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  1. Going to the gents at work today, bearing in mind transmission of covid 19, it struck me as how stupid that with toilets in public places you push through the door when going in but coming out you have to pull on a handle. Considering general hygiene issues surely it should be the other way round. Furthermore, it's startling how many adults don't wash their hands after going to the john, not just after # 1s but also after #2s. Then there are those people who cough and splutter without covering their mouths. WTF?
  2. My sole definition of a pro musician is one whose sole or principal income comes from music, whether writing, recording or performing. If you earn some extra dosh but it's less what what your regular job pays then you're not a pro.
  3. Sure, but the gist of the thread is about people who had regular jobs and then jacked them in before deciding to turn pro. Thing I'd like to know is at what point did they say to themselves' feck it, I'm handing in my notice on monday' , or if unemployed/redundant what made them think' I don't want a regular job' I just want to play music' etc
  4. It can be done, being a musician/composer and holding down a day job e.g. Philip Glass -plumber and cabbie Charles Ives (US composer) - ran an insurance agency Art Garfunkel - maths teacher Ian Curtis of Joy Division - civil servant at Macclesfield unemployment office
  5. I've never had the ambition to be a full-time muso. Always been happy enough playing part-time as a hobby while getting a bit of extra pocket money. So, to those who are pros.. did you just jack in a decently paid job and went for broke..or get made redundant and use the redundancy pay to fund recording an EP, buy a clapped out transit van etc or won a boy band competition and got the backing of some oily industry exec with high waistband kecks or like Paul Weller you've never had to do a day's 'regular' job in the first place or summat else entirely?
  6. I don't care for most rap of the last 20 years simply because it was done so much better in the 80s and 90s. Maybe I'm a hip hop snob but nowt I've heard by acts that have emerged since 2000 that can hold a candle to not just the big name acts like The Beastie Boys, NWA, Ice Cube , Wu Tangs, Public Enemy etc but also to underrated ones like EPMD, Naughty by Nature and Main Source. Not so keen on the Shadow track here but Entroducing and The Private Press are feckin excellent. Just in case non hip hop fans think rap is just about some MC rapping and turntablism check out two hip hpop bands that use real instruments e.g. The Roots (US) and The Herbaliser (UK) Anyway I'll leave you with a track from a cracker of an album from the golden age of hip hop
  7. Cos of their critical rep I've tried hard with SD. There are some good tunes on the first two albums but the rest is mostly meh bar the odd tune or two..IMO. For me Aja is a snoozeathon. This is pretty good though https://www.last.fm/music/Steely+Dan/The+Definitive+Collection Mind you, SD are in good company of big name acts whose most acclaimed (and usually biggest selling) albums are their 'best ofs' /'greatest hits' e.g. Stones, Who, Queen, Bowie, Bob Marley, Beach Boys, Eagles, Abba and Madonna
  8. that is helluva lotta dosh considering for a little more than that I got two tickets for Rammstein at the MK stadium. I don't spose Snarky Puppy are putting on a mind boggling display of pyrotechnics?
  9. Yep, can't say I care for most rap/hip hop acts that have emerged since the mid 90s. For me there's only been one decent act so far this millennium and that's Run The Jewels., who have a line in anti-capitalism
  10. As a yoot I was blown away by The Beastie Boys Licensed to Ill, it being on constant rotation much to my flatmates delight. When the follow up, Paul's Boutique, came put it was a huge change and I was pretty disappointed as it lacked the crunching guitar sound. For a long while it's been gathering dust but recently I've gone back to it. Not only did I play it in the car three times yesterday IMO it's a more varied, entertaining and durable album than the debut. For me it's one of the best albums in hip hop history. So, what albums did you write off initially but now think are among the best you have?
  11. I appreciate Dave and Stormzy have their own take on rap and their messages but for me London/English accents don't work. Think I'll stick with Compton and Brooklyn.
  12. Damn, missed it but I think I saw the Beeb performance a year ago. I'm fine with Curt's vocals. They work really well on tunes like Pale Shelter, Change and Mad World. Have to say I prefer The Hurting to Songs, but that's still v good.
  13. Ain't that the truth. In one semi-pro/wedding band I used to play in the stuff that went down the best with all ages was covers of 70s glam pop like Juke Box Jive, The Bump, My Coo Ca Choo. It was bluddy good fun to play too.
  14. You not heard the sad news yet? Bit of a timely choice considering
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