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  1. As said - very subjective, but having built a shedload of P bitsas over last 30 years, best I've found (currently available) are the Jason Lollars and the Fender '62's
  2. Fabulous bass with a hugely versatile tone range. I have the fretted version of this, and it's all that I gig with these days in preference to some very high-end boutique basses in my harem. Bump for German loveliness at an amazing price
  3. Good year for the roses - Elvis Costello Kiss from a Rose - Seal Any Wurzles song (I got a brand new combine harvester etc....) If you're going to San Franciso - Scott McKenzie (."...be sure to wear a flower in your hair....") Garden of England - Gerry Rafferty (not much of a wedding song though!) (& for those of a certain age: "I'm Bayleaf I'm the gardener" from "The Herbs") Edit: "English Rose" - The Jam - fab wedding song! Seem to be a lot of "Rose" songs (eg every rose has its thorn)
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. This. I've never taken a bass to a luthier in 40 years except to have a fretless fingerboard fitted, and doing it yourself you can get it exactly how you want it. All the guidance needed is on this forum / Talkbass etc
  6. Blimey, it's even "collection only".......
  7. Great song, great Trevor Horn production, probably the worst bass miming ever! Missed Lemmy (distracted by the lady) - I'll have to watch it again...... He did pop up everywhere in those days mind, usually on Tiswas
  8. That is the biggest pain, right there. I generally "accidentally" [email protected] them with the corner of a cab......
  9. Thanks for the OP Hobbayne, I don't think I've heard that for 40 years! The Stranglers were always rooted in 60's psychedelia. I saw them live on the "Black & White" tour (Cambridge Corn Exchange) - like many other BC-ers I'm sure, it was JJB who totally inspired me to take up bass. Apart from the stand-out "Hanging around" this one was always my favourite from the "Rattus" album:
  10. I'd beat that with a violin made in the 1790's.......(NB: cooincidentally also happen to have a '57 P bass!) in terms of the OP criteria; the oldest I have is a beat-up Victorian concertina I bought on Cambridge market for 50p when I was about 10 - never learned to play it, but it inspired me musically and started a life-long interest in musical instruments as beautiful and fascinating things. Oldest thing I actually still use is a hand-tooled leather guitar strap I bought in 1979.
  11. OK......don't have a cow, man this is the cream of BC punning
  12. Wonder if he's got any udder basses like that.........
  13. That is really fab Marc, wish I had the readies to buy!
  14. Nope - I'd have loved one, but I used it with an old H/H 2x15 which was bulletproof and had any amount of low end, but weighed an absolute ton. Hope to have a full vintage Bassman rig one day
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