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  1. VAR call! You'll have the answer next week!
  2. Nowt wrong with that. More things = more things to let you down at a gig.
  3. TU-2, Okto-Nøjs, EHX Bass Clone, EBS Fuzzmo / Chowny Fuzzster, Palmer Bass Deepressor. Probably Dammit! Forgot the Microthumpinator. TU-2, Microthumpinator, Okto-Nøjs, EBS Fuzzmo, Palmer Bass Deepressor.
  4. I think that some people do try to work out what the lyrics mean, and others are just happy for the words to fit the tune. BJ and Cameron probably just said that they liked these bands 'cos they thought it'd make them sound cool, rather missing the socialist message behind the words.
  5. For me, they're a bit of a mixed blessing. I find the grades material a bit daunting at first, I have a go at everything, lose confidence, then come back a week or month later & it makes more sense. I've definitely improved from doing it, but it hasn't been a particularly enjoyable experience Have a go - it may be that you take to it, or maybe you struggle abit like me.
  6. My experience is very similar to yours : I'm 44, played in originals bands for 11ish years - that finished a decade ago. Since then I've been playing at home, learning bits & pieces & working through the grades material. Earlier this year, I was asked to run the open mic night at my local bar, and ever since, I've been playing nearly every week. During that time I've met lots of musicians - some good, some not so good - but have had offers to join existing bands on bass. None were right for me, so I decided to ask some of the other musicians if they fancied doing something. First rehearsal tomorrow! My experience might not work for you, but you never know who you'll meet at open mic nights. Good luck with everything 👍
  7. No idea - googled 'Hi' in Swedish!
  8. Teebs

    I'm Back

    Hiya Fangio back.
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