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  1. You take my exaggarations way too seriously😄 But okay, I might have overdone it this time. Sorry 'bout that. But it still feels weird. On the other hand: I did a gig tonight with this bass and it is absolutely awesome. Sounds great, the weight is really a big plus and I didn't even fail when switching pickups
  2. Turn a knob towards the bridge, I'd expect to hear the bridge pickup. That makes more sense to me
  3. You people are weird (Not really, and I could probably get used to it as it would be my only bass with a balance pot).
  4. As long as it sounds great, looks cool and plays nice, it's all good with me😎
  5. I know it's standard but it still feels like a flaw in design I've had the bass open and of course it's easy to flip the wires, but still...
  6. Well, I've been working for De Bassist for quite a few years now and I recognize absolutely nothing of what you say. I know the chief editor quite well and I can't imagine he did this on purpose. I am 100% sure that if you'd e-mail him now you'd get a free sub anyway. Claiming it's "the worst magazine on the planet run by a totally incompetent publishing company" by one experience is IMO waaaaay to harsh and completely unnecessary. Anyway, the Sadowsky is in and I am quite impressed. Sounds great, feels awesome, is super light and has one maaaaaaaaajor flaw: the pickup balance knob is reversed. Turning it counterclockwise gives me the neck pickup. WRONG. But still: great bass. I might buy one. The review will be in Dutch of course but if you guys ask reeeeally nicely, I might translate it
  7. I'm getting one in tomorrow to review for De Bassist (Dutch bass magazine); a fiver with maple fretboard. I've read up a little about the MetroExpress series and am now extra curious about this one. I was actually considering buying a four string as a backup for my vintage Fender.
  8. Played at Dutch national radio yesterday! Three songs, three basses, three techniques.



    1. DiMarco


      That Blade sounds lovely!

  9. I played on the Dutch national radio yesterday!
  10. Released the 50th (well technically the 51st if you include the Pino Palladino bonus episode) episode of my podcast today. 50 episodes. And far from done.

  11. Thanks all! I got a tip from a friend: Coversforall (coversforall.de), a German company that also makes amp covers in leather, with padding
  12. A while back, I bought this awesome 1974 Bassman head, but I'd love to have a decent padded cover for it. Somehow I can't seem to find a (affordable) cover for it. Does anyone know where I can get one?
  13. I have had quite some lenghty conversations with excellent luthiers that are absolutely convinced it does. More than anything. Aaaaaanyway. I was on Dutch national radio yesterday. Brought three basses for three songs. I can't embed the video (and I hope it can be viewed abroad) but here is the first one, where I used my Blade that's currently armed with Lollar pickups and an Aguilar OBP-1: clickyclick And here's the other one, with my Mustang: clickyclick We recorded the third one for the podcast of this radio show. Don't know if it's coming online as a video as well.
  14. BassAgent


    Wow, they look great! I honestly thought I'd seen all Yamaha models but have never seen this one. Great looking thing.
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