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  1. Greatest band ever. Who saw them at Battersea Park in '78...? They had strippers on stage for Nice n' Sleazy, but that vid's been deleted from youtube. Bastards.
  2. I've gone off the Jazz bass now... it's all about a P bass with flats and a big chunk of foam shoved under the strings. You never heard any treble (or mids) out of the great James Jamerson, did ya? No that's right - you didn't.
  3. I google that at 36km by road. 😀
  4. God, that is so sudden, sad, yet really nice... my sincere condolences also.
  5. Slightly interestingly, the one they used in the movie: Compared to the actual: Note: The original collar shape is not actually what we might call 'Hawaiian' (it doesn't have the lapels). 🧐
  6. I'm interested. Would you accept $950? 😀
  7. You might have to search through a billion Hawaiian shirts for sale online. Here's three that aren't really very close to 'it'. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mens-Brave-Soul-Lagos-Sahara-Sanctuary-Stellar-Cotton-Short-Sleeved-Party-Shirt/391982772990?hash=item5b43fe72fe:m:mQ3pu-10TKPAtq8cxtz4NiQ https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HARTFORD-ALTERNATIVE-CLASSICS-VIVE-LA-FRANCE-SHORT-SLEEVE-SHIRT-SIZE-XXL-SLIM/264280372887?hash=item3d88567697:g:0HEAAOSwyAdcsJkj https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mens-Loud-Shirt-Retro-Psychedelic-Festival-Party-Seaside-Cartoon-Blue-REGULAR/301955957151?hash=item464dfa419f:m:m_1shaoOd8S5ul1m_k2vj8g
  8. Damn, and I though I knew that album!? I said that it wasn't always easy to get the song just from the bassline. Didn't I say that?? 😬
  9. Simply replace it with this, from my 7" singles collection:
  10. Sounds really good mate. Did you use the 'share' link as below?
  11. Oh ya ya! You're so right! 👍 Thanks butty. 🙂
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