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Barking Spiders

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  1. Acoustic bass guitar chat

    Hmm, now thinking it's praps not such a good idea to get one. If these need amplification then I'm not sure what the point of them is
  2. Acoustic bass guitar chat

    some useful info here casapete. Yep, the big thing for me is the need for a decent sound without amplification . Also whether to go for steel or nylon strings. I'm guessing nylon strings don't give off as loud a noise as steel.
  3. Acoustic bass guitar chat

    I've found myself a cracking pub where peeps come along with their acoustic guitars, things to hit (drums not people), banjolele's etc and just jam. I've been along with bodhran and cajon but there's loads of folks with bongos etc but there's no one with a bass. So I wanna get an acoustic bass but dunno what's good and what's not. I don't wanna spend loads, maybe £500 at the very most. Anyone here got one ?
  4. Made the cut!

    I'm sorely tempted to get either the new Aria SB1000B/2 or a Cort GB74..or both if I had the dosh. No doubt common sense will get the better of me and I wont get either. I've got a budget Vintage fretless I might get shot of which would leave me with 3 so there is room for one more
  5. Liked to've been at Van Halen's debut in the UK in 1978 at the Rainbow in Finsbury Park when they supported Black Sabbath. I was only 7 at the time so might've been stopped from going in. Reputedly they blew BS off the stage. Besides at that age i was more into the Junior Choice scene rather than heavy metal.
  6. Your Favourite Album of 2017

    No love for Little Mix or Bruno Mars then?
  7. Lyrics that changed your world

    No Sheep Till Buxton by The Macc Lads or in fact pretty much many of their fine tales of life in and around the east Cheshire/west Derbyshire region. Then again I could've gone for Now He's A P**f, Uncle Nobby, Guess Me Weight, Beer Sex Chips N Gravy. These tunes always put a smile on my phiz and get me singing in the car
  8. Your Favourite Album of 2017

    only bought three 2017 releases, all good stuff Emperor of Sand by Mastodon - I have to disagree with the poster who reckons their glory days are long ago. I prefer their more accessible style Prophets of Rage - another poster said one of the vocalists was from NWA. Nah, it's Chuck D from the very great Public Enemy! World Eater by Blanck Mass - excellent dark, thumping electronica from one half of Fvck Buttons, for my money the best British electronica act since Orbital, Underworld, Chemical Brothers etc came on the scene etc
  9. Let the music speak for itself?

    Some of the best gigs I've been to have been Underworld, Chemical Brothers, Chase & Status and Orbital. Somehow they manage to hold their audiences attention without much movement or lengthy badinage. I think it's partly because they don't replicate their album tracks slavishly but rework them and ad lib quite a lot. Some bands can overdo the audience participation thing. At Download this year, with Five Finger Death Punch's set there were long gaps between songs with the lead singer trying to work the crowd up into a mosh frenzy. This undermined the momentum built up by the furious tunage
  10. Let the music speak for itself?

    +1 viz QOTSA. Although Josh Homme was kind the band leader/head over the first three albums, Nick O was clearly the heart of the band . Every album they've done since his sacking are'nt a patch on SFTD
  11. The Bangles, so on stage I could've stood behind Susannah Hoffs and watched her derrière all evening
  12. The formula for mega success in the music biz

    I could've also rephrased the question' there's been lots of hyped up next big things who've had the right ingredients -the tunes, looks, image, record company backing, media interest - so how come they bombed so early.? There must be a common reason why they slipped through the net
  13. The formula for mega success in the music biz

    not I'd say. There are thousands of bands and performers with talent x hard work = relative obscurity. I could reel off the names of 100s of virtuosos in the jazz, folk and other acoustic genres who gig hard, put out lots of albums and a unknown outside their niches
  14. Coming back from a biz trip this morn , i was listening to Jeremy Vine on the car wireless. he played some plodding U2 song., probably one of their later ones as it had some plinky piano and little guitar. Got me thinking, what is it about them that they've managed to be one of these mega-sellers. What do they have in common with other mega sellers liker Coldplay, Oasis, Adele, Ed Sheeran, Dido, Michael Buble, Blunty, Eminem, Beyonce, Amy Winehouse, Rihanna. Eminem is the odd one out here, hardly summat your old gran would sway along to at the xmas family bash. If you were a record company MD what what would you look for and what would you avoid. Clearly having the instrumental chops doesn't county for a hill of beans and being original or innovative is probably a hindrance. Reminds me of that old TV ad with some music exec saying to a young band something along the lines of 'you can't sing, you can't dance and you can't play......you'll go far'. Is there something in this?!
  15. Let the music speak for itself?

    Good point. Prepared 'banter' is usually painfully obvious, just like you see on the many dire comedy panel shows. You can best tell by the way the bantering band members stand on stage in relation to eachother and feign shock/surprise/amusement/whatever. When it's older blokes whose gags are seriously dated it's time to crawl off and die