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  1. http://www.stellartone.com/index.asp Tonestylers are the absolute dogs danglies; I have one in my bitsa P - rolled back a bit gives me the Bernard Edwards tone I could never quite get with anything else: thick punchy growly mids with no mud. cooincidentally to this thread was thinking of putting one in my Warmoth custom T'bird, with a blend control
  2. Lol - I wasn't! However, having read your amp thread; I've got a lovely sounding and very compact Ashdown MAG 200 1x15 combo (kickback design, so can also be used as a floor monitor with DI out to FOH) that I'm not using - yours for free if it'll keep you playing that fretless bitsa........
  3. Chris, I can fully empathise and I think we've had rather parallel musical careers - likewise I started at school on violin, gave it up when switching to bass (in the early days of punk) but also switched to folk & bluegrass mandolin and flamenco guitar at around the same time and have kept them all going (now including lute and banjo) for 40+ years. My acoustic instruments are what give me pleasure at home and I know they'll still be there for me when I'm too old to lift an amp anymore, but playing bass in a live band gives me something that the other instruments can't. As you say, satisfaction with bass depends very much on the project at the time and if I didn't enjoy it I'd stop too - and have done several times over the years - but I guess bass to me is kind of like smoking; the last time I had a cigarette was 25 years ago, but I know that inside I'll still be a smoker until I die. You'll be back......... Yup, those Bronco cases are pretty rare now and look uber cool! Edir: off-topic I known but those Breedlove mandos are fab - attached a pic of my current squeeze: a Phil Davidson F5, though still got the 1910's Gibson F4 you helped me acquire!
  4. Noooooooooooooo............. You can take the boy out of bass....... Lovely gear, very tempted indeed by that Bronco case
  5. You have some fabulous and very individual basses Mick - I particularly like the Silk neck-thru with the Simms p/ups
  6. Probably worth putting "lined fretless" in the description / listing title, though it's evident from pics. Never seen an elm faced one before, an almost unobtainable wood now in Europe. Gives it that "Ercol" look! Welcome to the forum and good luck with the sale - lovely Wal
  7. Shaggy

    Adee's feedback

    Another smooth deal with Ade - bought some Klotz cables, very happy bunny....
  8. I'd say almost certainly not - bass drivers (irrespective of size) are constructed to handle bass frequencies, drivers for guitar cabs aren't - also bass cabs are tuned to be efficient in the bass frequency range, guitar cabs for higher frequencies. Bass cabs will happily handle higher guitar-range frequencies, albeit with less efficiency than a guitar cab. I think JJ Burnel got his sound partly through using blown 12" drivers, but no idea if it was a bass or guitar cab
  9. Best one I've ever had was a Retrospec Juice box - foolishly traded, and I've never seen another since The Dave Hall VT-1 Purist currently FS (in "Musically related items....") is very decent, especially at that price - better for adding valve warmth than actual overdrive, and main thing against it is no balanced DI out.
  10. Reminds me - whatever happened to Lysdexia's fab bass FS threads? Nice rig in OP - makes my old Trace AH600SMX stack look heavier than a very heavy thing.....
  11. Interesting, thanks casapete. Makes a bit more sense now. The guitarist in one of my old bands had an old Peavey combo with this configuration (Bandit?), and to be fair it had a lovely clean valvey tone, although as you say couldn't be pushed into overdrive in normal use - he eventually upgraded to a Mesa Boogie mk.V
  12. Clocked this whilst doing a bit of YouTube surfing after watching "The Dirt" -
  13. I think the '70's Music Man amps used the same SS pre / valve power configuration - Peavey did the same with some of their older guitar amps. Didn't seem to make sense to me,, but they have their aficionados My hybrid heads (mainly Mesa) have all been valve pre / MOS-FET power, been very happy with them as performing very similar to all-valve but more reliable and portable
  14. Real top of the range gear in its day - I had the 2 x 8 combo and loved it.
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