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  1. I think everyone on here belongs to the Peavey BW115 ex-owners club! Mine fell out of a moving van and still worked fine. Mesa RR 115 EV is still my go-to cab, along with matching RR 210 EV. Heavy yes, but pretty compact even by modern standards.
  2. Ignoring my bitsas (as the missus tries to....), my longest keeper bass was also my cheapest - I think I paid £200 around 20 years ago. Factory fretless Ovation Magnum 1. It probably wouldn't be seen as a budget bass now, but nobody wanted them then. I'm lucky enough to also own a Wal mk 1 custom fretless and Kramer 450B fretless, but if I had to go down to one - it would be the Ovation staying.
  3. Wasn’t she the hottie in the fabulous “Faster pussycat, kill, kill!” ? Anyway - ‘Twas on the good ship Venus - anon. rugby song
  4. Mesa’s are lovely; either the Powerhouse or (my choice) the older EV-loaded Diesels. Not light though.
  5. The needle and the damage done - Neil Young
  6. Thanks Cosmo - it was actually your post on the “Basses you see and want” thread that induced me to post on here - when I saw the pic in your post, just for a split sec I thought “Hey - that’s my bass............oh - no it’s not” All Alembics are incredible instruments, but for me the original series 1 & 2’s are the classiest. I dithered and lost on a Distillate with flamed koa top FS on here a couple of years back - still kick myself
  7. Suicide is painless - Theme from M*A*S*H
  8. Girls in their summer clothes - Bruce Springsteen
  9. King of rock n’ roll - Prefab Sprout
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