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  1. Ricky 4000

    Epiphone Thunderbird - disuade me, please.

    I hate Gibsons.
  2. Ricky 4000

    Ampeg SVT-CL cuts out in every gig

    My B-15(T) used to die out... once or twice during a song it would fade to nothing, then come back after a second or two. No wonder the scumbag who traded it with me was so keen for the deal. 🙁 It probably doesn't help the OP, but our (at the time) studio engineer (bless him) managed to fix it by de-soldering and re-soldering all the connections behind the front panel. It was a guess, as he knew that most faults develop closest to the control knobs and switches. He was right, because it's not done it again in 20-odd years. 👍
  3. Ricky 4000

    Reggae Bass?

    The Guv'nor. S'funny, I keep on almost forgetting how great he is/was. By Brian Marks - Jah Wobble, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=10290097
  4. Ricky 4000

    ...well here's a strange one

    It's ironic. Like Nigel's Marshall stack guitar. 😄
  5. I was in a conventional 3 piece band, so nowhere to hide really. I've often mused about retiring to the backline of a great soul band (complete with horns and backing singers), once I reach a certain weight. 👍 Although now i'm thinking a reggae band (with horns and backing singers) would be just as fabulous.
  6. Ricky 4000

    Just out of curiosity......

    "Dr Nowt" 😂
  7. Just what does the hive mind think about Mark Ronson?
  8. Ricky 4000

    Whatever Happened to Compressors?

    Following some extensive research among the 101st chairborne bass playing division - if you don' wanna get into rack units - the Boss LMB-3 is the best. I've just bought one (not delivered yet) - so I know all about it, see. 👍
  9. Ricky 4000

    Just out of curiosity......

    One question, Mr D... Do you have an industrial laser that could burn a bloke's jacob(s) off if required? 😬
  10. Ricky 4000

    Rory Gallagher And Gerry McAvoy

    When was that recorded? 1970 or something? I wouldn't have thought Rory's guitar could have been old enough to be so relicy!
  11. Ricky 4000

    Just out of curiosity......

    It's interesting how we know this. What the general public often fail to recognise, is that "criminal is as criminal does". Most archcriminals, even at the highest level, can't resist screwing the system. For example, Hans Gruber was registered as living in a council flat in Holloway, North London, and was claiming Jobseeker's Allowance (which incidentally, his brother Eric continued to collect for three months after Hans' death). Even Hitler was on Incapacity Benefit (one ball), until he signed off a bit quick when he suddenly became famous for winning the Nuremberg Rally. And he put "The Berghof" in his mother's name for 'tax purposes'. Probably.
  12. Ricky 4000

    Just out of curiosity......

    (Dr) No no, it was just some spunky interior design suggestions (black candelabras, a large fishtank etc), in case Mr Delvar was feeling a bit "beige". 🙂
  13. Ricky 4000

    Just out of curiosity......

    That's the nickname Dr No gave to Ursula Andress. He was so truly despicable. 😬
  14. Ricky 4000

    Just out of curiosity......

    It's not so bad... think of it this way - many of the baddies in Sean Connery as Bond films lived in bungalows (or at least, cool & retro split level pads). Like the bad guy in Dr No, for instance. I can't remember his name, but he wears a black glove and dresses a bit like Chairman Mao. Or rather, he did in 1962 or whatever. 👍