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  1. 'Used to' because the Morris twins stole your bass, propositioned your girlfriend then drove back to Tunbridge Wells in your car? We all live and learn my friend. 👍
  2. I hate Springsteen, all Prog Rock and anybody - however distantly - connected to Morris dancing.
  3. Like bouncing a satsuma on a cheap plastic racquet out of a cheap 'Tennis Set' from Woolworths . In other words - not plugged in at the moment.
  4. I'd say they feel very solid and seem decent quality for the price point, if a little uninspiring... I bought a lefty Jive bass with the Babicz bridge for my lefty son. One day he'll forget about it, and I could end up with 'borrowing' the bridge and lefty neck to put on a righty P body, for me! That would be so cool...
  5. So Babicz isn't babic-zee? 🤦
  6. Those, and trying to play along with certain records that were out of tune for one reason or another. Yes, I'm looking at you, UB40 - Signing Off...
  7. Aye. According to Carol Kaye, soon as the Fender bass came out in the 1950s, pros were shimming the neck pocket to taste. 👍
  8. I would pretend to be somebody else, probably from Poland.
  9. Oh gawd, it's another Blank... 😄
  10. Welcome! 🙂___ 👍
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