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  1. Ohhhh you bought it! I was seriously considering it. That thing has sooooo much mojo! Amazing! Can't wait to hear and feel it someday. Man. What a bass.
  2. What's better than one bass? Seven basses!
  3. I'm currently at 3 guitars: From left to right: 2018 Fender American Performer Telecaster, 2019 Eastman E1OM, 1959 Höfner. The Höfner is a bit of a story: I got it for super cheap from a friend. The neck needed a reset (so it got one). The knobs aren't original of course, and neither are the pickups: the neck pickup is a 1970's DeArmond humbucker, the bridge pickup is a 1970's Gibson T-Top. It feels and sound amazing, but a bit fragile at the same time.
  4. I've uploaded a few covers lately. Not very spectacular, but fun anyway.
  5. I used to be at one Precision, but now at two! Picked up my brand new De Gier Soulmate last week. Custom options are an amázing Candy Apple Red finish, lollipop tuners (first De Gier bass éver to have lollipops), dots & binding (first Soulmate to have so). Fralin pickup. And it's brilliant.
  6. Thanks! That's what I was aiming for😁 It wasn't cheap but this bass is really something else.
  7. So last year I wanted to buy a new bass, partly for tax reasons but mainly just because I wanted to. So after very, very short deliberations with myself I decided. Sander de Gier was going to build me a brand new Soulmate; I already own a Bebop 5 string and that's a great bass too, so what could possibly go wrong? The specs were pretty easy for me: I wanted dots & binding, lollipop tuners, a sixties sound and a Candy Apple Red finish. I ordered it in September and picked it up today. And what. A. Bass. It's hands down one of the best Precisions I've ever played. The neck, the sustain, the sound... Everything is just perfect. It's a great add to my '71 Precision. Sander told me it's the first Soulmate ever with dots & binding, and possibly the first De Gier bass ever with lollipop tuners. I'd love to make some family pics but I'm currently in the middle of moving so that has to wait.
  8. I'm going to do online bass lessons through Skype & Zoom! Hit me up to make an appointment :) Fretless, slapping, any technique, any style.

  9. Finally sold my fretless De Gier. I'm gonna miss it, but luckily a friend bought it. Can't wait for my new bass, which is due in about a month!

  10. Every single thing is wrong about that bass. It might sound good, but it's not a Mustang. Or a Fender. Or anything I've seen before.
  11. BassAgent


    This thing is:
  12. BassAgent


    Thanks good sir! I am really surprised at how good the 'Stang sounds, and how well it complements my Precision. I've used them both at a studio session a couple of weeks ago and they both worked so well (especially with the vintage Bassman 50 that was in the studio).
  13. My De Gier fretless is still for sale. Would love to not have to take it when I move next month.


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