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  1. Thanks so much! It was indeed great fun to record ánd mix.
  2. From left to right, top row: De Gier Bebop 5 (2013), van der End JB5 (2000), Fender Precision (1971), Fender Jazz (1966), De Gier Soulmate (2019), Dingwall Combustion 5 (2018). In the stands: Fender Standard Jazz fretless (2001), Blade B2 Tetra Bass (2001), Fender Justin Meldal-Johnsen signature Mustang (2019). On the couch: Yamaha BB N5II (2001).
  3. Added a stunning Andre van der End built fiver to the collection (upper row, second from the left) so dragged everything on the couch again... I'd never expected to have 10 basses again at any point. Yet, here we are.
  4. Jazz number five in the house!

    1. gjones


      Oh dear. I'm up to 8 now.....

      Don't know how that happened?

      To be fair, 2 are self builds from bits I found hanging around.


    2. BassAgent


      I am currently at 10 basses total, half of which are Jazzes. I really really like Jazz Basses ;)

  5. BassAgent


    Currently at five Jazzes, after the addition of the van der End yesterday.
  6. So I've been a fan of the basses by Dutch luthier André van der End for about 20 years now, and have never owned one. And then this baby and I crossed paths... She's from 2000, electronics as of yet unknown (I think the pickups have been made by André himself), amazingly pretty body. It needs some new strings and a good setup, but boy is she amazing. Also makes a pretty good pair with her 13 years younger cousin from De Gier: So that makes bass number 10 for me. I'll post a new family photo tomorrow😁
  7. Going to check out a pretty amazing bass for a pretty amazing price next Monday...wish me luck.

  8. I did, however, mix this, also new:
  9. Still very, very curious about these basses.
  10. Our guitar player/singer mixed it! But listening back to my track, he barely did anything Soooo thanks!
  11. As a matter of fact, I did not mix it
  12. The new single of my americana band Violet Hour is out! You can order the debut album at violethourband.com

    Oh and somehow we got added to another artist called Violet Hour. So check out the website for the correct artist ;)


    1. Teebs




    2. daveybass


      Very very nice

  13. Live home video of my americana band! Had serious fun recording this. Pre order of the new album starts Friday at violethourband.com :)

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