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  1. Teebs

    Old '60s Maton

    I saw that place when I was up in Edinburgh for my wedding anniversary in November - I remember thinking how overpriced all the basses were. They had some nice bits and pieces though.
  2. A lot of things that you think turn out to be wrong!
  3. Mrffff hmffgle mrffrrm grffflllw hwwwwaggglllllmmmmmm! Ah, that's better now. Got stuck in my Yamaha bass case!
  4. Teebs

    Hello !

    Salut Nicolas!
  5. ...and Jack possibly @SpondonBassed?
  6. Well @Skinnyman , going to give it another try this year? (His mobility scooter battery went flat last year!)
  7. I went last year - I think it's Doveridge Village Hall, Sand Lane, Doveridge, Ashbourne DE6 5JQ, but I'm sure @jebroad will confirm.
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