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  1. I can't get on with finger picks at all but on acoustic and electric guitars I used a thumb pick and my fingers. I've tried using thumb pick on bass but the heavier strings have more resistance and it doesn't work that well. Instead I've copped Bernard Edwards' chucking technique.
  2. When i told my parents i wanted an acoustic guitar for Christmas they were pleased as they thought I aspired to be the next Julian Bream. When they heard me crunching out the chords to Neil Diamond's Crunchy Granola Suite they became a tad disillusioned. That said, pater has Van Gogh's ear for music while mum thinks that unless its Beethoven, Mozart, Bach etc she's not that interested in the noises i make
  3. Viz Davie 504 his stuff isn't very instructional but it can be quite amusing. There's no doubting his skills though I can see why slap haters wouldn't like his YT channel. Scott's very strong on slap, and funk in general, which is great for me, but there may not be a s much for metalheads. Mind you he does seem to be a big fan of Billy Sheehan. I don't particularly care for the music BS plays but I'm interested in learning some of his techniques as he is a monster fingerstylist.
  4. No particular stories to tell but I've mostly played in funk/disco bands and the caixa in samba groups and we'd spend as much time working on choreographed moves as we did on the music. It was much more fun to perform and always got audiences/crowds dancing too.
  5. There are far more irksome pop-up ads on YT than Scott's. Also it's a business and you have to maintain a constant presence on YT to ensure regular income from ads. I haven't signed up to his academy as he's put out a lot of good free material, which is enough for my needs being that now I'm just a hobby player. So fair play to him to find ways of guaranteeing himself a decent income for his family.
  6. I'm not bothered by the regular pop-ups advertising his SBL academy and other than Mark 'Talking Bass' Smith he's my go to for tips esp on slap techniques . SD's a very good and affable tutor and I like his peripheral stuff e.g. his chats with bass greats but for my money there's no online bass educator better than Mark Smith.
  7. I honestly hadn't come across one as stores I usually go to like Bass Direct, PMT Bristol and Richards Guitars in Stratford don't stock them. The 'masters' you name are fusion players, a genre I don't enjoy listening to while my fave players, nearly all from the funk and 80s pop genres, don't play them
  8. Scott D shows his collection on YT. At 4.22 he shows an F bass, made in Canada. Looks a beaut and sounds it. TBH I'd never heard of this maker before. I'm sure someone on BC must have. Actually I've never heard of Stenbeck either. How many bass makers are there on the planet I wonder?
  9. I've been looking out an original but used prices are high at around £1,500 -2,000
  10. Sir Duke...it's not the horns and bass unison line that was the problem but the deceptively tricky line in the verses as there's little repetition
  11. Yep, I had that and more besides. My mum's Italian, so I had 'spic' , 'eyetie' and 'wop' to contend with as well as 'kraut', 'nazi'. My (roast) beef with the word 'kraut' , as used by The Sun etc, is that it's not used in good, ribbing humour.
  12. As someone of 50% Germanic parentage (Austrian to be precise) I don't care for the term 'krautrock' as in the UK the word 'kraut' is always used in a derogatory context. Also it's a lazy way of lumping a disparate bunch of musicians who only have their nationality in common. Apart from that I generally prefer the 'motorik' sound of Neu to other German bands of the late 60s-70s.
  13. That's the problem being brought into a band run by giant egos. They don't want anyone else to outshine them. Just ask Michael Anthony.
  14. No it certainly doesn't. Let's face it in the vast majority of tunes put out there the basslines are appropriate, because the producers make sure they fit in. I've rarely ever heard any song with an inappropriate line. What these polls mean by 'great' is 'memorable', a much better word to use.
  15. I hit 50 last January and no longer actively bother checking out new acts as I'm whittling down my CD collection to faves which tends to be 70s funk, 80s-00s electronica/dance and hip hop. The only new sounds I tend to notice and like are some theme tunes to European crime dramas on Netflix and Walter Presents e.g. Black Spot, Greyzone and Bordertown.
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