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  1. Summer in the city - The Lovin' Spoonful
  2. Time (Clock Of The Heart) - Culture Club
  3. I'm not playing if they're going to cheat. 😕
  4. RIP Toots 😔 Damn, the Covid got him? 😕
  5. @Frank Blank is fixated on her. 👍 Not that I blame him, mind.
  6. Love Grace Jones' music. This one has more notes: 😎
  7. There was a time when if you wanted mint sauce with your meat on a Sunday, you'd send a child out to the garden to pick a few mint leaves, you'd chop them up (the mint leaves, not the child), add them to a little vinegar et voila. Nowadays folks buy frozen pizza and ice cubes from the supermarket. I have no idea what I mean by that.
  8. Noooo, Stew - I'm just a subscriber. 🙂 I could show her how to play 'Peaches', but to be honest I think she's a bit beyond that level.
  9. Although it was nearly 50 years ago now, I still remember a junior school music lesson when Miss brought in her vinyl copy of Prokofiev's Peter and the wolf. The characters being represented by the different instruments quickly had me hooked like Pavlov's dog. This directly influenced me in 1965, coming up with the upright bass part in 'These Boots Are Made For Walking', which directly influenced Nancy Sinatra taking me to her hotel after the session and having full sex with me... our heaving rampant torsos twisting together until there was no space between us... ... that in turn influenced me to try to get on the 1960s Motown sessions backing the Supremes, but unfortunately Jamerson or Babbit always got those gigs... The above is completely untrue obviously, except the first part. 😬
  10. I believe it is, although Carol Kaye may have claimed it at some point. 😄
  11. It's been nice to watch young Julia get better and better on the bass, via her YT covers videos. I think she makes a great job of this: 👍 👍
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