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  1. GAK/Gibson EB 5-string/£399

    And now...£499. Still a good price, but a bit irritating!
  2. New embassy (and also thunderbird) bass, Classic style!

    The Embassy looks to be in stock at GAK and G4M .
  3. Custom NR Thunderbird

    Yowzah! Conversation with Mrs H imminent...
  4. My eyes, my eyes! (Gibson crime).

    That's a 2014 in Fireburst. I think it's lovely - takes all sorts
  5. Limelight Jazz Bass 149 Oly white + Red Tort

  6. Limelight Jazz Bass 149 Oly white + Red Tort

    Lovely looker - v good price too
  7. NBD Gibson new old stock

    [quote name='Grahambythesea' timestamp='1510244076' post='3404972'] Thats right. [/quote] Ah, very nice. Future classic there I think.
  8. Gibson RD Artist Basses announced for 2018

    Very nice, always liked the RD's design. They look like the p/ups out of the EB series.
  9. NBD Gibson new old stock

    Can't see the photos on my phone, but is this a natural from GAK?
  10. Maruszczyk Thunderbirds!!! (Phoenix)

    I got a pretty quick response via Messenger.
  11. [quote name='discreet' timestamp='1509019592' post='3396060'] IIRC, the Precision first appeared in 51, then what you could call the 'Sting' version (two-colour sunburst with white guard) was from late 54 to mid-57, the 'new' version with humbucking split pickup, revised pickguard and headstock shape was from mid-57. Rosewood boards appeared in 1959 and tort guards around 1960. All these dates are fluid - being Fender there were aberrations and exceptions aplenty depending on availability of parts, etc. You are correct. In 58 you could get a 3TSB with gold guard and one-piece maple neck and in 59 a 3TSB with gold guard and rosewood board - which was only available for one year, hence its rarity. 3TSB, tort guard and rosewood board appeared in 1960. All approximate, of course - Fender transitions are notoriously hard to date with 100% accuracy. [/quote] So does that mean by definition the MiM Roadworn is a sort of 57 re-issue or did 2TSB persist beyond the introductory year (and apologies to the OP for hijacking!)?
  12. [quote name='coffee_king' timestamp='1509003997' post='3395868'] Anyone know the difference between the 57 and the 58? [/quote] Sticking my neck out here but...was 3TSB introduced for 58?
  13. Forgot this was here type bump...and a price drop!
  14. NBD: Lovely 1973 Precision

    Lovely looking bass - nice one!
  15. Favourite solo on a hit record?

    [quote name='Brett' timestamp='1503916754' post='3361490'] Always loved John McGeoghs playing in the Banshees and I'm pretty certain it was the solo from Shot by both sides that grabbed peoples attention. [url="https://youtu.be/TCULiAKoDcM"]https://youtu.be/TCULiAKoDcM[/url] [/quote] This^^. Also, that Barry Adamson bassline is rather cool.