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  1. Really lovely and unique basses; these were in top-end boutique territory back in the day - I love mine (got a fretless 450B too). The fact that this still has the rather fragile walnut pickup rings proves it’s been well looked after. Heres one in action with a certain Mr Geldof:
  2. Ah, the only bass out of hundreds owned that I ever bought brand new - also a ‘79, from Hessey’s in Liverpool. Stonkingly good golden-era Ibanez bass - though I’d personally compare it closer to Alembic in terms of tone / playing ergonomics rather than Wal. As mentioned above, Mr Swift is a big fan of them. Bump for a top Basschatter 👍
  3. Nice, liked this first time around - speculative PM sent......👍
  4. Shaggy

    Oldman Feedback

    Bought some “rubber goods” (oo-er......😏) from Brian; smooth, easy deal, and a great guy to communicate with. Thanks fella! 👍
  5. Lovely, and fabulously versatile basses (I have an ‘01 one) - technically a Streamer Jazzman though, as the FNA has the Corvette body shape? Bump and GLWTS 🙂 Edit: meant to say a really keen price too for a German Warwick, and IMHO one of their best designs
  6. Really nice facings on that, and seems a very decent price compared with others I’ve seen FS recently
  7. Life is always stranger than fiction- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174703466110?hash=item28ad23567e:g:2EYAAOSwz5pgW187 (Not Johnny’s, but allegedly Betsy B!itch’s, 1980’s hair metal queen. Although more likely “autographed” by her roadie....)
  8. Nice, but I’d want some solid provenance if paying that much. The fleur-de-lys fretboard inlays are pretty distinctive - found the attached pic with a quick search, but all you can really make out is that the inlays aren’t the standard dots. Top band - saw them around 1980 (I think he was playing his Stingray then)
  9. Everybody’s talkin’ - Harry Nilsson
  10. Bought a pair of (non-bass related) walking boots off Alan - smooth easy deal and great communications; as posts above show, he’s a true Basschat legend. Thanks mate!
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