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  1. Barking Spiders

    The Art Of Drumming

    They are at that. In the many gigs I've been to there's always been a mass exodus to the khazi or bar when a full on drum/bass/guitar solo is about to erupt. One of the many things I dislike about jazz is the way players typically take turns to do their thing whether its parping, widdling or banging away interminably. Solos really are a case of 'yeah so what, you can play but boy you're boring the t1tz off us!'
  2. Barking Spiders

    What are you listening to right now?

    Currently back on a downtempo trip with this possibly the best of the excellent DJ Kicks series, slightly edging out The Thievery Corporation.
  3. Barking Spiders

    The Art Of Drumming

    That Moby Richard drum solo. one of the most boring ever. Nearly all drum solos are boring even if technically impressive,. And I speak as someone who is primarily a drummer. I don't have Sky but would be interested in this programme.
  4. Barking Spiders

    What's on your Christmas list?

    Is bitter on the way out d'ya think? I ask this as there's been quite a visible change in stocks on the shelves in all the supermarkets. Much more in the way of craft IPAs in 33cl can and bottle formats but fewer of not just bitters but also darker ales around 5%?
  5. Barking Spiders

    Pete Shelley

    As a kid The Buzzcocks meant much more to be than the Pistols and The Clash. and PS was underrated as a solo artist esp his Homosapien album. RIP Pete Shelley
  6. Barking Spiders

    What's on your Christmas list?

    all brands of IPA available in the UK for a Yule long tasting session 🍻
  7. Barking Spiders

    REM at the BBC last night

    They're one of the those bands whose attitudes and politics I like but generally not the music. There were a couple of tunes from their very early days i used to quite enjoy but little else. Still, they're 1000 times better than any English jangly guitar merchants anyone should care to name
  8. Barking Spiders

    What are you listening to right now?

    Is this a first time mention of Venetian Snares on BC? I've recently come across a whole bunch of stuff on French ambient electronica label Ultimae by way of Carbon Based Lifeforms. Over the last last coupla weeks I've not been able to get enuff of AES Dana, especially...
  9. Barking Spiders

    Reggae music to be protected by UN

    Give me Mongolian camel coaxing rituals anyday over the (Peter) tosh that is reggae!
  10. Barking Spiders

    I hate people like this...

    I like very muchly indeed, the mix of electronica and funky jazz tinged grooves. Great stuff 👌
  11. It's a dealbreaker IMO. I wouldn't wanna play in any band that's just a background muzak machine in human form. The band would need to be central to the evening's merriment and treated accordingly with a couple of glasses of the old sparkling and an all you can eat buffet with chicken hot wings, spicy spare ribs, those spicy cajun potato wedges, a few tubs of guacamole and salsa dips plus a basket of homemade tortilla chips. Owt less and it'd be a no-show from me😋
  12. Barking Spiders

    Band versus Bassist

    And often brilliance is in pure simplicity. It's some of the simplest of lines that make the song. I'm thinking of tunes like Ball of Confusion, Peaches, The Chain and Once In A Lifetime. Try playing along to these and put in a few extra notes and you'll hear how this fooks up the song.
  13. Barking Spiders

    Am i a Musician?

    I'd never dare degrade those who make a living from playing by calling myself a musician 😊.