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  1. That's a live drummer, daddy. 👍 I thought you'd like it. 🙂
  2. Did you have any trouble playing it with your thumb?
  3. Similar to Col. Del Var's advice, I am 1970s semi-detached, and trust me, you could hear a mouse farting next door. Luckily I have an unattached rear extension to the property, with a weapons grade sliding door to the 'main house'. This is where my own mouse farts. If you can't put the Johanna in a non-adjoining room at least -- I'd consider a different property mate. With all the love in the world.🙂
  4. Apologies if this has been posted up before: My son put me onto this! Embarrassed to say that I don't know much about him...
  5. Surprised this is not up yet: Can't quite get it right on the bass... need to borrow @Bridgehouse's keyboard!
  6. Don't worry, picks are real. We never should have brought sticks into it. 😬 😃
  7. It's not like some artist would have sticks / picks printed with their name on if it was deliberately a type of sticks / picks they don't use themselves. Well, I would, just to put people off if they thought my pick would give them 'my sound'... I'd be like "Hah! You thought that pick would sound more like me, but in fact it sounds less so!" ... but nobody else would be such an 'sshole. 🤗 Or, I suppose some stick / pick firm might send an artist a job-lot of them on spec, hoping the artist would use them and/or give them out to people, which would look like an endorsement... yeah, that could happen.
  8. Then keep walking, bozo. 👏 That was a really slow clap... 😃
  9. Jesus... Alright, we can include famous drumsticks, if that helps? 🤣
  10. Randomly, I have Nathan East's, and Brian Setzer's. I bet some of us on here have a much larger collection than me? 🙂
  11. Welcome back! 🙂
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