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  1. Tell you what though there was plenty for bass geeks to get their teeth into at Download. I've never been particularly a fan of Dream Theater but they were damn good. John Myung's flying fingers were summat else. Didn't know much about Tool but I particularly liked Justin Chancellor's playing too. Lovely tone. Some nice work from the guy in Godsmack and a new find in the fella from Toska. A good find they were.
  2. Steantval's got a point though. To my ears these guys would still sound instantly recognisable from playing a few notes of an unfamiliar tune using their most familiar approaches e.g. JJ Burnel (as on the first 5 albums but not the others), Peter Hook, Mick Karn (fretless from Japan days), Mark King (Level 42 slap rather than his fingerstyle), John Entwistle, Steve Harris, Bernard Edwards, Les Claypool and Bootsy
  3. Dissenting voice here. I was at Download this weekend and yes the rain on saturday was a bit [email protected] but sunday was generally warm and dry although a mudbath. I don't usually do big festivals other than this one now and again, the only reason I go being to see certain bands I like all in one place that I don't get to see often. Unlike some other big festivals, it's a good natured crowd with no aggro. Mind you getting out of the south field was a total pain in the 'arris. Stuck in gridlock for over 2 hours before we managed to get out. Mind you people were mostly calm and chilled about it.
  4. I'm a bit concerned Porky has fixed his gaze upon Axl's 'arris.😳
  5. 70s classic funk is one of my fave genres but for me none of these current so-called funk bands cut it. They may have the technical chops but none that I've come across have that swing. I remember there used to be a bit of a mini hype about The Bamboos. I listened to their debut album but it's just soulless swing -free pastiche of the Tower of Power sound. Ditto Vulfpeck, The Internet, Quantic Soul Orchestra, Snarky Puppy etc.
  6. Look, the fact we're on here means we're all bass geeks to some extent but how far does it go? Do you ever take a bass with you into the khazi/bathroom, have basses hanging on the walls where other folk would have pictures, have the wife / mistress/life companion on one side of you in the bed and be cuddling a bass on the other, regularly clean them while the other half is nuzzling up to you on the sofa, spend at least half your monthly disposable income on bass related stuff, have t-shirts with images of semi-obscure bass players, go on holiday with one and what else? As for myself I'm actually a drum geek and always take my sticks and practice pad everywhere..even on holiday and to work 😀
  7. Currently caning Polymer , the new Plaid album, to death. They just get better with age and IMO this might be their best album yet
  8. Here is the new MP3 / FLAC only release from Solar Fields. More fine atmospheric, epic, Scandi electronica
  9. Methinks this is the first time Amon Tobin's been mentioned on BC. The first four albums are cracking examples of off-kilter cinematic drum n' bass come breakbeat, Supermodified possibly the best.
  10. darn tootin' he is for sure though he only features on the first two albums, great examples of the lead bass played with picks
  11. Am I going against the grain by saying I cant stand his voice and that he ruined the Doobie Brothers?
  12. If you listened to an hour of Planet Rock you could be forgiven thinking rock smells a bit funny. On the one hand there's the constant rotation of usual suspects from the 60s-80s plus a bunch of 'new' faves that are regurgitating what's been before.
  13. yup, especially when you consider acts in the 'Yacht Rock' 'genre' that make Little Mix look like Cannibal Corpse
  14. IMO Screamadelica is their only consistently good album while Weatherall has been involved in much more interesting outfits such as Sabres of Paradise and Two Lone Swordsmen. All the other PS albums have been pretty patchy with 2 to 4 good tunes and lots of filler.
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