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  1. Can't beat a bit of The Herbaliser. Fkin love this track, both the original here and the Kruder & Dorfmeister remix.
  2. I guess this is the step second in a student's career progression after a degree in Gender Studies
  3. I like it. Actually quite a clever thing to make n' all 👌
  4. When my brother didn't want them back he said I could keep them but I actually threw away the vinyl and kept the covers to put on my wall 😊
  5. Not a purchase but as a pre-teen I nicked a series of these off my older brother before I graduated to Health & Efficiency magazine
  6. Kind of agree. Homework is their best album and Discovery has their best tune -One More Time. Not as fussed on the collaborations of their later years and that includes Get Lucky.
  7. Everything Everything by Underworld, proving some electronica/techno bands can cut it live Stop Making Sense by Talking Heads - where several tunes here kick the ar$es of the studio originals At Budokan by Cheap Trick - where all the tracks kick the studio versions into touch What Do You Want From Live by The Tubes - surprise surprise...ditto the above Live One by Tommy Emmanuel - of course TE is in his element live but this comes a good second
  8. Viz Iron Maiden at Sonisphere 2014 - I mentioned them a page or two back. The most interesting about them was BD's vintage plane flyover earlier in the day Went on the sunday for Download 2019 to keep the mrs sweet as she likes Godsmack. I dunno much about them but to be fair they weren't half bad. Viz Tool we started off watching their set. Sure the video display was pretty good but I don't enjoy bands who don't try to engage audiences with banter. Bored, we went over to see Slayer but to my ears it all sounded like one song. Again no crowd engagement. Amon Amarth were also dull fare. I though what with their Viking schtick it should've been more entertaining. The one band I shouldn't like - Dream Theater - were by far the best that day!
  9. This of course is a classic for filthy bump n' grind type gyrating with females of close acquaintance. Not to be done with first time dance partners
  10. Sonisphere 2014 - me and my new ladyfriend (K) had only been dating for a few months and knowing she was a big Metallica fan I took a punt and got tickets. I was mainly looking forward to The Prodigy but what a let down, largely due to Maxim's boring 'where's ma peepul' schtick. After the zillionth time he said that we left. I was also interested in seeing The Deftones but K thought they sucked, I had to agree. Ditto Alice in Chains, who I like, but they were off form. Thought we should stay for Iron Maiden, who headlined the saturday night, but after a couple of songs, we thought going back to tent, soaked in other people's p1$$, was preferable. By sunday morning we (mainly me) had had enough and left early to spend the day in Cambridge. K never did get to see Metallica, and I've been trying to make it up to her ever since 😊. Incidentally, Limp Bizkit and Baby Metal were the mutts nuts. G3 (Satriani, Vai, Fripp) 2004 I think, at the NIA Brum. Firstly some soundcheck guy and came on noodling about on a guitar synth in near pitch black. After 10 mins all the guys in my row looked at eachother and wondered WTF was going on. 20 mins later it dawned on us it was mr Wilcox. We thought things would pick up with Joe Satch and Steve Vai. Wrong, and here began my 180 degree about turn, from a devotee of shred to a hater. I walked out after about half an hour, followed by 7 or 8 others in my row. Fairport Convention - me and my ex went as Cropredy virgins with another couple who were Cropredy [email protected], he being a megafan of FC while his mrs seemed to be the long suffering wife. During their set, while he was happily singing along to their hit etc I found a nice deckchair and went to sleep.
  11. The height of pretentiousness in music IMO due not only to the toe-curlingly embarrassing lyric but the bombastic orchestral arrangement.
  12. It's kind of odd because the music I grew up listening to in the 80s-90s, labelled as old man's music by the kids, actually sounds far more contemporary, even futuristic, than the current very retro sounding rock and pop they like.
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