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  1. He's definitely the weak link. Not just that, his vocal is primarily why I didn't like them for many years. It's only recently I've partly come round to them mainly due to learning many Flea basslines
  2. In my 20s I was living in London on a graduate salary which just about covered the essentials and debt repayment I did quite a lot of depping and function band work which essentially paid for having my lifestyle. From my 30s i did less and less partly as I was then on a decent salary and partly because I became more picky about what gigs I did.
  3. Not for me personally, but there are many so-called rated bands of the last 20 years that are far worse.
  4. Not heard of him before so I clicked the linked and then checked out a few more YT clips. 👍 . Very much my kind of player.
  5. He probably has the dullest back catalogue of any rock and pop musician that came out of the 60s/70s
  6. In both the UK and US, scientists are usually portrayed on TV and in films like the Big Bang Theory characters, 'Doc' in Back to the Future. In both US and UK, the 'cool' kids are the ones that con the system (e.g. Ferris Bueller) or who don't play the system (e.g. Danny Zuko in Grease). The studious kids in US dramas are usually referred to as 'Pointdexter'. Trying to educate the masses is an uphill struggle.
  7. I'd better qualify what i said. I mostly like playing funk and disco bass and particularly like the sounds coming out of the Rays LJ and BE had. After I'd got LJ's Star Licks vid and heard the tone he got out of it I knew that was the right bass for me. I had other brands but slapping never sounded as good on them as it does on the Stingray and its less costly versions
  8. I wouldn't disagree with you at all about the lack of appreciation of complex music down to failure in music education and it not being treated as a proper subject. Then again throughout English speaking societies there's a prejudice against all 'higher' art forms as being 'snobbish' or just for the middle classes. When you have governments that cut funding for the arts - as with the current shower the UK suffers - this reinforces the view they're not important. I say English speaking as this is definitely not the case in countries such as France, Italy, Germany, China and Japan where there's a lot more respect for their own cultures. Let's be honest, in Britain there's a cultural vacuum where it's seen as smart to be anti-intellectual.
  9. Basswise I mostly favour Stingrays, or rather the cheaper Sterling versions, partly because two fave players, Louis Johnson and Bernard Edwards, played them. Conversely, I steer away from Rickies as I associate them strongly with prog and metal (e.g. Chris Squire, Geddy Lee, Cliff Burton, Glenn Hughes). Similarly guitar-wise I don't consider Strats and Les Pauls. Partly this is because they're commonplace and also I don't much care for those players strongly associated with them. On the other hand, as I like many country chickin pickin stylists the Tele is a goto. Sure this might seem flaky but there you go.
  10. Been having a bit of a Basement Jaxx binge. Not sure I'll find many other takers here but never mind. Here's a fave track
  11. Eric Clapton - agreed. Can't stand Cream myself but I accept they were among the first at what they did. In Ginger Baker and Claptout there've been two of the most unpleasant men in the music biz and that's some feat. Claptout's other music ventures are dire from the uberboring Derek and the Dominoes to his yawn-inducing solo work. Whitney - I blame her for the myriad of vocal acrobats that came in her wake Music college - many of the best and most influential musicians never went to music college but were self-taught. Jaco - to a man the output of (many Berklee educated) guitar and bass virtuosi is uniformly self-indulgent, boring and confined to genres with only niche appeal.
  12. That they sure are, and on a par with those in Rush and Asia where the writers were trying way too hard to be meaningful while trying to not to write about fast cars, doing drugs and s**gg**g and sh**gg**g in fast cars while doing drugs. No one learns owt from song lyrics surely? Do they?
  13. I've never played in a band that does my fave type of music. The most recent one I've depped for on bass, as a favour to a mate in the band, plays a mix of Britpop/rock - Kasabian, Oasis, Blur etc along with covers of The Killers, KoL, Foos. This stuff's ok enough but not what I'd choose. I've played quite a lot of funk and disco which I enjoy playing but don't listen to much at home. My 'kind of music' is mostly electronica (from Bassment Jaxx and Groove Armada through to Aphex Twin and Amon Tobin). Not exactly easy stuff to cover!
  14. three things I don't lend; my toothbrush, my pants and my basses
  15. Mark King 'of bass' is great and slap is the best thing ever invented for bass playing 😊. I know for sure this is definitely an unpopular opinion on BC if not the wider bass and even music community
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