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  1. First time I heard of Balkan Beat Boz was when they were on the bill at Wychwood 2007, for me by far the best Wychwood festival to date. Checked them out and they were different to anything else a strange mix of hip hop, Balkan folk music, gypsy punk, reggae, klezmer. The nearest comparison is Gogol Bordello. Jut been plating their 4 albums back to back. If anyone here's played FIFA 17 you'll have heard this
  2. Not many musicians I'd say have effortless cool but Geordie had it. Cool as fvck
  3. Geordie's often a player I give as an example when I say a recognisable guitar style /tone beats anonymous by rote shredding hands down. His sound on Pandemonium is skull crushing. Ha bet the TOTP audience didnt know what hit them then this came on
  4. And to another band infamous for being a tad unhinged and scaring music journos, as were Jaz Colman's eyebrows.
  5. Saw Rammstein last year at the MK Stadium. Best live gig I've been to by several country miles. Even mrs S who knows little about them had a really good time. Much of it was utterly bonkers and all the better for it, like the giant demon baby in a pram with the flies.
  6. Not what I'd choose to listen to but I find them interesting, as they're going somewhere different to pretty much all other current guitar bands. Is it jazz, is it rock? Dunno but there's no doubting their skills and originality
  7. A lot of diehard Prince fans seem to think everything he did was gold. IMO he peaked with Sign of the Times and thereafter his albums were pretty patchy. Even the earlier ones have their duff tracks.
  8. Actually I'll amend what I wrote in the OP having just watched the Jon Gomm vid. Incredible stuff. Three other phenomenal players I'd really liked to've seen are Leo Kottke, Peter Huttlinger (RIP) and David Grier. Here's why LK's a young whippersnapper here and he's doing fast Travis picking on a 12 string to boot!. The vid's from 1970's but you get the drift Pete Huttlinger was an ultra-phenomenal fingerpicker and in his day equal to Tommy E. Check this out. He banters around till about 2.35 and then some . Like Tommy, Martin T and Leo K and he makes it looks easy and effortless. A tad different here. David Grier is one amazing pick style player, IMO the successor to Tony Rice but even a tad better mebbe. I'm 'kin useless with a pick preferring fingers so I have extra respect to guys like this who can cross- pick at speed and cleanly...
  9. Hmm a couple of issues here. 1. Pharrell Williams wrote the lyrics not Thicke 2. There's loads of rock music, much of it made by big name acts- particularly from the 70s and 80s - where not only are song lyrics overtly misogynistic/sexist so was their behaviour, to whit many notorious post-gig parties with groupies. IMO it's an excellent performance all-round and the bass playing is top drawer.
  10. I'm a huge afficionado of acoustic guitar virtuosity. I watched a Rick Beato compilations of guitar greats from the 80s - mostly hyper shredders. Dont get me wrong , Rick's YT show is about the best music related one on YT but to my ears the shredding does nowt for me. As the lovely Shania sang 'that don't impress me much' . However, twice I've been to gigs and been left slack jawed 😲, thinking how the f00k did they do that! These clips aren't the actual shows I saw but each player did these tracks. These two are the best guitar players I've seen and heard and I've heard literally thousands. Watch and listen closely and you'll see why. Over to you 👉
  11. Even bigger shame they weren't more successful. Distinctive sound, beautiful frontwoman, cool image. What went wrong?
  12. I've always been a mahoosive fan of Curve going way back. That Toni Halliday is/was as hot as f*** has quite a bit to do with it 😛 but I also like the crossover between the Shoegaze vibe of My Bloody Valentine with electronica. Listening to Garbage you can def hear the Curve influence.
  13. Best Cure tune from their best period IMO, which ended with Faith. Not such a fan of his more successful Fat Bob with the wonky lippy period
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