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  1. He was! It was very sad & unfortunate what he was really going through. 😢
  2. Well I’m sorry to be the bringer of bad news, I really am but Jeff didn’t die from double pneumonia, he had that because well, first of all if you didn’t know, Jeff had been going to the methadone clinic for many years, every day. Around 2014 he wound up in rehab. I don’t know exactly when but after quitting the methadone clinic he relapsed on heroin. Well that’s what actually caught up to him cause Jeff died of a heroin overdose probably due to all the fentanyl out there & probably after being a return user, people typically can’t adjust that well & it kills them. I tried to warn some of his friends out there back in 2013 but they wanted to help Jeff cover up the truth of what was really happening, I guess to keep his career from getting tarnished. & Jeff did a very good job of hiding everything from the bass community. Well as you can see now that wasn’t a very good idea cause now Jeff is dead. Sorry guys. R.I.P. Jeff
  3. Here is a new edit I made for Jeff of Bait Tone Blues, he really loved it at the time. We used it to promote our new FB page. Chris Gisi renowned bass journalist responded to this to write an article for Jeff & we got offered a contract from Apple they were going to make a new app for bass lessons with Jeff.
  4. Hello my name is Ari Satlin. I was Jeff Andrews neighbor in WestBeth an artist residency, where I grew up, Jeff moved into WestBeth around 2000 & moved to my floor in 2012. We became fast friends one day when I asked him if he could help me fix my bass. I’m a Guitarist, Producer, Songwriter. I didn’t know Jeff was a famous bass player all I heard was he was a jazz bass teacher. He wound up fixing my bass & thanked me cause he said, it helped him come out of a dark place he was in. Well I could totally relate to that. So we wound up hanging out a lot & just kicking it. At this point I had watched a YouTube clip of Jeff and I was blown away! I think it was around March 2013 he wanted me to help him get back on line, he had been MIA for quite a few years, so I administered a new Jeff Andrews facebook page. There’s a lot more to tell I have a lot of information that nobody else knows, regarding Jeff’s life etc. I’m not gonna go into that right now but I wanted to introduce myself and also invite you to the original Jeff Andrew facebook page he had me create for him. Hopefully my picture will upload of Jeff & me & I’m gonna try posting the link to the page. https://www.facebook.com/jeffandrewsbait/
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