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  1. Just got a set of Newtone strings... never heard of them until a few weeks ago, and initial impressions are very good. Quite a bit firmer than my usual D'Addarios, but full, bright and consistent. I shall report back after tomorrow night's rehearsal...

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    2. lowregisterhead


      Yeah, I ordered on their website and the options were very comprehensive!

    3. SpondonBassed


      I always found Newtone helpful.  I had a set of five DBEs made to order.  I got them weeks quicker than the order I had placed at the same time with a major Derby shop - Cackle and Run.  For me there is a bonus in that it's nice to support a manufacturing business in my area.

      I brought my Steinberger in to the old workshop and it was measured up to make perfectly tapered B and E strings.  They've gone onto better premises now.

    4. JellyKnees


      I also started using them on my Dingwall a while back as I didn't like the standard gauges that were available, and I'm able to order a custom set to my own specs. They are great  strings and I like supporting a British company. More people definitely need to know about them!

  2. Boldogh Jazzy 5 Custom price drop

    Pictures re-added bump...
  3. When you write a song and then years later...

    I know what you mean - when I listen back to several my songs from years gone by, it feels like they were written (and recorded) by someone else! Perhaps the best way to view it is to just count yourself lucky someone wants to use one of yours...
  4. SOLD - Lakland Skyline Jerry Scheff 5-String

    Lots of interest, but currently still available...
  5. Boldogh Jazzy 5 Custom price drop

    Thanks Papaya! Still available...
  6. 'ello 'ello 'ello.....Plod havin a rumble

    Also quite a nice looking small Soundcraft mixer in a flightcase... £3.20 so far! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CP-Soundcraft-Mixing-Console-in-Flight-Case-MK-COLLECTION-ONLY/302508495535
  7. EBS neo 810 - £656 or best offer

    Now relisted and reduced to £590! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/EBS-NeoLine-810-Neodymium-Speaker-Cabinet-COSMETIC-BLEMISH-RRP-2499-/352194352606?
  8. Boldogh Jazzy 5 Custom price drop

  9. EBS neo 810 - £656 or best offer

    Seems like a good deal as long as it hasn't been thrashed - a new one is 2.5K...
  10. Lovely ACG J-Type

    [quote name='Bigwan' timestamp='1508317865' post='3391259'] [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/312024-acg-j-type-4-bass/page__p__3384976__hl__acg__fromsearch__1#entry3384976"]http://basschat.co.u..._1#entry3384976[/url] [/quote] ...an even better deal!
  11. Lovely ACG J-Type

    Nice! Not sure what this would have cost new, but seems like a good deal. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ACG-j-type-4-string-bass-1-of-a-kind-unique-build-/232503286698
  12. Miller German Carbon Fibre Fretless 4-String

    [quote name='spectoremg' timestamp='1508269704' post='3391054'] It's dead light cos it's inflatable. [/quote] Oh, if only...
  13. SOLD - Lakland Skyline Jerry Scheff 5-String

    [quote name='greyparrot' timestamp='1508086338' post='3389654'] Me (grey parrot) with Jerry Scheff and his USA Lakeland JS signiture couple of years back ... I stupidly sold my one a few years ago .... Good luck with the sale looks very cool never seen this version before . [/quote] How cool! Why not make me an offer? You never know...
  14. Boldogh Jazzy 5 Custom price drop

    £1100 now £995 including UK shipping For sale is a Boldogh Jazzy 5 custom bass from the workshop of Hungarian luthier Csaba Boldogh. It's beautifully made, and has a big range of sounds via the twin Kent Armstrong pickups, coil taps and very comprehensive controls on the Zolkow preamp. It's never been gigged, and is in excellent condition. The only things I can spot are some very slight finger swirl on the body below the strings, and a couple of tiny marks on the tuner ears. Specs: Body: ash with black walnut veneer Top: spalted ash Neck: figured maple / padouk with two carbon fibre reinforcing rods Fingerboard: pacific rosewood Nut: brass Frets: Jescar 51100 stainless steel Scale length: 34.5" Weight: 4.7kg Pickups: Kent Armstrong KS (closed Ken Smith style) Pre-amp: Zolkow 3.3 (volume, blend, bass, middle, treble, active / passive switch) used in Fclef, Blasius and MLP basses, with eight frequency selector switches and gain trim inside the control cavity Bridge: Gotoh 510BR (string spacing: 18mm) Tuners: Gotoh GBS510 I bought it in January this year, and as it's such a lovely bass I'm loathe to part with it, but unfortunately most of my employers require something more 'mainstream', so it hasn't had a lot of use. Any trial is welcome - I'm close to junction 10 of the M25, postcode GU23. The bass comes complete with a Warwick Rockcase semi-flight case, makers certification and preamp configuration instructions. £1100 now £995 including shipping within the UK. Sorry, but I'm not looking for any trades.
  15. For sale is a 2004 Lakland Skyline Series Jerry Scheff signature 5-string, in a very fetching, but not too gaudy silver sparkle. Elvis would have approved. Excellent condition, no marks anywhere that I can see, light (4kg), well balanced, plays beautifully, really resonant. A great range of tones from the lipstick pickups via a Bartolini NTMB-L918 preamp. Standard volume / pan / treble / mid / bass layout with active/passive push/pull on the volume control. 35" scale, 19mm spacing at the bridge. Comes with a slightly worn but perfectly serviceable Fender/MM-style hard case. NOW SOLD