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  1. I saw that too after I took the photo, I've corrected it since 😅
  2. So I got a pretty big amount of money back from my taxes and decided to invest in a decent double bass. After trying out a few instruments I knew what I was looking for and found it in this Dutch built, all solid 3/4 bass, built by luthier Léon Christiaens in 1991. Feels great, adjustable bridge, in an amazing condition...lovely. Absolutely lovely. IMG_4599.MOV
  3. BassAgent


    I had the Skarbee bass:
  4. BassAgent


    Oh man, I miss my Celinder.
  5. It fits like a glove. I am currently looking for a wood fretless neck though Not because the Status neck is bad; on the contrary, it's absolutely terrific, but I feel like I need wood If it doesn't happen I'd still like this bass a lot. You can hear it with the Nordstrand pickup here (if the time stap doesn't work, start at 22:05).
  6. A véry interesting watch indeed. More a conversation with Blake than Pino, but nonetheless very interesting.
  7. I played one a few years ago and they're absolutely killer. Congrats with that amazing bass!
  8. Well, I tested it. And by god it works. And how. Perfect.
  9. I'm going to try it on my Eich 112 cabs, but forgive me for being a bit dumb but I've never dealt with tube bass amps before (in 20 years? Never? Well, not with non-original cabs): is it best to connect 1 speaker to the amp and then the other cab to the other cab, or two cabs into the amp?
  10. I'll just hope that it does its thing on my Eich cabs then
  11. Another question: I'm going to try it on my Eich 112XS cabs of course, but a friend of mine offered me a 212 cabinet made from an old Supertwin combo, the 185 powerhouse from the 70's. It has the original Utah speakers in it and I was wondering if anyone as experiences with those speakers, and if it would sound decent with the Bassman.
  12. First gotta get my cabinets at home, ánd check out if my Eich 112s are a good match with this animal.
  13. It was retolexed a long time ago. Not very tidily done, but it looks great anyway
  14. Soooo I have an Eich endorsement which is absolutely terrific but lately I've also been GASsing for a vintage Fender Bassman. Yesterday, a friend of mine sent me a link with "just buy this ok" so I offered a low but decent price for it and surprisingly, the seller agreed! So I took all 55 lbs home and I'm super happy with this amazing amp. Everything works, it sounds absolutely killer and it included the original speaker cable. I'm still trying to figure out how to open it up to check the pot codes but that shouldn't be complicated. For now: yay!
  15. Well, uhm, because...ehm....yeah.
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