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  1. What, you can change strings?!?! Who knew! (Before you criticise, remember Bernard Edwards)
  2. What could be more straightforward!
  3. 🎶 To everything - tern, tern, tern There is a season - tern, tern, tern And a time to every purpose under heaven 🎶
  4. I don't know what you're talking about, but I can play it without knowing what it is, having never heard it before, and with no chord sheet or instruction of any kind. But then, I'm speshul.
  5. Naah! He's still kaylied from the fleshpots of the miglands last night.
  6. Now that's just cruel! Once - totez fair; Twice - overdoing it. Bit like Tim on freds...
  7. I think you've misread. It actually reads 'Victim'. Yes, you've become a victim. Of what remains a mystery. You're welcome
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