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  1. *sigh* ... he had such perfect bass height and angle. 😗
  2. Welcome aboard, Ari. 👍 I was in an 80s band in the 1990s... 🤦‍♂️
  3. I only recently (last night), learned that Jack Casaday played with Jimi Hendrix... he did the bass on 'Voodoo Child' tha knows... I'm impressed. 👍
  4. I wasn't going to cover any Des Decker songs you tool.
  5. Anybody wanna buy a flanger?
  6. I see those bastards at Lucozade have hijacked my idea for a new hotstep band by using my favorite Ini Kamoze track in their stupid TV adverts. Which was going to be the opening song in my set, but now any millennials in the crowd would be all "Oh, its the Lucozade song!"... so basically thats ****ing ruined it. 😟
  7. This is how you use a looper see:
  8. Its quite an annoyance because it stops and promptly shitz forgets it's self whenever you change patch. 😬
  9. I want a cheap looper, and I'll tell you why if you want. Seems like a good solution for adjusting your amp / pedals / line level / whatever, while you're usually having to try to play notes at the same time. 👍
  10. Just to say, my best mate (drummer) has been recovering from a stroke for a year now. Its been frustratingly slow progress, but he's getting incrementally better. He could barely control a stick in the one hand for the first 6 months, but he kept a practice pad close by, and recently he's gotten back behind a full kit at home. That P bass of yours is tempting! But I do hope you have another bass (or two) as backup... 🤔
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