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Barking Spiders

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  1. Top Of The Pops

    Like me I guess a lot of people stream to see whether they wanna buy stuff. I mainly use Last FM and use the 'similar artists' links to check out unfamiliar music. With each artist I'd probably stream half a dozen tunes but if I don't like them then I wont bother further. Quite a lot of the time I do like what I hear and then will seek out used CDs on Discogs or Amazon.
  2. Top Of The Pops

    They were all fine looking girls but any issues about the dancing lay with their choreographer who had a very literal way of interpreting songs e.g. would get them prancing around with umbrellas to Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
  3. Top Of The Pops

    They've recently had some reruns of it on BBC4 or Yesterday I think. Yep, it has to the the source material for Jazz Club, and not just loosely. A bit too earnest for me although i never saw it when first broadcast
  4. Planet Rock..same old hat

    Not sure I agree with you about not much new stuff being made. There's loads of bands that come to mind who i dont think have ever been played on PR, including pretty much all metal acts such as most of last and this year's Download lineups. At last years' DL I came across around 10 bands I'd never heard of before as they just never get any play on even PR let alone other radio. I think PR did or have one or two late night shows dedicated to heavier or newer stuff but not any more it seems
  5. Planet Rock..same old hat

    PR seems to have a strong bias towards all the old lags from the 60s, 70s, 80s, early 90s , Zep, Stones, Who, Aerosmith, Kiss, Floyd, Rush, Jethro Tull, Queen , Foo Fighters, AC/DC blah etc. It's like the playlist makers are in their 70s. There's precious little decent music radio amid the guff that is Radio 1, Smooth , Heart, Kiss, Magic, The Breeze etc.
  6. Top Of The Pops

    Pan's People was the only reason I watched TOTP, mainly for Sue who I had a mahoosive crush on as a pre-pubescent lad.
  7. Planet Rock..same old hat

    KevB - I get that but I thought rock fans might be more open minded about the less familiar than your average Radio 2 / commercial pop radio listener. According to RAJAR data , 71% of the audience is male, and 62% ABC1. 68% fall into the 25-54 age group, So PR is not really dealing with teens and housewives. There's a freighter load of tunes for PR to pick from so we don't really need or want to keep hearing Smoke on the water, Alright now, Satisfaction, Sultans of Swing etc ever again, do we?
  8. Planet Rock..same old hat

    After a couple of years lay off I've been tuning into Planet Rock a few days recently just to see if owt's changed but no. Still the same hoary old classic rock staples from the 60s, 70s 80s i.e. More Than A fookin Feeling, bluddy Kiss, Journey, John Mellencrap, etc etc. Had a random gander at several shows playlists and was hard pressed to find the likes of Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage , Mastodon, Ministry, Killing Joke etc. Yet PR continues to plug Tax The Heat and the Dead Daisies which are at least current, though I don't rate them much but each to their own. So, anyone else think PR needs to be a bit more adventurous in their playlist selections?
  9. Top Of The Pops

    I don't stream myself and prefer CDs but i totally get those who aren't big music fans and don't feel the need to own hard copies. I don't buy into Spotify etc are killing music claims. Most people are probably casual listeners and in them dark olden days would've made do with the radio and home taping anyway. People who liked to buy hard copy then probably still do, if there's owt of interest. I hardly buy any new music these days, not because of streaming but because most music being made these days is utter pants..
  10. Musicianship vs Personality & Stage Appeal

    Too right, if a band looks like they've just arrived from the late shift in a factory then my attention is lost from the word go. If a band looks like The Tubes or the P-Funk crowd you're gonna stay around and see what they sound like. Stands ta reason dunnit?
  11. Bass related oxymorons

    Bassist groupies
  12. Bass related oxymorons

    Bass Hero
  13. Great gig, poor turnout

    I've been there so can appreciate your disappointment. Way back in time I played in a Pigbag-early Thompson Twins type combo and there were as many in the band as there were punters but we had a good laff about it and got quite pally with them. From the perspective of punters who just want to go out with their mates for a chat, live music might be the last thing they want. I've often given pubs the swerve if they've got music acts on. It's the way things are going, lots of bands out there but a dwindling crowd base.
  14. I Hate Tobacco Sunburst

    I dislike all bursts but especially tobacco sunburst and above all Les Paul's with SB finishes.. I have an abiding distaste for the Les Paul in SB though that's probably due to an association with bands I cant abide such as Led Zep and Guns n Roses.
  15. The Soul, Funk and Groove thread.

    Have a bit of D Train, the ace Paul Hardcastle remix. Takes me back to 80s clubbing