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  1. Can you put colour in the pointers and dots of those knobs? 😗
  2. I thought you'd been here for yonks (that's English for years!). 🙂
  3. The bits in bold ^^^^. Hard to say without being there, but I think I'd keep my level down, rather than compete with a too-loud guitar. He's less likely to turn himself down if he thinks you're the one who's too loud. And I'd particularly play quieter at those moments when you know he's likely to go off piste and screw the arrangement. You'll sound better for it. 😉 Unless he goes i.e. into the bridge half way through a chorus - in which case - all bets are off! 😄
  4. From what I've seen on the TV, Copeland was a bit of a psycho back in the day, and Gordon Sting was probably actually scared of him. And there's no shame in that. Seemed to be what they call an abusive relationship.
  5. Just look at the audience reaction to probably one of the greatest players of the modern era... ... and it's raining....
  6. I would fake an injury, or a case of the yips. edit: Or better still, equipment failure.
  7. I've got your coat ready... 😄
  8. No, not at all, but if the drummer's all over the place and you're trying to fit in with it - maybe it's harder for a third party to pick that apart? Have you done any recording together? That might help you all to focus on getting a good solid rhythm going. 🙂
  9. I dunno, that guy seems a bit desperate to me...
  10. I was thinking I like the white, but maybe a black PG as a spare!? 🤷‍♀️
  11. Damn, must be the strings she's using. Gonna get me some of them.
  12. Many already mentioned, plus Reggie McBride and this guy:
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