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  1. Interesting to see graphics showing that in the major urban areas - London, North West, North East, south Yorkshire and Birmingham - Labour won comfortably in most seats. Nearly all the Tory wins are in the shire counties. I'm too depressed to say much more with a terrible hard Brexit now only 6 weeks away
  2. any of you peeps partial to a bit of John Scofield's Uberjam stuff? , very funky jazz-blues-rock - and a bit of kitchen sink . Here's the first track of the third Uberjam Deux platter. Guy called Adam Hess laying down some bubbling low end throughout the album and locks in perfectly with top drum work
  3. This year I've actually sold off 3 basses among several other instruments so I couldn't really explain away any new gear to mrs Spiders. Still, if ever a preloved Fender Jazz or Stingray Classic, both in natural finishes, ever came my way I might not be able to restrain myself
  4. the long unawaited Landfill Indie revival has just begun
  5. I got into Wobble's playing after hearing Visions of You for the first time and that was consolidated after buying the excellent Rising Above Bedlam
  6. One of my fave drummers in any genre and a big inspiration to my own drumming. Viz the bass job it would probably be standing in for Bootsy on Up For The Down Stroke by Parliament. Why? cos it's a tune that's as funky as f***
  7. Actually, there are quite a few SR tracks that start off fine and then it all goes to pink torpedo e.g. Waterfall, She Bangs The Drums, I Wanna Be Adored and Fools Gold. Fools Gold isn't so much spoiled by the vocals and melody as the others are but it gets very repetitive and goes nowhere
  8. No, not really. It's about songs that have great intros that suggest there's a great song coming, but not so. It's just that in many cases it's that when (usually) poor vocals and melody kick in it all goes to pink torpedo. There's plenty of instrumentals I can think of across many genres that have great starts but the main tune if well, meh. Fr;instance in the classical world there's Finlandia by Sibelius. Cracking start but then it meanders
  9. One of my fave toons ever and a cracking source album though it was never a hit in the UK, stalling at a high flying #68
  10. As well as Sweet Child of Mine, Paradise City has a cracking start then Axl Rose has to go and spoil it all with his p1$$p00r excuse for a vocal On the subject of the vocals ruining songs after great intros there's a myriad of Led Zep tunes which have cracking intros and then...meh... Rock n Roll, Whole Lotta Love, In The Evening, Ramble On, Tramped Under Foot, Gallows Pole, Immigrant Song, Communication Breakdown, When the Levee Breaks, Ramble On, Kashmir...
  11. The first 15 seconds of One of These Nights 👍. The next 198 secs 🤮 Layla - nice first 8 seconds before the lead guitar notes kick in Mystery Song by Status Quo (single version)- cracking first 30 seconds with the flanged guitar and then it's back to the usual fare
  12. Mention of Stiltskin in the one hit wonders thread got me thinking about songs with great intros and then, usually when the vocal kicks in, it all goes rapidly downhill That one aside another one that immediately comes to mind is this.. Great for the first 35 seconds and then the singing starts and the tempo drops So bring it on, with vids and the timing when the song goes t1ts up...
  13. sound good to me! 👍 It kinda worked for the Arctic Monkeys, Stray Cats, Iron Butterfly, Fleet Foxes, Atomic Kitten, Def Leppard, Modest Mouse..
  14. S' easy . Two words, second word, name of a small to medium mammal or insect (just small, unless you've seen a medium or large one). First word, pretty much any adjective of your choice. Job done.
  15. scuse me people. the OP isn't meant to be about just naming one hit wonders but it's about the ones you rate AND ALSO what other singles released by the same bands should've been hits but sank without trace e.g. House of Pain, best known for Jump Around but the follow up Shamrock and Shenanigans is just as good...IMO
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