] I can sometimes be, when I'm in ASDA I do curse the flaccid pap being pumped out at quite high volume and think current mainstream music is the biggest pile of [email protected] ever made. Then I come across a random 1976 episode of TOTP on BBC 4 and am forced to change my mind.
  11. Somehow I've never appreciated Tool till I saw them at Download. Maybe they're one of those who come across better live where their longer songs work better than on a recording. Similarly I've never cared for Dream Theater albums but I enjoyed their set as well.
  12. Someone said about Last.FM going the way of the dodo. Not sure how. Still my main way of finding new stuff, much better than Spotify . Bandcamp is pretty good too. Of course perhaps the best way to find new stuff are festivals. Went to Download this year mainly to see Lamb of God, Slayer, Tool, Slipknot and Godsmack and came across Beartooth, Fever 333, Toska and Batushka for the first time. Great stuff
  13. This here is one of the best rock albums I've heard in yonks, by Mark Morton chief plankspanker with the truly ace Lamb of God. This little ditty, the first track, features the late Chester Bennington. MM has roped in a bunch of other buddies to sing such as Myles Kennedy.
  14. Heard this for the first time on Planet Rock on the evening show where they play longer tracks. This went on for almost the entire show. On it went, on and on and on and like a bad dose of dhobie's itch just when you think it's done and dusted it flares up all over again.
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