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  1. Bit slow I know, but just been reading all the above and saying "wow" to myself! What a great experience! Thanks for the photos
  2. NBD... visit to the dentist

    Very nice! Hope you'll be playing more than just root (canal) and fifths?
  3. New embassy (and also thunderbird) bass, Classic style!

    Gear4music have a white I think
  4. HB PB-50 Modded! - *Version 3.0*

    Certainly not! No, that was the cauliflower soup. Now I'm picturing a "Farter" decal in 50s script.
  5. HB PB-50 Modded! - *Version 3.0*

    That sounds - and looks - awesome! Thanks, I've now got a form of GAS I wasn't expecting...
  6. New embassy (and also thunderbird) bass, Classic style!

    I might have to slip into York this aft...but then, the Ebony is very cool
  7. Fenderbird parts

    I'm building a Fenderbird, I have an unloaded Epi Thunderbird vi body to work with (quite a lot of work in fact!) and a bridge, so need some parts: - Maple neck, preferably loaded either P or J style (prefer J) - no name is fine - Tuners (if the neck I get is unloaded) - Epi TB Rear control plate and neck plate with screws if poss - Epi VVT knobs (witches hat or gold) - Epi or Gibson Thunderbird pick guard Thanks in advance!
  8. Punk/Post-Punk Bassists.

    A shout out for Paul Gray, especially in Eddie and the Hot Rods guise.
  9. Well done ped and team

    This is a great forum, enhanced by the upgrade. So +1 to all the above positive comments to ped, charic and all those involved in development and moderating
  10. Miming on TOTP's

    Think that was Owen Paul - My favourite waste of time.
  11. NBD - Limelight P/J

    Lovely looking bass. Nice one!
  12. Road Worn 50's Precision vs American Vintage 58

    I keep looking at that. They've just knocked £20 off...
  13. Tokai Hard Puncher - SOLD

    Rik is one of the good guys - deal with confidence! Nice bass too!