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  1. To be honest, I don't remember. I put it on about 15 years ago, mainly because I was young and I thought anything would improve it, and the saddle of the G-string on the original bridge didn't stay in its place so I had to adjust the action every few days.
  2. I interviewed the great Stu Brooks of Dub Trio, Lady Gaga and G-Unit for my podcast. Check it out!

  3. I have no space left on my wall to put another bass. But there is another one coming. I can't put another guitar hanger on there. I'm not selling anything. This is something.

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    2. Shawman


      Time for a new house then, I guess

    3. TheGreek


      I thought that Space was infinite

    4. BassAgent


      Yes but so is the coolness of the basses in there so it fills it up nicely

  4. BassAgent

    Show us your rig!

    You're welcome! The TRB is super pretty by the way. I used to have two TRB5's, sold them both. I still want to get one back eventually but I have no idea what I would use them for
  5. BassAgent

    Show us your rig!

    It's a nice setup but you having three photos in your signature is very confusing😐
  6. I interviewed the great Michael League for my podcast! Check it out: https://open.spotify.com/episode/5excUh69pG9OWMI7uQmXnG

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    2. BassAgent


      Also check out the interviews I did with John Stirratt and Jeff Berlin, they're also in English. Another one in the works: Stu Brooks is my guest in 2 weeks time.

    3. mangotango


      Thanks very much, some really interesting stuff on there. ML is a good guy and you've got to love his non-stop enthusiasm!!

    4. BassAgent


      You're welcome! :)

  7. It's a pretty early Origin by De Gier: serial number #020. Cocobolo fingerboard, spalted maple top, padouk body. Bartolini pickups, Aguilar OBP-3 preamp and a sustain to die for.
  8. I didn't really buy a lot of gear this year, except for this beast: Oh and I got my new guitars this year. Both pretty friggin' amazing. 2018 American Performer Telecaster 1959 Höfner.
  9. It does! I'd love to hear more about it. Who you bought it from, who you sold it to...
  10. Tonight I'm going to see these animals:
  11. Had a great chat with the awesome and ever friendly Michael League today. Such a nice guy with great stories. To be found in my podcast soon!

  12. Going to talk to Michael League for my podcast next Friday, might be able to sneak into the Snarky Puppy concert afterwards...😅 Also going to see Bill Bailey here in Amsterdam on Sunday! Can't wait for that.
  13. Check out the podcast I did with Wilco's John Stirratt! Amazingly nice guy with some great stories.

  14. I made a bit of a crappy demo for the Origin:
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