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  1. Love the graphics! But there was a band (still going) from Oldham back in the day called DARE, featuring a certain Professor Brian Cox... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dare_(band)#Past_members Glad that your band is happening though 👍
  2. Yep - very good with a masonry bit, but equally efffective with a good HSS bit on metal So, in answer to the eternal question, Yammys are good for metal!
  3. Makita = Yamaha That''s nice, but my Fodera drill has a fanned chuck! So there!
  4. 23.05.2019 - clashmusic.com interview: "Deeply passionate about music, his recall is incredible – we’re here ostensibly to discuss Primal Scream’s new singles compilation ‘Maximum Rock ‘N’ Roll’, the band he formed in the late-’70s and guided through indie pop, rave, Stones-esque country soul and beyond..." Does this shine any light on Mr. Gillespie's most recent utterances?
  5. What time are you on? I'm out and about on Sunday, but will make it if I can. 👍
  6. Nah! If Fodera made drills, they'd have 47,000 settings - none of them useful for anything practical; would be made from rare materials that are not resistant to dust & have 'fanned' directional drilling!
  7. Indeed! Surely there's a whole massive new thread right there! That'll keep BCers arguing for evermore!
  8. Yep, they realised that they'd done all they could in the music industry, and decided to move on to pastures new...
  9. Bang on! For me, this sums up music constantly evolving. 👍
  10. I really like Primal Scream, but if I was to be horrid, I'd say that the only reason they came to prominence was due to Andy Weatherall re-mixing Loaded. Bobby G said himself about acid house music "I always remember being quite fascinated by it but not quite getting it." I think that they've made some excellent music, but I'd not take his word for the demise of a whole type/ style/ genre of music.
  11. Do you mean 'good, but awkward'? "What you want there, mate ( ) ya gots ta get yerself a Makita - the propa working man's drill" (bass equivalent = Yamaha.) *Your mileage may vary; the author has no affiliation with brand/s mentioned; your home is at risk if you start drilling stuff willy-nilly)
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