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  1. Speaking as someone who's primarily a drummer I'd actually say 'yes' for stuff that's made for the dance floor, which doesn't need nuances but which can maintain a pounding 130-50 bpm for up to 10 minutes. Probably not for most rock and deffo not for jazz!
  2. The music industry's always attracted douches out to rip off artists and the big record labels always helped themselves to most of the pie, leaving crumbs for the artist. Which is why Prince did pretty much everything and came up with all that symbol/slave stuff. So who can blame artists for selling out? If music was my main/only source of income I'd do pretty much anything this side of legal to keep a roof over my head.
  3. they shouldn't be playing guitars or drums either 😉
  4. I think those who said it's the technology is what dates music are right. This is probably more of an 80s issue, especially viz monophonic synths and the Fairlight though more than anything it's that bluddy gated drum sound which is the worst offender. There's also a certain keyboard sound, that you hear on on tracks like Europe's Final Countdown, which was universal. Also it tends to be music associated to certain genres and scenes that dates most be it New Romantic, post-grunge, Nu metal etc. Planet Rock play a lot of stuff by contemporary bands which sounds like it could have been on MTV back in the day. To my ears this dated sound is mainly due to the drum styles and tone, the 80s style widdling - Eddie van Halen has so much to answer for - and the angsty post grunge/nu metal vocal style.
  5. I only mean music made to be consumed rather than ethnic folk music that's passed down from generation to generation. Listening to some Planet Rock recently it dawned on me that the rock of my generation, X, is now lumped together with the rock of the boomers that some of us GenXers used to be a bit sniffy about, especially hair metal, prog and stadium AOR. In the ears of Millennials there's no distinction between boomers and GenXers. And TBH the big rock sounds of the 90s do sound of their time as does most of the music I like, even hip hop (aka dad rap) and dance (house, trance, techno etc). There's a big difference between the styles and sound of the second wave of the 90s (Public Enemy, NWA etc) and contemporary rap. 90s rock was typified by chunky riffing in drop D and limited soloing while 80s stuff was pretty much all about high speed widdling. These sounds don't seem to register with most Millennials, judging from stats from Spotify, Billboard etc. As for electronica/dance, yeah much of it does sound dated thanks to changes in tech although the more experimental acts were always way out there or ahead of the game and never part of any scene so don't sound they belong to any era. Other than these guys, from The Young Gods to the likes of Autechre and Aphex Twin I can't really think of anyone who doesn't sound dated. So, being OBJECTIVE can anyone think of anyone who's never sounded like they belong to the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s or noughties?
  6. I find it pretty droll and clearly tongue in cheek. He's an astonishing player though and yet I can't fkin stand jazz
  7. I've got a soft spot for 90s psy/Goa trance and so have been playing lots of Flying Rhino, Blue Room and Order Odonata stuff. Guess I might be on my own here?
  8. That's a good'un as are his Uberjam albums. Very funky.
  9. Nice to see someone else putting up JAMC vids. Here's some live footage of the great Killing Joke playing Requiem
  10. I'm not usually a fan of the blues or solo bass but I really liked that 👌
  11. Anyone remember this hard left trio of skins. Old Peel faves as I recall Could do with more bands like them these days
  12. I get the impression these bands are mainly playing for themselves rather than aiming to entertain punters. Musical circle jerking.
  13. I'm waiting to get a new guitar but back in July all the stores I tried said they weren't expecting deliveries till October.
  14. Working in construction I can confirm this is because of a huge surge in demand around the world for steel (along with certain polymers and timber) which happened once major economies like China and US started to return to normality, kinda. Prices for steel are going through the roof. Then there is the problem of containers all over the world being dislocated. When Covid hit and shipping just stopped, empty containers have been left at import destinations rather than going back to big ports in China. In my industry we're short of loads of products not just steel and timber. So if you've bought a new house off-plan and it's been left part finished, it's because wev'e gone from a just-in time delivery system to lead times of up to 3 months.
  15. Can you do Nard's chuckin technique like on Dance dance dance.? I'm finding tougher to do than double thumbing
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