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  1. each to their own but their last three albums are IMO among their best, particularly as they feature the original line up. Martin Atkins is a fine drummer but for me Big Paul's style is best for the KJ sound.Whichever way, for my money they're among the most criminally underrated rock bands ever, considering the influence they've had on other bands like Nirvana, Metallica. and pretty much any industrial metal band
  2. over the last few days I've been caning Killing Joke in the car, having most of their albums bar 3 from the late 80s after Night Time. This track in particular has been getting a lot of play
  3. I play my Cort fretless more than than my fretted. If rock's your bag then I'd say try out some of the tunes on Pearl Jam's 10. Other must listens are No Parlez by Paul Young, Graceland by Paul Simon, a Sade hits compilation and any Police albums. Sting mainly played fretless, though I could be wrong but he did in the earlier days
  4. Not a daft question at all. I actually listen to more electronically generated basslines for inspiration that bass players, in particular 90s psy trance, a fave genre of mine. Playing staccato 16ths on just one or a few notes for several minutes is a tough one
  5. Ah there I was thinking this was about the infamous porn and revue bar magnate
  6. The best covers are always those that don't slavishly copy the originals and the most pointless are the ones that are note for note perfect. I'd much rather watch an entertaining, even if a merely competant, band playing interesting and fun versions of well-known tunes than a bunch of top or 2nd notch players performing carbon copies.
  7. First up Download on sunday June 16 mainly to see Lamb of God, Anthrax (though I'd have preferred the John Bush line up but still), Smashing Pumpkins, Enter Shikari and Slayer. I'll be interested seeing headliners Tool, though I'm not that familiar with them, and Dream Theater, even though I dont like them that much. Then in July it's Blue Dot, marking 50th anniversary moon landings. Cracking line up topped by Kratfwerk. Also New Order, 808 State, John Hopkins.
  8. in my car this morn I was swapping between the debut album from Naughty by Nature and one of the finest from the golden age of hip hop 87 -95, this being the track that went huge stateside.. and Sound of White Noise by much the better incarnation of Anthrax, this being the toppermost tune IMO
  9. That was close! And don't forget to burn the receipt. I have a newish bass and an Ibanez guitar on my boat which the missus hasn't been introduced to yet! Not sure how I'm gonna explain this should I ever have to.
  10. then again the US loses points for bands like Journey, Boston, Foreigner etc, 80s hair metal, Emo and punk pop. But I do wonder about the UK' public's love of utterly mediocre performers whether Ed, Robbie Williams, Dido, Oasis, Adele, Coldplay, Spice Girls...
  11. Why not hide the offending article behind a stash of jazz mags under a bed or in a cupboard? This acts as a good distraction which might be more easily explained away than shelling out £1 - 2k on a lump of wood with strings 😊
  12. Yep, I was expecting to see pics of Tal Wilkenfield wearing not much other than a bass guitar. When I saw a list of solo bassists I decided to look at some pictures of sunbathing meerkats instead
  13. 😱 and I thought my original collection of 6 basses and 4 guitars was a bit much!, now down to 3 and 2 respectively
  14. The nub of the thread is not so much who failed to crack it but WHY. Bands like Madness, Blur and The Jam are very English sounding, perhaps too much so while Brit bands who don't sound typically English are maybe be more successful. Then again a lot of Brit bands haven't been prepared to put in the hard slog of touring small town USA so people dont get to hear of them
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