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  1. I currently have a ltd ibanez rg331m in a bright yellow colour
  2. Hello thank you very much for the offer and the amp looks like what I'm looking for but I will need to wait for my gear to sell or wait a few months and I will have the money. If your amp is still available when I have the cash I will get In touch
  3. Here is a pic of my current amp
  4. Hi I'm just looking for a combo with around 300 watts that is easy to move about. I'm currently using an 80s peavey 75 watt bass amp which is very heavy.
  5. Hello, I am thinking about upgrading my amp in a few months. My budget is around 350 and I am probably looking for a decent second hand amp, does anyone have any suggestions ?
  6. Overall ibanez make great guitars and basses with the odd bad ones
  7. Is it ? I found mine on Facebook for £235 which is pretty unbeatable
  8. Yh the neck is amazing and I got a good deal. I've heard the gsr200 is a great bass for the price
  9. I have the same bass in black
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