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  1. Barking Spiders

    Later with Joolz last night

    But it isn't Chic, not just without him but also without Tony Thompson on drums and Alfa Anderson and Luci Martin on vocals. They were too definitive a line-up. Tony Thompson was a fantastic drummer and an inspiration to me. A master of the hi-hat -snare combination and his playing was tighter than a gnat's chuff
  2. Barking Spiders

    If you can't Slap Mime and look cool

    Ha ha, no way could you really get a decent slap sound playing like that. All his action is from the elbow if not the shoulder and zero sign of wrist flicking motion.
  3. Barking Spiders

    Christine and the Queens.

    Seen her on Later a couple of times and on another programme and frankly she's just another case of emperors's new clothes. Take the Jacko/Madge inspired dance routines out of the equation and there's not much left.
  4. Basswise my go to players to learn from are the likes Larry Graham, Bernard Edwards, Louis Johnson, Bootsy etc as funk is a fave genre. Guitar based rock isn't my usual bag but there are a few fine players in these fields that I particularly like to listen to and learn from. Dunno why them rather than others, other than that they're very versatile. Dave LaRue - a mate used to be big into Dixie Dregs and the Steve Morse Band. While the music was so-so for me the bass playing stood out as being a great example of a player having the chops, playing appropriately and knowing when not to overdo it esp when it comes to slap n popping. Stuart Hamm - I quite like a bit of Joe Satriani and cam across SH through him. Don't see him getting a lot of mentions on BC yet he's clearly a top flight player as his live solo Country Music shows. Some might think it''s OTT bit it's fun So over to you..if you're mainly a fan of metal, blues rock whatever what funkers or pop players do you like to learn from?
  5. Barking Spiders

    playing with a pick is faster - fact or fiction?

    Not my usual bag and not familiar with Jerry Peek. But he's a great player for sure. I'll have to check out more of his playing
  6. Barking Spiders

    Later with Joolz last night

    I flipped though 5 and 6 on iPlayer and gave every act a couple of minutes. The only one i let play all the way through was Kamasi Washington. Excellent stuff. great rhythm section with the guy on stand up bass. Best act by several hundred country miles. Don't get the fuss about St Vincent. Nowt of interest there. Move on. I also feel a tinge of sadness when a once great act seems to p1$$ over their legacy and such as is the case with Nile Rogers. The woman in the green dress has an awful voice though the new track is weak anyway. The guy on bass is fine enough but he ain't Bernard. Other people maybe able to play the right notes in Chic basslines but no one has managed to get his feel and groove.
  7. Barking Spiders

    How far can you get before you start giggling?

    most entertaining and yes that Metallica song does sound better his way 😊
  8. Barking Spiders

    Later with Joolz last night

    ...followed by gagging and a sack over the head for a finish
  9. Barking Spiders

    Later with Joolz last night

    ..not forgetting griping, complaining and whingeing! Show me someone who's never whinged/moaned/griped and I'll show you a fibber or a saint. It does irk me though how some members of the PC Thought Police confuse expressing a negative opinion about someone/thing with moaning. Most of us at least balance this with positive views about things we like, objectively appreciate or respect.
  10. Barking Spiders

    Later with Joolz last night

    I wasn't old enough to be in the OGWT target demographic but having seen some re-runs on BBC4 it was hard going. All a bit earnest what with studious proggy musos and angsty American singer songwriter hippies 😉. I'm more inclined to the vapid fluffiness of TOTP with its glam bands comprising blokes who look like builders in big sparkly suits with lapels like Concorde wings. My big beef with Later is that the tone is generally a bit serious or at least reverential / deferential. I like my music enough but don't view its makers as special beings touched by the hand of God. Whenever I see anyone referring to some guitarist or other as 'a god' I want to knock some sense of proportion into their heads.
  11. Barking Spiders

    Later with Joolz last night

    Because moaning /dissing stuff is the lifeblood of humanity and this forum 😉
  12. Barking Spiders

    How many basses in the world?

    3, 786,401 or thereabouts
  13. Barking Spiders


    Dunno this but I'll sure check it out next time i can. Only recently came across this gem, but i was released in 1994
  14. Barking Spiders


    Quite like some of their stuff and yep they use synths and samples a lot plus the odd bit of bass and guitar Quite a few old school acts doing stuff this year. The Orb have a new album out this month and are playing at the Blue Dot festival at Jodrell Bank as are The Chemical Btothers. Orbital played there last year and have a new album out in September. The Black Dog have just released two new albums and mouse on Mars have just got a new one out.
  15. Barking Spiders


    I think there are a few BCers apart from me partial to some electronica. This thread will probably sink without trace but you never know. I always like hearing new stuff so would welcome recommendations what folk are listening to whether Warp or Ninja Tune stuff, trip hop, drum n' bass, ambient, House, krautrock etc. So, bring it on.