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  1. No direct experience of either, but the '90's Korean ones were made by Peerless and are very highly regarded. Anything modern MIJ is bound to be a safe bet too. A good thread on current semi options here:
  2. Every Wal I've had (admittedly all MK 1's) all have had a small crack in the poly finish on the back of the headstock, nothing involving the wood. Seems to be a Wal thing!
  3. Bought a pair of jazz bass pickups of Chris; as feedback above suggests he's a total star to do business with - patiently answered my inane questions, and send the p/ups off well packaged in double-quick time. Definitely of the good guys on this forum!
  4. Sorry Hellzero! untypical for me, I'm usually the last in the queue.......
  5. I had the grey beanie as an early Christmas prezzie for myself - actually quite comfy!
  6. +1 for the Thunderbuckers. I have a "66" pair in a Warmoth custom T'bird, and they nail the tone of my 1965 T'bird IV, but they are pricey. Seems to be a bit more choice around now since I got them (which was basically either the Thunderbuckers or Mike Lulls for the "classic" type). Not keen on the modern Gibson units.
  7. I'm pretty sure it was the very 1st year since joining Bassworld (pre-Basschat) in 2004 that I didn't buy a bass. Yay! Best - a Nordstrand Bigman 4 pickup bought on BC to put on my Warwick LX Jazzman Streamer. Absolutely transformed the bass to a tone monster; superb. Worst - a Jazz bass pickguard on eBay from China that looked decent. When will I learn......
  8. Definitely cool pic of the day award there...... As foregoing posts show there are some really nice semis in production now - clearly been a resurgence after a couple of decades of deep unfashionability. Epi Jack Casady tops the list for me. I have a few vintage ones I love: a couple of Gibbo EB-2's (a '58 and a '69 "D"), a mid -'60's Vox Wyman bass, and a late '80's Steve Smith Custom "EB-2" (long scale / Bart MM pickups). One I used to have and stupidly moved on was a Gordon Smith Galaxy; anyone sees one please let me know!
  9. Not the best pics, but here's my current Trace rig - AH600SMX with matching 2 x10 and 1x15 cabs, drivers in the cabs have been replaced with modern Eminence units so they're 400w RMS (/ 8 ohms) each. For gigging it normally gets usurped by my "compact" rig (Ashdown MK500 head with 4x8 and 1x15 mini-cabs) but for the bigger venues it's just sublime, and the UV facia lighting is soooooo cool.... My 3rd Trace rig in the past 30 years or so - 1st was an '80's GP7 4x10 combo, then a Twinvalve head thru Mesa 1516 cab.
  10. Beautiful - an iconic 'bic design. Loving the side LED's and the top wood figuring. I had a 1985 Gibson Explorer bass, and the hard case was as big as the deck of an aircraft carrier.......
  11. Great singer, great song Honourable mention for a slice of golden-era Tull......
  12. In pop terms..... .......though have to admit I'm a sucker for a good carol...
  13. Great advice, worth pinning. I use Interparcel also, and have always found them 100% reliable, plus they insure for musical instruments which some don't. Top amp too - I have the AH600SMX
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