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  1. Probably my fave track from The Fall, when they're leaning a bit more to dance/techno
  2. IMO it all depends how well established your band is on the pub circuit. If you've built up a following over the years and you get regular supporters turning up to your gigs then I think it's ok to sneak in a few originals into the mix. If you don't have that following or are playing a gig outside your usual area then I'd say playing originals is a big no-no.
  3. Unfortunately I can only find Red Dress and Fantasy on her YT page. She only has 357 subscribers. If every BCer signed up her fanbase would grow by around 10,460%. We have a duty to perform. She is our new queen. Meanwhile we have some footage of her unplugged
  4. What I've learnt from watching these vids is that Autotune is great and should never ever again come in for criticism
  5. Yeah I'm a follower. Rick's got great knowledge and musical ability. Without being crushing in his criticism he explains kindly and technically why something is a crock of shyte without actually saying so. My review of this top 10 would be a tad more harsh.
  6. About time for some Smashing Pumpkins. Here is the opener from what I think is their best album i.er. Gish
  7. Cheers for posting Editors stuff. I lost track of them after their first album. They're pretty good, though when they came out I thought as I've got albums by The Chameleons, Echo ATB and Joy Division they were sort of superfluous. Might've been a bit unfair of me
  8. Absolutely, as we all know in many football fan circles, anyone admitting to not being interested in footy often ends up being derided as a handbag waving 'nancy boy'/'p**ftah'/'fairy'/nonce' etc.
  9. Like sticking Playboy centrefolds or slightly risque posters of Brigitte Bardot/Farrah Fawcett/Pamela Anderson/current babe of the day on your bedroom walls, putting up 'best evah guitarist/luteist etc' polls/lists is something one maybe should've stopped doing around aged 15?
  10. We used to tar and feather those who couldn't play footy. As a crime against God and society it was up there with forgetting to keep the Sabbath day holy and coveting your neighbour's missus
  11. I see the diamond badge is 'rare' yet at random I clocked around a dozen profiles and they all have one! Edit just typing the above has lifted me to 10/14 Proficient, whatever that implies
  12. Generally cant abide thrash metal, including Anthrax....until I inadvertantly heard Sound of White Noise. I like the next three albums too. IMO John Bush is a far better singer than Belladonna,
  13. Here's a fave toon from Julian Cope not long after his Teardrop Explodes days.. and still an evergreen in my head is this from TTE
  14. Bloody well love that tune ever since it came out, especially the acoustic guitar tone and Barney's vocal
  15. Which links me to...Flesh For Lulu. Was particularly partial to this single. Thing is like about this thread is folk are digging up long forgotten names which don't get namechecked anywhere else on BC
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