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  1. Take 2 paracetamol half an hour before you go on, and enjoy it! Paracetamol are AMAZING! 👌
  2. Welcome, big fella 👍
  3. Ah, I'm sure you're right. I'd taken it that somebody (from H 17) hadn't paid him. But I see what you mean. It could alternatively read as that 'somebody' was another band. A case of semantics. 🙂 Wow, I'd never considered that he could have been that young. Awesome playing.
  4. I have them on a couple of basses. One set is around 10 years old I reckon, the other set I bought offa fleabay last Xmas-time for a tenner (plus a couple of quid postage IIRC). They don't seem as 'bright' as the Fender flats, but they're not rubbish IMHO. 👌 After saying that, I'm far to 'cheap' to have compared them to proper expensive flats. 😬
  5. Not forgetting Gregory Porter, Seasick Steve and Dexys (not at the same time though - that would be strange)! 🤒
  6. Fair enough - I suppose it is a typical break-up album. Here's the band on Jools' show, as an excuse to keep on topic:
  7. S'funny, I was reading about Penthouse & Pavement recently. Apparently, the pavement side was largely influenced by the (fab) basslines of session player John Wilson, who completely went to ground after the band didn't bother to pay him for a bunch of sessions later on - and they've never been able to contact him since!
  8. I wonder if Bridgey has changed his identity... He could be that new fella who always seems like he's been around the block before, despite his low post count. 😉
  9. Did anybody mention Imelda May? 🙂
  10. I don't mind admitting that Imelda May singing Black Tears on 'Jools' was so bloody good it made me cry (ironic)... although that was on new year's eve, and a few years ago I might add, so hardly relevant. It's also irrelevant that Imelda May is probably one of my favorite singers of all time. She is (in my view), also extremely lovely, awesome and sexy. 👌
  11. Bassist - Formally trained to play anything straight from looking at the score, look and act completely disinterested in anything they can play (which is everything), and argue about anything and everything related to music in an aggressively boring fashion. Bass player - Monkey see, monkey do. 👍 Example of a room-full of 'ists'. Yes, they are pretty good...
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