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  1. That is the exact description of the issue at hand
  2. I did anchor it in the tuner. The core wasn't broken as far as I can see. I've owned dozens of DR sets and this is the first time this has ever happened.
  3. It's hard to see. It's a regular vintage Fender tuner. I have solved it for now by putting some tape around the end of the string. But it's still weird.
  4. So I have changed hundreds of sets of strings over the last 20 years but this has never ever happened to me before. I was in the process of changing the strings on my '66 Jazz and everything works as usual but the G-string keeps slipping from the tuner. I've used these strings on this bass before and tried every trick I know but it just keeps slipping. It's impossible to tune the G-string. Is there a trick I've missed? I know the making of a 90 degree angle, I know about winding it differently... Really, really weird and really, really frustrating.
  5. Did a cover of the new Tame Impala song:
  6. That new Tame Impala song sure has a catchy bass line:


  7. BassAgent


    Made a little video about the difference between a Mustang and a Precision.
  8. That moment when you try to setup your new Mustang as low as possible and it goes even lower than you expected. Lovely.

    1. Reggaebass


      I play with a really low action, That’s so nice when that happens 🙂

    2. BassAgent


      Yeah I also like my basses setup quite low, so my eyebrows kept raising while I was setting up my Mustang. Very surprising to feel how low it can go.

    3. SpondonBassed


      That's only okay if you can play comfortably with the higher eyebrow action.

  9. Hmmm well it feels like it has a big body compared to the scale length but I think that is perception.
  10. For me, it's nothing like a Precision tbh. I compared them next to each other in rehearsal yesterday and although they certainly have their similarities, but the Mustang is a lót "muddier", while the P is tighter with more sustain. Both definitely have their qualities and are super complementary. I can't record demos of both now; the P is currently strung with rounds because I'm doing a Green Day tribute gig on Christmas
  11. I'll record some demos! It's not reeeaaally fair because the P has LaBella flats on it, while the JMJ has Fender flats which are really different strings but it's interesting nonetheless.
  12. That's my Jazz from 1966: (very old) refin, (very recent) refret. I loooooove that bass.
  13. So I tend to have some "I'll never buy" kind of thoughts now and again. I'll never buy a Rickenbacker, I'll never buy a bass with flatwound strings, I'll never buy a Stingray... Some of them have gone pretty quickly. I have owned a flatwound strung bass for a while now (my '71 P with LaBella flats, and I looooove it). A few days ago, another one of those promises went: I thought I'd never get a short scale bass again (I used to own a short scale Gretsch semi hollow), especially not a Mustang because it's too much like a swampy Precision bass. And then I had an afternoon with a few bassist friends, one of which has a '67 Mustang, and one has a JMJ Mustang. And then I knew it. I had to get a Mustang. A JMJ Mustang. So I got on Thomann's web site and there was a B-stock JMJ there for a great price, and after having made a call to Thomann I knew it: this was my bass. So I ordered it. And boy, is it amazing. The neck is gréat, the pickup sounds amazing, it feels fantastic and the stock Fender flatwound strings are just what this bass needs. What a great instrument and what a cool addition to the basses I already own. So now I have four Fender basses (and five non-Fender basses).
  14. BassAgent


    Got me a B-stock (but brand new) JMJ Mustang for a great price at Thomann. What a cool little bass.
  15. Please tell me why I shouldn't buy a JMJ Mustang...

    1. bassbiscuits


      No reason at all. Go for it, and enjoy! I've got a regular MIJ Mustang and its a brilliant bass. The JMJ if anything is cooler still, with upgraded pickups, bigger frets and lollipop tuners.


    2. BassAgent


      And so I did!

      Screen Shot 2019-12-16 at 14.54.05.png

    3. bassbiscuits
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