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  1. I'd not get it because where's Kurts low end gone? 🙃
  2. Took a little gamble, found this here in NL for a great price so let's see what's what. I ordered it after consulting my pedal wizard
  3. I have thought about a flanger but I really like the specific sound of a chorus
  4. So I bought a fretless Stingray recently and yesterday I made the "mistake" of trying a Boss CH-1 with it. Man, what a sound. So now I want a chorus, but there are sooooo many choices within a reasonable budget. TC Corona, Boss CE-2B, EHX Bass Clone, EBS Bass Chorus, Ampeg Liquid and so on. I have noooo idea what to look for. Can anyone clarify what the big difference(s) is between these pedals? I'm looking for the classic 80's Pino-ish sound here.
  5. My americana band Violet Hour has released its debut record! Check it out (click on the image) and/or order it on 45 rpm vinyl through violethourband.com!


  6. I think from the fact it was made by Status.
  7. I was always a bit hesitant about graphite basses and necks, but the neck on my new Sterling...it's amazing.
  8. Technically, it's a Sterling. And a Status. And a Nordstrand. Sooooo does it count?
  9. It's been a while since I've had two fretless basses in the house, let alone two basses that might last a while. I've owned that Jazz for almost 20 years now and the Sterling/Status arrived a few weeks back. I've added a Nordstrand pickup to it because the Kent Armstrong that was in it sounded a bit too modern for my taste. And boy. Is it great. I'm not a big Stingray fan but this is quite a bass.
  10. Yep, that's a different bass, quite a bit older too (1998 if memory serves). Fralin pickups, Aguilar preamp: I do miss that bass now and then.
  11. It already sounds pretty darn decent. I'm now looking at either Nordstrand or Seymour Duncan (the Alnico version) but they do seem to be pretty similar. Anyway, here's a teaser:
  12. If anyone has any ideas for a possible replacement pickup, let me know. The Kent Armstrong sounds good but I'd like something a bit more growly, more pre-EB sounding and preferably with visible pole pieces. What to go for? Aguilar? Nordstrand?
  13. So I had incredible GAS for a fretless Stingray bass. I was looking for one when I found this oddball at the London Bass Gallery: Sterling Ray34 body, Kent Armstrong pickup, fretless Status neck. It was affordable and I lóve the look. So it arrived today and I absolutely love this bass. Great sound, preamp sounds great... I might replace the pickup with something more vintage sounding (any ideas? Nordstrand? Aguilar?) but I'm very happy so far. It's currently strung with D'Addario strings which I don't really like so I ordered some Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinkies which should arrive tomorrow. Super siked!
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