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  1. Not a bug, but is it desirable / possible to add a 'top' button at the bottom of each page?
  2. It looks great on my android phone too. Cheers Ped 👍👍
  3. @prowla -- what about this for high contrast!? 👍?
  4. Fantastic 👍 Although I can't find Ped's 'green thing' anywhere...
  5. Aye, it looks lush... shame about the missing double spacing though.
  6. Is it an unlimited TLRT update? 🤞
  7. History repeats. The best cover bands get the attention of the originals. Hamsters > Feelgoods, These guys > Chicago. Bit of a long video, but you get the idea in the first minutes:
  8. Half forgotten UK pub rock bands from 20 years ago is like any other natural hierarchy: 99% of the wealth goes to the 1% at the top of the pyramid. The vast majority of bands are scratching around the lower levels. Many are looking for a leg up to the next level. Some are naturally just better than others, some try much harder than others, some both / some neither...
  9. I saw them years ago, in the bar at Newport Centre. Super-tight band. 👍
  10. You might do well with a sad looking dog lying by the collection tin. 👌
  11. Aye, well, it lets the punters see that the organisers aren't paying the band. 👍
  12. If you're not being paid, then its busking. And should be OK with the organisers to have collection buckets for the band.
  13. Billy Blough, if he's not been mentioned earlier? Thread / TL;DR. 😛
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