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  1. @Hellzero nice bump for all the 6ers. Everyone should try one out sometime; Oteil says so so it must be true ...
  2. @CamdenRob is right about Fodera -- I just counted 43 out of 445 newborns as 6ers -- that's 9.7% Dingwalls at Bass direct who have more than anyone, are 7 out of 35 i.e. a genuinely whopping 20% Interested in Ken Smith numbers as they invented the 6 string of course ... any way to count those?
  3. I'm afraid that, statistically speaking, you 7 and 8 string folks are in 'the margin of error' -- a whopping 0.25% ... but you knew that already I think ... ☺️
  4. @therealting Overall from 3 shops and 1182 instruments for sale both new and secondhand (a statistically useful sample size) we get: (drumroll) 4 string basses 67% 5 string basses 29% 6 string basses 4% .... So it goes without saying that 6 string players are cooler than 96% of the bassplaying population, just sayin' .... 😎
  5. I'd guess about half of these are people who want to sell their 6 and get a nicer one, and the other half are having a spring clearout having enjoyed their trial of a 6 (as everyone should do) but found that it's not for them. I have previously monitored the retailers for their ratio of available 6s and it seems as low today as normal: guitarguitar: 10 6ers, 95 5ers and 337 4s ... (2% 6ers) bassdirect: 21 6ers, 101 5ers and 139 ... (8% 6ers) the gallery 12, 152, 315 (2.5% 6ers) So varying from 2% to 8% of available basses at those three outlets. Thus we would expect only one in 12 ads on basschat to be 6ers ... Or we could say that the more advanced the forum, the more 6ers there are ... 😁
  6. Put your nominations here for Bassline of the Year 2019 ... (An award I made up just now, for fun) Here's mine:
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Well as this thread has a fantasy element to it, my sig bass would have fantastical technologies. It would look just like a nice P bass on the surface, but with the following capabilities: 1. Upper C and F strings and lower B and F# strings would just appear instantly now and again, exactly when you need them, as if they had always been there. Making it a virtual 8 string. Sort of like the Room of Requirement in Harry Potter ... 2. The frets that are not on the note you are playing automagically sink so there is never any fret buzz. 3. It also senses what key you are in, and drops those frets (or part frets) that are not in the key so you never play a wrong note. 4. There are two knobs as on a normal P, but volume is always full on and tone automatically adjusts according to the material you are playing. So in the case of my magic P one knob is variable fret height, from super jumbo to banjo and finally dropping all the frets, making it temporarily a fretless. 5. The other knob varies the string type from round to flat and all the shades inbetween. 6. Obviously the tuning gears are automatic. 7. The bass is spookily light until a long note is played, when it becomes really heavy and allowing massive sustain. The strap senses this and deploys instantaneous anti-gravity measures so you don't even notice the weight changes. 8. The cable has memorised all the great bass sounds ever and lets you DI with no amp. Actually maybe this already exists in the form of a Kemper ...
  9. I enjoyed that video a lot, thanks! Oh and +1 for wingbeat fantastic, highly recommeded.
  10. I though I'd pretty much heard it all when it comes to basslines but I have been taken to school by the many amazing bassists used on the Scary Pockets and Pamplamoose funk covers. They all have amazing groove and in-the-pocket-ness and it's a joy to watch the musicians nodding and smiling and giving cues and signals to each other as they play. Here are my top picks for the bassists. Usually I have linked towards the end of the track when things are building up and getting fruity. All P-bass, all the time! Sam Wilkes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cl7a9YztLN4 https://youtu.be/lTq0WLThOyY?t=101 Nick Lawrence https://youtu.be/vO8aHX24o2g?t=89 https://youtu.be/VHtV3N8Otcs?t=123 Joe Ayoub https://youtu.be/gRkgC6sUC-o?t=124 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y63m5JqCziE And while we're here, Jacob Collier's recent bass playing is also becoming fascinating, in part because he is a keyboard player but he sure has interesting lines when he picks up a bass: Jacob Collier https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nspqYGz-Z1s&feature=youtu.be&t=309 Rob Mullarkey plays in his band and is on fire with his Moollon in this section: https://youtu.be/AzQKID8AUHM?t=426
  11. Q: How many BassChatters does It take to change a lightbulb? A: It takes: Four to say they'd be all over it if only it was a 5 string lightbulb ... Six to ask how much the lightbulb weighs Fourteen to say all you really need is a Precision lightbulb Nine to say they used to have a lightbulb just like that, but it was an original '63 and how they regretted selling it Three to say how great the service is at Bass Direct and how if they were in the market for a lightbulb, that's where they'd go Seven to wonder how the lightbulb would sound if it had different capacitors Eleven to say that the bulbs are less bright with flats but that's how they like it Fifteen to say they have not changed their lightbulbs in over a decade ... Oh, and one to actually change the bulb .... πŸ™‚
  12. wowza ... I wonder if those fingerboard lines could actually be an aid to navigation, rather like the ding on the neck on one of my basses is where G is ...? But mostly it's doing my eyes in 😡 ... amazing that andertons have 4 of these -- rare to see even one unlined high-end bass ...
  13. I tried a lined fretless Squier Jazz in a shop the other day and really liked it but it had the exact same problem (could have been 8th fret of the D) -- the assistant gave it to the their tech to try and fix, though I wasn't optimistic ... especally as I could see the lump by squinting down the neck (it wasn't just a raised fret filler) ... after about 20 mins of hanging around the answer came back that it couldn't be fixed and was going to be sent back to Squier ... shame it it was otherwise nice, and on rounds, felt better than a USA on flats that was also in the shop ...
  14. Very informative poll, thank you. I never realised there were quite so many combinations! I suppose we can also say from this that 43 of us prefer unlined whilst 18 prefer lined? And if we can say that, I wonder why the majority of new fretlesses for sale today seem to be lined?
  15. So is this lined? The pictures are too small for me to see ... Thanks,
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