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  1. I was at Liverpool Uni in '81 and avidly going to all the gigs I could, big and small (I still have my Eric's membership card......)- don't recall The Last Chant though. Looking back; how lucky to be in that place at that time
  2. Bought a Jazz body off ordep - smooth easy deal, great comms; buy from him with confidence.
  3. At the risk of sounding the curmudgeon I undoubtedly am; I would never buy anything (1) described as "pre-loved" (one wonders exactly what sort of relationship the former owner had with it.....), and (2) priced at anything ending in ....£99. Just call it £1.5K for F'----s sake. (Christmas coming? Bah humbug........)
  4. Nice - facing wood looks like thuja (thuya) burl.
  5. Ah, the JJB500! Very tasty, and a rare beastie. I'd keep the yellow piping
  6. +1 to that - after years of using hybrid Mesa and Eden gear in rock bands, I fancied trying something a bit more "modern" and transparent for the current funk / disco band project. As I'd already got a pair of 4x8 and 1x15 Ashdown mini-cabs as my "compact rig" (UK made, stupidly cheap on BC, and upgraded to 400W RMS each) I recently got an Ashdown MK500 (Mark King signature) head - mint and a mere £200 on eBay. Really fantastic amp, with the only useful built in effect I've ever found; the "harmonic emphasis" control. Another Ashdown convert here!
  7. Exquisite feel in the playing on the YT video clip, and beautiful looking Pedulla - I wish I could justify a 4th fretless!
  8. +1 one of those songs that should probably not be covered, especially by PY
  9. Had a Van Damme cable off Bas via the "Recycling" sub-forum Great guy to talk to, and he bunged it straight in the post so it was here the next day. Definately one of the good guys on BC who help make it the great place it is - thanks fella!
  10. I know Joe Cockers version is generally regarded as a classic, but I absolutely cannot listen to his pained, mannered over-singing - original every time for me with Ringo's understated and endearingly slightly off-key vocals. this is a cover I always liked, but can't think of a "worst" version -
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