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  1. Doesn't surprise me at all. Aye, an absolute first class gentleman. 👍
  2. Aye, I have a Fender lead and it's fine, but the above is straight-straight... (I see you've gone 4.5m, for the larger music room ) Here > straight/angled 👍
  3. I have a saying that I just made up: 5m for gigging 3m for home 👍
  4. Mine is a self-cleaning bass. "Please wash hands after use" 👍
  5. At some point though, people are going to start running out of those happy reaction faces -- then there will be panic buying, stockpiling, and things are bound to turn ugly... Just kiddin'! 😃
  6. Wow, that de-escalated quickly! 😄
  7. And I see a little switch on there. What's that? Air conditioning?? 😄
  8. Id say the photos don't help much due to all those reflections in the shop. However, it looks ace, it's the model you want, there don't seem to be many other ones just like it available at present, and the price seems fair (be it 375 or 375 with the extras thrown in). Although it doesn't pass my test of 'How many knobs do I have to turn before I can play the thing?' (which is 2 ideally, Max of 3). 😃
  9. What, no books? Plectrums? Bass wax! ... ?
  10. Oooof, I don't know... ex-display, if you really want it and don't mind it being played...? I assume the full warranty would be in place. You could tell them that you're a young struggling musician, and offer £350 all in!? (mentioning David Byrne would be optional)! 😃
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