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  1. Seems David Byrne and friends have been there and were clearly disappointed with the lack of visitor attractions and cultural events in said Tyneside town, bemoaning this fact in their tune off Talking Heads' sophomore album Fear of Music, 'Hebburn'. 'Hebburn Hebburn is a place A place where nothing Nothing ever happens'
  2. Larry Graham is one of my fave players evah and this here is one's he's associated with. There's a lot going for it but the white fingerboard!
  3. This. GG have always been the only 'prog' band I like. Not for them tales of goblins and wizards, capes and all that bobbins. While a lot of prog to me sounds contrived, pompous and forced, GG had a natural, offhand, casual cool about their musicality and virtuosity and a sense of fun! Beats me how their lesser peers went on to hit the big time and they didn't.
  4. Herewith is the ultra-sappy 'I've never been to me' First she starts off saying she's been to Georgia and California -not mentioning specifically which parts but that's by the by. I've been to Rhyl and Clacton but it's not worth putting in song. Then she says 'Oh, I've been to Nice and the isle of Greece'. This is where we know she's telling utter porkies about her travel adventures. If she'd really ever been to Greece she'd know that it's bordered to the north by Albania, Macedonia and Bulgaria and to the east by Turkey.
  5. Billy Joel states in his defence that 'we didn't start the fire' when in fact two of his accomplices are doing stretches in San Quentin for arson
  6. Sting may've been a teacher but clearly he never taught physics as he doesn't understand the impact of gravity and lack of said force on the human body or otherwise he'd know his legs would most certainly not break if he was to walk on the moon However, he was a seer of sorts when he advised his pupil to socially distance herself from him while in the classroom
  7. Dunno why but in the last hour naff pop tune The Lion Sleeps Tonight has been worming its way into my ear. This is a song that peddles misinformation inferring that lions live in the jungle but as any fule kno, the habitat of lions is grassland, savannah, dense scrub and open woodland. Open woodlands are no jungle tho'! Now if they'd sung 'in the jungle... the tiger/panther/jaguar sleeps tonight' that would've been better. Fleetwood Mac are woefully ignorant of the fact that thunder often happens during dry conditions and not just when it's raining. The lyric should read 'Thunder often occurs when it's raining'. What other song lyrics are factually incorrect
  8. and fortunately many Oasis and other Brit-Pap CDs now find themselves residing on the shelves in your local branch of Age UK, rubbing shoulders with Dido's No Angel and assorted Katie Melua albums
  9. ...and what other musicians have had long and illustrious-ish careers but have only ever owned/played just one or at most 2 or 3 instruments of any kind?
  10. An indie type band I was in submitted a couple of tapes to JP but were rejected as we didn't have a shed to record in but had to make do with the outside khazi round the back of my mate's nan's house
  11. The EBMM Stingray is hands down my #1. Tim Comerford's has the edge on Josephine Wiggs' cos of the finish. Quite like Doug Wimbish's Spector though I'm not a big Spector fan. Not sure when this vid was put together but Ian Hill from Judas Priest needs to gen up on his erm.. geog or 20th century European history as Czechoslovakia is no longer 😏, certainly not when I was last there two years ago.
  12. A good example of this is Dreadzone's 2001 session, which for me is their best CD.
  13. Fairy nuff. Yep, seems he generally stopped playing prog from 1977 , if the festive 50 lists are anything to go by. He didn't really champion metal bands and jazz and disco didn't seem to be his bag either. I didn't get his love for The Fall nor The Undertones and indeed he did play a lot of drivel. IMO Undertones spin-off That Petrol Emotion were 1,000 x better. But his hit rate for me was way higher than any other radio music show.
  14. All of it? But the thing about JP is his tastes were so eclectic Look at 1976 festive 50s and there's Led Zep, Floyd, Dylan, Hendrix, Beatles, Neil Young, Genesis. They're not my bag at all but JP covered most genres.
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