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  1. My mrs thinks my 3 basses, 3 guitars and drum kit is a lot. I invited her to look at pics of some BCers bass-only collections that run into multiple tens to see what 'a lot' actually looks like!😊
  2. Open yourself up to your feminine side and join in the chats about cross-dressing husbands and pregnancy diets 😁😉. I've been on there to moan about snarky teens and got comfort knowing others have been going through the same shyte
  3. As a rug rat of the early 70s I missed out on the heyday of punk but just about caught the tail-end of the post punk thing. Been recently listening to a lot of Undertones, Buzzcocks, Stiff Little Fingers, Ruts, Generation X and Wire. Right now it's the latter's excellent Chairs Missing
  4. In Gloucestershire, several of the few in-town pubs I know of that used to put on gigs are now up for sale or are being converted into housing. Those pubs/bars that are now making some sort of recovery are generally larger family ones in/near villages with dining and large outdoor spaces but have never hosted gigs and I don't think they'll start doing so either. Maybe in the bigger towns and cities there are more opportunities
  5. Yup, not sure what music he listens to as rhythm guitar is very noticeable in funk, disco, metal, soul, certain types of jazz e.g. gypsy and reggae. In fact, in a band context, most of the guitar playing is rhythm with lead usually limited to 20-40 seconds. I've not beef with auto-tune. After all, find me an electric guitarist who only plays clean with no effects. That would be the equivalent of a singer without any studio help
  6. Back on a 80s indie/post punk tip. As a teen Peelie's show was essential listening for me, the only place I could really hear indie rock that never got daytime airplay. Here are top tunes from three of my fave (woefully underrated/overlooked) finds
  7. Thing about the AD/DC vs SQ thing going on here is that AC/DC are estimated to have sold 200 million albums worldwide with BiB doing 25 million alone in the US. SQ have hadn't any album go platinum in the UK while they're virtually unheard of in the US. Both bands have gone 40 years plus without ever breaking their formula yet one is one of the biggest selling acts in music history and the other is some way off that. Odd that.
  8. What's that vid doing in a thread about SQ? I'm confused. I looked at it for a couple of mins and that was 1 minute 58 seconds too long. Back to Quo, seems with the original line-up they were more interesting live while I've heard several of their studio efforts but to my ears the sound is limp. The Live album's pretty good with tracks like 45 Hundred Times, Roll Over Lay Down, Backwater/Just Take Me and Big Fat Mama being well superior to the studio versions. Dunno how they managed to morph into a Butlins cabaret act after the original rhythm section left. As for worshipping them, ermm!
  9. One of the few bands I've been listening to regularly since I heard Upside Down on Peel. Plenty about them back in the 80s to upset music purists, grannies, pets etc. Here's the great Never Understand
  10. Ha, I'm also getting on a bit but finding myself increasingly drawn towards the sonic assault of twin guitars crunching out riffs in drop D. I enjoy metal more now than when I was a yoot, maybe because in the 21st century there's been little of all that demons and wizards tosh. Outside of electronica and downtempo it's the only current sub-genre of rock I bother with.
  11. Having to work this morning so I generally have ambient/downtempo electronica type stuff on, this currently spinning around
  12. Yeah, I can't abide that either. Just sounds ragged and messy.
  13. At one end of the sound spectrum I'm magnetically drawn to the heavy, bowel shaking riffage from the likes of Rammstein, Slipknot and Lamb of God. On the other I'm a sucker for funky rhythm guitar as arguably heard best in Chic and also the classic chickin pickin on the Telecaster from the likes of Albert Lee, Brent Mason, Vince Gill etc. On the other hand the jangly Rickenbacker type sound you hear in Tom Petty ATH, The Byrds, Smiths, Stone Roses, REM etc is a big turn-off. Probably a key reason I don't like these groups along with the vocals with the exception of the Byrds. I actually do like their vocals.
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