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  1. 😄 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pine-Antique-Corner-Unit/233202909438?hash=item364bfa00fe:g:gg8AAOSwyhVcuYdi
  2. Sounds like he'd already been listening to Talking Heads... Tina's basslines are wonderfully 'accessible' if you ask me:
  3. I don't see the point in 50% of my pedals (i.e the Orange Burst)... then I ask myself 'what would Jamerson do?' ... Answer = He'd plug straight in to the desk, and not be offered any work after 1975... No... I've heard Stew's playing, and it sounds bloody great... obviously that's because of all them pedals! 😃
  4. Boss LMB-3 > Orange Burst overdrive > (Fender clip-on tuna). Them's the only two pedals I've got. And then only one at a time because I only have one 9v transformer. 😃
  5. He's had a bit of the old Jah cabbage himself! 😃
  6. Another artiste with 100% feedback...? Nope, I can't think of anybody.
  7. I learned some bits of this: Gonna be a while before I'm proficient at it!
  8. Ahh, that explains it. I don't think wearing odd shoes will ever catch on.
  9. I was looking on there for Nike trainers for my lad. Some idiots on there are selling just one shoe!
  10. Interesting! I see what you did there... I play it like the OP, which is I think how Norman plays it -- by progressing down the neck. But, from looking at the first line of your tab, playing the G and G# on the A string, I can see how the whole verse could be played in pretty much the same hand position, with finger 1 not moving below the 8th fret (except for the little chromatic run on the A string that goes 6-7-8). It's faster... but I don't see why on your second line of tab, you play the G# on the D string fret 6, instead of playing it on the A string fret 11 (like you did in the first line)... all the notes on fret 6 will move over a string to fret 11... Thanks for posting it up though -- it's food for thought. 👍
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