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  1. Porn name = Cherry Blomquist did we establish who the bloke in the OP pic was?
  2. Jeez, you missed out one of the main brilliant bonuses - the funky blue LED's on the front....... Good score!
  3. would you really let someone called "Globewang" near your nuts?
  4. I used to have a late '70's Bassman 135 silverface - like thodrik says; a bit underpowered for these days and as a gigging all-valve amp I prefer the Mesa D-180 I use now, but it does get my vote as the best looking amp ever made...... Simple, dependable, great clean tone; only really breaks into overdrive when pushed to the very limit
  5. Another - pretty much vocals over a very simple bass riff -
  6. Lol, I just thought it fitted the OP criteria - agreed it can be a bit dirge-y unless covered by a really good singer (and likewise I used to nod off when playing it years ago in a covers band - same with "with or without you") but the original is a great and powerful song. Some really good examples in posts above, although some I wouldn't call all that simple
  7. Walk on the wild side - Lou Reed Come together - Beatles Zombie - Cranberries Crazy - Gnarls Barkley
  8. I'd be able to pick myself out of any lineup.....
  9. Same as a Wal-nut or maybe even a Wal-ly The switching options would be easy to do and would make this such a versatile beastie - if I didn't already have 3 FL's (strangely enough including a Wal and an Ovation Magnum 1 a la Barry Adamson) I'd be all over this Very sorry to hear about your Mums situation Chris, I've been in the same boat for a couple of years - hope things improve mate!
  10. Fab FL Chris! Whats the body and neck wood - padouk?
  11. You mean to say that you don't?
  12. We once auditioned a drummer who not only had the fancy drummers gloves, but special fancy drummers shoes. On seeing this, the guitarist muttered to me; "this guy will either be amazing, or totally shite" Guess which he was...... Back to OP - 17 basses, but the slightly worrying thing is that I have a different strap for each one
  13. Not in the same class as The Goodies excellent "Funky Gibbon"....... Back to the OP; no mention yet of the endearing double-entendre of "My ding-a-ling" - Chuck Berry - and "(Don't mess with) My toot toot" - Denise LaSalle
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