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  1. Whenever I see one of these, it makes me immediately think of Henry 'Magic Thumb' Thomas and Rockschool. Simpler times...
  2. Feel free to make me an offer - I might say yes! 😉
  3. Wow. Precisely this model and finish was my very first bass, bought second hand from a local music shop for the princely sum of £30 in 1975. The only difference with mine was a previous owner had taken out the neck pickup and put a huge Gibson mudbucker in its place. Bizarrely, I watched Get Carter in its entirety for the first time just last week, and I did wonder whether the bass in the bar scene was a Baldwin! Takes me back. GLWTS.
  4. Three of the four listings I currently have in the classified have disappeared from the 'Activity/My Activity Streams/Content I Started' list, which is how I usually find them to bump or edit them, but also can't even be found by searching the relevant forum. In each case I had to go through all the forum pages one by one to find them, but they didn't return to the Activity list even after being bumped.
  5. I owned that one too! It's quite a few years ago, but I think it came via Bernie who was probably the EBS distributor at the time of Marcus's visit. I only sold it because I moved up to a TD650. Great amps. GLWTS.
  6. I think part of the reason could be that the perception of a lot of people is this is just a factory-made bass from the 80's, and should therefore be cheap as chips. Due to its age, even those who know different might prefer to look somewhere they can see it in the flesh, try it out, and also know the bass has been checked over, set up and there's some sort of warranty if there's an issue. Obviously the basses sold by places like these come from somewhere, but as long as the seller gets their asking price, it not underhand or enterprising, it's just business, supply and demand. Like you, I'm amazed this is still for sale. If I wasn't trying to sell a couple myself at the moment, I'd be very tempted!
  7. ON HOLD For sale is a lovely 70's Ovation Magnum 1, in excellent condition. I've wanted one of these for years, having been a fan of Howard Devoto and Magazine in my youth and the brilliant, gurgling basslines of Barry Adamson. I finally found this one not long ago, but quickly came to the realisation that I'm not really Barry Adamson, Jah Wobble, Kim Gordon or Ross Vallory for that matter! So slightly grudgingly, I've decided to part with it. All fully functional (including the string mute) and even the case is in great nick for a 45+ year old bass. Unlike some examples of this bass that can weigh several tons, this one comes in at a very reasonable 4.5kg and sits on the knee or a strap beautifully. £1500 + UK shipping. Sorry, but I'm not looking for any trades.
  8. For sale is my Lakland 55-OS (Off Set body) in trans black with a maple board. I imported it myself from a Lakland dealer in the States earlier this year, as Lakland themselves didn't have any in stock at the time. I've yet to see any other examples of these on this side of the pond, and even though it's a cracking bass, I find myself still using my US-made 55-94 all the time, so I thought I should let this go while it's still shiny and new. It's never left the house, and apart from a tiny bit of finger swirl under the strings, it's in as-new condition. The pickups and configuration are similar to Lakland's Skyline 55-01: 2 x Bartolini Mk1 pickups and a Bartolini 3-band EQ, but with the addition of a three-way mid frequency select toggle switch. As usual the standard of build is excellent, with a lovely grain visible through the trans black finish. It's about average weight for a 5-string at 4.6kg, and sits very nicely on the knee or on a strap. The demo video below gives an idea of the tonal versatility. The price is £950 £895 £850 including UK shipping. Final reduction before eBay! Sorry, but I'm not looking for any trades.
  9. Extraordinary basses, I have a 1986 model. I might have considered another one (they're only going to increase in value, after all) but Boris's Brexit Bonus adds about another £900 to the price! ☹️ GLWTS.
  10. I was unaware of Betsy's oeuvre, and just fell down a rather weird YouTube S&M heavy metal rabbit hole. Thanks for that! I get the feeling that if the music business wasn't currently in the sh!tter, this particular piece of obscure memorabilia would have stayed in the bottom of the flightcase with the rest of the detritus...
  11. Fabulous cabs, and a steal at that price. I used them for years until I started having issues with my back, so I 'downsized' to two Proline 210's! GLWTS.
  12. I see that in addition to collection only, the seller has very helpfully give his location as 'UK'. Perhaps all you need to do is follow the trail of bloodless corpses...
  13. I imagine goths only deal in cash. Or blood.
  14. On reflection that's on the high side, but prices are rising. There have been a couple pop up around the 6K mark recently, but if it's not in the UK you'd need to add roughly 24% VAT and import duty to the price. Paul Herman at Wal has recently closed his order books for the foreseeable future, as he has so much work, waiting times have now risen to 4 years. That's probably boosted the second hand market.
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