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  1. Trouble is, everything sounds silly or naff to start with, even famous bands sound silly in the cold light of day. We went through 100s and I ended up using my favourite childhood game for inspiration
  2. Way back in 1984 I went to the Old Duke in Bristol to watch an R&B band that were big in Bristol at the time. Great band, great gig and towards the end of course round came the solos. The bass player would probably admit it wasn't his finest moment. I can't solo at all so I'm no one to call him out, but it was a pretty bad 12 bars. Skip forward 3 weeks and I managed to get an interview at a studio in Bristol. And who should be the owner of the studio?.... Yup, the very same bass player. I got the job and needless to say i never mentioned that solo. I did however end up doing the bands live sound and had some of the best nights ever. They were an awesome R&B band and it was a pleasure doing the sound. And he did manage to play better solos.
  3. Here comes the rain again..... 🤔 Eurythmics
  4. Take a Walk on the wild side. Lou Reed
  5. Sounds like they are glamping in the VIP area with proper toilets and everything. Chage them the full £300!
  6. Very good post there. Nice video. I was working in studios around this time mixing tracks with a lot of dance/remixers. Everyone and their donkey was using this loop (bIt like the DX7 in the early 80s). I struggled with a lot of this music at the time as it's not my taste. But as an in house engineer you do what you got to do. Same with house music. Where's the music? But get into a club, accept it is what it is and let it get to you and then it makes sense! 🕺
  7. I see an opening for a James May tour here
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