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  1. Always been my favourite Beatles song. Interesting post, and nice melodic bass line for a guitarist (unlike for example; Maggie May)
  2. There you go! An icon, and the coolest furry sentient being in music (Tom Jones excepted of course).
  3. The most perfect pop song ever written is of course "Dancing Queen" (ABBA) as any fule kno.....
  4. Just bein' honest guv! My favourite song of all time has the opposite going on - rather naff intro (sub-Who power chording) going into sublime song:. Joy Division's "Love will tear us apart". Doesn't fit the song IMHO.
  5. A couple of years back I cut down on the gigging out of sheer exhaustion, and now actually spend the occasional Saturday night at home. This means that I inevitably have to sit through Mrs Shaggy's favourite programme; "Strictly come dancing", which I don't mind too much as I can usually find something to like in a programme with musical content and lady dancers in tight costumes. Say what you like about the cheesiness of the show, the way every bit of tension is milked to the nth degree, and general inanity of the dialogue - the professionalism and versatility of the band is absolutely top notch, especially when you consider what a diverse range of material they have to cover, and probably very limited time to arrange and rehearse. Inevitably, I listen out out for the bass (which the BBC being the BBC tend to mix down, but I route the sound through a decent stereo sound system) and am always impressed by the solid and unfussy groove of the bassist, which always totally compliments the tune. Also he wears a hat and always looks happy when the band is introduced, which is a big plus in my book. Google search indicates he's a v experienced bassist called Trevor Barry who I wasn't aware of before. Just thought I'd give him a bit of a big up, as Dave Swift of Jool's band gets a lot of good press on BC (NB: I own one of Dave's old basses...) and Trevor is every bit as good. Any "guilty pleasure" Strictly watchers agree / disagree?
  6. Absolutely no one else will agree with this, but the one that springs to my mind is The Only One's "Another girl, another planet"; fabulous intro going into Buzzcock-esque weedy vocals.
  7. Only ever seen one other one, recently sold by http://www.theacousticmusicco.co.uk/ - being a mando player I was quite tempted! Dates from when mandolins were hugely popular in the early 20th Century - this would have been part of a mandolin orchestra with mandolin, mandola, mandocello and mandobass.
  8. I remember reading the exact same article, though IIRR it was '79.... Think he was using the black Hamer Explorer bass by then. I saw WA locally a few years back - the hair much less abundant, but a good gig!
  9. These amps are the absolute business; all the headroom you could ever need, beautifully engineered, massively versatile with the switchable dual channel / EQ / overdrive functions, and sublime tone. I bought my Titan from jacko a good few years ago; still going strong - top guy to deal with!
  10. lovin' that sunburst Shergold…..
  11. Very classy - any idea what the pickups are? Look like Gibson TB's
  12. Nicest small valve combo for guitar I've tried is the Peavey Classic 30 - I snagged one in Crack Converters dirt cheap a few years back and foolishly moved it on. Currently using a mid '80's Mesa Boogie mk 3 short head with 1x12 Boogie Thielle cab, but I do miss the Peavey.
  13. A bit off topic I know, but my backup / home use head is an '80's Marshall Silver Jubliee 3530 head (300W SS) - a really transparent sweet sounding amp, despite the power rating being a tad optimistic IMO (more like a 200W), and still ultra-reliable after 30+ years. Looks cool with the chromed fascia too
  14. Nice - from the description I'd say it was built as a flamenco (I have 3.......)
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