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  1. lowregisterhead

    Steinberger XL-2 1983/4. Almost immaculate

    Only the other day I was thinking "you just don't see Steinbergers for sale any more." I've had a few of these over the years, this one's a beauty. Wish I had the cash! GLWTS.
  2. lowregisterhead

    KSD Proto-J 5 in white with Aguilar pickups

    Lovely playing Stefan! GLWTS. Dave
  3. lowregisterhead

    2 x Bergantino HS210 cabs and covers - Price Reduced!!

    Ah, yes... you spotted my deliberate mistake. Thank you for your attentiveness! 🙄
  4. lowregisterhead

    2 x Bergantino HS210 cabs and covers - Price Reduced!!

    Still for sale, price further reduced, and shipping now offered...
  5. Is it possible to tape some soundfiles with you’re cell phone to give me the idea of the sound of the bass. I have a S2 custom on order yet by Rob that will arrive within a few weeks, but searching a jazz bass type also....maybe i’m interested if i like it, and we can come to an agreement.


    grtz Hans, The Netherlands


    1. lowregisterhead


      I've sent you a PM, Hans. Please check your inbox.

  6. lowregisterhead

    PRICE DROP.. £1000 Musicman stingray 5 natural ash

    That's a lovely grain in the body. What's the year of manufacture, the weight, and the location of the bass please?
  7. lowregisterhead

    Lakland USA 55-Dual J

    Not on this three-knob version, but there's a five-knob Uni-Pre that has.
  8. lowregisterhead

    2 x Bergantino HS210 cabs and covers - Price Reduced!!

    Just for the avoidance of doubt, I would like to clarify that the cabs Conan refers to are NOT the ones for sale on this thread - they have definitely not been "around the block", in fact you can see from the photos that they're in very nice condition indeed... I suppose the fact that another pair had that kind of longevity is a plus... 😉
  9. lowregisterhead

    Rare Basses

    I remember trying a very early version of one of these in Andy's Guitar Workshop in Newcastle in late 81' / early '82. It was gorgeous and weird and the neck seemed to go on for ever. Beautiful workmanship.
  10. lowregisterhead

    2 x Bergantino HS210 cabs and covers - Price Reduced!!

    It's possible - they're 23kg each, and most couriers have a 30kg limit, so they'd have to be sent separately. PM me with your postcode and I can get you a quote.
  11. lowregisterhead

    Gigging in London?

    It might be more accurate to simply say if your vehicle's diesel of any age, you need to sell it or cough up. Any petrol Transits out there??
  12. lowregisterhead

    Gigging in London?

    Whilst I support the action, it seems a bit off the mark - I have a two-year-old Fort Transit E-Tech. It failed.
  13. lowregisterhead

    For Sale Ibanez Musician MC924 1980 Just £675

    I had the fretless version of this bass back in 80/81, an it was fantastic - great build quality, and masses of tonal variety. It was a little weighty though, IIRC. Around the same time it was being used by Sting and Colin Moulding of XTC (fretless in both cases).
  14. lowregisterhead

    ‘84 Musicman Cutlass I **Price Drop**

    I keep coming back to this! Someone buy it, for gawd's sake! 😩
  15. I notice the example Bass Direct have for sale doesn't have through-body stringing like yours does. Was that an optional extra?