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  1. BassAgent

    NBD - AV Basses PJ5

    Oh and blimey, I just saw the opening post. It's very very pretty in green as well.
  2. BassAgent

    NBD - AV Basses PJ5

    That is pretty bloody sexy but I'm not a fan of the PJ configuration. Just not my taste. Binding, oly white and tort pickguard is amazing though
  3. BassAgent

    Apparently Markbass are to make bass guitars

    Might also be the quality of the video, and I think the ZON is tuned like a tenor bass. Very different sound.
  4. BassAgent

    Apparently Markbass are to make bass guitars

    Look who I found playing a ZON on Dutch tv about 15 years ago:
  5. BassAgent

    Apparently Markbass are to make bass guitars

    I'm pretty confident they wouldn't.
  6. BassAgent

    Apparently Markbass are to make bass guitars

    But those exist I don't understand that Markbass does this. They revolutionised the bass amp world with their light weight stuff (I don't like how they sound, but that's a different story) and now they make a bass that already exists? Even Squier made them.
  7. BassAgent

    Apparently Markbass are to make bass guitars

    As someone in the Talkbass topic mentioned: that J/P-thingamabob is something we as bass players don't need, and that Kilimanjaro looks suspiciously like a mix between the Zon Sonus en Legacy... Lots of Hyperbass styling in there as well. I'm not a big fan of Markbass amps (which is an understatement) and not a big fan of these either.
  8. BassAgent

    My favourite excercise

    I don't practice a massive amount but I do use some exercises from time to time to keep my hands trained. I borrowed this one partly from my former teacher and (in The Netherlands) well known session player Michel van Schie. PDF is on my web site, check it out here!
  9. BassAgent

    Basses You've Owned and Hated

    There are only two that I've owned and haven't enjoyed playing: This was a 1997 MIM Deluxe Jazz V. The preamp was rubbish (so I took it out, made it passive), the pickups were rubbish (so I replaced them with Nordstrands) and it weighed a million pounds. Sold it. Guild M85, was an impulsive moment for me and I shouldn't have bought it. Me being a Fender-ish kind of person and this being something totally different meant my hands hurt after an hour of playing. Couldn't get a sound out of it that I liked, either. Traded it for my Fender VI, which was a great deal
  10. BassAgent

    Mexican MIM Fenders....Show us yours!

    Any reason to show my 2nd favourite bass of all time is a good reason! 2002 fretless, new bridge (Gotoh), new pickguard, epoxied fingerboard and Lollar pickups. 1 of the best basses I've ever played.
  11. BassAgent

    Fretless Porn

    Standard (MIM) Fender Jazz, modded with new bridge (gotoh), epoxied fingerboard and Lollar pickups. And a setup to die for.
  12. BassAgent

    Fretless Porn

    I have owned quite a few fretless basses but I've sold them all because of this beauty I got 16 years ago.
  13. BassAgent

    Dingwall Porn

    Forgot to mention this: the body was eventually delivered and it was perfect! So I had one of Holland's finest luthiers (Ellio Martina) replace it. I put the old body up for sale. I have the idea it's still a bit too expensive. But you never know.