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  1. I’ve owned 3 Wal Mk.1’s and they’ve all had those crack lines in the poly finish on the rear of headstock “volute ” area. Seems to be a Wal thing! Lovely bass - if there’s a solid colour that suits a Wal it’s definitely black....😎. Bump and GLWTS
  2. Real bargain - I gig my FNA and LX Streamer Jazzman over far more expensive boutique basses I own. Worth pointing out the OP bass is German built. If there is a weakish point it’s the pickups, as I believe the preamp is a very decent Seymour Duncan unit - I changed the p/ups in my Jazzman fir a Nordstrand Bigman 4 and Bartolini b-axis Jazz, but the original MEC’s are decent enough. Lovely finish and wood facings on this one, and I think the “FNA” Corvette body ones are fairly rare too........GLWTS 👍
  3. Watching final.........😎 Utter shite so far apart from Lithuania. Presenters have to be most embarrassingly bad ever.
  4. Spot on Chris, and I reckon if there was a bass to tempt you back to the dark side it’d be this one! Actually this is the image of the first ever bitsa I built, circa 1982, at least as far as neck and body go. Then I ruined it by putting a DiMarzio Model One in the bridge position, to try to make it sound like a Wal (it didn’t 🙁) Unfortunately I’ve already got 3 lovely fretlesses that aren’t getting played. Still, I wish someone would buy this quick before I do - just a short spin down the M4 from me too.....🤔
  5. It is indeed, which means it’s a quality aftermarket neck - could be Allparts or WD Music.
  6. A bitsa after my own heart that is 👍 - some lovely grain on that ash body, looks to be one-piece too. Is the neck / fingerboard a single piece of maple (as ‘70’s Fender) or separate fingerboard?
  7. Shaggy

    Oldman Feedback

    Bought something non-bass from Brian; smooth easy deal with great communication; item sent off pronto and superbly packed.🙂 Definitely one of BC’s good guys - deal with in complete confidence. 👍
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Superb basses; I used to have a fretless one. Really individual styling and fantastic build quality; Guild had access to top notch tonewoods in the ‘70’s (as the pics show) Buy with complete confidence from Brian 👍
  10. I’d never heard about the Hofner connection either Only seen them in sunburst or natural before, always with really nicely flamed maple backs.
  11. I just have to know what the”Ninja boost” pedal switch does........???.🦹🏻‍♂️
  12. Bought my Ibanez MC900 new in Hesseys of Liverpool, Oct 1979 - £200 with a non-Ibanez hard case.
  13. If you can stretch to the Spoiler I’d say go for it, as ‘bics really do have that special “extra” quality, and you’d pay the same as that these days for a ‘70’s Fender or MM Stingray. Or if not, to be honest I’d be looking for a nice old Jaydee - boutique hand-built, very ‘Alembic-ish”, and can still be sometimes had for not too much moolah Edit: sticking with vintage Japanese; the Kawai F2B was effectively an Alembic series 1 copy - I’ve no experience of them but owners seem to love them, and they generally go for around the same as an Ibanez MC900
  14. Bolan was an unfulfilled genius; unfortunately the image-making rather took over from the music, but had he lived who knows what he would have gone onto create. I’ll always respect him also as an early supporter of punk / new wave. I really love some of his more offbeat stuff, eg:
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