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  1. Teebs

    So, I answered an Ad.....

    Perfect for metal! I've also got a gong...
  2. Teebs

    So, I answered an Ad.....

    Bad luck @ahpook... ...I've just replied to your ad! (can I bring my kazoo to the audition?)
  3. Teebs

    Hi from Nottingham, UK

    Hiya Pete
  4. I find that G is sooooo very last year dahling!
  5. Teebs

    Hi from Paul F

    Hiya Paul
  6. Teebs

    Hello from Phoenix, Arizona

    Hello Roadcat1
  7. Teebs

    Hello from Utah, USA

    Hi Tim
  8. Teebs


    I'd never plagiarise anyone else's work. Keith Richards on Led Zep: "There's something a little hollow about it, you know?"
  9. My guess - Lord Lucan & Shergar. You know I'm right!
  10. Teebs

    Hello from Christchurch, New Zealand

    Hiya Aliwobble
  11. I quite like the hat 🎩
  12. Shan't. Can't. Won't make me do it! 😛
  13. Naaah, the bass is cool you'll wear it in & it'll be ace! You do know that slapping is the work of the devil 👿? A deviance. (although the jazz is good for that kind of thing, I'm told... *wanders off whistling innocently*)
  14. Lend the jazz to a guitarist for a bit - genuine wear & tear! They do look fab!