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  1. To be honest, I've lost the taste for it... 😔
  2. Crikey, that's a bit strong.
  3. Fwoar, that sounds nice... and you've reminded me that there's a really rubbish barber just up the road from the market, who seriously needs to "go", for pretending to be Italian, and giving me the worst flat top I've ever had... and that's not a euphemism. 👎 Ohh, you mean Lola? She used to be a fella you know. 😉
  4. I would, but sadly he's already paying me eight grand a week as a "security consultant", so I feel there would be a conflict of interests...
  5. I've bought a twin-pack of what they describe as "Chip Shop Minced Steak & Onion Pies". I have my doubts, but if I'm dissatisfied in any way, I can always firebomb the place tomorrow. Oooh, I happen to have found out that Teebs is playing at an "open Mic" this Sunday. Probably best to hit him on the way out in the dark (that's if the audience haven't done the job for you already). Don't thank me - I'm happy to help. And good luck! 👍
  6. He certainly sounds great whatever he plays...
  7. Sorry to miss this - I was at Lidl, buying pies. Who's been slotted??
  8. If we're reading between the lines - they don't have a set, or any gigs, or even a regular rehearsal night. They just have goals, apparently.
  9. I know that band from somewhere, but damned if I can remember now...
  10. My sympathies. It's a cop-out name then? I hated my last bands name so bad... it just shouldn't be difficult, but I know it is.
  11. All music gets thrown in the electric juicer of time, and the great bits (of which there are relatively few, even from great bands / artists), float to the top... If I may spam this: Love that bit of sampled bassline from an otherwise crappy rock song.
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