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  1. This describes my view I think, though my view of what suits was probably conditioned by the finishes traditionally offered. My"unforgivable" finish is Antigua🙂.
  2. Looks very nice! Also looks like Mark is prepared to go a bit more bespoke than I'd assumed. Think the most off-piste bass I've seen him do was the P with an MM pickup instead of the split coil.
  3. Ann Peebles - Straight From The Heart album eg
  4. Khruangbin at Leeds O2 June 21st.
  5. Ancient thread resurrection...I've just got one of these, a lovely thing indeed! Can you recommend a gig bag or case for this? (It's a 32" scale but with a jumbo-ish body)?
  6. It's a pleasure to start Laurie's (Dan Dare) feedback. He bought my PRS SE guitar: a very straightforward and very pleasant transaction. Deal with confidence! Hope you enjoy the guitar Laurie👍
  7. Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment - The Brothers Ramone
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