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  1. Pretty sure BM played a Telecaster on "Crazy little little thing called love"
  2. Outstandingly bonkers If Mr Spock played guitar; it'd be this. I only wish my guitar playing justified buying it.
  3. I used to have a P bitsa I put a Kahler trem on (more correctly - a vibrato unit) - never used to to its full potential, but interesting and used subtly created some "fretlesseque" effects. Even heavier than a Badass 1 though.
  4. Sold Harry a set of tuners - prompt payment, friendly guy to communicate with, and a smooth and easy deal. dank u boyo!
  5. +1 Generally cited as the first "speed metal" song I think, before Motorhead and their ilk...
  6. Alan played a Kramer 350B too, as well as the Travis, as you probably knew. The tone of the Kramer is unsurprisingly pretty close to the Travis Bean (I've also got a TB2000 and a Kramer 650B) but rather more user-friendly in terms of lighter weight, and the wood inserts on the rear of the neck which are warmer on the hands. I've never understood why alu-neck Kramers weren't more popular; they're fantastic instruments.
  7. Really nice example; its rare to see one with the walnut pickup surrounds intact, so shows its been well looked after. I have a fretless version and love it - great range of tones, plenty of growl, and ringing sustain - quite modern-sounding really for a 40+ year old design. A boutique bass in its day, I think Nick Lowe used to play one.
  8. Plastic wood filler, from any DIY store
  9. Many possible choices,, but a favourite of mine since the LP first came out is the Herbie Hancock keys solo on Simple Minds "Hunter and the Hunted" (album: New Gold Dream). As with all great solos; a beautiful use of space.
  10. Any FS thread with Sid & Nancy in the pics has to be worth a look..... Lovely bass- if only Gibson has kept this design, rather than changing to the less attractive (IMHO) SG shape. I have a '58 EB-2 with the same Kluson "banjo" tuners and Bakelite pickup. Very cool, very lightweight. As Burns-bass says - worth the asking price even without the history / provenance. GLWTS
  11. I guess the obvious names have been covered (no Chris Squire?), so I'll just mention - Gaye Advert: cool but probably not very inspirational Barry Adamson: cool and highly inspirational
  12. I seem to have already acquired most of the basses I lusted after in my formative bass playing years, but wouldn't say no to: 1960's Rickenbacker 4005 semi in Fireglo 1970's Gibson Les Paul Triumph in white Alembic 4-string Mark King in either flame koa or buckeye burl - I'm not fussy which.....
  13. Best 'Ray alternative I've tried is the Warwick FNA (Corvette body shape but same essential layout), not least as it has the very decent Seymour Duncan MM pickup and circuit as standard, which were intended as upgrades for the 'Ray. Liked mine so much I bought an LX Streamer Jazzman (and replaced the MEC pickups with Nordstrand / Bart). Used to have an OLP "Tony Levin" and was very underwhelmed by it.
  14. Another vote for the Thumb. Plus my BC penny's worth.....most aggressive bass I've ever tried would be a Travis Bean TB2000
  15. I think Gibson introduced the routine use of volutes on the headstock/ neck join from about 1973 onwards in a deliberate effort to strengthen that area (most of their guitars & basses switched to use of maple for necks at the same time), but have to say I'm not sure about the Thunderbird range, which of course being neck-thru design stayed with laminated mahogany necks. They did reduce headstock size though, to reduce risk of damage. Those bicentennial 'birds are lovely and getting rare now; you should have kept yours! I have a 1965 Thunderbird IV, almost inevitably with the neck repair, and despite its flaws - to me it has just about the perfect tone
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