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  1. Video killed the radio star - Buggles
  2. Chopper Blue? As I recall they were almost always red or yellow....... Lovely bass; looking for an old SR4 but this so nice
  3. From People get Ready (the Impressions) Shiny happy people - REM
  4. I think at the start of Kramer production Koa was used for the bodies (as with Travis Beans), but they soon switched to using maple and American black walnut (the 450B being walnut; also it didn't have block shaped markers). I have a 650B and 450B and don't find them unduly heavy. Lovely example in the OP and a good price, GLWTS!
  5. Haha yes - usually termed a Viennese or Stauffer style headstock, and a nod towards CF Martin's 19th century German/Austrian origins, but it does rather resemble a wilting phallus.......
  6. Again a bit of a rare bird, but the late '70's Martin EB18 fits the bill, and has the very useful phase switch (my one pictured.....). As said above, most basses in this format tend to use the MM Stingray position with the pickup further towards the bridge. A self-build bitsa might be the way to go?
  7. Absolutely stunning pair of 'bics, three - makes my old S1 look quite shabby by comparison......
  8. Magnum 1 - eccentric "potato" shaped body (inspired by the Deacon and Breadwinner axe-shaped guitars), twin pickups, passive circuit with mono and stereo outputs. Magnum 2,- as above but with 3-band active circuit (6 graphic sliders supposedly keep volume output constant when adjusting EQ), mono output. Magnum 3 - as model 1 but with more traditional double cutaway body. Magnum 4 - as model 2 but with more traditional double cutaway body. Magnum 1 is my favourite (I have a factory fretless one) - love the original body shape, and the active circuit is known for being noisy and hungry with batteries. All fab bases though!
  9. At the boutique end of the scale, there is Gus of course
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