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  1. I'm going to do online bass lessons through Skype & Zoom! Hit me up to make an appointment :) Fretless, slapping, any technique, any style.

  2. Finally sold my fretless De Gier. I'm gonna miss it, but luckily a friend bought it. Can't wait for my new bass, which is due in about a month!

  3. Every single thing is wrong about that bass. It might sound good, but it's not a Mustang. Or a Fender. Or anything I've seen before.
  4. BassAgent


    This thing is:
  5. BassAgent


    Thanks good sir! I am really surprised at how good the 'Stang sounds, and how well it complements my Precision. I've used them both at a studio session a couple of weeks ago and they both worked so well (especially with the vintage Bassman 50 that was in the studio).
  6. My De Gier fretless is still for sale. Would love to not have to take it when I move next month.


  7. On Sunday I'll be interviewing one of my all time bass heroes: the great Tim Lefebvre! If you have questions for this giant of bass, hit me up, and you'll hear it back in my podcast :)

    1. Kiwi


      How do you say your surname?

  8. I could, but the issue is not the bass on its own: I switch a lot between basses during gigs and all my other basses have a higher output than this bass.
  9. I'm considering doing a Facebook live Q&A about fretless playing, featuring these two animals. Would you guys tune in?
  10. Considering doing a fretless Q&A on Facebook soon. Would you tune in?

    1. TheGreek


      I'm not on facebook

  11. I was fixing a friend's bass yesterday and it was loaded with a Bartolini preamp. Those preamps include a trim pot, which controls the output gain. Could that be a solution, and can that be added to the Aguilar OBP-3 or do I need a completely new preamp then?
  12. Thanks! We've re-recorded it on the new EP, sounds even better IMO
  13. We do! We play together in a 2 Tone ska tribute (but I play guitar there), and we play in Violet Hour, an americana band. Debut EP upcoming We've been playing together practically non stop for the last 20 years.
  14. It was my first car and I loved that little thing.
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